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The Weekend Guide | July 27-30 2017

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let me frame this up for you… it’s the last weekend of july, which means that our sweet summer is slipping away. goddamn that was depressing, but i can’t sugarcoat this for you anymore. before we know it we’ll be walking around in oversize sleeping bags and cursing at the wind and also absolutely everything else in our paths. so let’s revel in every minute that we have. forget your responsibilities. throw caution into the warm breeze. play hooky. cause mischief. streak the sidewalks. drink rose. shed your clothing along with your inhibitions and let’s get into trouble, together. because the season’s right.

i’ll be your guide, brooklyn. i’ll be your excuse. i’ll be there to bail you out of jail and if not, i’ll be right there beside you. keep reading, because this is what summer is made for – a weekend that is framing up to be oh-so-nice.




food karma feast dinner at north brooklyn farms

Food Karma Feasts Sunset Dinner, North Brooklyn Farms, Williamsburg. 

if you haven’t checked out north brooklyn farms, go, immediately. and then stay for tonight’s farm dinner. there is something so magical about this space, wide open farmland right at the foot of the williamsburg bridge, overlooking the east river and the entire city skyline. their dinner party tonight features the musings of chef alex sorenson of blank slate kitchen, so expect a down-home pig roast right on the water with plenty of locally sourced sides with a balinese inspiration. it all happens at sunset, 7-10pm. tickets, $75 are available here320 kent ave.



endless sunrice at the diamond greenpoint

International Pop-Up Dinner with Endless Sunrice at the Diamond, Greenpoint. 
ah, the constantly evolving, multi-faceted brilliance of the diamond. thursday it enters into the realm of exotic small plate supper club because why the fuck not. seriously. why not. it’s a balinese backyard barbecue and its guaranteed to go oh-so-well with that rotating tap of beers you’ve never heard of… (and you feel like you drink a lot of microbrews.) our friends at endless sunrice will be grilling out from 6pm- they run out. feast your eyes first here and swallow all of your excuses and come early and hungry and then #meetmeinthegondola where we will share rices and secrets. 43 franklin st. #ricesandsecrets



Live at the Archway presents Jah Pan and some interactive art! in Dumbo. 
we love our bridges in this town. they’re iconic and bikeable Venus amazing views of the skyline at sunrise and sunset. But as great as it feels to be on top, it’s good to get on the bottom every so often too. Life at the archway, a music and art production that takes place under the archway of the manhattan bridge in dumbo, shows us why. Thursday they host Jah Pan, a steel drum band from Trinidad and Tobago, where steel drum music was born. the music takes center stage and will be accompanied by a live art space station pop-up gallery… which i don’t know what that is but i bet i will be pleasantly and cosmically surprised. info here, 6-9pm, down under the manhattan bridge overpass. #DUMBO



Rinsed X Rent Party at a Secret Location (that you’ll want to be at).
if you are reading this blog then that means you read this blog and then yiu know how I feel about rinsed. These guys throw the best parties in the borough and have been for as long as i’ve been here and been partying. they’re about to head west to (for some reason) give the west coast some of their underground Brooklyn flavor, so let’s all get dirty and then get rinsed together before their departure. Friday night they host a nostalgic, exclusive party circa the early rinsed days, so that means start preparing yourself right now and plan not to sleep. at all. ever again. tickets available here, and some ish about RP cardholders which wtf rinsed where the hell is mine. (not rhetorical). 11pm-meltdown time. rsvp for address. #rinseyrselfclean



Andrew Bird and Esperanza Spalding Play Prospect Park, Park Slope.
Andrew bird is good for your soul. Fill it Friday night in a midsummer nights dream when he joins Esperanza Spalding at the band shell and fills our ears, hearts, and sweet summertime air with beauty. It’s free. Get there early for a chance to get in or bring a blanket and a bota full of Rioja and a few friends and lovers and just chill outside. info here. doors (or, gates?) are at 6.30.



Dance Yrself Clean at Music Hall of Williamsburg.
dance yourself clean, or dirty, or into a new state of confusion where hygiene is relative and being north american scum is something we revel in and daft punk is fucking playing at my house, my house. yeah, it’s a dance party where all the tunes are of the same funky fresh feeling of lcd soundsystem – think chvrches, miike snow, empire of the sun, RAC, blood orange, etc etc etc. (let’s all go to this event. and dance. to music inspired by the greatest band of all time.) 10pm, tickets $12, available here66 n 6th st. don’t let that address scare you. (but also don’t let it not scare you.)



sweatshop dance party at baby's all right
Sweatshop Dance Party at Baby’s All Right, Williamsburg.
I can honestly say that there are three places in Brooklyn where i have gotten the most sweaty. one is the cycling studio at nysc greenpoint. the other I will keep to myself, and the third place is that magical back room at baby’s all right. nothing makes my skin glisten or the drops run down my chest, back, neck, face, and knees, than all those funky lights and complete lack of ventilation in that funky chamber of magic. finally they own up to it Saturday night with sweat shop, a dance party featuring Krs, grumby, max august, live percussion and all the heart pumping, sweat-inducing afro beats, raggaeton, moombahton (whatever that is, i’m into it.), samba and everything else your little heart and dancy hips desire. tickets, $10 available here146 broadway. 


SoFar Sounds Secret Rooftop Show in Greenpoint.
sofar sounds, a music movement dedicated to bringing the sound back to shows and throwing pop-up concerts in unorthodox settings all over the world, will be bringing the magic to a rooftop in greenpoint saturday night. sign up for tickets here. shows feature 3-4 dynamic artists and they are all byob, so bring a beverage along with the funk. (which of course, you don’t leave home without, right?) 8-11pm, location will be off the greenpoint ave stop. #sofarsogood



Young Adult Friction Dance Party at Brooklyn Bazaar, Greenpoint.
there’s no doubt in my mind that heavy-hitting underground house music will keep you going all night and into the next afternoon at a good brooklyn dance party, but some nights we want a change. we want to dance up on each other, create a little friction, and dance yrself clean. or dirty. get nasty at the brooklyn bazaar friday night. entry is oh so freeall info here. 10pm to 4am, 150 greenpoint ave.



stay tuned…

The Weekend Guide | 20-23 July 2017

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the sun may never set on a badass, but it will set on all of us, brooklyn. every single night. so what will we do with it? how will we fill our days and nights and moments and hearts until it threatens us by peeking over the horizon again? ah, well, it seems i have a few ideas. come with me, eh? let’s ride into this sunset together and never look back, because there’s nothing back there for us anyway. not anymore. this weekend promises to take you on an international tour of flavors and funk, to celebrations of music and dancing and rooftops and rosé in dangerously unbalanced proportions. it will have us howling at the sun and praying to the moon and screaming with liberation and love.

and of course, i’ll be your guide. get in here, brooklyn. i’ve been waiting for you.

(in a creepy way.)



kreung cambodia at the diamond greenpoint

Kreung Cambodian Dinner at The Diamond, Greenpoint.
ah, the constantly evolving, multi-faceted brilliance of the diamond. thursday it enters into the realm of exotic small plate supper club because why the fuck not. seriously. why not. it’s cambodian, it’s khmer, it’s kreung, and its guaranteed to go oh-so-well with that rotating tap of beers you’ve never heard of… and you feel like you drink a lot of microbrews. i love the diamond. and it loves you, and if you’re reading this then you at least tolerate me so we’re just a big love ring. Our friends at kreung  wil be grilling out from 6pm- they run out. feast your eyes first here and swallow all of your excuses and come early and hungry and then #meetmeinthegondola where we will share pork belly and secrets. 43 franklin st. time to get kreunnnng baby.



immigration and food mofad

American Food and Immigration Policy, Discussion and Tastes at MoFaD, Williamsburg. 

immigration policy debates are practically being jammed down our throats via the media these days, so let’s make it a bit easier to swallow. in new york we are lucky enough to be surrounded by so many diverse cultures and people and to be able to taste the flavors of their country is one way that we can each share something that we inevitably have in common. come to the museum of food and drink tonight for a discussion on how immigration policy has shaped food in our country and hear from sonio perez, a street vendor and immigrant, then sample her fare paired with some brooklyn brews. 630-8pm, $20 available here.


kamayan dinner manila social club

Kamayan Dinner by Manila Social Club in Williamsburg. 

do you see a theme here? yeah, it seems to be international cuisine thursday here so get into it, baby. next stop on the list is the kamayna dinner from manila social club. this meal is intended to be eaten completely with your hands, so bring a friend and feed each other, in a creepy way. the meal includes traditional filipino fare of seafood, meat, and veggies and each ticket includes a filipino cocktail. and then we will dance, and then we will sing and spill into the streets with full bellies and warm hearts and saucy hands. all info here, 7-10pm, 53 broadway. 




SWIMM at threes brewing brooklyn

The Wild Honey Pie presents Swimm at Threes Brewing, Gowanus. 

what do you get when your favorite music blog plans an event at your favorite brewery? well, for one you fucking go to it. and you dive in, deep. the wild honey pie hosts swimm at threes brewing friday night for an evening of surf rock tunes and summer time suds and that lidda-bit-sweet, lidda-bit-cray magic you’ve come to expect from the wild honey pie. $8 tickets available here. doors at 8pm. 333 douglass st at threes brewing, i’ll try anything thrice.



what is this? i don’t know… let’s all go find out together.
Sundance Short Films at MetroTech Commons, Brooklyn Heights. 

ok listen… i keep having this debate about the whole binge-watching television business. i get it, i do. i understand long-form entertainment. i was a harry potter fan, for god sakes! however i cannot intentionally saddle up and commite to 9021843213 hours of watching something. i can’t. i might die before it ends, or kill myself. (#dark) i also haven’t watched television since binge watching or netflix were things. so. ANYWAY, what i do love are movie trailers. short and sweet and just a little taste. what’s better than movie trailers? short films. of the critically-acclaimed variety, so you know you aren’t wasting that little bit of time. because we’re new yorkers, we don’t have time for that shit. besides, short films mean you have just enough popcorn and sneaky wine to get you through. metrotech commons hosts the sundance shorts friday night and they want you to come. and dance. in your sunny shorts. info here, event is free and also liberating. doors at 8, live music at 830, films at 9. 5 metrotech center. 

yeah, i know… she sure is long-winded for a short-form entertainment enthusiast. 

(shut up.)

the le sigh vendor marketThe Le Sigh Vendors Market at Brooklyn Bazaar, Greenpoint. 

there has been a lot of beauty to be born out of the pain we have all been experiencing from close-minded individuals putting labels and stereotypes on gender roles… one of these beautiful things is the le sigh, a Brooklyn-based website that highlights female-indentifying and non-binary artists. they are having a vendors market at brooklyn bazaar friday night, so come, have a drink, browse their selection of zines, embroidery, weaving, books, perfume, tarot, holistic remedies, clothing, and all kinds of other stuffs… all from local female & non-binary vendors. djs too. 630-1030pm, all info here150 greenpoint ave. 



This is Yoga, a non-yoga Trance Party from Rinsed, location TBA.

still coming off the afterglow of last week’s love hotel, my favorite party group in the ‘hood is pulling together the warehouse party of warehouse parties… in their words, “a disorienting and euphoric mindfu¢k for you to both get lost and stuck into at the same time. this is the warehouse event of the summer, do not sleep.” heed there advice and don’t miss this. tickets, $25 are going fast. available here. 11pm-late.



house of yes summer of love

House of Yes + DISTRIKT Burner Fundraiser and Party at the Onderdonk House, Bushwick(ish)

so not all of us will be lucky enough to go to burning man this year, but our favorite party collective will be bringing the playa experience to us. house of yes is teaming up with DISTRIKT to help raise funds to build their most ambitious art project yet this year, and to do it they’re bringing all of the magic and wonder of burning man to the onderdonk house and play space. expect tons of sunshine and dancing, aerial performances, interactive art, body painting and glitter stations, frozé, plus an after party at house of yes. dress in true burning man spirit and bring yourself, your friends, and the funk. tickets, $20 available here. 2-9pm, with after party to follow and last all night, baby. 1820 flushing ave.


Williamsburg Shopping Weekend, happening in Williamsburg. 
“inspired by fashion’s night out” the only thing that should be inspired by fashions night out is a reevaluation of your own self worth and a realization that you should be attributing your finances to things that help you on the inside instead of the outside. like, i don’t know. traveling. that being said, saturday and sunday is williamsburg shopping day. particiants meet at the vale where they will receive a tote bad to fill and a cocktail to help smooth out all of those momentary hesitations they might have when considering a purchase.
things i don’t like about this: everything.
things i do like about this: we should be supporting local businesses. although, um… most of the participants are not local.
all info here. do what you want with it.


union hall reopening celebration

Union Hall Reopening Celebration with DJ Bengey, Park Slope. 
for as many nights as we burned the house down on the dance floor at union hall, it suffered a real fire 4 months ago and will finally reopen this weekend. who better to christen the evening than dj bengey on the 1’s and 2’s. let’s all rally around this beloved park slope institution by dancing our asses off. the celebration starts at 1pm, bengey starts at 11.30 and won’t stop until you stop. more info here. 702 union st. 



brooklyn bike raveBrooklyn Bike Rave, along the Waterfront in Brooklyn. 

have you ever been to a rave and thought, dammmmmn this would be so much cooler if my bike was here? me too man. me too. come out to the brooklyn bike rave decked out in all of your raviest gear, and make sure your bike dresses the part. glow sticks, flashing lights, those annoying beady things in your spokes, who cares. maybe put your front light on the back, it’s 2017 baby, anything goes. this event supports the brooklyn greenway initiative and also freedom and cycling, which are basically the same thing. it ends at the manhattan bridge archway with an on-foot dance party. $25, 7-10pm.



ribs and rose at rooftop reds
Ribs and Rose at Rooftop Reds, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

hot meet, cold rose, and one of the best rooftops in the ‘hood are all joining forces sunday. all that’s missing is that sweet summertime bod of yours. fletcher’s barbecue will be bringing their ribs, chicken, corn on le cob (that’s french for corn on the cob), salad, beans, and plenty of other sides and fixin’s to the city’s only urban winery. $50 ticket gets you all-you-can-eat food and 2 glasses of perfectly-paired refreshing rose, OR, $65 gets you all of that food plus 3 glasses of rose AND 2 beers. yep. there isn’t even a question here folks. go, eat, nap in the hammocks. live for summer. tickets and info here,  4-8pm, 299 sands st.



North Brooklyn Farms Sunday Dinner, Williamsburg. 

if you haven’t checked out north brooklyn farms, go, immediately. and then also return for sunday night’s farm dinner. there is something so magical about this space, wide open farmland right at the foot of the williamsburg bridge, overlooking the east river and the entire city skyline. their dinner party this sunday will be sourced completely from the farm that you’ll be eating within, everything within 20 feet of your seat. it all happens at sunset, 7-10pm. tickets, $100 are available here. 320 kent ave.



brooklyn im trying weekend guide

The Weekend Guide | 13-16 July 2017

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it’s midsummer baby and that makes us abuzz and alight with ideas and intentions, distractions and interactions, seductions and temptations and confirmations that all add up to a sign, that this is our time to feel alive and shameless. ignore your schedule. let your responsibilities be damned, because trust me when I say they’ll be waiting for you, armed and ready, come autumn. but for now, be distracted by all of the lovely things this city has to offer. don’t worry, I’ll be your guide and also your alibi… because that’s what I’m here for. so go forth, young brooklynites, and weekend.



threes brewing in greenpoint

Square Dance with Old Lazarus’s Harp at Threes Brewing on Franklin St in Greenpoint. 
of you haven’t been to threes brewing greenpoint outpost, i don’t know what the hell you’re doing with your summer, or life. they opened up right on franklin and greenpoint and they host music, sling beers, and spread joy 7 days a week. thursday night they host old lazarus’s harp and a good old fashioned square dance and you’ll want to be there… or be, you know… square. 9-11pm. all info here113 franklin ave. 



el jefe's nachoria at the diamond brooklyn

El Jefe’s Nachoria Pop-Up at the Diamond, Greenpoint. 
it’s thursday and that means everyone’s favorite bar in greenpoint (so not biased) will be hosting another international pop-up dinner. this week they welcome back the boss, el jefe’s nachoria who will be making those naughty little flame-torched nachos right before your eyes. an expanded selection means even more chances to find a perfect pairing with diamond dave’s carefully curated drafts. my current fave is the ICONYC hallapeno saison. crisp and spicy, just like summertime. (and you). info here, dinner starts at 7pm, beers flow until 2. 43 franklin st. 



LPR Presents at Nowadays: Spain-Brooklyn Music Series.

Spain Fresh, a group that connects spanish events and artists all over the world, brings their talents to brooklyn (or, ok, maspeth) at the wonderous outpost that is nowadays thursday night. come here up-and-coming and established artists from right hear and across the pond, featuring El Guincho, Extraperlo, NOIA & DJ Turnball Green. read more here and get tickets. 6-10pm, at nowadays, 56-06 cooper ave. if you want more cultural connections between spain and brooklyn, eat it up here or here or here, drink it up here, take it in here, lose yourself here or here and then find yourself here or here.




photo borrowed from SoFar, with love.
Sofar Sounds Back Yard Show in Crown Heights
sofar sounds, a music movement dedicated to bringing the sound back to shows and throwing pop-up concerts in unorthodox settings all over the world, will be bringing the magic to a backyard in crown heights thursday night. sign up for tickets here. shows feature 3-4 dynamic artists and they are all byob, so bring a beverage along with the funk. (which of course, you don’t leave home without, right?) 8-11pm, location will be off the franklin ave stop. #sofarsogood



friday night flight bk bazaar

Friday Night Flight at Brooklyn Bazaar in Greenpoint. 
our friends at partner with party authority splash that to bring us a new kind of dance party at the brooklyn bazaar. 4 dynamic acts mean that electronic, hip hop, r&b and disco beats will be making you move and groove all night. rsvp here, 10-2am at the bk bazaar, 150 greenpoint ave. 



You Fancy Huh: Wine and Cheese Tasting and Customer Appreciaton Night at Babeland in Boerum Hill.  
what is wine and cheese tasting but an pretense to a slow seduction that will progress with one another into the bedroom? or hell, onto the kitchen floor, upon a bear rug in front of the fire, or as the waves are breaking at fort tilden? these traditional aphrodesiacs enter the dangerously erotic atmosphere at babeland on smith st to entice you and your lover (or simply yourself, of course) to indulge and imbibe and then take home some tempting treasures at a 20% discount. plus, there will be a $300 giveaway basket featuring their top of the line toys. all info here, 7pm. 462 bergen st. at babeland – home of the free, land of the babes.™



out in the streets festival brooklyn

Out in the Streets Music and Arts Festival, at The Well and the streets outside of it, Bushwick.
this is what summer in brooklyn is all about. a 2-day, 20+ band arts and music fest starting at the well in bushwick and then spilling out onto the streets because this talent can’t possibly be contained. featuring caveman, a place to bury strangers, cuddle magic, surf rock is dead, monogold… so many local favorites and others to discover, plus art, food, drinks, all at one of the best party spaces in the borough. full line up here. buy your tickets NOW. 2-10pm sat and sun, at the well, 272 meserole st.




Feeling Gloomy presents Fuck the Hamptons, a dance party at Cape House in Bushwick.
there is a certain audacity and hoodrat-esque rebellion to brooklyn cynicism, especially that contrary to what it seems we are told we should enjoy and indulge in. some people are able to take off to the hamptons in the summertime, but even if we can’t, maybe we don’t want to. maybe we aren’t in to being stuck in the jitney on the highway for hours or paying $20 to get into a bar where a recent Wharton grad will spill a Corona all over our chucks. and why bother anyway, when we can get to fort tilden on our bikes and we have the best non-beach beach bar ever right here in bushwick? cape house hosts its monthly indie/brit-pop party feeling gloomy, a “melancholy rager” of sad songs you want to dance to. think – the cure, the smiths, joy division, and all your other favourites (<—— british spelling there) that bring a spring to your step and a tear to your eye. $6 gets you in, 11pm-4am. all info here, 2 knickerbocker ave.



Rinsed Love Hotel, somewhere in Brooklyn. 
in the city that never sleeps, underground sex clubs are nearly ubiquitous with corner bodegas, park hot dog stands, and all-night-into-the-next-day warehouse dance parties. so what if then brooklyn’s best party group created a love affair event somewhere between sex club and warehouse party in a multi-level choose-your-own-adventure one-night-only event? in their own words, “What if there was a party with public and private spaces, quiet and loud spaces, places for dancing, places for sitting, or laying down? What if there were different kinds of music, for different kinds of people? Or offered a complete reprieve for when you get hot and bothered?” this is it. from my favorite party group who understands that you can’t dance yrself clean until you get dirty. tickets, $25 available here. #getrinsed



free haagen daz at mofad brooklyn

Free Ice Cream (Saturday and Sunday) at MoFaD, Williamsburg. 
folks, it’s officially “national ice cream month” which once again reminds us that we do not need a designated national official time to enjoy or appreciate certain anything. it’s hot, we want ice cream, all month. however, if that means that certain companies want to give us free ice cream in honor of this ingeniously dedicated month, then cool. i’m sure we will all instagram the shit out of it. happening saturday and sunday at the MOFAD, noon-5pm. free personal haagen daz with museum visit, no purchase necessary. 62 bayard st.


brooklyn dirty book fair
Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair at Point Green, NoGreePo.
the imagination is so much more vibrant and down-and-dirty than our eyes allow, and so manifests our desire and curiousity for the erotic novel, which should be embraced and dived into, nose first. if you haven’t yet explored this indulgent art form, you’re overdue for an a-fair. conveniently one is happening this weekend. the brooklyn dirty book fair, in their own words, will “feature two small-scale exhibitions, a selection of publications and prints for sale, a program of performances and readings, live nude classical and jazz musicians, smutty film screenings, and an orgy afterparty.” no idea if that last bit is true but, prepare accordingly. all info here, it’s happening saturday and sunday at point green, 260 java st. 


chicken shit bingo
Chicken Shit Bingo, a Fundraiser and Party for Bushwick City Farm.
i’m from virgnia and have spent plenty of time on farms and have still never found a way to turn fowl feces into finances. but here in a city of hustlers, why does it not surprise me that someone has? our friends at bushwick city farm are holding their third annual chicken shit bingo fundraiser, which is pretty much just as it sounds. party-goers buy a square on a large game board for $5 and the bushwick city farm resident chickens, full of a shit-worthy meal, will prance and dance around until they let it loose. and when do-do,  you win a prize. in addition to poo, the event will also have a hand-made pinata, cargo-bike hay rides (not sure how this works, but it’s oh-so-brooklyn), live music, food and dranks, and non-gamboard bathrooms for humans to use, in case you were wondering. all info here, 3-8pm, 354 stockton st. 



15th Annual Bastille Day Celebration with Bar Tabac, Fort Greene.
just because US and Canadian independence days are over does not mean that we need to stop celebrating freedom. Bastille day is this week, and we have the freedom in this country to be shameless Francophiles. celebrate at charming bar tabac in boerum hill and the surrounding city blocks for an all-day festival featuring multiple petanque ball courts (which is basically a funky version of bocce ball) (which, let’s be honest, is a funky version of bowling), plus tons of french delicacies, and all the chilled rose and champagne you could ever wish for. and also accordions. and berets. and bichon frises. and frisee salads. and antoinne griezman. this is one of the biggest bastille celebrations in north america so until we can all head east, meet me there. all info here. noon-6pm, 128 smith st. bastille day last year was one of the best parties i’ve ever been to in brooklyn (and i do not say that lightly), so sunday is not the day to be le tired


good roof at dobbin st partyGood Roof at Dobbin Street, a dance party. in Greenpoint. 

you know what they say… summer sundays were made for dancing on rooftops. (they do, i’ve heard them say it) and this is just the event for that. it’s the good roof at dobbin st and it’s everything your body wants and needs, to dance yrself clean in the summer sun with all your friends and lovers. Project Pablo, Paul Raffaele, and Barbie Bertisch will be spinning from 3pm-9pm. tickets, $20 available here64 dobbin st. hop on the good roof, do some bad things.™


go forth, young brooklynites, and weekend


The Weekend Guide | 6-9 July 2017

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we live in a city that is defined by impenetrably endless nights, relentlessly creative residents, limitless dance parties, and as an explorative urban biking paradise, but we are also lucky enough to live about an hour from some damn fantastic beaches. so you know what? fuck you LA. we aight here.

and to prove it, i’m bringing you an epic weekend guide that encompasses all of the magic and wonder that these streets can handle, from a full moon party of bali-esque reverence, a naked tribute through the dreamscapes of salvador dali, an immersive theater-dance-party experience in a 72 year old mansion where you’re guaranteed to get lucky, and a chance to travel back in time to sin and dance at studio 54.

it’s summertime baby. let’s make bad decisions in all the best ways.



barba brooklyn pop-up dinner at the diamondDIamond Pop-Up Dinner with Barba, in Greenpoint.
please repeat after me, out loud: mama mia! that’s a-one-a-spicy-meat-a-ball-a!  i’m serious man, do it. trust me, it feels so good rolling off your lips… just like what will be rolling back into them tonight, at the diamond. it’s their weekly international-pop up dinner, and this week they welcome barba bk (a new little love child from the folks behind roscos pizza) bringing their down-home italian cooking right into your favorite neighborhood bar. you know what pairs best with meatballs? diamond dave’s perfectly-curated menu of draft beers. dinner starts at 7pm, so get there, have a ball, then #meetmeinthegondola. info here43 franklin st.


cape house bushwickNo Honeymoon and friends play at Cape House in Bushwick.
summertime was made for places like cape house… equal parts new england style clam shack, open-air outdoor bar, underground concert venue and debacherous disco den, you should be spending about 69% of your nights here. get started tonight as they host best behavior, today junior, no honeymoon, and the royal they to rock out from 8-11pm, before a late-night dance party. get there early for the food, stay for the show, dance your ass off all night and forget about friday, ok? just fucking forget about it. $10 tickets and info here, 2 knickerbocker ave.






LoftOpera presents Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, at the Muse in Bushwick.
nothing compares to the magic of seeing loftopera, an event that brings the grandiosity of opera and makes it approachable. to have performers giving such passionate and captivating performances so close is an experience that is truly unmatched. the series is a baroque piece and surrounds the complicated intimacy of two people as their love and lives fall apart on stage and our hearts break right along with them. I went last Friday and still can’t get it out of my head or off my heart. come see Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, performed in brooklyn’s premier circus school (naturally) and featuring the costume designs of christian joy, whose portfolio boasts the adornments of karen O and childish gambino, just to name a few. be a part of it at the muse in bushwick for an intimate affair of truly heartbreaking and earth-shattering proportions in the only way an opera this intimate can be. tickets $30, available here. this is the last weekend, so GO. 350 moffat st. bet you’ll like it better than pirates of penzance.

oh, and do yourself a favor and grab tacos and margaritas at the deep end before the show. these guys are getting it oh-so-right by providing cheap and delicious tacos in a dynamic event space, plus the bartenders aren’t bashful with the tequila shots. 1080 wyckoff ave. 



You are So Lucky, House of Yes
You Are So Lucky, an Immersive Experience from House of Yes, The Box and The Danger at a Secret Mansion. 
what happens when house of yes, the box, and the danger join forces with over 125 performers, fire spinners, acrobats, djs, and global musicians, along with bob moses and queen of the night, and they all inhabit a 72-year-old mansion on the edge of the city? an event that you absolutely must not miss. you are so lucky, an extravagant soiree that meets an underground art party, is an immersive experience unlike anything you’ve been a part of in the city. you will be transported into a magical land and a story of fire, of granite and gorgeous nights, born from generations of artists, of seekers, of fearless creators, consummated in the darkness, on dance floors, and uponn the lips of strangers. tickets for the dinner performance friday, all-day experience saturday, and brunch exhibit on sunday are all available here. prices vary reasonably, if in doubt, please re-read above reverence and know that you are so lucky. 



Back to the Future Enchantment Under The Sea at Littlefield

Enchantment Under the Sea Dance at Littlefield in Gowanus.
littlefield now counts themselves among the fantastic neighborhood institutions that courageously combatted gentrification and raised funds to keep their dream and space alive in our constantly-evolving ‘hood, and that means more events in a bigger space with a new, huge outdoor area. keep supporting them and have a hell of a time doing it, starting with tonight’s event. A Drinking Game NYC is recreating the Enchantment Under the Sea dance from back to the future, so all you nerds can come dressed as your favorite back to the future character or in that 50s prom get-up you’ve been dying for a chance to wear. 3 live bands (one of which is a buddy holly tribute band) will keep you grooving all night. tickets, $25 available here. a portion of proceeds go to benefit the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson’s research, so it’s a chance to #revelwithacause and feel good while being a little bad. 635 sacket st. #sackettomesackettomesackettomesackettome




Full Moon Festival on Governor’s Island.

full moon festival, a day of worldly cultural sensibility with a new york swagger, brings all of the magic of up-and-coming artists and the pinnacle phase of the lunar calendar to governor’s island for one full day and night of music and revelry, under the bright beautiful full moon. so let’s all pretend we’re in bali and dance barefoot and make love to each other. which is obviously how it all happens in bali. prove me wrong, go ahead. (you don’t want to). come see 13 established and emerging artists all playing on a huge open field with plenty of other attractions and activities, plus, $1 of each ticket’s sale goes to reduce your carbon footprint so #revelwithacause and dance on carbon-light feet under the moonlight, all night. all right? noon-midnight. tickets are selling fast so get yours now here. it all happens on governor’s island.



the persistence of nudity | a burlesque tribute to salvador dali

The Persistence of Nudity: A Tribute to Salvador Dali Burlesque, in Coney Island.
because we live in brooklyn, our perception of attraction and seduction are peppered with an edge. we like our sex to be accompanied by strangers and costumes, our art to be immersive and interpretive, and our nighttime activities to be clandestine, persistent, and memorable. just like fucking salvadore dali (you choose if that fucking was used an an active verb or adjective…) his paintings are interpretive, addictive, sensual and subversive. and burlesque at the beach brings you a multi-sensory experiential tribute to his work that will open up all the corporal drawers of your subconscious to leave you breathless and misplaced, for the first time, again. it all happens saturday night, 1208 surf ave, tickets $15 right here. “Take me, I am the drug. Take me, I am hallucinogenic.” – the man. (you don’t have to ask me twice)
 bring your own photo show bushwick community darkroom
Bring Your Own Photo Show at the Bushwick Community Darkroom. 
are we all photographers these days, in the age of such incessant media influx? well, no. no we are not. but for those that have an impenetrable eye at capturing beauty and life from behind the lens, they deserve a larger gallery than 4×4 pixelated squares and a better reception than hearts and thumbs-up. the bring your own photo show at the lovely Bushwick Community Darkroom lets photographers display their work among contemporaries, from novice to professional, and see how their work brings life to the eyes of observers. plus learn all the great ways the BCD is benefitting a community of creators by being among them, in their inspiring space. all info here, 7-9pm, 110 troutman st. 



studio 54 at brooklyn bazaar

Studio 54 premier at Brooklyn Bazaar, Greenpoint. 
disco ain’t dead baby, it’s alive and well and on the move, just like your hips will be saturday night. it’s the premier of Studio 54 at the brooklyn bazaar, which means three floors of disco, dancing, vogue-ing and secret back rooms, plus 8 djs bringin’ the funk all night. 10% of all door and bar sales go to benefit the gay men’s health crisis so #revelwithacause all night, and into the morning. 8pm-4am, tickets, $25 available here. 150 greenpoint ave. 




tiki disco brooklyn

Tiki Disco at The Well, Bushwick.
a summertime Brooklyn institution. tiki disco, the keeper of our summertime souls and all of the funk we’ve ever brought and the memories we’ve strategically forgotten and the ones we’ll keep forever… this day party is not for the weak at heart. this is for you, brave heart. the tiki gods and lords of disco would like to come down to the well and extend their hand to shake yours and then never ever let go. dig? tickets are $10 right here, $15 at the door before 6pm, $20 after. sunday, 2-11pm, 272 meserole. tiki disco hits you like sneaky crisco™  (man that’s gross) (i don’t care.)



pizza wine movie night at rooftop reds
Pizza, Wine and Movie Night at Rooftop Reds in the Navy Yard. 
summertime in the city means all the the goodness that’s kept indoors during the year hemorrhages out onto the sidewalk, into the streets, upon rooftops and across beaches, especially our cinemas. and if this week’s outdoor film finds itself set among the city’s only urban winery, and added pizza? well, that would make for the perfect way to end a beautiful brooklyn weekend. rooftop reds will be showing bridesmaids on its enchanting rooftop, and your ticket includes 2 slices of pizza from local favorite il porto pizzeria, one glass of wine (more available for purchase!) and a lot of laughs under a just-full moon. tickets $30 available here. rooftop reds is in the navy yard at 299 sands st, building 275. film starts at 7pm, arrive early to get in some hammock sitting and corn hole at sunset.


harpoon sriracha blondeHarpoon Sriracha Blonde at Barcade in Williamsburg. 
back by very popular demand after a 3 year hiatus, harpoon brewery has brewed another batch of harpoon sriracha blonde ale, and you can try one (or five!) at barcade starting sunday. this beer is in limited supply, so don’t miss your chance to sink your mouth upon this spicy blonde. which is what summer is made for. all info here, beers start at noon and go all day and all night. 388 union ave. 
here’s to you and your summer, brooklyn.



the weekend guide 8-11 june 2017

The Weekend Guide | 8-11 June 2017

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fact: the former president of brooklyn made it a point to put a different slogan on every entry and exit point to the borough in an effort to define it, to explain it, to make it into a brand. and well marty, i think you overshot it a bit.

but what does it actually mean? it means that brooklyn has something undefineable. he was trying to put it into words, he was trying to find something that fit all of our eclectic tastes, desires, passions, activities… trying to define the collective we. which inherently is something too unique to put into words. and never is this more evident than in the things we choose to fill our free time with. this weekend’s activities range from a full moon party with resplendent star costumes required, to a down-home pot luck and square dance; from a full breakfast and bocce festival to doing corpse pose on a yoga mat among the dead. a smorgasboard of events as colorful as the borough’s inhabitants.

so brooklyn, i’m trying, too… not to define you, but to ignite you, to excite you, to move you. let this be your entry. get in here. come on, get in.

(get in.)




Drumline Party and Concert with Los Cumpleaños and FogoAzul play Under the Archway in Dumbo

under the archway of the brooklyn bridge is where the magic happens, in my opinion. this historically magestic space is acoustically nearly perfect and feels like a secret club you and your pals formed when you were kids. plus, like, a bunch of other really cool kids too. tonight’s performance brought to you by live at the archway promises to get your hearts racin’ and your feets chasin’ after them beats. the brazilian all-female drumline fogoazul kicks things off at pearl st and then marches toward the archway in a grand procession with los cumpleaños, a colombian salsa and caribeño band with a psychadelic new-wave edge. this is everything you’ve ever wanted a thursday night to be. trust me. show goes from 6-9pm, all info here. it happens under the archway.


photo courtesy of @diamonggpt
Bao International DInner Night at the Diamond, Greenpoint. 
bao wow wow yippe yo yippe yay, bao wow yippee yo yippe yay. i kind of have this theory about these little pillows of magic that when you call them by name, you have to say that entire line. so… i am going to find some very loose synonyms for them for the rest of this post. the diamond’s thursday night international dinners welcome Eric B and his hot little buns to accompany their uniquely curated and considerably restless roster of beers, plus wines too (i recommend the sparkling rose. all day. yippee-yay.) go, eat. sing (snoop dog). make out in the gondola. starts at 7pm, all info here, 43 franklin st. at the diamond, has a nice ring to it!™ (god i swear, i just can’t think of a good one here. help me out?)


SoFar X Northside Secret Show in Williamsburg.
if there is ever a time for so far, this is it. a special northside so far, this underground blind concert series is bound to impress this weekend. never been to so far? this project as born from a few friends who wanted to bring the intimacy and personal experience back to live music. they began hosting pop-up concerts in obscure places, from people’s living rooms to the backs of cars to art galleries to rooftops, and the idea spread… not a worldwide music movement, so far has a pay-what-you-wish approach. three acts who won’t be announced until you arrive. byob. byopizza. byofunk. just bring yo’self there, and do so here. sign up, like, NOW, for tonight’s show. so far, so good.™


Old Time Square Dance at the People’s Garden in Bushwick.
no no, that is not old times square, that is an old-time square dance, as in swing your partner round she goes! if you’ve never been to a real square dance with acual dance calling, you absolutely must go to this event. and if you have, then i trust you will be there. let’s create a little down-home right here in brooklyn. it’s a pot luck and community dance, a social event of the best kind, brought to you by the brooklyn squares. the event is byob, byopotluck. $5-15 sliding scale. pot luck at 730, dance calling at 830. all info here, at the people’s garden, greene ave and broadway.


the wild honey pie beehive at northside
The Beehive at Northside Festival by The Wild Honeypie at The Well, Bushwick.
i know, it can be difficult to navigate your way through all of the amazing events happening at northside festival this weekend. well let me help you out – do not fucking miss this one. our friends at the wild honey pie host their annual beehive at northside, this year at the well! featuring monogold, pavo pavo, BiT darling salt cathedral ❤️ and so many other bands. it’s free with an rsvp, $15 at the door without, so do so here right now. events are friday and saturday at the well, 272 meserole st.


brooklyn americana music festival

A Taste of the Brooklyn Americana Music Festival under the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo.

I rode up on the americana festival last year on a bike ride to red hook and was pulled in by the beauty and cultural authenticity of the sound. the beautiful storytelling and folksy charm brought me right back to the old dominion, and the backdrop of the entire manhattan skyline was like, pretty cool too and stuff. the festival isn’t until summer’s end even saying that gives me a fright), but you get a little taste this weekend. five hours, five bands, and it’s all free. schedule and info here, it takes place in dumbo, under the archway of the brooklyn bridge.

full moon party house of yes
Full Moon Party at House of Yes, Bushwick.
the first full moon of the summer is bring so much magic along with it. i’m alreaady catching the magnetism and mysticism on the rise, so conjure up your own at the best damn venue in brooklyn. house of yes throws a full moon party as only they know how, with aerial performances, celestial dance art, rituals of release for the new season, tarots of truth, and all of the music you need all night to dance yrself clean and into a new dimension of truth, magic, and life. costumes required, come dressed as your best self in whites, golds, silvers, metallics, light. free before 11 with rsvp, do so here. 10pm-4am at 2 wyckoff ave. 
The Unit J Music Experience at Northside Festival, Bushwick. 
as one of the most intimate and collaborative music initiatives happening in brooklyn right now, you know unit J wouldn’t disappoint for their part in northside this weekend. they’ve pulled together two-days of all the best bands they saw this year, happening at pine box rock shop and lantern hall. line up and info here. 5pm-12:30am, $5 each venue.



The BreakFestival, a festival for breakfast! in Industry City.
the only breakfast markets i’ve ever known take place in taiwan and are filled with savory soups and oversized churros and a distinct lack of napkins. however, the lovely folks behind extra crispy bring us this same magic to us on saturday with the breakfestival, a festival, for breakfast! all the best breakfast resturaurants in town will be there, plus djs and dancing all day, boozy breakfast cocktails, and bocce ball! come and enjoy all the joys of breakfast, shared, with people you didn’t have to sleep with the night before (but it would be a lot cooler if you did.) the event is noon-8pm, free to enter, all info here. at the Food Hall at Industry City, 274 36th st. the breakfestival! check yo’self, before you break(fest) yo’self.™


Industry City Courtyard Films present Trapped: Uncanny Short Films.
you’ll already be in industry city all full of breakfast and bocce vibes, so stay. this film festival of uncanny short films features absurd cinematic musings in the courtyard at industry city. there will be live music, and a mixtape of 8 short films that promise to be as entertaining as they are disquieting, plus an afterparty until midnight… which of course, is the long and short of it. tickets are $15, all info here51 35th st.
The Beer and Taco Get Down in Long Island City.
i don’t even think i need to say anything here except unlimited beer and tacos. so you can get down and stay down with yo’ bad self. tickets, $40 available here. it all happens from noon-550pm (don’t you dare stay those extra 10 minutes.), 5-25 46th ave, LIC.


Summer of Love Festival at the Onderdonk House with House of Yes, in Bushwick (ok so technically it’s ridgewood, just three blocks from House of Yes!).

In case you missed it or don’t read this blog thoroughly (I know man, it’s wordy), the greatest venue in brooklyn now has a huge outdoor space and they are using it to throw amazing outdoor parties and festivals, host some of the best djs you’ll hear in the city this summer, to help us all spread love and share love and get a little rowdy. this saturday and sunday they are having a two-day summer of love festival in collaboration with pink mammoth, the bay area’s favorite party people, with dope beats all day by marques wyatt and eduardo castillo, aerial and circus performances, a magestic tented bar, epicurean food trucks, mama’s bazaar artisan market, interactive art installations plus face painting and glitter stations. tickets start at $14, available here. party goes from 1pm to 9pm. 1820 flushing ave at house of yes’s summer of love festival.


Saturdaze Music Series at the Kings County Gatehouses in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

of course you are quite familiar with this amazing drinking establishment that is the tasting room for the city’s oldest distillery. they’re hosting a new music series all summer long that brings together live music and djs, both potent and potable spirits, some of the city’s most sought after food trucks, plus all of the magic that comes along with drinking and eating and dancing al fresco in this spirited town. see the full schedule here and head out from 6-midnight. 299 sands st.



Free Yoga at the Evergreen Cemetery in Bushwick.
sweat out the demons of your hangover among the spirits of the evergreen cemetery sunday with free yoga. feel grounded and connected and at least alive in comparison… which is more than i can say about how i feel around 10am on most sundays. all info here, 10am-1115am. at yoga in the cemetery – gives a whole new meaning to savasana™


that could be you in there.
NY Transit Museum Party on Wheels, in Downtown Brooklyn.
the transit museum is one of the greatest gems of this city. they celebrate this sunday with a party on wheels, giving you the chance to experience and interact with one of the most pervasive and historic aspects of our city, the public transportation system! and there will be birthday cake! and face painting! and a chance to ride on a 100-year old vintage train from the museum platform to hoyt-scherm and BACK (or back in time, you don’t know man. you really don’t.) all info here, it’s 9-11am. which is damn early. (but not for the past. it’s real late for the past). be part of history at the ny transit museum, at the corner of boerum place and schmermermermerhorn.


The Music of James Bond at Django at the Roxy, Tribeca.
here it is, your only reason to cross the river this weekend. there is something so captivating about the django. the cave-like subterranean jazz lounge beneath the roxy hotel has an intimate, sexual, and slightly dangerous vibe. thus it is the absolute perfect setting for shaken not stirred: the music of james bond concert and caberet. come and get lost in a performance from another era through the musings of broadway’s natalie p. johnson and pj griffith, accompanied by performances by amy gordon and the romanovas. then, maybe, get lost in the eyes, lips, and arms of a dangerous lover. tickets, $30 available here. show is 8-10pm. 2 6th ave, the django at the roxy.


BK ALL DAY (and night.)


The Weekend Guide | 1-4 June 2017

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i’m not sure what your go-to beverage is, your preferred method of inebriation. the vehicle you take to boozetown. the method to your madness. but what i do know is i’m going to keep serving you until i find something that sticks. on this week’s menu we have a very undead beach party (which should help us all deal with our winter-white skin), a tribute to the beatles in the nude!, an immersive art experiences so deep you’re guaranteed to lose your breath, a secret rooftop concert (that’s BYOB) (and BYO funk), and a classic coming-of-age tale in this town, complete with wine, pizza, and some damn good sunset views.

so cheers, brooklyn.

i’ll be here, the response to all of your shameless little demands, the answer to the call you didn’t know you made, the words that hang on your lips long after the whiskey is gone and the cabs have been hailed.

so drink up, and stay thirsty.



Greenpoint Open Studios Launch Party, Java Studios in Greenpoint.
there is so, so much talent in all of the diverse neighborhoods in brooklyn. we get tastes of it in lost converastions had in bars and through gliances upon sketch books in coffee shops. but to have these artists open their studios and share with us their work, their process, and passion with us is something remarkable. head to the launch party for brooklyn open studios thursday night at java studios. free beer from greenpoint beer and ale, live body painting, pizza, performances, art. party is from 730-1130pm, but the event goes all weekend. full schedule here, launch part at java studios, 252 java st. 
Wine and Pizza Rooftop Films at Rooftop Reds: Coming to America, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 
the season of outdoor films is upon us and this one is atop a roof, among an urban vineyard, in the brooklyn navy yard, with pizza. basically the most ideal event (especially with a date) to ever exist. This month’s film is coming to america, which will inevitably help us all embrace the ridiculous wonderment it is to arrive in this city. tickets, $20, include two slices of pizza from il porto pizzeria and a glass of rooftop reds wine. more wine available for purchase, tickets and info here. 7-11pm, 299 sands st.
pioneer eats pop up
International Pop-Up Dinners Hosts Pioneer Eats at the Diamond, Greenpoint. 
sometimes i fear that i crave way more tacos than there are taco purveyors to satisfy me. i’m always looking for a fresh tortilla to envelope me in its spicy warm embrace and to do so, preferably, with a damn good beer in my hand. the diamond’s weekly international pop-up dinners is your answer this week as it hosts pioneer eats with their dynamic mixed bowls of magic. thursday they’ll be doing tacos (it seems?) and you know they’ll be doing it right. all info here, dinner starts at 7pm and doesn’t stop until they do.  43 franklin st  at the diamond, what a gem!™
We Love to Turn You On, Beatles Burlesque at The Well, Bushwick
have you ever been listening to the beatles and thought, i wish i wasn’t the only naked person here, dancing? me too man, me too. this event was made for us – a beatles burlesque tribute at the well thursday night. come together in a beautifully bare tribute to one of the greatest bands in history here on the 50th birthday of sargent peppers. or as we like to think of him, sargent cucumber. (can’t tell if that was funny, shame backspace doesn’t work on this machine). they’ll be playing all the hits, like don’t let me down (when you can get me up)here comes the sun, and now here comes the moon! and eleanor rigby was kind of a slut. the event is 8-11pm, tickets $12 for purchase here272 meserole st.

Two Year Anniversary, Black Flamingo in Williamsburg. 
go do what you always do at black flamingo, but do so with a little more staying power this time. make your hip thrusts a little more intentional, your shot consuming heavier on the tequila and lighter on the fireball, and bring that fucking funk. it’s everyone’s favorite dance spot’s two year anniversary, so let’s celebrate in the best way we know how. dance parties all weekend, choose your poison wisely. list and ticket info here, 168 borinquen place.




zombie beach party at house of yes

Zombie Beach Party at House of Yes, Bushwick 

summertime is here, that glorious time where we shed our clothes along with our inhibitions and feel free and alive. or… undead? that’s right baby, it’s zombie beach party at house of yes, which means some dirty and frightful combination of your best 1960s beach wear and a damn bloody mess. costumes required,  seek inspiration here. prepare yourself for bloody cocktails, fire dancing, an undead tiki bar, a blood-filled hot tb, and live sharks (maybe!). plus sick dance tunes all night from greg wilson, octa octa, and david wilson. tickets and all other info just a click away.


The Other Art Fair at the Brooklyn Expo Center, Greenpoint. 
a more approachable art fair. aiming to bridge the gap between up and coming artists and art enthusiasts or those who simply like to curiously browse. showcasing 110 different artists and offering immersive experiences, theatrical performances, live music, and a damn good food+booze scene. tickets, $13-30, the upper end of that gets you into the VIP event which is thursday. show goes all weekend. go schmooze, booze, and peruse. or fucking lose man. your choice. i know i can’t wait to sit at west wine bar afterward sipping my chablis and talking lightly about just how immersed i was. tickets and info here72 noble st.
roosevelt brooklyn bazaar
relax, this is his excited face.
Roosevelt at the Brooklyn Bazaar, a Gov Ball After Party in Greenpoint. 
let’s gather all of that gov ball runoff this weekend with all of the best after parties, without having to battle overcrowded ferries and revelers in mud-caked hunter boots (this is always the case, is it not?) prance on over in your fresh AF kicks to the brooklyn bazaar and jam out to roosevelt. the show runs midnight-4am so be ready to burn the midnight oil and dance all night. tickets, $20 available here150 greenpoint ave.



Saturdaze Music Series Kick-Off at the Kings County Gatehouses in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

of course you are quite familiar with this amazing drinking establishment that is the tasting room for the city’s oldest distillery. they’re kicking off a new music series this summer that brings together live music and djs, both potent and potable spirits, some of the city’s most sought after food trucks, plus all of the magic that comes along with drinking and eating and dancing outside in this spirited town. see the full schedule here and head out from 6-midnight. 299 sands st.


SoFar Sounds Rooftop Show, Secret Location in Williamsburg. 

if you haven’t been to a sofar sounds show, you are missing out on so much of what the brooklyn music scene is all about. amazing talent playing shows anywhere, from warehouse spaces to art galleries to public pools to the subway platform to absolutely anywhere. sofar brings that immersive and spontaneaous experience to you, for free (or a suggested donation!). the shows are byob, and you never know who youll see. three acts in a borrowed venue. this one will be on a rooftop because, you know, it’s summertime and shit. and you really need to be there. tickets and info here, 8-10pm. location announced upon purchase. check out all of their events here. SoFar, so good!!!™


star gazing in brooklyn bridge park

Interactive Star Gazing in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dumbo.

it’s science saturday! (hint, that’s every single saturday). and the world science festival wants to help you embrace your inner science nerd with some interactive star gazing in brooklyn bridge park. there will be high-powered telescopes tat will allow you a close up look at the moon, views of jupiter and saturn’s rings, LED umbrellas (that are meant for more than drug-trip participants at a music festival), and bill nye the science guy will be there to accompany all of your observartions with catchy tunes and way too obvious jokes. a full list of events is here, star gazing goes fro 7-11pm. brooklyn bridge park, pier 1. 


james blake output

James Blake DJ Set at Output, Williamsburg. 

Governor’s ball is mad cool. you know what else is mad cool? every fucking night of the week in brooklyn. we live in a town that hosts some of the best musical talent all the time, and they wait for no festivals or high-dollar line-up. great for everyone going to gov ball, even better for everyone who just lives here and embraces the scene every damn day. see james blake’s epic dj set saturday night as he spins along side 1800dinosaur, klaus, and dan foat. tickets, $40 available here. go, dance, revel, and set absolutely no limit to your love. 10-4am, 4 wythe ave.




The Orbiting Human Circus, an Immersive Theater Experience at Brookly Bazaar, Greenpoint. 

an immersive theater production that is based on both a feal and fictional podcast. when the leader of The Music Tapes and member of neutral milk hotel is involved, this will be anything but bland. feel the magical surrealism envelope you as the story and events unfold around and within you. dive in and buy tickets here, doors at 8, show at 9, 150 greenpoint ave. 


Bicycling Basics at Mccarren Park, Greenpoint.

thank goodness you already have a resource for everything you need to know to gear up for this season of biking, but head over to mccarren park sunday anway for their bicycling basics class, ehlping you get over your fear and start riding your city. the workshop is from 11am-2pm and is totally free. all info here, at mccarren park on union ave near driggs!


brooklyn brewery tasting room turns 21

The Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room Turns 21, at the Brewery, Williamsburg. 

ah, remember the glorious days before we were 21, when we yearned for the freedom to buy beers in public without averting our gaze and surrendering our fake ids with a trembling hand? the risk, the defiance, the exhileration, the 90s. the beloved brewery and tasting room where we finally got our sudsy sea legs has finally caught up to us in age, and is throwing a throwback party to commemorate the occasion. and how will they do that, you may be wondering? with free cupcakes for the first 96 guests. a pog making station, a fake ID photo booth, beanie baby bar games, bop it’s everywhere, a macarena dance off, free beer with ticket purchase and oh so much love. go, celebrate. tickets and info here, 630-930pm, 79 n 11th st. 

the memorial day weekend guide

The Memorial Day Weekend Guide | 26-29 May 2017

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Memorial Day weekend is such a turning point for brooklynites. the official beginning of summertime in the city, the season that gets us through the merciless winters and rainy springs and bittersweet autumns.
maybe you’re not feeling so keen on our country right now, because some absolutely crazy shit is happening and the our leader, that reprehensible overdone yam casserole, has truly lost his mind.
Memorial Day, however isn’t about politics or national scandals or collusion with dictators or building walls. Memorial Day is meant to celebrate those brave Americans who gave their lives for our freedom to live, to love, and to bitch and be moved to actively change our current political situation.
so let’s celebrate being alive. spend this weekend clearing your hearts and minds, welcoming this new season with a fresh and optimistic outlook, shedding your clothing along with your inhibitions, letting in light and spreading love beyond borders.
I’ll show you where, how, when, and why. the who, I suppose, is up to you.
let’s do this.


best wedding ever house of yes
Best Wedding Ever at House of Yes, Bushwick.
this is your best chance to make bad decisions this weekend. yeah, that’s right. i’m doing a new little bit here, hidden among the weekend guide features. along with your semi-weekly reason to cross the river , i’ll nominate your best chance to make bad decisions this weekend… and let’s just say this one takes the cake. (ZINNNG). it’s the semi-annual house of yes best wedding ever. what does that mean? bachelor and bachelorette activities. an actual wedding chapel and licensed officiant available. drunk uncles and crazy aunts. wedding cake. champagne toasts all motherfucking night. and honeymoon suites. go to this, and wake up and have a much bigger disaster on your hands than your leftover club stamps, missing debit card, and complete lack of dignity. 10pm-4am, free before 11pm with rsvp2 wyckoff ave at house of yes, where they never wait for a formal objection.™


Dance Yrself Clean at Music Hall of Williamsburg.
dance yourself clean, or dirty, or into a new state of confusion where hygiene is relative and being north american scum is something we revel in and daft punk is fucking playing at my house, my house. (let’s all go to this event. and dance. to music inspired by the greatest band of all time.) 10pm, tickets $12, available here66 n 6th st. don’t let that address scare you. (but also don’t let it not scare you.)


Steady Sun Rooftop Party at Our Wicked Lady, Bushwick.
memorial day weekend is the kickoff for a long season of outdoor parties, so get on a rooftop and get a drink in your hand and listen to some good music. and beg the sunshine to join you. head to the steady sun rooftop party featuring milk dick and opin at our wicked lady and celebrate what promises to be a damn good season. tickets, $10 available here. 7-11pm, 153 morgan ave.



cooking with bugs
Cooking with Bugs Class at Brooklyn FoodWorks, Bushwick. 
we all know that the hardest thing about being on a juice cleanse is not talking about your juice cleanse. and the hardest part about doing paleo is not talking about how unhealthy everyone around you is. and the hardest part about being a vegan is losing your friends. let’s face it, diet fads are hard. shouldn’t we be more exploratative with your culinary adventures rather than limiting? the answer is yes and the solution is something that is guaranteed not to bug you as much as your foodie friends. cooking with bugs, a class hosted by chef PV and merci mercado will show you how to add these prevalent pests into your diet. and, i’m sure, how to try not to talk about it. $60 gets you in, all info and tickets here. the class is from noon-130 at Brooklyn FoodWorks, 630 flushing ave. please just imagine grating some grasshopper dust with that microplane. do it. imagine it. (do it).


Onigiri and Miso Soup Class at Archestratus in Greenpoint.
ok so it is memorial day weekend, but maybe you think that our country is kind of going to shit and wearing american flag pants and chugging bud lights isn’t exactly your thing. and that’s ok. what can be celebrated this weekend, no matter who you are, is the sanctity of learning a new skill, of being around your community, of suppporting amazing local businesses, and rather unfortunately, of cozy little rice balls and warm soups because the temperature doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. come to archestratus the onigiri and miso soup class at  saturday to learn how to make these signature japanese soul foods and enjoy some of the craft beers from the case and sample a few of paige’s amazing italian desserts. tickets, $7 available here. noon-2pm at 160 huron st. 


Saturdaze Music Series Kick-Off at the Kings County Gatehouses in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

of course you are quite familiar with this amazing drinking establishment that is the tasting room for the city’s oldest distillery. they’re kicking off a new music series this summer that brings together live music and djs, both potent and potable spirits, some of the city’s most sought after food trucks, plus all of the magic that comes along with drinking and eating and dancing outside in this spirited town. see the full schedule here and head out from 6-midnight. 299 sands st.

The 8th Annual Makossa Cookout at Our Wicked Lady in Bushwick.
listen, if you eat anything this weekend that indoors that does not come off of a grill and isn’t accompanied by a cold brew and dope beats and friends, and doesn’t rhyme with yacht frog then you are not fulfilling your duties as a citizen of brooklyn. free party and cookout with amazing djs all damn day. it all goes down from 2pm-10pm, get their early, stay late, revel. rsvp here153 morgan ave.
magical grill burlesque
Magical Grill BBQ Burlesque at The Possum Lounge in Sheepshead Bay.
have you ever been to a barbecue and thought, this would be so much better if it had more weiners. and buns. and tits. and sexually explicit dancing. and precarious sexual situations involving rather involuntary participants…. well that’s pretty much what i think every time  i’m ta a barbecue. come to the magical grill burlesque saturday at the possum lounge to get your fill of all of these things, plus all the surprises you expect from magical girl burlesque. they fire up the grill at 6pm and your $20 ticket includes grub. show starts at 7pm. all info and tickets here, 1702 E 33rd St. at the possum lounge.



mister sundays
Mister Sunday kicks off at Nowadays in RIdgewood.
summertime is for epic day dance parties and memorial day weekend is for kicking off the season. head to mister sunday at nowadays for the kickoff to their weekly party series. djs justin carter and eamon harkin will be spinning all day, plus add good food and drinks and a huge outdoor space and friends and freedom. it’s all here for you. tickets, $20 available here, 3-9pm at 56-06 cooper ave in flushing.



Sixpoint Sundown Sessions at Northern Terriroty in Greenpoint.
some breweries just aren’t intended for tours. and let’s be honest, the less manhattanites jamming up our beer drinking spaces, searching for the relentlessly inspiring tales of hops and yeast and barley and magic, the tipsier and happier we’ll all be. six point brewery has found the ideal alternative to opening their doors by inhabiting the rooftops and mouths and hearts of brooklyn all the same. they kick off their sundown session atop northern territory sunday, with fresh beats and one of the best views in town. The party goes from 4pm to midnight, just enough time to have that sweet sun and spicy paloma settle in just right. all info here,12 franklin st.




house of yes summer of love

Summer of Love at the Park with House of Yes, Bushwick (ok so technically it’s ridgewood).
In case you missed it or don’t read this blog thoroughly (I know man, it’s wordy), the greatest venue in brooklyn now has a huge outdoor space and they are using it to throw amazing outdoor parties and festivals, host some of the best djs you’ll hear in the city this summer, to help us all spread love and share love and get a little rowdy. monday they are having a FREE barbecue and love festival with dope beats all day by eli escobar and some other friends, mama’s bazaar will be open and perusable for all your trinkety desires, there’s an arts and crafts station ,circus performances… and a pig roast, all for free. because that’s how love should be shared. RSVP here, party goes from noon to 9pm. 1820 flushing ave at house of yes’s park, where we can all love without borders.



Beats and BBQ at LP ‘n Harmony in Bushwick. 

do you see a theme here? cookouts and music and dancing and booze and love. this is what memorial weekend and dreams are made of. so exacorbate your hot dog quota and let’s all get loose. this event, in it’s tenth year which is way longer than most people (although probably not most rats. those fuckers.) make it in this town. celebrate with them from 3pm to 10pm. food is free with a drink purchase, dancing is free if you put your groove in it, love is free if you open your heart. (not sure i know what i’m saying anymore). all info here683 grand st.



bitch don’t hate my tribe.
Host your own Memorial Day Cookout at the waterfront- here’s how!
buy america bandanas at Cato’s Army & Navy in Greenpoint (654 manhattan ave) for your whole tribe. you need to look like a team out there, and who knows if these cookouts will be supplying napkins. and beer drinking can be inhibited by sweat burning your eyes. just trust me, get one. and then you can join my tribe.
buy meats at meat hook. all of the meats. and charcoals. and a styrofoam cooler from 711, who make the best styrofoam coolers in the biz. (sorry, deblasio!) fill aforementioned cooler with brooklyn summer ales and rose.
elect someone to supply the bluetooth speaker.
go early and procure a coveted grill and picnic table at brooklyn bridge park.
fire it up, slap ’em down, pop ’em open, turn it up, recite the pledge of allegiance, and celebrate how wonderful it is to live in this beautiful city and to have it finally feel like summer and to be with friends. drinking beers. on a monday.
and tuesday? forget about tuesday.
with all my love,


The Weekend Guide | 4-7 May 2017

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Yeah it’s inevitable. It’s the rats that leave first, the rats I often long for. playing leap frog on calyer st, making me reroute in a panic while balancing 59 lbs of laundry. I miss them because when the rats go, you know what happens next. your favorite bodega becomes a duane reade. the polish restaurant you never ate at (but you would have) becomes a juicery. your favorite coffee shop becomes a coffee shop with better coffee, and cardboard coffee sleeves, which are for weenies. things are too clean. too unaffordable. and we find ourselves biking around and sneering at men with perfectly coiffed hair and thinsulate vests but also note where they live so we can swing by on big trash day and find cast-off pottery barn decor.
but it’s coming. so what do we do? sign-ups and directions for the coup de’etat to follow but in the mean time, we fight.
for our right.
to weekend.
get ready soldiers.


mezcal event at MOFAD
Mezcal and the Taste of Oaxaca at the Museum of Food and Drink, Williamsburg.
if you’re going to be both the drunkest person at the cinco de mayo fiesta and the one with the biggest sombrero (if you’re not going to be these things, just stay home…) stealing all the attention, then also be the person who actually knows some shit about this cultural holiday. attend this event thursday to prepare to impress your amigos friday. a partnership with the mexican cultural instituate of new york, our amigos muy buenos at MOFAD bring a very festive mezcal and the taste of oaxaca event. kicking off their spring spirits series, come learn about the culture and history of mezcal while absorbing tasting notes and getting, well, quite tipsy. reception to follow. tickets, $60, can be purchased here. 630-8pm, 62 bayard st at the MoFAD.  #getinthespirit


rogue nudes star wars burlesque
Rogue Nudes Sci-Fi Burlesque at Cape House, Bushwick.
ok it’s star wars day. may the fourth be with you, etc. i like it, i do. i think this is a nice thing. (if you are a nerd.) regardless, this holiday is based off of a good pun, and a film that has been damn significant to… well, to nerds. let’s make this shit cool again for the first time, ever by taking our clothes off and getting a bit naughty. it’s all happening at the cape house with rogue nudes, a burlesque show from a galaxy far far away. go to this, just, you know… keep your light saber in your pants, fellas. tickets, $12 available here2 knickerbocker ave at cape house. #getleiad


it’s cinco de mayo! pickle yourself in lime and tequila at my favorite margarita spots in brooklyn – calexico, northern territoryzona rosa, rosarito fish shack, mesa coyoacan, gran electrica, habana outpost.
go, drink. VIVA.
and also, celebrate by doing all these things, just below.


JR JR plays Baby’s All Right, WIlliamsburg.

formerly Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., this duo blew up because of the strength and uniqueness of their sound. obligated to shed their prefix due to one too many NASCAR fans showing up at their shows and beings ironically let down (no joke), they changed their name, but not their soul. With their unexpected, magnetic, and truly energizing blend of intense rhythm, clever lyrics and alluring melody, you’re hooked after one hit. don’t be the afterglow, be the high. go see these guys blow up that acoustically (and in every other way) magical backroom at baby’s allright. tickets here, doors at 7pm. 146 broadway at baby’s all right, where we all right, baby.


cinco de mayo at spice social kitchen
Cinco de Mayo Cooking Class at Spice Social Kitchen in South Slope. 
want to up your #tacotuesday game and … let’s be honest, there’s a certain suburban nostlalgia that comes with ortel shells and ground beef and shredded lettuce, but think outside the box and come learn how to make handmade tortillas, guacamole, corn elotes (who knows!) (YOU will.) tacos, and churros. plus unlimited shaken margaritas. only TEN SPOTS left, so decide who your boyfriend is this week (hint, the one who speaks spanish is a good option.) and sign up, right here. $75. 123 parkside ave at the spice kitchen. tell them i sent you and receive… well, probably a few questions!

mexrrissey at brooklyn bowl

Cinco de Mayo at Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg. 
this is everything you could ever want in a cinco de mayo celebration – festive dancing, $5 margarita happy hour, taco pizza, live music all night by Mexrrissey, a mexican-morrissey fusion performer who absolutely kills it, every time (but especially on cinco de mayo) and of course, the option to bowl. oh yeah and that ask zanabar atm. these are the things you deserve on cinco de mayo. come find them all at brooklyn bowl. tickets, $25 can be found here. happy hour 6-8pm, show starts at 9, party all night. 61 wythe ave at brooklyn bowl.


overnight sleep concert at magick city
Overnight Sleep Concert + Party at Magick City, Greenpoint.
if that tequila has given you the urge to sleep with strangers, trust me when i say, i know you’re not alone. but also, there’s an event for that. the all night sleep at magick city… it’s a dance party followed by a dream concert in collab with perfect wave. BYO yoga mat or sleeping bag. and if you’re one of those furry-onesie ravers? man you’re set. tickets very limited, $20 available here. 7pm-11am, 37 box street  at magick city… make magic, k?


This is How You Derby in Brooklyn.

it’s derby day, baby. my second favorite holiday (to beaujolais day, of course) and such a beautiful culture of celebration. bourbon, hats, dancing, pastels, betting, horses. jockeys. all of the best things in life. CLICK RIGHT HERE to check out my guide on how to derby in brooklyn, complete with a tried-and-true julep recipe AND all the words to my old kentucky home, a few of my theories about betting, and of course, all of the best events in the borough. let me talk derby to you.


Kickoff to Obscura Day at City Reliquary, Williamsburg. 
our community museum houses all of the richness that this little burrough was, is, and will be. step inside and be transported through an undestanding that the hustle of this city life has been the same since its inception… get lost for a while. saturday is the best time to do it as they open their doors and kick off obscura day (a celebration and festival from atlas obscura) and enjoy oslo coffee, brooklyn brews, shandy cocktails and dope new york trivia, all in their secret garden out back. go. $12 tickets here, 11am-1pm, 370 metropolitan ave. 
kairos market at threes brewing
Kairos Market at Threes Brewing, Gowanus. 
craft fair + craft beer seems like a wholesome-yet-naughty way to spend a saturday afternoon. go meet some of our town’s best makers at the kairo’s market, popping in at threes brewing on saturday. it’s a festival for the arts and crafts and for the art of craft beer. get $1 off your beer if you make a purchase, and plus all the satisfaction of sitting and sipping and staring at your new aquirement and imagining what life you will breathe into it. it’s free and from noon-6pm. all info here (including a list of artists!), 333 douglass st at threes brewing, i’ll try anything thrice

How Sad and Salt Cathedral at Sunnyvale

how sad, how you make me so happy? this band has that solid rock sound that refuses to let you listen passivelym or stagnantly. everything builds to this tremendous crescendo that leaves you breathless and wanting more. they share the stage with BiT darling salt cathedral, who, if you read this blog and you still haven’t seen them, then you don’t read this blog. GO. they are some of the best talen we have right now out of brooklyn (by way of columbia) and witnessing their palpable passion for music live on stage is unforgettable. tickets, $10-12 (not sure why, imma pay 11.50 just for fucks) available here. 8pm at sunnyvale, 1031 grand st.


isn’t that pleasant? photo captured from their website at
Anniversary Celebration at Alice’s Arbor, Clinton Hill. 
come celebrate food and drinks and the life of a longlasting (by new york standards) neighborhood mainstay. alice’s arbor turns five and wants to share the love with you. free food and drinks (as long as they and we all last) and entertainment, and if you know anything about alice’s arbor’s farm-to-table roots, you know this is going to be oh-so-good. mango ginger mojitos, pulled pork sliders. stuffed mushrooms, fried mac and cheese squares, cowboy fries (don’t know what this is but sounds #tuff), live music and also i have no idea why you’re still reading this. you’re going, ok? we all are. all info here, 6pm-2am, 549 classon ave. 


Sugarlift Open Studios Launch Party and Pop-Up Gallery, TriBeCa.
your #reasontocrosstheriverthisweekend – it’s a pop-up gallery and party to kickoff NY Frieze Festival, just the way you want it. artwork, both finished and in-process, will be on display, and the artists hanging out among revelers to enjoy the live music and free-flowing braven beer. tickets, $20 available here. 7-11pm. 393 broadway.
night at the museum moma ps1
Night at the Museum at MoMA PS1, Long Island City.
your #reasontocrossthecreekthisweekend – a kickoff party for NY Frieze Fest, bringing the festivities to you without the trip across the ravine and without the art snobbery and hobnobbery. it’s all happening (as it often is) at MoMA PS1. enjoy their amazing outdoor space and experience 5 just-opened exhibitions. plus grapefruit dacquiris, bites from m.wells, music all night and all the chil people you want to hang with. tickets $15, available here. 8pm-midnight, 22-25 jackson ave.



i don’t know man, maybe take a breather.


the weekend guide 27-3- april 2017 | brooklyn, i'm trying

The Weekend Guide | 27-30 April 2017

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damn brooklyn, i think this is a sign. a sign that between all the noise, the busyness, the hustle, the frustration, the stress, the cursing… there’s a whole lot of good shit happening here. and between you and me, i’ve found the best of it. i’ve been doing countless hours of field research, drinking overpriced cocktails in underground locations and determinedly seeking all the best the borough has to offer… i’ve squeezed it all out into a perfectly curated little weekend guide, just for you. and it is looking damn good. unless of course you’d rather not visit amsterdam in ridgewood, have local wines paired with surrealist glass sculptures, head to a bridge-rave hosted by the governor, and dance until 8 in the morning before falling into the world’s best hangover cure this weekend. and if that’s the case, well then start looking for the exit sign.

this was made for the warriors, the savages, the dreamers, the seekers. the dance-til-dawners, for you, brooklyn.

proceed with(out) caution.



magick city greenpointDance Party at Magick City, Greenpoint.

we can all sit here and bitch about gentrification all we want (and boy, will we), but we can’t deny that with attention on these formerly unknown neighborhoods brings about an influx of galleries, cafes, and music venues. so some good has come of it, and in greenpoint, it’ been in the form of brooklyn steel and this place, magick city. humbly situated on nearly the northernmost point of the green, this dance venue brings it back to old school warehouse parties, flying in underground djs from all over the world and having “sleepover parties” from 11pm to 8am. introduce yourself thursday night and forget that friday exists. until, like, friday night of course. all info here37 box st. at magick city, it’s magic, k?™



el jefe's nachoria

El Jefe’s Arepia and Nachorium Pop-Up Dinner at Diamond, Greenpoint.
friday’s international pop-up dinner at the diamond brings the boss and some flambe from south of the border for our dining pleasure. arepas and their beloved nachos with cheese torched before your eyes, just after they ask for it. because they are naughty little nachos. get there quick because the new yorker has gone and decided to tell fucking every body about our favorite bar. GREAT. the diamond doesn’t belong on those glossy pages! it belongs in our hearts and being filtered through our livers and licked off of our greasy nacho fingers. and off of each other’s fingers, in the backyard gondola. dinner starts at 630pm. info and such here. 43 franklin st. get tipsy and chipsy. then maybe a little lipsy.
Kosciuszko Bridge Opening Party, between Greenpoint and Queens.
to christen the opening of the new kosciuszko bridge, thursday night there will be a light show (to show off the LED lighting system) coordinated with some sort of music and i hope a ribbon-cutting that transcends into an interpretive ribbon dancing production. listen, i’m all for celebrating infrastructure, but it isn’t necessary to turn a bridge opening into a rave party. and, apparently they are going to blow up the old bridge… will there also be a party for that event? possibly with a fireworks show? little kids sitting on mailboxes, waving american flags? chris christie attempting to blend in with the crowd, slyly commenting that this really makes you realize how little bridgegate mattered at all? anyway, if it’s happening, you know where to hear about it. all info for thursday’s celebration right here. see you at the creek folks.




greenpoint gallery nightGreenpoint Gallery Night, in NoGreePo.

everyone’s favorite ‘hood hosts it’s 10th gallery night, where so many local galleries and art spaces open their doors and stay open late for this spring art celebration. talk to the artists, see what’s happening in your neighborhood, and maybe elevate your wall decor to be more than a stained tapestry and overexposed photo booth strips. all info (and interactive map!) available here. 6-9pm friday night, in NoGreePo!


The People, The Press & The President: A #BHeard Town Hall at the BRIC, Fort Greene.
this is not my beautiful house… or country. or overbaked yam casserole president. david byrne opened up the #BHeard Town Hall yesterday, giving us “Reasons to be Cheerful” and to set the stage for BRIC’s spring celebration. join in solidarity with the press and our own liberties. friday’s town hall meeting let’s everyone’s voices #BHeard, loudly. #revelwithacause and don’t back down. 7-9pm, all info here. 647 fulton st at the BRIC house, we’ll be mighty mighty… just lettin’ it all hang out.



Error404™ party, location TBA (but it will be somewhere in Bushwick…)
new york, you’re safer, but you’re wasting my time. what happened to the hood shit? the grunge? the dirt? the real underground parties with real underground djs and dancing through to the next day and into the next dimension? it’s still here. you just gotta know where to find it. from the rinsed team (who throws the most berlin-esque parties in the borough) brings back their error404 series friday night after a 2 year hiatus. so, fucking go. trust me. a very minimum amount of info is here, with tickets. 11pm-5am, location announced friday.



cuddle magic at union poolCuddle Magic, Star Rover and BOT at Union Pool, Williamsburg. 

what’s happening right now in experimental indie rock? these guys right here. i saw and heard cuddle magic for the first time at sofar sounds and was blown away by their sound, their energy, their dancey tunes and their matching attire. trust me when i say that they won’t be slowing down anytime soon, so union pool will be an amazing place to see them. they’re joined by friends star rover and b o t. tickets, $15, available here and at the door (you hope). doors at 8, show at 9pm. 484 union ave.




new amsterdam festival by house of yesHouse of Yes presents The New Amsterdam Festival, in Ridgewood!
house of yes can do know wrong when it comes to parties, mischief, performance, and the wildest nights you have ever had, anywhere. they bring that energy and momentum out to ridgewood this weekend with the new amsterdam festival, an all-ages daytime fest celebrating the culture of holland complete with food trucks, a beer tent, local artisan market, circus performances, live band and djs, lawn games and lots and lots of tulips. plus, it’s free. all info here, at the Vande-Ende Onderdonk House* at 1820 flushing ave. still confused? bring your tulips here and i will explain to you. you pretty thing.
oh and you can still get naughty afterwards. just, you know… scroll down.
*also there will be a booth to teach you how the hell you pronounce the name of the venue.


mitski and salt cathedral at brooklyn steel

Mitski and Salt Cathedral at Brooklyn Steel, Greenpoint. 
listen, just get used to this. amazing performances right in your backyard, all the time, at our newest venue brooklyn steel. saturday night’s musings bring us mitski and BiT favorite salt cathedral! go, dance, live, be. tickets are only $25 available here. doors 7/show 8, at 319 frost st. let’s meet at goldie’s afterwards. (all of us).


no walls party at littlefield
No Walls Party at Littlefield, Gowanus

art, comedy, music, dancing, action. this is how you #revelwithacause brooklyn. head to littlefield to join together in solidarity to make sure no walls are built and that our country is still one that asks to Give [us] your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. $25 suggested donation, open bar. all proceeds go to immigrant assistance programs of Make the Road and Bronx Defenders. all info here, 8pm at 622 degraw st at littlefield.


fiction at analog bkFiction presents Lossless Showcase at Analog BKNY, Park Slope. 

where did all the good dance music go?? it got diluted by shit like yellow claw and then deflated like steve aioki’s lame fucking raft thing. well baby it’s been here all along… and even moreso now thanks to fiction, a fresh music series that brings good house djs back to brooklyn. their next label showcase brings lossless from berlin and welcomes Thomas Herb and Mathias Schober and a few of their dope friends to spin from 11pm-6am and make us feel alive again… before, you know… we feel pretty fucking dead. tickets and info here, it’s all happening at analog BKNY, 177 2nd ave.




chihuly at the new york botanical garden

Daffodil Celebration + WIne Weekend + Chihuly at the NY Botanical Garden, in the Bronx. 

on sundays i like to be surrounded by love and warmth and happiness and sunshine and things that will make me feel like a human again. oh, and wine. and the occasional abstract glass sculpture. your #reasontocrosstheriverthisweekend lets you wander through the new york botanical gardens sunday and explore the new daffodil hill, the amazingly surreal sculptures of chihuly, all paired with a palate of new york wines and someone to talk to you about them and how well they pair with the multi-scensory stimulation all around you, and last nights beer burps. marked down to $32 just for Brooklyn, I’m Trying readers, tickets available here. sat AND sun noon-4pm, 2900 southern blvd in the bronx.


the spirited pen kings co distillery

Writers Talk About Whiskey at Kings Co. Distillery, Brooklyn Navy Yard
it’s a known fact that all of the best writers rely on a bit of the elixir of the gods to get the words flowing, words that will make them become famous authors, poets, playwrights, bloggers… or, you know, they just end up as the town drunk with a slurred yet impressive vocabulary. the spirited pen series comes to kings co. distillery and invites william hogeland, author of “The Whiskey Rebellion: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Frontier Rebels Who Challenged America’s New Found Sovereignty” to speak while we sip and what will flow out is nothing short of inhebriation inspiration. which, ironically, is the other name for this blog. the event is from 5-7pm. tickets, $14 available here, 299 sands st. hit up rooftop reds. before you go, because as they say – wine before risky, let’s get frisky.


Tour of the Jacques Torres Chocolate Museum in Dumbo.
i’ve tried lots of hangover cures in my life… kombucha, kombucha + vodka, cheeseburgers, beer + cheeseburgers, making love, making war, sitting in a dark room with a dark wine and “new york i love you, but you’re bringing me down” playing on loop… but one thing i’ve found is excruciatingly effective. something sweet and comforting paired with something to spark your curiosity… to make you feel both loved and inspired so your head is no longer concentrating on the pain. so THIS just may save your life sunday. a walking tour and history of jacues torres chocolate museum in dumbo. tickets, $10-15, choose your day wed-sun and purchase here. then be healed, my small little sauvage. 350 hudson st. 



brooklyn i'm trying | the weekend guide

The Weekend Guide | 20-23 April 2017

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what’s up, brooklyn? what’s waiting up there for you? it’s your weekend and it is looking damn good. you’ll be waking up with st. vincent, exploring a mansion of beer-themed rooms, partying like it’s 1999, dining on portuguese delicacies in an antique (and grounded) ski gondola and being sure to #revelwithacause for all the best reasons.
it’s your weekend, brooklyn. and all you have to do is reach for it
(and by reach i mean scroll down and keep reading, then get out there.)


the diamond greenpoint pop-up dinner
picture borrowed from the captivating instagram of @diamondgpt
International Pop-Up Dinner at The Diamond, Greenpoint.

you see those little guys in the bottom right of this image? those funky little shriveled upside-down flans? i dream about them. i do. and i want you to dream about them too. come to the diamond’s international pop-up dinner thursday night for some amazing mediterranean and south american dishes from chef esteban (@muesliumilch) featuring those dreamy little pasteis de nata and other surprises, plus all the most well-curated list of beers in town. 630-930pm, all info here43 franklin st.



house of yes prince tribute

Dirty Thursday: Prince Anniversary Edition at House of Yes, Bushwick. 

it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Prince left us (although i suppose a certain Angry Creamsicle somehow distracted us from honoring so many good and lovely things in our lives and replaced them with a sort of slow and relentless gag reflex), but let’s commemorate him in the best way we know how, at the best venue in the world. house of yes’s dirty thursday party celebrates the life of prince with an explosion of purple and pop, of music and dance and love and life. prizes for those in the best prince-esque costumes and as always lots of love for everyone who’s giving it. this party is free, all info here. 10pm-4am (fuck work man), 2 wyckoff ave at house of yes, where they put the sensual in consensual.™





brooklyn brewery beer mansion

Beer Mansion at the Well by Brooklyn Brewery at the Well, Bushwick.

there are plenty of bullshit beer events in this town. but when brooklyn brewery curates one that takes over one of the best party spots in bushwick and call it beer mansion, you go. and you drink. a lot. why? because when they throw an event, it’s always one of the best scenes in the borrough. these guys made williamsburg cool and have stuck with it through so many growing pains. also, they are currently paying the i <3 NY guy in free beer, for life. yeah. just go. your $65 ticket gets you free reign in the mansion with 5-different beer -themed rooms, unlimited tastings from all your favorite local breweries, food from the brooklyn brewery chef (and trust me, the guy knows what he’s doing), live performances and other surprises that may or may not include a wall of chips. all other info and tickets here, friday and saturday night 6-10pm. 272 meserole st at the well.


music for the people industry city distillery
borrowed from the captivating instagram of @drinkicd
Music for the People at Industry City Distillery, Sunset Park. 

these are trying times for the civilly minded, times that drive us to both take a stand and also drive us to drink. don’t lose hope when you can #revelwithacause.  the lovely people at Industry City Distillery are trying ti keep us all in good spirits a benefit show for the ACLU friday night. their event Music for the People features Jake Henry’s “Boneyard,” a drum and electronics solo by Jason Nazary, spoken word by Sean Ali, and avant rock by Heavy Eyeballs. so come, #revelwithacause brooklyn. sip, shoot, gulp their amazingly smooth vodka while supporting this vitally important organization, an artisan distillery, and your own right to party. oh and, don’t miss the sunset. just trust me. all info here, 730-11pm, 33 35th st, 6th floor. at Industry City Distillery.


61 local anniversary party

6 Year Anniversary Party at 61 Local, Boerum Hill.  

who knows what the reason is that makes bars stick around in this town. it’s some magical combination of location, captivating yet simple aesthetic, specialty beers, specialty bartenders, casual and no bullshit service, homeyness with a certain edge to it. well, the guys who wrote Cheers know, and 61 local in boerum hill. they celebrate 6 magical years this weekend and for a very good reason. go and do what you already love to do there- drink pints, listen to bands, eat their small bites. $12 gets you 3 pints of local brews and unlimited nibbles baby. plus live music. tickets and all info here, 8pm, 61 bergen st. 




Record Store Day at Rough Trade, Williamsburg. 
how about you change up your hungover iced coffee and bodega BEC routine by having it with fucking st vincent  this saturday. YEAH. st. vincent. they’re kicking off the 10th anniversary celebration AND record store day at rough trade. and after st vincent 12 more hours of shows follow, including steve earle, charlie bliss, and everyone else you love. so put some jameson in that iced coffee and wear your dancing shoes. and buy all of the records and spread all of the love. this event is free, all info here. 10am-958pm (no idea why, but don’t you dare stay those extra 2 minutes you greedy little jerk), 64 N 9th st at rough trade, where all transactions are actually quite smooth™


camp BKB brooklyn boulders

Camp BKB – A Festival to Save the World, Brooklyn Boulders, Gowanus.

while your friends are at coachella, tell them that you’re at a festival to save the world. HA! yeah! or i don’t know. wait to tell them or whatever. you don’t want to hear all that noise in the background. come to THIS two-day earth day festival and join brooklyn boulders in the fight to save our planet. events include park clean-up, bike tune-ups, outdoor yoga and other challenges, dinner and a concert, tons of climbing, an exclusive sleepover at bk boulders (for VIP guests!) and a bluegrass brunch. this event is in conjunction with the march for science so come #revelwithacause brooklyn. tickets and all info here, 8am sat-10am sun. 575 degraw st at bk boulders, be bolder.™


ridgewood market anniversary

Ridgewood Market 4 Year Anniversary Party and Night Market, Gottscheer Hall, Ridgewood.

sometimes you have to go to taiwan for epic night markets. and sometimes you just have to go to queens. the ridgewood market celebrates its 4th anniversary saturday night in the best way it knows how – with artisans, vintage finds, local food, specialty cocktails and brews, groovy music, vintage finds, and you and me. it all goes down at gottscheer, a beer hall, so you know you’ll have everything you need. (leave the leiderhausen at home though. please.) all info here, 5-11pm, 657 fairview ave. 



Party for Mother Earth at Magick City, Greenpoint. 

some people think that climate change isn’t real. some people are using their undeserved position of power to undo countless legislation for environmental justice to protect our mother earth. some people are going to look even more like a sunburnt cheetoh dipped in mustard if the hole in the ozone layer continues to expand… let’s fight back and #revelwithacause this earth day at magick city. the celebration includes music, art, film, dancing, all proceeds and percentage of sales going toward We Act for Environmental Justice. so come thirsty and hungry to help. and to dance. all info and tickets here, 7-10pm, 37 box st at magick city… it’s magic, k?™



refuge dinner series brooklyn kitchen

Refuge Dinner Series : Iraq at the Brooklyn Kitchen, Williamsburg. 

hey so our president is an asshole. and he’s trying to change the hearts and minds of the american people to be isolationists, racists, bigots, and overdone yam casseroles just like he is. we must fight. as a nation of immigrants, we will not become one with closed doors and closed hearts. brooklyn kitchen, aka one of my favorite spots in the hood, is starting a series of dinners to bring us together over something we can all share and warm up with – food. Refuge,  is the brainchild of chef instructor Stephanie Dietz-Urena. “Cooking a meal for someone is such an intimate act and you learn so much about someone’s culture when you explore their food…and spend that time together and learn more about their journey.” sunday’s dinner is a classic Iraqi meal made by (you’re never going to believe this!) not a terrorist. the lovely Chef Maha Al-Obaidi will be preparing a traditional meal from her native Iraq. shares with us his beautiful culture as we all enjoy a home-cooked meal in our home country. tickets. $125, can be purchased here. all proceeds go to the chef and to the International Rescue Committee and refugees.  5-7pm, 100 frost st.