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Brooklyn’s Only Yoga Dinner Club | What If Yoga

with all of the tragic events that happened in the past week, from flooding and despair in puerto rico to the rolling back of the birth control mandate and the terrifying and senseless shooting in las vegas, our hearts and minds and bodies have hardly had time to recover, to understand, to heal and to help. we are left with so much uncertainty, grief, pain and sadness. so what do we do to help find a solution? where do we turn to help heal ourselves while helping others? how do we get involved here in our community to help ourselves and others? what if yoga could be a space to practice self-care, to be nourished, to shed your pain and gain community and understanding and also to help the people of puerto rico, who need so much more than a golf trophy dedication?
tuesday night in an old firehouse-turned-loft in north greenpoint this can all be a reality, with a personalized yoga and community dinner led by joanna stevens, founder and leader of what if yoga.
to be in joanna’s presence you immediately feel both calmed and inspired. she’s one of those women who is strong, wise, deeply spiritual and incredibly generous. it’s this spirit, along with her passion for yoga and prowess for cooking, that led joanna to start what if yoga. sitting down with her sunday night, she described the concept simply as “what if you could take care of yourself and others too?” as a trained strala yoga instructor, her approach to life, wellness, and femininity is whole and cyclical. to bring together two of her passions, yoga and cooking, joanna has been putting on nearly monthly yoga dinners. it’s like a secret supper club meets a personalized yoga session and focuses on maintaining the cleansing and nourishment of the body. this week, joanna adds another dynamic to her event by invoking a tribal connectedness with yoga for people with periods. yep, i said periods. full stop.
a lot has changed for women in the past year. from a parade of people, both men and women, wearing pussy hats, to so much support being raised for planned parenthood when it’s needed it most, to trendy tampon-free period underwear, to this video that still gives me chills. we are finally having conversations surrounding our bodies that we so desperately need to have, and for the first time, we’re being heard. because if we don’t bring this language out into the open we will continue to suffer under that dangerous suppression of locker room talk and nearsighted injustices by politicians and incompetent assholes alike, who all too often, end up in positions of power and influence.
rarely do we put much recognition into menstruation beyond checking to make sure we have a tampon in our bags before running out the door. in conversation with joanna, she told me about reading how villages handled menstruation in the past. “all of the women would menstruate at the same time. they would go into a tent for that 5-day period and spend this time together, taking care of each other and connecting to a deeper part of community, of womanhood, and their own bodies.” it is this same tribal connectivity that joanna is trying to bring in to tuesday night’s yoga for people with periods.
joanna recognzies that for as much time as we all spend bitching and moaning about our periods, every month is actually an opportunity. ”if we have something that is considered a problem that repeats itself over and over again, it’s no longer a problem; it’s a laboratory,” she told me. “each month we should be deeply connected with how we are feeling, and how our bodies are reacting.” tuesday night’s event will be centered around this approach. upon arrival, guests will choose on a graphic where they are in their cycle (you don’t have to be bleeding to attend), and once chosen, the yoga class will be personalized depending on where your monthly cycle falls. to find a deeper connection to your monthly flow as you go through your flow. she also encourages participants to prepare to mentally shed something that has been holding them back or weighing heavy on their minds and hearts recently. “just as our body is shedding something monthly, we can connect to that and help rid ourselves of our own personal resistance, anger, frustration, or grief.”
a communal dinner will be provided after the class, made with love and intention by joanna’s masterful hands. all guests will have an opportunity to connect and communicate and to build bonds, as a community of women or women-identifying people, to recognize that we are stronger together. the atmosphere that joanna creates is one that first has you feel and understand both the strength and limitations of your body, transcending into a calming and restorative appreciation with a 10-minute savasana, and finally, in sharing in a meal of nourishment and comfort and love.
in addition to this body-centric approach to yoga, jo will be collecting tampons for the women of puerto rico, which is something that has been painfully forgotten at donation centers. “women are handling most of the emotional impact of the hurricane. they are dealing with a flood and now a flood of their own,” she remarked.
this donation-based event starts at 7pm. sign up here. $30 suggested, and donations over $40 will have 50% of proceeds going to recovery efforts in puerto rico.
come, connect with your menstrual flow. make yourself physically and emotionally stronger by engaging in a 45-minute yoga session that will help you shed your grievances and personal resistance. connect with a community of inspiring females over a meal cooked by the hands of another. and send love and support for the women of puerto rico so they know they have not been forgotten. and then follow @what_if_yoga for updates on her yoga dinners and events, that will take place every tuesday in october.



The Weekend Guide | 23-26 February 2017

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can i tell you something? i don’t want to say it too loud, so lean in.
come on, get closer.
(i think that winter is over.)

YEP. i said it. and that means a few things here:

  1. we have got to stop listening to that groundhog for our seasonal weather reports.
  2. let’s throw all of our scarves and hats and cloves into the back of the closer and strip away layers of clothing along with our inhibitions and throw caution to the wind.
  3. meet me in the park and let’s drink until the sun goes down then dance on a rooftop until it greets us again this and let summer start within us, to hell with what the calendar says.

and so what if we’re wrong? if it gets cold again and then we can’t find our gloves and hats? let’s believe it and live it right now. because that’s why we live here, to squeeze every moment and extract a more significant life out of the fruits of our labors.

and in that case, consider me a juicer, baby. because i’ve squeezed out all the best ways to get after it this weekend and i’m serving it to you in a cool and frothy glass, ripe and ready for the drinkin’ and i call it your weekend guide.

drink up, it’s all here for you.



Hand Pulled Noodles of Xi’an at MOFAD, Williamsburg.
pronounced “Chee-yan” (yep, you’re welcome.) if you’ve never had the pleasure that is Xian’s famous food, do yourself a favor and go now, and often. the only thing better than every single thing on their menu is the homegrown story of how it all came about. because we could all use a reason to believe in the american dream again… head to the museum of food and drink for a look at their story, pulled straight from the heart hand heart.. tickets and info here, $10 630-8pm.


Two Step Lessons at Threes Brewing in Gowanus
step 1 – head down gowanus. step 2 – get pulled onto the dance floor semi-unwillingly for a two-step lesson. step 3 – drink what threes been brewing three times. 4 – feel loose and git your two step on. 5 – repeat, repeat, threepeat. lesson starts at 845pm, blue steel starts at 930 and won’t stop until you stop steppin’. (so don’t stop steppin.) all info here333 douglass st at threes brewing – i’ll try anything thrice.™


Rusted Root at Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg.
all i need is food and creative love and also rusted root reminding me how good life is just down the street at brooklyn bowl thursday night. they play along side flow tribe. they’ll send you on your way for $20. tickets and all other info here. 61 wythe ave.



Dolly Parton Lookalike Contest at Mable’s Smokehouse, Williamsburg
everyone’s favorite neighborhood smokehouse is throwing a contest of precisely their caliber. equal parts charm and trash, class and kitsch, my only complaint is that this contest completely discriminates against brunettes. i could absolutely kick ass at this if i was, of course, naturally endowed with light hair. ANYWAY, you don’t want to miss this shit. plus if you didn’t know, they have a bourbon iced tea that will knock your socks off (in the best way) and free peanuts. that you shuck on the floor. to enter, email free to attend, drink specials all night. additional info here44 berry st. 


Private Party with Rinsed, somewhere in Bushwick. 
ah, rinsed. i blame you for my insatiable hunger for mischief… or, a certain variety of it at least. the secret-dingy-warehouse-where-we-go-hard-all-fucking-night variety. if you haven’t been to one of these parties, you haven’t been listening to a thing i’ve been saying the past year and a half. the best music, the most insane installations, and near impenetrable level of anonymity. go friday night. tickets and the info they want to tell you is here. 10pm-welllll into saturday.



DJ Bengey at Union Hall, Park Slope.
you know that good dance music and a good venue big enough for all your moves but intimate enough for all your bad decisions is goddamn hard to come by. well, the master of ceremonies of exactly such a place is back and wants to see you. and you. and you too. all gettin’ down with your bad selves. DJ Bengey returns after a long(ish) hiatus to make your saturday nights better than your memories of last weekend are. midnight-4am, all info here,  702 union st.


Galactic Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood by the Wild Honey Pie, in the Bronx.
your reason to cross the river this weekend is for a galactic gala, an outerspace-themed fundraiser with music from jukebox the ghost, rubblebucket and pronoun sponsored by (big surprise) our good friends at the wild honey pie. with your $100 ticket you also get a meal with all the fixin’s, open bar and silent auction, and knowing that your saturday night activities went toward something good- all proceeds go to support planned parenthood who desperately need our support and attention in these desperate times. tickets and info here #revelwithacause 841 baretto st at lightbox-NY.


Good Room turns 4! Anniversary Party in Greenpoint.
can you believe it’s been 4 whole years since the good room was born from the remains of the old club europa? 4 years of us partying our asses off, all night, to some of the best house music this town has to offer? 4 years of finally finding a worthy place to do bad things? well, let’s commemorate it all friday night by celebrating such an epic anniversary and of course pretend that we haven’t aged a bit. taakaki itoh and iori spin tunes all night. $15, tickets and info here. and hey brooklyn, here’s to 4 more years of being bad. 98 meserole ave.


809 Project Fundraiser at Bar Matchless, Greenpoint.
while we are all riled up and resisting and fighting for so many things we took for granted before the toupeed cheeto took office, let’s make sure we’re also using this momentum and passion to help people outside of our country who are in need. saturday night at bar matchless in greenpoint come jam out to 7 bands as part of the 809 project, a cross-genre arts festival that helps raise awareness and funds for issues in the dominican republic. saturday night’s event goes to support the dream project, a non-profit focusing on early childhood education and development. tickets are only $15 and are available here. 7pm, 557 manhattan ave #revelwithacause


Super Powers Dance Party at House of Yes, Bushwick.

the atmosphere at house of yes has us all feeling like we have super powers. aerial acrobatics, extracurricular habits, pink rabbits… and those bathrooms. let’s all dress the part saturday night at their super powers dance party. come dressed as your favorite super hero, comic book character, or just wear something wacky and make up a name, an ability, an adventure. their all-resident dj lineup is guaranteed to have you movin’ all night. free before 11pm! tickets and other info here. 2 wyckoff ave at house of yes means no means yes means no means yes, yes  yes.™



Indigo Shibori Workshop, Space98, Williamsburg.

don’t dingy whites make you want to dye. ME. TOO. come learn the ancient practice of shibori dyeing with beezie’s textiles this sunday at urban outfitters space98 and leave with new and revamped textiles and the ability to turn any fabric into a deep indigo dream. oh also- they will have drinks. they’ll supply you with one towel (kind of like the gym. but, nothing else like the gym.) bring your own clothing to breathe fresh life into and use fabrics, tools, and dyes provided. $65 tickets HERE. noon-3pm at space98, 98 N 6th st. wine and dye me, baby.


ah yes, it’s OSCARS sunday! check out my top neighborhood picks below and drink all of the champagne you can handle. because why not. #campaignforchampagne


The Diamond, Greenpoint.

i love this bar. and you should too, if for no other reason than their reference to “dark lord cheeto” on this poster and the fact that there will be “oscar meyers in blankets” at the party. and, of course, the 7-minutes in heaven gondola out back. this is the oscars party you want to go to. starts at 6pm. all other info here. 43 franklin st.


Northern Territory, Greenpoint.
if you haven’t checked out the greatest meryl streep themed instagram account ever, do yourself a favor… then do yourself a flavor of the women herself at northern territory sunday night. their oscars party is in collaboration with the ‘gram and in celebration of the ‘streep, so treat yourself to drink specials and a chance to win some streep goodies pre-show starts at 7pm, admission is free. 12 franklin st. 


Humboldt & Jackson, Williamsburg.

so you wanna get fancy? you still don’t have to cross the river. head to humboldt & jackson’s oscars party. get glammed out and walk the red carpet (for real), participate in a best dressed contest, document how good you look dressed up in their photo booth, and win raffle prizes. plus drink specials and oh yeah, the oscars.  you can watch them here. rsvp required, do so here now. party starts at 7pm. 434 humboldt st.



you’re all winners in my book.



The Weekend Guide | 9-12 February 2017

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we’ve been fighting, brooklyn. fighting to live, fighting to survive, fighting to navigate this concrete jungle we landed our vicious hearts into, fighting stubborn landlord tyrants who have somehow been placed in positions of great power in this city. fighting.

and all of this fighting, of course, is from the intense and immense free-flowing love we have abounding from our hearts, moving our feet, stimulating our minds, helping us come up with really charming slogans for our blogs. and as love fearlessly and relentlessly trumps hate, let’s use this weekend of love to make a difference, to see a difference, to insight a difference and of course to simply make love. revel with a cause, brooklyn. and love with a purpose (not a porpoise) and make love, be love, spread love…

it’s the brooklyn way.



Grand Street Restaurant Week, WIlliamsburg

ah, restaurant week in new york. highly anticipating and seemingly a great way to have a new experience for a great value! and then you get there and it’s overrun and the food blows and everyone is on top of each other and you order too many drinks to deal with your frustration and then you’re paying way way more than anticipated for a mediocre experience. which i guess is also exactly what it’s like living in manhattan. let’s just do this ish our own way. it’s grand st restaurant week, and just as every time you’ve ever subbed one experience for another across the river, it will be so much grander. 12 amazing restaurants, it’s happenign through the 12th. all info you need is here, including menus! along grand st. 



Matthew E White and Flo Morrissey at Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn. 
it is so so easy to share the love of your hometown when your hometown has as much amazing musical talent as richmond does. lucy dacus, dj williams projekt, no BS brass band and of course gwar… and the gem that is matthew e white. his mix of soulful gospel funk digs deep down into your soul and settles there, slightly familiar and engaged. see him play along with flo morrissey at baby’s all right thursday night. all info here, 146 broadway. at baby’s all right – make baby’s all right again™


Raise Up for Women at Industry City Distillery, Sunset Park. 
the only light in the midst of this deep, dark, shit-filled tunnel we are currently in is that there has been so much good to get involved in. to show your support, to have your voice heard. and especially for womens rights. thursday night at Industry City Distillery, BiT’s favorite (not so)little distillery in sunset park, is hosting a benefit supporting six amazing organizations for women. 100% of the monies goes to benefiting organizations doing amazing work for and by women: Make the Road, My Sister’s Place, Hattie Carthan Community Garden, Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, ViBe Theater Experience, Trans Women of Color Collective… plus art, music, performance, installation, dancing, and of course, house made vodka. don’t say no, just say yes. all info here, 7-11pm, 33 35th st, at industry city distillery, where science never looked so sexy or went down so smoothly.




Prom 2017 at The Gutter, in that gray area between Greenpoint and Williamsburg.
ah, prom! that night of really bad fashion choices, really bad vodka that was hidden indiscreetly in water bottles and chugged in the back of someone’s jeep and immediately followed by really bad dance moves and really bad sex. let’s redo it, eh? ok maybe not the outfits or the cheap vodka but definitely the mediocre love-making. we deserve more, and more, and then more. don’t you tell me to get my head out of the gutter, until you get your head into it. 8pm-midnight, $5. all proceeds go to benefit the ACLU, so we’re already doing much better 😃 4 bands play all night, the rizzos, dentist, the mad doctors, and sirs&madams. all info here, BYOcorsage, and then stick it in someone. baby. everything you need to know is here200 N 14th st.



It’s Friday, I’m (not) In Love Party at Littlefield, Gowanus.
you know the best way not to get a little love on valentine’s weekend? it’s to bitch about love. instead, open your hearts and your lips baby. and come to this, “it’s friday i’m not in love” anti-valentine’s day party and change that little opinion of yours. have some drinks, get loose. dance up on a stranger. make love in the bathroom. i don’t care how you do it, just quit your bitchin. also there’s a photo booth. wear all black, prizes for creativity. $6-10. all info here. 622 degraw st.


Planned Parenthood Danceathon at the Knockdown Center in Astoria.
WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE! our bodies, that is. they are temples and there are so many rad ways to celebrate and demonstrate.  so this weekend. revel with a cause baby, knock ‘em down, dance it out. at the planned parenthood danceathon at the knockdown center. 9pm-2am, all info here. 52-19 flushing ave.


Interactive Love Games Art Exhibition and Benefit, at IMAGE Gallery, Bushwick. 
tell me you didn’t get turned on looking at that photo. you did. well then, it looks like someone should bring their loveworthy little body to interactive love games art exhibition. immerse yourself in edgy, racey, and quite lovely artwork performance, and movement. come solo or with someone or with a few someones. spread love, make love. your donation benefits planned parenthood, so love tha tbody and all the other bodies. tickets and other info here. 7-10pm, 1501 broadway. 



LGBTQ+ Makeout Session in front of Trump Tower. (no i am not kidding.)
oh HELLLLL yeah. listen, it doesn’t matter of course who you love and how you love them because love is love is love, but what does matter is that our shitwad of a president doesn’t feel that way. so if you lean in a more traditional sense of love, let’s bend the rules this saturday. why? because we’re having a big LGBTQ+ makeout sesh in front of trump tower. oh yeah. partners not required and allies welcome! meet at 12pm at the central park west hotel. we will all march together to trump tower and makeout. until 3pm. all info here.


Women Self-Care Faire at the New Women Space in Bushwick
we should keep fighting for our rights and our bodies but we also have to balance it out with plenty of loving. this full-day dedicated to women’s self care celebrates and demonstrates the love we should have for our bodies and ourselves and each other. in partnership with babeland and lunette, the full schedule includes workshops focused on self-love and meditation, organic skincare demonstration made in bushwick, sex toy workshop for enhancing your solo experience or your confidence in the bedroom, and a discussion on the unnecessarily taboo subject of reuseable menstrual products. 12-6pm, full schedule here. let’s do this. all events take place at the new women space, which you should check out all of the amazing things they’re doing there. 188 woodman rd.


El Imperio plays at Threes Brewing, Gowanus.
so it was just threes birthday and we all missed it. yeah. but that’s ok because we can go and celebrate and dance and groove saturday night to el imperio, who will be mixing a rather intoxicating blend of afrobeat, latin, soul and rock to layer over the already intoxicating brews overflowing with love from every oraphus at threes. and by oraphus i mean tap. and your pores as you sweat on the dance floor. drink up and absorb. the event is free, 8-11pm, all info here. 333 douglass st. at threes brewing- i’ll try anything thrice.™
 Anti-Valentine’s Day Party at the Mccarren Park Hotel, Williamsburg.
do i need to go into the futility of hating valentine’s day again? no? ok good. well, there’s this party happening on the rooftop of the mccarren park hotel which is kind of anti-valentine’s day, but sometimes the things we dislike ignite us and invigorate us and unite us even more. because we don’t have time to be a hater. hater? i hardly knew her! all info here. no cover, come dance all night. 10pm-2am. 160 N 12th st.



Greenpointers Valentine’s Day Market, in Greenpoint!
oh you know what this is. it’s the super rad valentine’s day market that greenpointers throws every year. amazing artisans, food, drinks, tunes, free poetry, massages, a hell of a great view and a big silly guy dressed in a cupid diaper doing some of the best freestyling i’ve ever heard. come with the intention to buy gifts, stay for everything i’ve just mentioned. this is the best way to spend your sunday (along with all the things mentioned below). all info here, get on it. 67 west st.


Mama’s Bazaar Valentine’s Market at House of Yes, Bushwick.
whoa whoa whoa, did you really think you were going to get through my entire love-centric weekend guide without a mention of house of yes? you crazy boo. everyone’s favorite little love shack warehouse in bushwick brings us a valentine’s day bazaar sunday as a dynamic preview to the beautiful celebration of love they will be having tuesday (stay tuned! but, would you want to spend valentine’s day not in a rooftop hot tub making bad decisions? hm didn’t think so.) sunday’s event will have the normal brooklyn-esque bazaar suspects, artisans, handmade jewelry, interesting soaps incasing magic treasures, as well as henna tattoos, sex toys, s&m gear, sensual massages, and so many more things to bewitch your imagination. happy hour is noon-2pm, dj dropkat spinning tunes until 6pm. all info here2 wyckoff ave, see you there.


Cheese Making Class and Romeo + Juliet Viewing at Humboldt and Jackson, Williamsburg.
cheese making, wines, a showing of romeo+juliet and your honey by your side for all of it. it doesn’t get much better than this folks. head to humboldt and jackson for a lesson in ricotta making followed by a cozy showing of romeo+juliet where you can snuggle up to your sweetie and give absolutely no clues that you’re pretending he’s leonardo dicaprio (again.) plus it’s free. you must rsvp, all info here. it’s at humboldt and jackson streets.


get out there and spread that love. don’t let me down.


the weekend guide | 1-4 december 2016

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it’s the first week of december. let’s check in. holiday hangovers in full swing? have you picked last year’s dried eggnog vomit off of your tacky sweater? should i even bring up christmas shopping? let’s face it… we’re all just  waking up from our turkey comas and shaking off that residual “don’t talk about the election” tension from thanksgiving. so give yourself a break this weekend. push off any other holiday obligations for a few days. clear your mind and your heart but don’t rest that liver, or  those eyes. ’tis the weekend to be selfish.

besides, there aren’t that many more chances to secure your coveted spot on santa’s naughty list. come with me, brooklyn. let’s put the “fiesta” in… fiestive.


ImageDrink at Berg’n, Carroll Gardens
a meet-and-greet that’s drawing themed. why? because do you have any better ideas on how to meet people in this city? cool. well Berg’n does, and it’s happening thursday night. ice-breaking drawing games to warm you up this season, supplies and holiday-themed festivities (including a collaborative mural!) by ThinkDraw. $10, 7-10pm, more info here899 bergen st at Berg’n, where the E is so strong, you only need one.™



This is Rare Groove, El Cortez, Bushwick
it’s thursday, folks. and that means it’s time to bring the funk. head to the safari room at el cortez in bushwick for a 70s disco featuring funk, underground boogie, french and afro-brazilian tunes, and some dope contemporary beats too so we can all get down. to funkytown. aka bushwick. it’s free, 10pm-4am. event page is here, (although i am the only event page you need. forever.) 17 ingraham st, at el cortez.


Luminaries at Brookfield Place, Financial District, Manhattan. 
we don’t do tacky light tours. we do touch-sensitive illuminated suspended light installations with a special interactive wish station. that translates into charitable donations. that’s what we do here. in one of two reasons to cross the river this weekend, experience this one-of-a-kind lights exhibit through jan. 8th but if you want to participate in the wish-making (and i know you do), head over thursday anytime between 8am-10pm. 230 vesey st. at brookfield place.


oh and…
Foxygen plays at rough trade and it’s sold out. there. now stop being so fucking cheery. can we move on now?



Brooklyn Rugby Calendar Release and Date Auction at Littlefield, Gowanus.
mmm nothing makes being single more obvious than the holidays. all those christmas party invites, your mother relentlessly commenting about your lack of a boyfriend at dinner, and the extra layer of weight you put on all make it very obvious that you are going home alone at night. wellllll, not friday night. not fucking friday night. bring home a burly brooklyn rugby player AND a calendar, and feel good about it, in more ways than 3. it’s the brooklyn rugby calendar release party and date auction and it’s at littlefield friday night, in all of its burly ruggedness. all info here, 9pm-2am, 622 degraw st. at littlefield.


The Bushwick Starr Holiday Party, at The Bushwick Starr, in Bushwick.
you know what sucks? office holiday parties. you know what absolutely doesn’t suck? all other holiday parties. specifically, this one. our friends at the bushwick starr open the doors to their first ever holiday party and that means free food, free booze, a naughty little mistletoe photo booth and dj avg jo spinnin tunes all night. plus, the famous brookyn starr silent auction.8-11pm. tickets $25, along with all other info is here. 207 starr st, at the bushwick starr. and if you can’t make it, please donate here for another year of amazing community events and performances.



Blunderland Variety Show, House of Yes, Bushwick
who knows how many more opportunities we’ll have to get on the naughty list this year? this, for sure, will be one of them. it’s a holiday-themed burlesque, cabaret, circus variety show at house of yes and that means anything goes. and comes. and you will leave shocked and entertained and well a whole lot of useful ideas. 7-10pm, $15 tickets and details here, 2 wyckoff ave at house of yes, where they put the wonder in wonderland.™


The Bell House Holiday Striptease, Gowanus. 
well folks i’ve spoken too soon. there are actually plenty of opportunities to secure your spot on the naughty list, if you haven’t already. come to the bell house friday night for the it’s too damn early holiday strip tease. that’s right folks. because when i combine my anger at christmas decorations and holiday activities all happening too far before the actual hoilday with all of the calories i so nearsightedly consumed over thanksgiving, i just want to take my clothes off in protest. (i mean it actually doesn’t sound that bad… i’ll do it if you do it.) let’s all do it. together. friday night at the bell house, featuring the most festive lady and fella strippers from wasabassco. 730pm, $20 tickets and other info here. 149 7th st. at the bell house, just be there with… something on. or nothing. whatever.™

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the weekend guide | 17-20 november 2016

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Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
– leonard cohen.


Imperfect and shining. Cracked and resilient. Iridescent and strong. Take this feeling and momentum with you into the weekend, Brooklyn. Be more than you think you are, and always better together.
I’ve made a plan that I promise is all it’s cracked up to be. Come with me, won’t you? Your weekend guide is shining through.



The Wild Honey Pie’s 7th Birthday Bash at Union Pool, Williamsburg.
so i have a confession to make- i want to be the wild honey pie. despite my generally sweet and definitively unbridled nature, and my tendency to respond quite well to a little heat, cornstarch, and when enveloped warmly in flaky pastry, i still can’t get in there. so, i’ll go to this. where there will be cake and games and performance and high brew coffee will have free coffee and coffee-infused cocktails to equally liven up and generally confuse your desired thursday night high. i’ll agree not to mind if you do. $15 all info here, 7pm-midnight, 484 union ave at union pool- pool me once, no shame in that.™
Sensory Speed Dating, House of Yes, Bushwick.
because it seems now that dating decisions are decided by impulsive reactions based on 5 photos followed by the very few nerve endings in our fingertip as it swipes right. house of yes, as always, offers us a refreshing and edgy alternative to anything in our normal lives. thursday’s events welcomes a more obtrusive yet let judgmental dating option. that you want to do, just close your eyes and stick out your tongue and trust me. it’s sensory dating. rely on none of your senses, just your perception. described in such better ways here. (hint: hold on to the blindfold) $25-30  2 wyckoff ave AT house of YES, there all senses say YES.™
  eastern district greenpoint
Spanish Oil + Vinegar Tasting at Eastern District, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 
let’s be honest. there is always time for spanish wine because it’s always time for spanish wine. every waking hour. so when then do you make time for spanish olive oil and vinegar? eastern district in NoGreePo has our answer. thursday night, 5-7pm. free tasting of the aformentioned but oft-neglected delicacies. come interested, leave intrigued, then let’s all go get 2-for-1 or 4-for-2 G&T’s at el born to finally satiate or spark our spanish desires. 5-7pm at eastern district, 1053 manhattan ave. 5pm-toda la noche at el born, address. because you were el born this way.™



Glamdammit presents The Brats, at Gold Sounds in Bushwick.
to live in brooklyn is to live vicariously throughout so many decades of influential music and wish we could forget fashion statements. well let’s just embrace all of them, friday night. our funky fresh favorites at glamdammit! bring us the brats, contemporaries of blondie and the ramones and the new york dolls and kiss, to say the least. jam the fuck out and forget your age and the year and remember, only, the beat. and of course that time is fucking relative. free, all other info here. 11am-4pm, 44 wilson ave. at gold sounds, where silent isn’t golden.™


Salsa Fridays at Subrosa, Meatpacking, Manhattan.
subrosa, literally beneath the rose, which is so everything that this club is and will be as soon as you arrive. just beneath the simple sweetness it exudes. stunning rhythm and subversive beats, and then your intentions will become nothing but hips and sweat and button downs. just go with it. live music, no cover. i’ll cover for you the next day. just DM me and express your need for an alibi. all info here. free every friday in november. 63 gansevoort ave.


rooftop reds
the view from rooftop reds.
Closing Week at Rooftop Reds at the Navy Yard. 
this is the last week for open hours at rooftop reds. which, if you haven’t been reading or paying attention or altogether drinking wine at subpar altitudes, you need to be there. the only urban winery in the greatest urban area, and the wines, even without all of this, would speak for themselves. add hammocks and sunsets and ladder golf and corn hole and it all adds up to no excuses. they’ll be open friday 4-9pm, sat 2-10pm. plus there’s a damn goo dsale on wine. all info here, find them at 4th st at the navy yard.




this exists in queens.
NY Adventure Club ventures into Jamaica, Queens.
all of new york is always just at our fingertips. even the hidden parts, the ones that seem completely unattainable… you just have to seek them with an open heart and mind. and as chance favors those who are prepared, prepare yourself for this event with (none other) than the ny adventure club. venture to the absolutely breathtaking and aptly spanish-inspired loews valencia wonder theater, in jamaice queens. all info here, 11am-1pm. 16511 jamaica ave.


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the (birthday!) weekend guide | 10-13 november 2016.

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when love is a whisper and hate is a roar it feels hard to know how to speak again, how to move again, how to be again.

no matter what side of the coin you fall on, we’re divided and it hurts and it’s hard to know what to do now. but the important thing is to hold on to this energy. to embrace our anger and concern. to move, to breathe, to demonstrate, together. and we can start in so many ways but the first is within our communities and our cities. get out, get going. don’t hide in your homes within the safety of your opinions. have every one of those conversations and maybe a laugh or two. see the other side or have a healthy debate. understand that there’s more that unites us often than divides us so let’s figure out how to do this together.

as with every week, i’ve found the best options in the city for doing just that. so hold on to me and hold on to each other and let’s feel better and make better and do better, together.



Live Reading from The King of Greenpoint, TBD Bar, Greenpoint. 
to know where you came from and where you’re going… new york is by definition a melting pot. and we are stronger and so much more intelligent because of our smattering of cultures and heritages and beliefs. but this place we have descended upon has a story and a heartbeat too, other than ours. so let’s hear about it and listen to it thursday night, at TBD bar. author geoffrey cobb reads from his book the king of greenpoint (of course not to be confused with the king of the bears of greenpoint). come learn about the life and reign of peter j mcguinness. a night of stories and beer and wine. free. 7-8pm, 224 franklin st. at TBD, where everything has already been decided for you we just know how much you like suspense™


Southern Tier benefit for Homeless Pets, at Rosamunde Sausage, Williamsburg.
i have shed quite a few southern tears for homeless pets, even to go as far as to adopt one. which i wish he would remember… but alas. let’s instead concentrate on ingesting some southern tiers thursday night, and maybe a sausage or two at rosamunde in williamsburg. yep it’s a sausage and beer benefit, proceeds going towards in our hands animal rescue. come through and eat well and be merry. and save our furry little friends. more info here, 6-10pm, 285 bedford ave at rosamunde sausages (or did you say hostages?)


Ghostwriter Viewing Party, Videology, Williamsburg.
i want to shake the hand of whomever is in charge of making thinking up the events at videology. no fo real, who’s doing this? because i want to shake your hand. because i’m positive, ghostwriter, that it’s everyone’s favorite 90s series, errr, 2nd favorite 3rd favorite 4th favorite ok one that you remember! ish! and HEY it was actually filmed in fort greene, so come get really really close to where it all started and celebrate this epic cinematographic movement at videology thursday night.308 bedford ave, 7-9pm, $5 at videology
Mortified at Littlefield, Gowanus
mmm. the only thing more therapeautic than talking about your most embarrassing moments is living vicariously through someone elses (you know waht i mean… we were all obsessed with that section of YM magazine…) hear it in real life, the-moth style, thursday night at littlefield. all info and tickets here. doors at 7, shows at 8. tickets, $10. 622 degraw st.




Rubblebucket at Manhattan Inn, Greenpoint.
spike hill. glass lands. cameo gallery. aviv. manhattan inn. something in that list doesn’t belong, yet. which totally, totally, totally fucking blows. manhattan inn is closing and that means what we are losing one more of the complex and beautiful threads that weave this beautiful tapestry that is the reason and the lifeline of this people we call brooklyn. rubblebucket promises to send them out in style friday night. tickets you should get immediately RIGHT NOW HERE. ill be there. show starts at 630 and your RSVP DOES NOT EQUAL ENTRY. arrive early.


ROOTS Cafe Poetry Series, Park Slope
there is nothing better than the warmth of shared verse among virtual strangers. come to roots cafe’s monthly poetry series and feel enlightened, rejuvenated, inspired… and perhaps a bit more grounded (that was a root pun!) contributors and observers welcome. 8-10pm, 639 fifth ave. seek, here.


Adult Friction, Indie-Alt Dance Party at Over the 8, Williamsburg.
we young people are energized by a few things, but mostly friction on any level. the one that leaves us feeling empowerd and impassioned by a charged political atmosphere, and the one that consists of button downs and heat on a friday night. make friday night be a perfect storm of both, plus [tunes spinning from] LCD soundsystem and basically all the dope artists they’ve inspired. it’s an indie-alt dance party. get in there and let it rub off on you. at over the 8, 594 union ave,



Free Fridays at Subrosa, Meatpacking District in Manhattan. 
we live in this city to embrace culture and be embraced by said cultures. notably, on friday nights in basement clubs with sweat and hip movements and live bands and alive hands. and things like that. yep. it’s subrosa friday nights, and they’re free all month and yours for the taking. plus it’s your only reason to cross the river this weekend so cruciamos. party starts when you get there… but basically at 10pm. all info here63 gansevoort st. 



so a little thing is happening this weekend that i like to call MY BIRTHDAY.
i wanted to take this perfectly lovely fall weekend to show you how to spend an ideal birthday weekend in new york. with all of your best friends and like maybe your dad or something doing all of my favorite things but not aging a bit, of course. so come along and i dont know, maybe bring a gift that i’d like or something. (seriously, you’re invited.)
Fall Colors Picnic in Central Park
the leaves they are-a-changin and they’ll all be bare and gone before we know it. so let’s embrace that giant piece of nature and magic that the ancient gods of the city placed before us and have a real autumnal picnic in central park. and do those little boats that i love. bring wine and cheese and everything else you want to be there. starts at noon.


Virginia Tech plays Georgia Tech
my team is 7 and 2 folks. it feels like the good old days again and we are all hopeful and passionate. and ready to ramble some wrecks from georgia tech. come join in the spirit of american college football and beer drinking at keg and lantern. kickoff is a 330.


el born greenpoint
Tapas and Paella at El Born, Greenpoint.
yep. when people have birthdays, especially of the decadian significance, they want to share good foods and great wines with the best people. and maybe pretend a little bit that they are in spain. have all of this and so so much more saturday night at el born. hear me gush about it here more than a piping hot croqueta then come. 8pm. 651 manhattan ave.

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alameda greenpoint

alameda, greenpoint

you know you are going to be drinking this weekend. and right now. and yesterday. and although we are all tempted to do so alone in the dark corners or our safe(ish) shoebox apartments, instead let’s do it out, in public, together. and let’s talk about this shit. and let’s do it at alameda, in greenpoint. why? because the name of this place itself means “tree-lined street” in spanish, a simple word that exudes a feeling of growth and prosperity, of shelter and strength, and that maybe, just maybe, spain, in all of its linguistic and cultural complexity, is the answer. read here, drink now, book tickets later. #vamos


because after this week, i know what you need, brooklyn. you need comfort and gin in unabashedly uneven proportions. you need unironic vintage decor that appears to have happened by accident. you need a bar that speaks for itself because you’re sick of every one piping in. you need the smallest of small plates that tempt you to share ever so graciously or have no shame in not sharing at all. you need cocktails cocktails cocktails a bit of food and cocktails. and you want to not feel bad about offering such sanctity to a place because it’s clear they feel the same way. a bar that lets the bar and the drinks take center stage.



i’ve found your place. it’s alameda in NoGreePo and it’s where you’ll be drinkign this weekend. a fantastic list of cocktails. fancy deviled eggs. fancy devlish people. and a bar of whom’s integrity they felt so strongly about they built it inside the structure itself, backing a concrete truck in ever-so-graciously and pouring it right in. yeah, you have to see this shit. and drink this drank. and be everything that is alameda. with me, if you’d like.



what not to miss

the shiso painkiller or the moon balloon are my favorites. a spruce goose for your gin fix and any of the spanish wines for everything else.
oh and the deviled eggs. you little devil you.


how not to miss it

195  franklin ave
M-Th 5pm – midnight
F-Sat 5pm – 2am
Sun 1pm – midnight

the weekend guide | 29-2 october 2016.

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Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

…and then let me see if I can’t turn things around for them?

this quote of course is inscribed on that proud little lady in the right side of this photo I captured, but all the rest of the content is taken straight from the lady sitting behind her little laptop. or perched upon her bicycle, exploring the city in search of a better weekend for us all. I too have been called somewhat of a beacon of hope, a statuesque stronghold, the greatest gift france ever gave to america.

i will let you decide what, if any, of those things are true.

in the mean time, embark on a good honest weekend. i’ll be here, constantly vigilant.
AHOY, brooklyn. (ahoy.)



so if you haven’t been to the new bazaar then this image makes no sense to you but if you have well then… i’m sure we are well acquainted by now.
Lagunitas Brewing presents a dope free show at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Greenpoint. 
from the people who put the “pub” in public radio, who make the best IPA in this nation budding with hoppy competition, and the “lagunita” in the little lake of peepee you tend to make after having too much beer, lagunitas brewery comes to the brooklyn night bazaar thursday with a free event. why? because since the bazaar was moved out of its space, shows can only be free when (kind-hearted) sponsors who also sell dope shit come along to help out. unlike that other “sponsor” who did the opposite of helping out. so let’s all go and have beers and see self defense family, jesus piece, pawns, and glory. 7pm, all info here. 150 greenpoint ave at the night bazaar.



Swatch Party at Good Room, Greenpoint.
but i mean if it’s a party at good room, i’ll do what i have to do. come to this. i know nothing more about it, but it’s thursday and friday and well… i’ll be swatching our for you. 98 meserole ave. at good room – where you don’t have to be bad to get in but… nothing feels better.™




Tainted Love, 80s Dance Party at the Bell House, Gowanus.
this tainted love you give… it’s so, so much better than no love at all. let’s go move it and shake it at the bell house for 980s dance night, the cure for well… thursday nights with no love at all. event is free, 10pm until the love runs out. or the taints come out. either way, i ain’t gonna be caught with my pants down. info here149 7th st at the bell house – you rang?™




Bob Moses at Terminal 5, in that rather shitty area of manhattan. 
two reasons to go to this show – 1. bob moses is dope as shit and his music toes that stunningly listenable line between r&b and electronic, soulful beats and laid with languid harmonies. 2. imma be there homey. and this chick too. tickets. here. show starts at … if for some reason you still ahve doubt, well nevermind then don’t go. but if you want to listen and get pumped up before the show here. at terminal 5- where every beginning feels like the end.



60 Shots for 60 Shorts Power Hour at Creek and Cave, Long Island City.
i don’t know about you, but i never want to do a power hour again. i mean really – there are so many more inventive ways to get fucked up than chugging shots of beers and ending up bloated and burpy and completely sauced at some frat party. we’ve all grown up and maybe, the concept of the power hour also has. (also, this isn’t to be confused with the hour of power… of course). party boys chris donahue and … compiled 1-minute shorts by 60 comedians for your viewing and drinking pleasure… and between each act you have to take a shot of beer. or you know, just laugh and sip. and be called a fucking weenie. tickets and info here, $5. show and beer drinking begin at 10pm. 10-93 jackson ave, at creek + cave.



Dave Chapelle’s Block Party “Screening” (but actually it’s another party) in Fort Greene Park.
OUTDOOR MOVIES AREN’T DEAD. they’re just chilled out a bit.
let this be a lesson, to all of us. just like spike lee and dave chappelle, and bill murray’s appearances, when you make something big of your life, come back and have unannounced amazing parties in brooklyn. dave chapelle did this in clinton hill, the area where he grew up, back in 2004 and invited tons of awesome pals. see the documentary film about the night and the man himself right in the ‘hood where it all went down (and sorry, but doesn’t it seem like this is just going to become another “random” block party?? YEP. i’m not missing it this time and neither should you.) here’s how not to miss it. 645-845pm, fort greene park, myrtle ave and st. edwards st.



Glass Animals at Music Hall of Williamsburg.
is sold out both nights.
just wanted to dig that knife a little bit more, that’s all.
let’s commiserate right next door at one of my favorite spots in williamsburg, cubana social70 N 6th st. live music, killer mojitos, and some of the best empanadas in town. #glassanimalswho #jkstillfuckinghurts #bad



Richard Avedon, Moving Image, Exhibit at the Cadillac House, SoHo.
if you aren’t familiar with richard avedon’s unbelievable life’s work of stunning photography, then just trust me- you want to go to this exhibit. besides it’s your only reason to cross the river this weekend. avedon’s portraiture is unnerving and monumental. he would photograph celebrities for hours on end, having them sit or stand and vaguely pose until their exhaustion and annoyance took over and finally that moment where the humanity leaked through the facade and SNAP. there it would be. oh and also- he was easily the authority of fashion photography for his 60-year career. see some of his stuff here and then head QUICK to the final night of his exhibit at the cadillac house, 330 hudson st. 10am-7pm. info and such here.



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the weekend guide | 1-5 sept 2016

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we work hard in this city, and that’s the beauty and downfall of new york- no one is here because they just ‘ended up here’. we’re here because we have something to believe in, to fight for, to work towards. and well, we’ve come a long way, baby. and it’s about time that someone recognized it. this labor day weekend, let’s reap the fruit of our labors. let’s weep for the labors that we’ve had to put in just for our fruits to blossom. and then die. before we could even retrieve them. let’s experience everything that this city has to offer beyond the confines of our cubicles! let’s close our laptops and leave our to-do lists undone and not even put up an out of office and let’s never look back brooklyn.

(are you picturing me on a soapbox in front of the statue of liberty holding a bottle of champagne with a slight tear in my eye?)

(oh… well, are you doing that now?)

ok you unimaginitive little beasts- lighten up and read on.

and let’s fucking get to work.


Thursday Supper at the Farm on Kent, Williamsburg. 
sure, maybe it feels to early to celebrate the apple harvest, but it seems that our dear corporate companions did not hesitatated to stuff mini crunch bars and plastic jackolanterns and pumpkin spice everything down our throats just after easter. SO, let’s gently start our fall harvest celebrations with something beautiful and wholesome and pure. thursday night brings us a cider dinner at the beautiful north brooklyn farms. dine outside with pre-fall bounty from the garden and cider pairings from aaron burr cidery. **ATTN** these dinners are sold out for the next few months, so go to this one tonight, 7-1030pm. tickets, here – $100 gets you an unbelievable meal, cider pairings, and one of the few unobstructed views we still have of the east river. 320 kent ave. QUICK GO GO GO. cider?!?! i ‘ardly knew ‘er!

New York Salsa Congress, all over the city, all weekend.
with all of the club-bumping we lose ourselves into each weekend, celebrate instead this stunning form of artistic expression. this weekend is the annual new york salsa congress, featuring free lessons, showcasing some of the greatest salsa dancers from all over the world, hours of open dancing with live bands and each night offering an after party that starts at 3am. nothing is more captivating or seductive than salsa dancing, and i guarantee it will heat up in a much better way than the panther room at output. events schedule, tickets, and a bunch of other stuff to get you pumped found here.
Archestratus Blue Plate Special, Greenpoint.
this week’s sicilian family dinner at archestratus was, at press time (and maybe until you arrive!) TBD- which means that you are going to have to go on the faith that everything is magic inside of archestratus and family-style dinners in nogreepo are always a good idea and paige knows what she’s doing. (that’s a pretty good bet) 7-10pm – full plates and homemade bread, alcoholic bevvies for sale. 160 huron st.


Black Rock Brooklyn at House of Yes, Bushwick.
are you sick of all of the mystical and dustily epic burning man images from all of your friends this past week? i’ll be honest, i’m not. but, i can’t keep from imagining myself in some rainbow-bright-meets-the-rocketeer-meets-the-rockettes-esque costume zooming around on my bicycle-turned-batmobile-turned-aladins-magic-carpet. lets turn all of those pure imagination-fueled images into reality and burn it down together at the house of yes friday night. it’s a burn event for all of us who could’t make it. there will be costumes and playa bikes and more black lights and wild decor than ever and also all of those things you think you could expect at burning man itself. but then we all go home at the end of the night, or to an after hours party… up to you. free before 11pm, or tickets $15, here. 2 wykoff ave. at the house of yes- where they don’t take no for an answer.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.09.58 AM
Grand Opening, Greenpoint Fish + Lobster, Long Island City.
for all of the wonder and fishy enjoyment and oyster tacos and raw bar delights that greenpoint fish co has been bringing to us for the past 3 years, it’s time we shared a bit of love with our neighbors to the north. greenpoint fish + lobster opens a long island city outpost that promises to offer more seating, some grab and go options for you laborers, plus all the best specials and taco tuesday with a gansett deals you know and love. grand opening is friday. go celebrate, then go back. so i can have my motherfucking spot back at the greenpoint location. (hey! just kidding! come sit with me!) 5-43 48th Ave at Vernon Blvd.


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.02.28 PM
The Last Fireworks of the Season at Coney Island.
the worst things about summer ending? the sidewalk simply doesn’t replace the boardwalk. getting a hot dog from a hot dog stand feels desperate, not noble, and not as easy to blame sudden loud noises on fireworks with a hopeful smile. (man that got depressing fast) well let’s get our last fill this friday at coney island. sun, sand, fireworks, hot dogs, bearded ladies and bearded men! roller coasters! baseball! skeeball! skeezy balls! come onnnn! last fireworks show of the season starts at 930pm, at W 10th st at coney island. all other events and cool things, here.



Mets vs Nationals at Citifield, Flushing, Queens.
come meet the mets, and me! at the mets game. i’ll be signing autographs and giving you exclusive weekend events access, plus plenty of BiT schwag up in row 528! come on down! and then up! game starts at 705pm. helmet nachos start at 706pm. at citifiled, tickets, here. take me out to the ballll game! or wherever… just as long as you take me out.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.15.31 AM
Rule of III Pop-Up at Duke’s Annex, Greenpoint.
that little room of requirement attached to duke’s liquour box (which is  room of requirement in and of itself) opens its magical doors again friday night and keeps them open, all september long, for “rule of III” a pop-up assemply of handmade fasions, beauty, and wellness experiences by local brooklyn creative collective. come by and be inspired, be transformed… then get a little bit of whiskey and get friskey. opening is friday, 12-9pm. 170 franklin st.


el jefe
First Friday’s with El Jefe’s Nachoria at The Diamond, Brooklyn.
nachos cheese torched before your eyes, just after they ask for it. because they are naughty nachos that give themselves away for free. go, partake. i won’t tell anyone. nachoing begins at 730pm. beers run all day, all night. 43 franklin st. get tipsy and chipsy. then maybe a little lipsy. (just not in poughkeepsie.)

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the weekend guide | 24-28 august 2016.

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i’m worried about us, brooklyn. about all of us. that pleasant little breeze that’s been in the air, licking our skin and whispering in our ears, “feels good, doesn’t it?” well it might as well be the kiss of death. it’s coming brooklyn.

i don’t want to stop seeing your knees.

so let’s shed our clothing with our inhibitions and show off that summer skin all the way to the end, holding hands and listening to this song and not looking back, even once.

you’re getting warmer already….



Loaded Canon Reading Series at Brooklyn Oenology, Williamsburg.

may this photo serve as evidence that wine and storytelling are impossible to separate. so many tales from these weathered boots and bota, from this inimitable truth comes thursday night’s loaded canon reading series at brooklyn oenology. it’s literature and storytelling meet cocktails and wine meeting all of you meeting each other. this series focuses on the unfinished works from the city’s rising generation of authors, and the fresh and untested words will juxtapose the earthy, complex, and matured wines flawlessly. 6-9pm at brooklyn oenology, 209 wythe ave. because you can’t spell raconteur without oenology having a little wine first.


blue plate dinner at archestratus

Vegan Blue Plate Dinner at Archestratus, Greenpoint.

family dinner goes vegan at archestratus thursday night, as owner Paige Lipari attempts to prove that sicilian food can stand alone without meats and cheeses. and egg products. and meats. come thursday for this family style meal of homemade calzones, plus bread and beer and wine, at one of my favorite places in greenpoint. $17 for the plate, drinks are for sale, all info here. 7-9pm, 160 huron st.


i think this is the worst graphic i’ve ever seen.
DJ Reaganomics at Threes Brewing, Gowanus. 

the olympics inspired us to do a lot, inspire us to be more active, show us that any goal, no matter how seemingly insurmountable, is attainable, and make international diplomacy seem within our reach, among other things. but with all this rio coverage i haven’t been able to get that samba out of my hips. and i want to try to work some of it out, with you, at threes brewing. meet me thursday night for dj reaganomics, spinning all of your favorites samba, salsa, mambo, basically everything you need to loosen up those hips and make some bad decisions. it’s free, 333 douglass st, at threes brewing- i’ll try anything thrice.™


dirty thursday

Dirty Thursday at House of Yes, Bushwick.

i don’t know about you but once the heat wave lifted i’ve felt a bit too clean, a bit too unsweaty. and i had a handy cleaner come monday and she did the standard mild-to-average bit of cleaning, and i’ve only told three four lies this week. i’m too clean. i don’t want to wait until friday to get dirty, ya heard? join me thursday at the house of yes for dirty thursday, their weekly opportunity to make the baddest of decisions, with all of your closest friends and future one-night-stands, plus an outdoor garden, djs all night, and cheap cheap drinks. get down and dirty fo’ freeall info here, 1-pm-2am, 2 wyckoff ave. at the house of yes– they put the sensual in consensual.™



san damiano mission
photo via
Party at San Damiano Mission, Greenpoint.

yep, that’s at a church. with friar bartenders. but in the brooklyn way, we might as well go to the source. sinning and asking for forgiveness at the same time. and place. having a bit of the sacrament and the poison. and dance yrself clean, or dirty, there’s no judgement there. that of course is reserved for the big guy. party starts tonight at 8:30pm, doors at 8. suggested donation at the door- $10, cash or credit. all other info here21 nassau ave. at the san damiano mission, “meeti…” (i didn’t make that one up, it’s actually on their website…)


little ass tacos.
Taculitos Pop-Up at Brooklyn Safe House, Greenpoint.

there is nothing safe about the brooklyn safe house. and not in the “hey babe, take a walk on the wild side” kind of way. it’s bad in there. but something about taculitos makes my little butt come a runnin’. every friday night, these babies pop up and serve you the cutest and most asstastic taculitos you’ve ever eaten. go there, i guess. maybe take one to go. i’m probably just going to hold my breath and reach my hand in the doorway and get my taco and run for the hills. 120 franklin st, 7pm-1am. check out their hilarious instagram here, then get your sweet little ass there.


bk comedy fest
miss favela
Miss Favela, dance parties every weekend, Williamsburg.
this place, every friday and saturday. the caipirinhas are flowing and the hips are moving and everyone is sweating and it’s my dream come true, right under the williamsburg bridge. salsa, samba, mamba, mamas. llamas. let’s go- 57 S 5th st,

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