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the weekend guide | 1-4 december 2016

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it’s the first week of december. let’s check in. holiday hangovers in full swing? have you picked last year’s dried eggnog vomit off of your tacky sweater? should i even bring up christmas shopping? let’s face it… we’re all just  waking up from our turkey comas and shaking off that residual “don’t talk about the election” tension from thanksgiving. so give yourself a break this weekend. push off any other holiday obligations for a few days. clear your mind and your heart but don’t rest that liver, or  those eyes. ’tis the weekend to be selfish.

besides, there aren’t that many more chances to secure your coveted spot on santa’s naughty list. come with me, brooklyn. let’s put the “fiesta” in… fiestive.


ImageDrink at Berg’n, Carroll Gardens
a meet-and-greet that’s drawing themed. why? because do you have any better ideas on how to meet people in this city? cool. well Berg’n does, and it’s happening thursday night. ice-breaking drawing games to warm you up this season, supplies and holiday-themed festivities (including a collaborative mural!) by ThinkDraw. $10, 7-10pm, more info here899 bergen st at Berg’n, where the E is so strong, you only need one.™



This is Rare Groove, El Cortez, Bushwick
it’s thursday, folks. and that means it’s time to bring the funk. head to the safari room at el cortez in bushwick for a 70s disco featuring funk, underground boogie, french and afro-brazilian tunes, and some dope contemporary beats too so we can all get down. to funkytown. aka bushwick. it’s free, 10pm-4am. event page is here, (although i am the only event page you need. forever.) 17 ingraham st, at el cortez.


Luminaries at Brookfield Place, Financial District, Manhattan. 
we don’t do tacky light tours. we do touch-sensitive illuminated suspended light installations with a special interactive wish station. that translates into charitable donations. that’s what we do here. in one of two reasons to cross the river this weekend, experience this one-of-a-kind lights exhibit through jan. 8th but if you want to participate in the wish-making (and i know you do), head over thursday anytime between 8am-10pm. 230 vesey st. at brookfield place.


oh and…
Foxygen plays at rough trade and it’s sold out. there. now stop being so fucking cheery. can we move on now?



Brooklyn Rugby Calendar Release and Date Auction at Littlefield, Gowanus.
mmm nothing makes being single more obvious than the holidays. all those christmas party invites, your mother relentlessly commenting about your lack of a boyfriend at dinner, and the extra layer of weight you put on all make it very obvious that you are going home alone at night. wellllll, not friday night. not fucking friday night. bring home a burly brooklyn rugby player AND a calendar, and feel good about it, in more ways than 3. it’s the brooklyn rugby calendar release party and date auction and it’s at littlefield friday night, in all of its burly ruggedness. all info here, 9pm-2am, 622 degraw st. at littlefield.


The Bushwick Starr Holiday Party, at The Bushwick Starr, in Bushwick.
you know what sucks? office holiday parties. you know what absolutely doesn’t suck? all other holiday parties. specifically, this one. our friends at the bushwick starr open the doors to their first ever holiday party and that means free food, free booze, a naughty little mistletoe photo booth and dj avg jo spinnin tunes all night. plus, the famous brookyn starr silent auction.8-11pm. tickets $25, along with all other info is here. 207 starr st, at the bushwick starr. and if you can’t make it, please donate here for another year of amazing community events and performances.



Blunderland Variety Show, House of Yes, Bushwick
who knows how many more opportunities we’ll have to get on the naughty list this year? this, for sure, will be one of them. it’s a holiday-themed burlesque, cabaret, circus variety show at house of yes and that means anything goes. and comes. and you will leave shocked and entertained and well a whole lot of useful ideas. 7-10pm, $15 tickets and details here, 2 wyckoff ave at house of yes, where they put the wonder in wonderland.™


The Bell House Holiday Striptease, Gowanus. 
well folks i’ve spoken too soon. there are actually plenty of opportunities to secure your spot on the naughty list, if you haven’t already. come to the bell house friday night for the it’s too damn early holiday strip tease. that’s right folks. because when i combine my anger at christmas decorations and holiday activities all happening too far before the actual hoilday with all of the calories i so nearsightedly consumed over thanksgiving, i just want to take my clothes off in protest. (i mean it actually doesn’t sound that bad… i’ll do it if you do it.) let’s all do it. together. friday night at the bell house, featuring the most festive lady and fella strippers from wasabassco. 730pm, $20 tickets and other info here. 149 7th st. at the bell house, just be there with… something on. or nothing. whatever.™

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the weekend guide | 1-5 sept 2016

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we work hard in this city, and that’s the beauty and downfall of new york- no one is here because they just ‘ended up here’. we’re here because we have something to believe in, to fight for, to work towards. and well, we’ve come a long way, baby. and it’s about time that someone recognized it. this labor day weekend, let’s reap the fruit of our labors. let’s weep for the labors that we’ve had to put in just for our fruits to blossom. and then die. before we could even retrieve them. let’s experience everything that this city has to offer beyond the confines of our cubicles! let’s close our laptops and leave our to-do lists undone and not even put up an out of office and let’s never look back brooklyn.

(are you picturing me on a soapbox in front of the statue of liberty holding a bottle of champagne with a slight tear in my eye?)

(oh… well, are you doing that now?)

ok you unimaginitive little beasts- lighten up and read on.

and let’s fucking get to work.


Thursday Supper at the Farm on Kent, Williamsburg. 
sure, maybe it feels to early to celebrate the apple harvest, but it seems that our dear corporate companions did not hesitatated to stuff mini crunch bars and plastic jackolanterns and pumpkin spice everything down our throats just after easter. SO, let’s gently start our fall harvest celebrations with something beautiful and wholesome and pure. thursday night brings us a cider dinner at the beautiful north brooklyn farms. dine outside with pre-fall bounty from the garden and cider pairings from aaron burr cidery. **ATTN** these dinners are sold out for the next few months, so go to this one tonight, 7-1030pm. tickets, here – $100 gets you an unbelievable meal, cider pairings, and one of the few unobstructed views we still have of the east river. 320 kent ave. QUICK GO GO GO. cider?!?! i ‘ardly knew ‘er!

New York Salsa Congress, all over the city, all weekend.
with all of the club-bumping we lose ourselves into each weekend, celebrate instead this stunning form of artistic expression. this weekend is the annual new york salsa congress, featuring free lessons, showcasing some of the greatest salsa dancers from all over the world, hours of open dancing with live bands and each night offering an after party that starts at 3am. nothing is more captivating or seductive than salsa dancing, and i guarantee it will heat up in a much better way than the panther room at output. events schedule, tickets, and a bunch of other stuff to get you pumped found here.
Archestratus Blue Plate Special, Greenpoint.
this week’s sicilian family dinner at archestratus was, at press time (and maybe until you arrive!) TBD- which means that you are going to have to go on the faith that everything is magic inside of archestratus and family-style dinners in nogreepo are always a good idea and paige knows what she’s doing. (that’s a pretty good bet) 7-10pm – full plates and homemade bread, alcoholic bevvies for sale. 160 huron st.


Black Rock Brooklyn at House of Yes, Bushwick.
are you sick of all of the mystical and dustily epic burning man images from all of your friends this past week? i’ll be honest, i’m not. but, i can’t keep from imagining myself in some rainbow-bright-meets-the-rocketeer-meets-the-rockettes-esque costume zooming around on my bicycle-turned-batmobile-turned-aladins-magic-carpet. lets turn all of those pure imagination-fueled images into reality and burn it down together at the house of yes friday night. it’s a burn event for all of us who could’t make it. there will be costumes and playa bikes and more black lights and wild decor than ever and also all of those things you think you could expect at burning man itself. but then we all go home at the end of the night, or to an after hours party… up to you. free before 11pm, or tickets $15, here. 2 wykoff ave. at the house of yes- where they don’t take no for an answer.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.09.58 AM
Grand Opening, Greenpoint Fish + Lobster, Long Island City.
for all of the wonder and fishy enjoyment and oyster tacos and raw bar delights that greenpoint fish co has been bringing to us for the past 3 years, it’s time we shared a bit of love with our neighbors to the north. greenpoint fish + lobster opens a long island city outpost that promises to offer more seating, some grab and go options for you laborers, plus all the best specials and taco tuesday with a gansett deals you know and love. grand opening is friday. go celebrate, then go back. so i can have my motherfucking spot back at the greenpoint location. (hey! just kidding! come sit with me!) 5-43 48th Ave at Vernon Blvd.


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.02.28 PM
The Last Fireworks of the Season at Coney Island.
the worst things about summer ending? the sidewalk simply doesn’t replace the boardwalk. getting a hot dog from a hot dog stand feels desperate, not noble, and not as easy to blame sudden loud noises on fireworks with a hopeful smile. (man that got depressing fast) well let’s get our last fill this friday at coney island. sun, sand, fireworks, hot dogs, bearded ladies and bearded men! roller coasters! baseball! skeeball! skeezy balls! come onnnn! last fireworks show of the season starts at 930pm, at W 10th st at coney island. all other events and cool things, here.



Mets vs Nationals at Citifield, Flushing, Queens.
come meet the mets, and me! at the mets game. i’ll be signing autographs and giving you exclusive weekend events access, plus plenty of BiT schwag up in row 528! come on down! and then up! game starts at 705pm. helmet nachos start at 706pm. at citifiled, tickets, here. take me out to the ballll game! or wherever… just as long as you take me out.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.15.31 AM
Rule of III Pop-Up at Duke’s Annex, Greenpoint.
that little room of requirement attached to duke’s liquour box (which is  room of requirement in and of itself) opens its magical doors again friday night and keeps them open, all september long, for “rule of III” a pop-up assemply of handmade fasions, beauty, and wellness experiences by local brooklyn creative collective. come by and be inspired, be transformed… then get a little bit of whiskey and get friskey. opening is friday, 12-9pm. 170 franklin st.


el jefe
First Friday’s with El Jefe’s Nachoria at The Diamond, Brooklyn.
nachos cheese torched before your eyes, just after they ask for it. because they are naughty nachos that give themselves away for free. go, partake. i won’t tell anyone. nachoing begins at 730pm. beers run all day, all night. 43 franklin st. get tipsy and chipsy. then maybe a little lipsy. (just not in poughkeepsie.)

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the weekend guide | 18-21 august 2016

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ok folks let’s check in here. it’s august 18th- how many hot dogs have you had this summer? at what shade is your summer skin? do you know where your unborn children are? well not to panic here or anything but TIME IS RUNNING OUT. get out there and make some bad decisions and get a sunburn and smother yourself in mustard. and then rinse off in a chilled rosé shower. and then jump in the ocean, or hug a stranger or I DON’T KNOW ok? but i’m panicking. let’s all take a deep breath of this hot luscious august air and attack these last few weeks, together. with our sweaty palms squished tightly against each other.

come with me. and don’t you dare look back.



the break vintage will break you (without leaving you broke)
Happy Hour at The Break Vintage, Bushwick.
maybe your ass has been all over bushwick, but here’s a chance to leave your mark. and to drink free rosé. and to get mad discounts on amazing vintage. how is all of this possible? because when the break vintage has an end of summer sale and they add free wine, washable body paint, and thongs to create beautiful butt art. on the walls. this is how we do things here in brooklyn, and trust me- this event will be all its cracked up to be. 574 bogart st, #312. 5-8pm, info here. the break vintage is trying to break your heart. just like wilco.


REVEAL at the Warsaw, Greenpoint.

the warsaw is an old polish national house in greenpoint where you can see everything from monsters wrestling, community bingo night, and progressive musicians doing progressive things. thursday night will transform the cafeteria-event hall into an exhibit showcasing the best current and local artists in film, fashion, music, art, performance and everything else it says in that handy graphic above. there will be a runway show, a medley of live music, interactive visual art galleries and living hair and makeup statuettes on pedestals that will make you question hair, makeup, and humanity. go to this event and be amazed at the limitless nature of art and performance. tickets, $20 can be purchased here. hang up the hooligan garb you normally wear to the warsaw, it’s cocktail attire. so get fancy. 7-11pm, 261 driggs. info and tickets here. because nothing says raw like cocktail dresses and human statuettes.



Pizza Night at Archestratus Books, Greenpoint.
it’s nothing new to have odd conglomeration/fusion of things in this city- we’re pressed for space but not for creativity. so north greenpoint’s bookstore-bar-restaurant-eventspace is bringing you everything you’ve ever wanted in one charming little space. thursday night is monthly build-your-own-pizza night with 20 locally procured toppings to choose from and chef allie laporte of wilson daniels to give you a wine pairing for your unique creation. $16/pie, beer, wine, and vermouth for purchase. 7-9pm. all info here160 huron st. at archestratus,


LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 1: Ricardo Santos of Brazil jumps to serve the ball as teammate Pedro Cunha watches against Martin Reader and Joshua Binstock of Canada during the Men's Beach Volleyball preliminary match between the Brazil and Canada on Day 5 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Horse Guards Parade on August 1, 2012 in London, England.
men’s beach volleyball at the london olympics.
Olympics Viewing Party and Photography Exhibit, Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Heights. 

if you haven’t taken the opportunity to tune out all of this political bullshit and celebrate america and watch the olympics, there is hope for you not. and you are a curmudgeon. for everyone else, come watch the olympics in a rad sculpture garden and then be moved by the photography exhibit Who Shot Sports, a collection of prolific photos from the olympics, 1843-present. 8-10pm, free200 eastern parkway. info here.



Out for Drinks with Orr Shtuhl at Archestratus, Greenpoint. 
i remember my first beer. and have a feeling that i will remember the one i have friday night, at archestratus, but i gotta be honest- i’ve forgotten a hell of a lot of the ones in between. make and share some memories at everyone’s favorite bookstore in NoGreePo. Orr Stuhl shares his love of beers, brewing, and the persistance of memory- and how alcohol inevitably affects it. $14 includes a beer, all info here, 7pm at archestratus books, 160 huron st. 


End of Summer Party, Bushwick Public House, Bushwick. 
it’s mid-august in brooklyn, not september in ibiza. there is absolutely no need to promote everything as if it’s the last weekend and we’re never going to see sunlight or bare knees again. however, that does not mean we should hesitate to celebrate sunlight and bare knees. and do so with all of our closest friends and a slew of impressive fucking djs (DJs Simon Sez, Ella Hu$$le, Reez, and Beazy Hype) at the bushwick public house, for free, on friday night. 1288 myrtle ave, the bushwick public house- they put the lick in public(k).™
Love Muscle at the House of Yes, Bushwick.

nothing should surprise you anymore about the epic and out-there events at the house of yes. friday’s musings bring us love muscle, which of course is a dance party with massive interactive sculptures. that you can climb on. in costume or in the nude, if you so choose. it also promises psychedelia, amazing conversation, sacred geometrical lamps (you can’t tell me those aren’t rad as fuck). go to this. and be the naked one climbing the sacred geometrical lamp, ok? just promise me that. free before 11pm with rsvp or $15, tickets and info here. 11pm-4am 2 wyckoff ave. love muscle at the house of yes- where you don’t have to strong arm me! it’s always yes.

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the weekend guide: 28-31 july 2016.

things we know: it’s hot. and it’s the weekend. and we pay way way too much rent to let anything get in the way of enjoying the last days of july.  every time you complain about the heat, remember those things we so amicably refer to as “sleeping bag coats“. and then have a sip of rosé and get movin’.
ah, not sure how? i have an idea or two…


Brooklyn Screams for Ice Cream! Brookyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Heights.
the future and history of icecream. well, it’s either in my belly or about to be in my belly… let’s see if the brooklyn historical society can expand upon that (and knowing them, they damn well can.) come hear about icecream, see about icecream, learn about icecream, and have some too. rumor has it they will be offering hypotheses on the future of the cone, one of the only edible food containers born out of pure necessity. tickets, here128 pierrepoint st. i’ll stop the world and melt with you. thursday night.


Dreamcatcher Workshop at Line and Label, Greenpoint.
oh-oh dreamweaver, i believe you can get me through the niiiight by winding and twisting around me just so tightly and leaving woven into me pieces of your heart and your hopes and your dreams.
that’s my ballad about thursday night’s craft event, from the perspective of a feisty little wooden hoop. for more in this series, words as a wooden hoop. kindly find something else to read.
thursday night. brooklyn i’m trying darling Line + Label is having their FIRST and certainly not their last (i suppose pending the improvement of relative press coverage) craft event. make your own rad dream catcher and prevent those lucid aspirations from escaping ever again. plus look mega hip around new lovers and native americans. 568 manhattan ave, 5-8pm, $50 includes all materials. rsvp-, all other info here. love me, leave me… just don’t weave me.


look at these brilliant scientists, contemplating… their next tecate.
Drunk Science Presents: Outerspace at Littlefield, Boerum Hill. 
My Very Excellent Mom Just Served Us Three Drunk Comedians Talking About Space, at this charming little event space in south brooklyn. thursday night welcomes the debauchery of drunk science as three hipsters, rather predictably, pose as experts on just about anything and try to drunkenly convince a group of people why. in this case, they try to present their best dissertation about outerspace to a panel of real scientists and astronauts and one secret alien among them. tickets, $5, available at the door. all info here. 8-930pm, 622 degraw st. just tryin’ to cop a little field. baby.


David Byrne and other heads, talking… at Good Room, Greenpoint.
and you may ask yourself- this is not my beautiful good room. this has transformed into a panel discussion by some of the most progressive movers and shakers in the music industry. and then you may go to good room to see them. and you may be equally starstruck and inspired. and you may (you may!) bring that big oversized shoulder-heavy suit out of the closet and everyone will be totally cool with it. or like, mostly cool with it. the good room hosts david byrne, ryan schreiber, matthew ogle, and emilie friedlander friday night. 730-10pm, free; all info here. let’s all go, because it’s about time we all do something good for once at good room.


Cruel Summer- 80s Dance Party at the Bell House, Gowanus.
the only thing cruel about summer is when it leaves us. so don’t let it leave us. go and revel in everything its about, 80s style- so make sure you donnasummer outfit. at the bell house149 7th st. and as they say- if your ears are ringing, you can find them at the bell house.™  (and you should keep better track of your ears.)



Salchipapas VI at Archetratus, Greenpoint.
archestratus is such a fantastic enigma to me, and just exactly what this neighborhood needed- without knowing it yet. at the intersection of food and stories, words and bites, poetry and digestion. that’s where you’ll find archestratus. friday’s event brings a latin american street-food tradition of meats and greets and… streets. and also storytelling and poetry and music, all curated by roy hunter. more info here, 7-10pm, 160 huron st. street meat and greet, a great state to mate!

Campfire Fridays, Riis Park.
the beach bus is nice. coney island is… well, iconic. but how do you embody the feeling of being in a beach town when you reside in the sprawling metropolis that is our city? you go to campfire fridays at riis park, you bring your own instrument or vocal chords or clapping hands and you sit and you drink and you sway and you pretend not to notice the silhouette of the skyline fading into the distance, instead only seeing the fractured moonlight skipping along the waves. every friday, hosted by texas transplant lorena leigh everything you need to know is here, 7-9pm, 16702 rockaway beach blvd. kumbayanhavabeer.

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10-13 march 2016.


things i’m doing this weekend… that very well might all be swallowed into what will be the magnetic pull of mccarren park on the first warm, sunny weekend in a while.


Music for Wing Walkers at Threes Brewing, Gowanus.
don’t act like you don’t know what a wing walker is. now that we’ve cleared that up, check out this monthly concert series showcasing both established emerging local artists under the big tent out back while drinking established and emerging brews from threes brewing. 333 douglass st, 8-10pm, $10. they put the ass in douglass. (which was so desperately necessary.)
A History of Bed Stuy by Think Olio, Berg’n, Prospect Heights.
what is Think Olio? as they put it, “we set up the best teachers in local venues to hold classes for the price of a movie ticket..” as i like to put it, a really really good use of your time; a podcast without the earbuds. a lecture series without the fearbuds (you know what i mean…) (yeah, i know, neither do i really.) a meetup with a purpose (and sometimes, a porpoise!) come learn about the rich history of one of brooklyn’s last remaining stronghold’s of anti-gentrification, here at the crux of its evolution, as told by a man who loves it and has literally seen it all. sponsored by the beloved knowledge seekers and spreaders at Think Olio. $12, 730-9pm. 899 Bergen St. i think, therefore i o.
image, from rinsed's exclusive invite list (get on it.)
image, from rinsed’s exclusive invite list (get on it.)
RINSED at Good Room, Greenpoint.
i mean, their descriptions of these events always leave just enough up to the imagination to let you know that if you aren’t prepared to attack your night, teeth bared and snarling as you question the very status of your feet on the floor and (supposed) boundaries of walls and gravity and have faith only in the music in your ears and whatever friend or strangers’ eyes meet yours, then you shouldn’t go. let’s attack thursday, brooklyn. all night, at good room- my favorite place to do bad things™ free before 11pm with enrollment, 98 meserole st. rinse me baby.



Tosca presented by LoftOpera, an alternative space in Bushwick.
opera in alternative spaces. echoes in alternating chases. incredulous looks among alternative faces. these are all reasons to check out Puccini’s Tosca presented by LoftOpera, bringing you operatic works in… well, venues you wouldn’t expect. oh, and also there’s the fact that you’ve been meaning to elevate your weekend activities since the shame that greeted you with your alarm clock monday morning. $30. 8-11pm, performances march 10, 11, 12. 198 randolph st. you’ll like it better than pirates of penzance.


LuvSoul Launch Party at Art Cafe + Bar, Prospect Heights.
well, this sounds pleasant, although i can’t quite put my finger on what it is. a unification of creative minds with food, music, gaity? plus a jam sesh? and empanadas? and someone named Luis’s birthday? hm, ok! i can literally say no to none of that. 7pm-midnight, 884-886 pacific ave, $10. opposite of “no” is let’s go.
the. naked. show. The Creek and the Cave. Long Island City.
comedians performing in the buff! YES. i suppose maybe they tried too hard to imagine the audience naked and POUF! no more clothes. anyway, it doesn’t matter- get a ticket to this event. there are very very few available. get you some. after party on my roof- clothing optional, as always.1145-130am, the creek and the cave, 10-93 Jackson Avenue, $20. i’m not kidding it’s comedians performing butt-ass naked.

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4-7 february 2016.

things i’m doing this weekend… that include but are not limited to pre-spending my entire tax return. here’s how i’ll be doing it… and not looking back, once.


Aphrodisiac Indulgence at Brooklyn Oenology, williamsburg.

if you didn’t bring it here, you can likely find it here. love, that is. by way of shamelessly ingesting aphrodisiacs. sure, it’s about compatibility but it’s also about the science and tried-and-true practice of the ancient god of Dionysus- and trust me, he rarely slept alone. let’s not reinvent the wheel here, folks. just open your mouth and your heart. $40 gets you a light dissertation on the science behind these puppies by Slow Food NYC, plus a flight of 4 tastings of sparkling wine and a dozen oysters. 209 wythe ave, 7pm. tickets, here. down the hatch baby.

Threes Brewing 1 Year Anniversary Party, boerum hill.
there is nothing better than the recent and constant influx of new american breweries popping up. especially in urban areas. brooklyn has plenty of fine ones to boast but head over to threes brewing to celebrate their one year anniversary. arrive early to taste some upcoming releases, stay for the favorites. and pay nothing all night. 333 douglass st, 5-10pm let’s all leave work early, eh? two’s a company, threes a motherfucking brewery. let’s go.Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.48.15 AM
i heart vinyl at the panther room, williamsburg.
scratch all of your well-intentioned thursday plans and head to the panther room to get a little wild. favorite party group and dedicated vinyl spinners (as the name suggests) bring you the best party you’re going to find to start off your weekend with bad intentions. as always, laptop free, and no cover. 74 wythe ave, at the panther room at output. starts at 10pm and goes until your conscious catches up to you. spin.


Night at the Museum, PS1, long island city.

it’s just like summer warm-up, just inside. and in the winter. but that still means it’s doper than anything else you’ll find happening friday night (unless of course you only consult brooklyn im trying for your weekend plans). exhilarting exhibits, interactive installations, Quebecois-inflected cuisine (yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like), liberating libations, a huge dome set up outside will feature multiple djs all night. plus the entire museum will be open to wandering and imagining you’re on the set of night at the museum from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e frankweiler. $12 in advance, party 8-midnight. it might be sold out already.

Free Nacho Fridays at the diamond, greenpoint.

or for a cheaper and equally inspirational experience, head to free nacho first fridays at the diamond, sponsored by el jefe’s nachoria! 4 varieties every friday- which means that’s just enough hands to eat all of them at once with your significant other. or, yourself at super-human speed. 43 franklin st, 730-11pm.  get some.

Lunar New Year at good room- my favorite place to do bad things™
anytime there’s no cover at good room. GO. this time it’s a celebration one year in the mAnChoiFlyerv3aking, a chance to abscond all of those mindless resolutions you made two months ago and choose all new ones, with the moon as your guide. all of your favorite lunar characters will be making an appearance on the dance floor (i’m not kidding), plus immersive decor, world-class djs spinning all night, free beer until midnight, and no cover with rsvp. if you can come up with one good excuse not to go to this, i will be immensely impressed. and sad for you. while i drink my free tiger beer and dance with a bunch of humans sharing one massive tiger costume. RSVP right here, right now. 98 meserole st, 10pm-4am. let’s all start fresh.
YEAH! an indie dance party at The Grand Victory, williamsburg.
if you believe in lcd soundsystem and anyone they were inspired by and have inspired entering your ears and consequently moving your feet, go to this indie dance party at grand victory to hear dj’s sponsored by You Don’t Have 2 Settle spinning tunes by bands like future islands, tame impala, hot chip, RAC, phoenix, tanlines, LCD, and basically anything else in your coolest friend’s vinyl collection.
free, 11pm, 245 grand st. get to groovin’.
Wilco (will love you baby) at the Kings Theatre, flatbush.
instead of telling you to go to this show, i’m going to leave you with three of my favorite wilco lines-
i am an american aquarian drinker
the ashtray says you were up all night
and if i ever was myself, i wasn’t that night
this is one of the greatest indie rock bands of our time. go see them, friday or saturday (or both) nights, at brooklyn’s most iconic theater. get your tickets, here. and fall in love with the drummer (i’m still doing it.) 1027 flatbush ave, 8pm.
City of God screening at Videology, williamsburg.

if you’d prefer to chill and watch a movie friday, still get out of your house  by seeing what has been deemed the best foreign film of our time. City of God screening at videology. check out the trailer but really you should just go. this film will move you. and you will be moving, not scrolling through your netflix feed. 7-930, free. 308 bedford ave. get enlightened.

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28-31 january 2016.

what i’m doing this weekend- that will include neither “netflixing” or “chilling” or anything that rhymes with the two. except for, like, “pet fixing” (it’s important!) and positively killing it.
for proof, read more below.


Madam Vivien V’s Bordello, bushwick.6643c3_987798145ef74460a32901e8073cc868
i don’t even know what to say about this, other than i know it’s a bad idea.
there’s nothing crazier than the feeling of going to a completely raucous and counter-cultural event until the wee hours then sitting at your desk the next morning, having pleasant office banter over a cup of coffee that you’re not sure is even real. or if it’s your hand holding it. or if you have hands at all.
and then you go hide in the bathroom.
(see you there.) 12 jefferson st, 9pm. $7 suggested donation.
Live Jazz at The Room, park slope.
for something slightly less aggressive and definitely more fit to discuss around the keurig friday morning, check out free jazz at the room- a new music venue in park slope. thursday brings the local and captivating sound of the slope swing trio. park slope, 230 5th ave, 8-11pm, free cover, fancy cocktails! seems like the calmer option for you weenies.
Captain Baby + friends at the Knitting Factory, williamsburg
finally see the band behind that very aggressive sidewalk-graffiti campaign. that is all.over.brooklyn. oh yeah, and friends lindsey luff and hillary capps share the stage.
7-midnight, 361 metropolitan ave, gettin’ knitty wit it.


visit NoGreePo, my favorite neighborhood, for inventive cocktails, progressive small plates, and transitional live music in two of the most charming settings i’ve ever stepped foot inside-
Le Fanfare, 1103 manhattan ave
i can’t say enough about this place. amazing food, live jazz every friday, Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.19.36 PMsaturday, and sunday night. a burrata that will make you want to trade in all of your gold and become a traveling gypsy and a seared octopus that feels like a hug from 4 people at once. go, friday night, and be charmed by the musical stylings of the rustic swing duo. 8.30-11pm, 1103 manhattan ave. (also music saturdays and sundays!) let’s just say i’m a fan.  and it seems the other side has taken notice too- there goes the neighborhood.
Milk and Roses, 1110 manhattan ave
this enchanting little gem in NoGreePo beckons you in with its rustic charm- antique books line the walls, a baby grand piano with a live pianist nightly, a hidden garden in the back with gnomes peeking out of the bushes, giggling and chirping just ever so perceptively. oh yeah, and their cocktails are dope. get lost in here, for a while. music 8-midnight
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8-10 january 2016

things i plan to do this weekend… that will make me feel blindly optimistic about my new year’s resolutions.
no matter what you’ve resolved to accomplish this year, choose your own adventure below and feel damn good about doing it.
my resolution is…to learn new recipes.
Couples Dinner Class, Brooklyn Kitchen, Williamsbug
you know what they say- the couple that cooks together, eats together. learn something new in the process and lick each others’ fingers while you do it. or whatever it is that you couples are doing to keep things exciting. $200 for two, but trust me- you won’t regret it. let’s get cookin’.
…to eat more nachos, with beers and friends.
Free Nacho Fridays, The Diamond, Greenpoint.
or for the cheaper and equally collaborative food experience, head to free nacho first fridays at the diamond, sponsored by el jefe’s nachoria! 730-11pm, 4 varieties every friday- which means that’s just enough hands to eat all of them at once with your significant other. or, yourself at super-human speed. 43 franklin st, 730-11pm.
…to sleep less.lost
LOST #brooklyn warehouse party, secret location- but let’s be honest, it’s in bushwick.
WELL, i have just the thing. how about a 12-hour party that leaves absolutely everything up to the imagination until you commit to the $15 ticket, and even then, all you’ll get is a location? i’m in- the novelty of this only increases the less information you receive and the more cryptic the graphic and less convenient the hours. you agree?? ah, i knew you would! $15 on resident advisor, $25 at the door- see you there suckers.
…to re-watch the (modern) classics.
Quentin Tarantino Brunch Series, Nitehawk Cinemas, Williamsburg.
welcome to nitehawk’s january brunch series, this month featuring all tarantino films. pulp fiction starts at 11am so get there early, in your jammies or your party clothes from the night before. and relive the night you had or didn’t have with john + uma.
nitehawk cinema, 136 metropolitan ave.
…to travel more.
The Rise and Fall of Vertical Travel, long island city
get some inspiration here from our good friends at atlas obscura, the leader of all things weird and discoverable in the world, they bring an exhibit on vertical travel appropriately to the US’s only elevator museum- right here in LIC. $18 will get you in to see what’s up… and then down. 1-2.30 pm
IMG_0439 43-39 21st Street, Suite 206
even if it’s cold, do yourself a favor and traverse the great bridge of pulaski to get there- the view is unmatched.
…to learn a new skill AND to work on my rhythm.
Free Salsa Lessons, Dance Fever Studios, two locations!
take a break from your weekly youtube salsa dance lessons (i’m not the only one who does that, right?) and head to dance fever studios for this free salsa event! get your hands on a stranger that doesn’t start with swiping right. lesson starts at 8pm, come single or with a buddy, plus your dancing shoes. Dance Fever studios, 159 20th Street.

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