6-8 november 2015

what i’m doing this weekend… that will not involve a coat check, as it turns out.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival
wth so much bass-bumping noise in the music right now, the only place hanging on to the integrity of electronic music is… berlin. BUT, the only place who’s trying (hey!) is brooklyn. especially this weekend with the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, bringing you the best up-and-coming electronic/dubstep/house/trans djs worldwide to your favorite venues. i’ve picked a few of my favorites, below. go. dance. repeat.

CAMEO– make an appearance™ as much as possible, until dooms day (when they close at the end of the month).
friday- a TON of djs. good ones.
saturday- spank + honey dijon, will automagic + sean b.

Good Room– my favorite place to do bad things™
friday- george fitzgerald, JDH & dave p, moscoman, facets
saturday- voices from the lake, patrick russell, mike simonetti
be bad.

OUTPUT– you get out what you put in. and get in what you put out. first law of nightlife physics.™  (they should really work on their slogan.)
friday- MK, disciples, adam khan
saturday- daniel avery, matrixxman, luke hess
check it.

National Nacho Day at The Diamond
say what?! you already know that the diamond has the most diverse beer offerings in brooklyn- let’s add to it this pop-up from el jefe’s nachoria in honor of national nacho day and you pretty much have friday plans taken care of. the only issue? there will 4 uniquely-curated nacho creations. and you have two hands. figure.it.out… or have a friend lend you a hand. 7-10pm, 43 franklin st.

Lyle Divinsky Album Release Party at The Knitting Factory
if you’re anything like me you’ve been digging the soul revival happening in music right now, and maybe have been craving being in the middle of that addictive doo-wop scene ever since you saw leon bridges live in madrid, head to the knitting factory for some very necessary audio refuge from all the electro beats and check out local busker-turned-hustler lyle divinsky. doo-wop on over, 7-11pm, $10, 361 metropolitan ave.

YEAH! at The Grand Victory
or you believe in lcd soundsystem and anyone they were inspired by and have inspired entering your ears and consequently moving your feet, go to this indie dance party at grand victory to hear dj’s sponsored by You Don’t Have To Settle spinning tunes by bands like future islands, tame impala, hot chip, RAC, phoenix, tanlines, LCD, and basically anything else in your coolest friend’s vinyl collection. let’s boogie.
free, 11pm, 245 grand st.

Brooklyn Crab Fest
at 40 Knots Bar
i find it rather shellfish that all the new england expats residing in our lovely town think lobster is the only crustacean that’s cracking. it’s about time the crab gets some love, for all of us originally from points south of the mason dixon line or that simply have an elevated sense of taste. check out the bk crab fest at 40 knots bar, 200 columbia st.

Hot Glass, Cold Beer Fundraiser at Brooklyn Glass
for an event that doesn’t blow this weekend… head to brooklyn glass’s fall fundraiser- a hot $20 gets you bottomless beverages and a glass-blowing demonstration and a hand-blown glass to drink out of. don’t blow it (ay.), check it out. saturday 7-11pm. 142 13th st.

The Sunset. transmitter park, pulse bridge, long island city.
no, this isn’t an event- it’s just the sunset. there’s just something about the way the autumn sun bends through the thinning air and sets so delicately over the jagged-toothed skyline of our fair metropolis. check it out from the pulaski bridge saturday evening when this cloud cover leaves us, and enjoy the gift that is this unseasonably warm weather.

RAC at the Warsaw
man i hope you got tickets. there’s nothing better than seeing a show at this former polish community center/bingo hall/social club/mafia hangout in greenpoint. and RAC will bring all their energetic mixup scene to the stage sunday night. go. find tickets. go.

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