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spring 2016 style edit: terracotta.

trends are fleeting. embrace only those seasonal styles that embrace you, that empower you, that grip you and give you a stronger sense of presence, of self affirmation, of inherent desirability. in this series i hope to show trends as they embody the women they are draped upon- in all of her captivating complexity.
as color has eternally been a vessel through which we communicate ourselves to the world and the world through ourselves, this season’s terracotta is bold, natural, transcendent. it’s a desert sunrise, it’s a hot heat. it’s an imperfectly molded vase dried in the sun. it’s footprints in georgia mud.
a woman draped in this anything-but-neutral shade is mysterious and raw. she’s earthy and ethereal. she’s familiar and obscure. she’s a burst of fire, an exotic spice. she sings into the sunrise and dances by the moonlight and whispers secrets into the dawn. and as the day ends and the dust settles you’ll see that she’s gone, leaving only a trace of herself, felt. a slow fade into the afterglow.
she is, you– in this beautiful springtime awakening when we gently shed our clothing along with our inhibitions and prepare our hearts to be warmed and our souls to be entranced with the captivating beauty that is to come.
feel grounded in this ethereal neutral as you feel your spirit to rise with the temperatures. start here, with my favorites for the season.

1 a crochet cropped tank is the answer to everything this spring. and in bold terracotta pairs perfectly over dark denim, with a mug of sangria in hand and the best of intentions actively dissipating in your mind. this one, from our hermanas at mango, $39.99. let me top you off.

2  to add a pop of color to any look, this david aubrey necklace creates a captivating layer onto any outfit. the terracotta stone and playful tassel take just enough edge off. david aubrey via shopbop, $143. let’s get a little stoned.

3  consider this your gateway drug. a sub-$20 full ensemble that allows you to embrace this addictive trend will not be your last hit. however, it will be just that. a damn big hit. terracotta chiffon tunic dress from H&M, $19.99. ain’t no one got chiff’ on you.

4  regal and italian, fancy and sexy, classic and intrepid in exactly equal parts. nothing is sexier than a high-waisted wide-leg trouser in a bold yet simple hue. these from the terracotta enthusiasts at zara, $69.90. go with the flow, everywhere.

5  this will be what i will live in this spring. a cropped, flowy jumpsuit with a daring neckline and moroccan appeal. $78 from abercombie & fitch, who has evolved exponentially since your 6th grade graphic tees. get yours so we can romp around together.

6  we’ll let this one slide. the perfect sandal for all of your spring adventures, abroad or right here in brooklyn. slip it on, all the way. i know you’ll like it. from madewell, $73.50 (on sale! quick!) and ensure your style never goes flat.

7  just because you’re feeling bold and ethereal does not mean you don’t need a carryall for… well, everything. this ALC hobo via shopbop, $795, is your answer. because even hobos need a little spice.


leather: a modern brooklyn love story.


a highly metaphorical look at seeking and keeping companionship this spring.

what is there to say about love in brooklyn? i had it once, i guess. i didn’t find it here but we brought it here, transplanted. into a pot that i think we didn’t realize had those little holes in the bottom and mostly just made a mess in our apartments every time we attempted to nourish it. it grew in awkward ways inside its pot, pFullSizeRender (3)roving to be hyper sensitive to the climate and the noise and the lack of fresh air and space. and so we let it die. which of course, we both denied. but it died and part of it stayed here and the other part has rooted itself back down south.


from that experience and countless a very small and selective handful of others, i know enough to know what to look for.

i know what love in brooklyn would feel like. it would feel like a loyal embrace, snug but never constricting. it would be a second skin, one you don’t recognize your own without. it would feel familiar yet slightly foreboding, it would feel alive, and real, resilient. with zippers and snaps to reassure you- you’re not going anywhere.

it would look new and worn-in, audacious and comfortable. and you’ll question how it could fit as you cautiously slip it on over your shoulders and around your chest and zip it up, tight. admitting that you may not ever take it off, and vowing care for it properly so it will age well.

and it would sound like leather jackets hitting the floor, two. just before dawn. a heavy and definite sound over muffled giggles and shuffled movements and mischievous decisions.

if i’ve learned anything, it’s easier to find the quintessential piece of your wardrobe- the leather jacket– than to find such a companion.. however because the only way to take one off is to put one on, i’ve picked out this season’s standouts to wrap you in a just warm enough embrace, to come along with you on all your adventures without hesitation, to make you just a bit tougher, just a bit more confident, and just a bit more seductive.

just make sure you know how to get out of it when a worthy accomplice comes along.


1 modern biker chic, from all saints. just for sinners- $540. find it here.

2 i just got over my fear of commitment. classic jacket from veda, $925. feels so good.

3 fringe benefits + french craftsmanship = a love supreme. from maje, $1095. invest in yours.

4 friend or faux? don’t ask questions. not exactly real leather biker jacket from zara, $69.90. it’s real if you believe in it.

5 my personal weapon of choice, from zara- in this i can’t stop schwinning. $199, get one let’s match.

proof that vegans can be tough, too. vegan leather jacket from free people, $198. it’s waiting for you.

7 the one you’ve been searching for, a classic style from madewell. $498, buy now keep always.


and you know- if all else fails, at least you look damn good when you’re saying no thanks, fuckface, run along.


spring 2016 style edit: moorish lace.


trends are fleeting. embrace only those seasonal styles that embrace you, that empower you, that grip you and give you a stronger sense of presence, of self affirmation, of inherent desirability. in this series i hope to show trends as they embody the women they are draped upon- in all of her captivating complexity.

spring 2016 runways brought us the infallible and iconic look of intricate, sheer black lace, in all forms. in this i found inspiration from the mystical moorish architecture of marrakech and barcelona, from intricate filigree patterns found in hamsa metal hangings, from arabic tapestries that interwoven in anecdotal mystery, and from fiercely feminine style of flamenco.

a woman in black lace is seeking both seduction and solitude in equal parts. she’s a woman on the prowl who won’t give anything up even upon capturing her prey.

lace exposes just enough of her secret, never divulging its entirety but never intending to cover it up. It speaks of seduction, deceit. Of a certain danger, an intriguing doorway, an inviting stare, an enchanting curiosity.

see my picks below and pair with a heavy dose of attitude, and a signature pout- á la penelope.
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