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Some Like It Hot | A Summertime Playlist


all of the best vibes of summertime, in a playlist. heat up, cool down, shake those hips, sink those ships to the musings of LCD, bleachers, mondo cozmo, francis and the lights, shakey graves.

come on, just press play baby. you know you want to.

The Summertime Playlist


i made you a playlist. i did! i made you a playlist. because no summertime adventure is complete without some dope beats, pack your bike basket with magic and these tunes in your ears. listen here for your beginning of summer soundtrack featuring (surprise!!) lcd soundsystem, honne, glass animals, and a hefty dose of electric guest. and hey, give me a follow. i’ll keep the dope beats bumpin‘ all summer long.

just add tan lines and mischief.

The Best Albums of 2016 | Brooklyn, I’m Trying

if there’s one thing i love about having this space it’s.. oh, well it’s everything. but one of those things is writing relentlessly passionate, shamelessly descriptive and definitively unauthorized music reviews. music should be consumed actively and insatiably, and should consume you just as ravenously. here are the top five albums that moved me this year, plus a fancy little widget of my top 100 most listened to songs from spotify. read the post and get lost here, then follow me on spotify for seasonal playlists and more than a little bit of hip-twisting salsa music. and you know, maybe send me your favorite songs from 2016. sharing is caring.. and you know, maybe leave me your favorite songs from 2016, just below there in the painfully underused comments box.
Bon Iver 22, A Million
This will be one of the most moving albums of my life, I know it. The way Bon iver blends some of the most poetic lyrics flawlessly with modern, simplistic language dares us all to be artists just exactly where we are. I could get lost in the folds of every complex layer of this beautiful composition forever, maybe. And have been trying multiple times a day since seeing his show at pioneer works a few weeks ago. this is the album of the year in a year that is not worthy of such beauty.
standout track: 715 CRΣΣKS.  “finding both your hands, a second sun came past the glass.” good god. this is everything.


James Blake The Colour in Anything
this album makes me want to be a better person. his first album since the positively spellbinding overgrown that i’ve been wearing fucking ragged since 2013, this one is deeper, darker, more audacious. 17 songs leave you desperate and longing before coming up for air and then diving right back in.
standout track: radio silence, i need a forest fire. these leave me swimming and hopeful.


Jack Garatt Phase
jack garatt finally released a full 19-song double album that defines the new sound of music in 2016. his soulful voice, looped electronic beats, raw acoustics and the deep sincerity in his lyrics and live performances is palpable. i think he’s been moved to tears every time i’ve seen him perform on stage, which needless to say is contagious, even while you’re dancing and singing along. he’s been my most played artist two years in a row now, and i’m not pumping the brakes anytime soon.
standout track: weathered. the pick up is all encompassing and moves you so far past where you were before you discovered him.


Phantogram Three
one of the most anticipated releases of the year, for me at least. i can’t get enough of this duo’s push-pull intensity that keeps you waiting and wanting. dangerous harmonies overlaying synth-rock rhythms overlaying strong beats and heartbeats and engulfing you into a deep trance state that you realize isn’t music at all. it’s phantogram.
standout track: answer. the hopeful desperation matches the tone of this year while soothing us slowly and calmly into a mounting and relentless need to move. to organize. to find an answer.


Salt Cathedral Homage EP + No Ordinary Man
ok ok ok. so it’s an EP. and two singles. but put them together and it deserves more than a spot on this oh-so-coveted little list of mine. besides – my space, my rules. there is so. much. sound coming out of this duo from columbia via brooklyn. her angelic voice dances atop his relentless drum beats creates an addictive electro-pop mood that won’t let you go. see them perform feb. 3rd at c’mon everybody (come see me too! i’ll be there) and in the mean time, buy this album and turn it up. loud.
standout track: no ordinary man. from no ordinary band.


experience all of these artists and nearly 100 others via my most played songs of 2016, below. indulge. transcend. believe.

keep listening, brooklyn.


the fall playlist.

because as the temperature drops,
so should the beat.


we are all feeling just a bit cooler these days, so let’s embrace it. fall brings a fluctuation of temperatures and an unpredictable rhythm. a quickened beat, out of necessity and desire, that we are hastened to keep up with. your fall playlist has arrived and it’s all this and just a tiny bit more. LISTEN HERE. and shake that chill off baby.


the end of summer playlist.


things that we’ll hang on tightly to even as the temperature drops – that slight bronze on our skin, the ocean water in our hair, and the music that made us feel alive this summer. here’s a playlist meant to make the transition a little bit easier. complete with more than a peppering of clapping, some shamelessly-smokey harmonies, bold backbeats that hit every fucking time, guitar riffs that were definitely first recorded on a beach, and beck, speaking nonsense, with a reggaeton-esque verse seamlessly mixed in.

you need this in your ears to go with the sun on your skin and the love in your hearts and the sweaty palm connected to your sweaty palm.


a midsummer playlist.

a fresh playlist of dope jams to keep you cool, plus the four artists to have on your radar (and in your ears) this summer.
tune in.

Salt Cathedral
this progressive rock duo transplanted themselves and their sound from colombia to brooklyn. formally il abanico these two captivating performers reinvented themselves as salt cathedral, evolving to an addictive, synthy electro pop sound.
fill your ears here and then see them play tonight for free at drexler’s in alphabet city, and june 30 at le poisson rouge.


Jack Garratt
voted best new sound for 2016 by the BBC, jack garratt has exploded on the indie-electro music scene with his experimental songwriting and soulful voice laid over fiercely alive beats. seeing his impassioned performances is one of the most captivating shows i’ve seen this year, by far.
check out his ep and new full length album here. he plays webster hall this friday, june 18th. tickets, $30 available here.
Lucy Dacus
this unapologetic talent out of Richmond, Virginia is exactly what you need in your ears this summer. she puts brings a freshness to the (at times) stagnant indie folk scene with direct, brave lyrics á la courtney barnett, but with quite a bit more soul.
 get lost in her album here, and if you missed her at rough trade last week, see her somewhere along the east coast this summer.
Benjamin Clementine
raw and avant garde, benjamin clementine‘s haunting voice and poetic words dance upon his relentlessly passionate piano playing with an unpredictable rhythm that keeps you longing, somewhat warily, of what and how it will hit you next.
if you missed him last week at irving plaza…cry, a bit. he’ll be back in new york until next year, and until then, let’s all go to europe.