father john misty.

as captured by emma tillman.

i sincerely hope you already have tickets to this sold out show. if not, go to central park and sit close so that you can catch pieces of one of the most innovative rock artists of our generation.

part performance art, part progressive-gospel-folk-rock show. i’ve seen this guy perform a handful of times and at most of them i was convinced he was going to commit suicide on stage- and i think his band thought the same thing. the look of concern on their face as he continued to wrap a cord around his neck tighter and tighter while they kept playing was nothing short of jarringly brilliant.

for a glimpse inside his psyche, watch the video below. for a sense of his amazing talent in songwriting and captivating stage presence, see here or just a bit more fucked up here. to see the wondrous thing that happens when all of these combine, turn your volume up and get lost in interpretation here, along with aubrey plaza.

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