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Profile of a Hustler | Vicken Donikian of Good Fishing

Vicken Donikian is someone who was born a hustler. In the 10 years that I’ve known him, I’ve seen him dedicate himself wholly and completely to amazing endeavors with a creative ferocity that you can’t help but get caught in his wake. Rather than casting his net wide, he dives deep and intentionally into projects; from years working with the Hill-side and Hickoree’s in Brooklyn to Towns & Cities, a hip-hop language learning app he created, launched, and co-writing and producing all the music for with colleague and friend Peter Muller, to stepping into his home and seeing his own larger-than-life paintings. He’s an artist and a creator who seems to never wait for permission to embrace new endeavors. He arrived in Brooklyn with this spirit and embraced it wholly during the 5 years that he lived here. I hadn’t seen Vicken since Barcelona, where we studied abroad together in 2008, and then I found myself one Sunday sitting two barstools down from him at El Born in Greenpoint. As it turned out, we’d been neighbors for two years and then there we were, sitting and sipping sangria together again, this time stateside. It was one of those weird moments of Brooklyn magic that bring people together despite its size and relative unlikeliness. It’s led us from Las Ramblas to Manhattan Avenue and finally to a bicoastal phone call where I would be introducing Good Fishing, Vicken and his best friend co-collaborator Samuel Bostick’s clothing brand.
After talking to him for over an hour, I found myself heedlessly lost in the tides of understanding what it means to start a new business, in the beauty of becoming completely and wholly enveloped in your passion project, and in trying to navigate the nuances of west coast slang (even with context clues I wasn’t hip enough to tell if ‘crackin’ was a good thing…) but despite my confusion, I gleaned the invaluable lesson from Vicken’s experience that when approaching something you don’t know, it’s best to start with what you do. With a 5 year background in merchandising and small business management at Hickoree’s in Brooklyn, Vicken has been able to plan, launch, and drive Good Fishing from ideation to creation. Despite its relatively new presence on the web, he and Sam understand what it takes to maintain and grow the brand for the past 5 years, starting with a steadfast knowledge of what they like out of clothing; it should be straightforward, simple, stylish; pieces that are useful and live longer than a season. Attractively simple is one of the brand slogans, and calls to mind the modern, unpretentious man. He’s the one you lock eyes with on the L train midday on a Wednesday because he’s beyond the 9 to 5. He’s the guy ordering another whiskey while on what you would imagine is either a business call or his mother on the other end of the line without batting an eye. He’s wearing contrasting solid colors and bold socks in such an aggressively casual way that you wonder why no one has ever done it like that before. He’s available yet unattainable but that doesn’t prevent you from getting willfully lost in a lustful daydream for the rest of your commute. Attractively simple; subtlety and tastefully dressed; unassuming yet deceptively seductive; and, perhaps, wearing Good Fishing.
Dive in below to my interview with Vicken Donikian of Good Fishing. Get inspired by this former Brooklynite’s vision of the hustle and trust me when I say there will be a little something waiting at the other end of your line. (ok, so it’s an exclusive promo code, just for you. but don’t just scroll, read.)
 vicken donikian of good fishing
Brooklyn, I’m Trying When was good fishing established?
Vicken Donikian We officially launched online at the end of June, but the concept for brand started 5 years ago in 2012. Sam and I started planning it and talking about ideas for products and projects. We picked the brand name in 2012 slowly working towards what it’s become today.


BiT What is the story behind its inception?
VD The brand name is a reference to the mentality and approach to fishing. You set up and cast a line, and see what you get. We also like to use the word “fishing” metaphorically; a concept that could apply to various situations in life. That opens up opportunities for each person to also make their own meaning out of it.
BiT Describe the brand.
VD The brand itself has a simple but fun character to it along with a youthful energy. The clothing is simple and wearable, not flashy but is meant to be worn and used and enjoyed. Inspiration for our products comes from things me and same like to wear or use. We try not to take it too seriously and to keep fun references or images in our work.


BiT What’s in your current collection?
VD Currently we make tshirts, soccer jerseys, caps, tote bags, small accessories, toys, art work, and collectibles. This is the first collection but we have planned to introduce one or two new categories of products every two months until we can build up to a full line of clothing. We’ve structured the brand with a collection of basics called Good Fishing Standards that are generally mainstays for the brand that we’ll make year round. On top of that standard collection, we will release themed capsule collections based on specific concept we come up with at the time which will be limited production.


BiT Tell me a little about this first capsule collection you have launched, Marquette Records.
VD The first capsule collection we’ve done is a tribute to this obscure funk soul record label that existed in bay area lat 1960s. We stumbled across the label while i was flipping through an old magazine and saw an ad for the label. the logo popped out at me and I began to research everything I could about it. We found out that they released a few singles and then we’re not sure what happened after that. We tried to imagine what a modern merchandise collection would look like for Marquette. We made mugs, pens, stickers, hats, tshirts, and have one of their old records for sale on the site we found at a record store. We made our first capsule for our company a humble tribute to an old company from the bay area.


BiT How did your experience in Brooklyn help you with this new venture?
VD I worked at Hickoree’s and The Hill-Side for 5 years, that’s really where I picked up all of my knowledge in terms of operations that we are doing with Good Fishing. I was working and maintaining the shop and packaging orders, and from there went on to managing and buying for the store and I was on that retail side for three years. At that point I transitioned more into the wholesale side of the business, showing The Hill-Side to buyers from other stores, maintaining accounts, establishing new accounts, going trade shows, working on marketing efforts, creating lookbooks and social media content and everything involved in that too. The Hill-Side being a small company helped me gain experience in all areas of the business, which has helped a lot in thinking about how to set up Good Fishing. That’s not meant to say that we know everything because we definitely don’t, but we’re grateful to be able to reference and lean on past experiences and relationships as we set up our own business.


BiT What challenges have you faced along the way with launching Good Fishing?
VD It’s so new that everything is one big challenge, from balancing how to set everything up financially and figuring out how to run the company with what we really want to make for the brand. For now, we concentrated on presenting as broad of a collection as we can while planning for future products.


BiT Was there ever a moment when you were like, holy shit this is happening?
VD Launching our online store was a big step. While we’ve been doing events and talking about the brand over the past few months and years, having the online shop is something that you can show people what it is that we’re making and they can look at it and keep up with the brand as we continue to build it up. 


BiT How are you getting the word out about Good Fishing? Where are you casting your proverbial line?
VD Because we’re not planning to have a store, we’re focusing on getting the word out through pop-up events. Since our website launched, we’ve done a handful of events: a booth at the 4th of July festival in Atwater, CA; a booth at Haus Party in Oakland, CA – which is a super fun monthly party run by some friends of ours; and a couple of our own Lemonade Sundays events. Lemonade Sundays is basically our “grown-up” version of a childhood summer lemonade stand, where we have free lemonade for everybody, specialty cocktails and exclusive products for sale, and an overall awesome party vibe with loud tunes and Unstoppable Positivity.
(Wish you could get in on lemonade sundays? Have a little taste here, with Sam and Vicken’s dope lemonade sundays playlist.)


BiT Collaboration is obviously a huge focus for Good Fishing since the brand is the brainchild of both you and Sam. How would you describe each of your strengths in creating the brand and running the business?
VD Collectively, our biggest strength is that we’ve been best friends since college. We’re so close that we end up being on the same page about almost everything we want to do. Especially when it comes to talking about creative ideas and bringing them to life, working with someone you’re so in tune with makes that process fun and it comes together easily. That’s been good for both of us. In terms of outside collaborations, we’ve worked with NYC’s Don Da Menace and (ft$) to shoot our first lookbook “Parks and Recreation” and San Diego artist Keenan Hartsten to curate one of our products, the tackle box planter


BiT The site and products look great. Finally, I have to ask this… what do you miss about living in Brooklyn?
VD Brooklyn has a different energy and pace that you can’t replicate or find anywhere else, and that’s just something you’ll always miss, but we’re both super happy to be back in our hometowns in California and to grow Good Fishing here.


Good Fishing as a brand somehow combines an influence of Sam and Vicken’s time on both coasts while transcending geographical boundaries into a collection and mood that is wearable, attractive, and contagious. Their approach to this venture has not been unlike a good day of fishing; take inventory of your supplies, your knowledge, your desire. Choose your spot wisely, a place you know and a market you are confident will be responsive. Cast your line in the best way you know how and with a little bit of luck, patience, and determination, see what you reel in.
It was no surprise to me to learn that while sam and vicken are kicking ass at launching their website and brand, they are already looking forward to their next mission. while i’m not at liberty to divulge the details, let’s just say it’s a distinctly liquid investment that will be smokey and risky and would go best with in a glass with one big rock and a fishing pole in the other.
Check out Good Fishing’s full collection here. use promo code “GOODFISHINGINBK” for an exclusive 20% off deal for Brooklyn, I’m Trying users, good from 8/30 to 9/6. Post pics in your Good Fishing gear using the hashtag #GoodFishinginBK and keep following @goodfishing_ to see how this ambitious brand continues to grow.



the style edit: springtime cycle chic.

springtime in the city brings a direct correlation to the rising temperatures and increase in outdoor drinking. the propensity to skip workouts increases slightly while our attire decreases almost just as much. more calories less clothing more bikinis less time more beers… you know what all of that adds up to? a fucking problem. it’s a problem.
the answer of course is not to sign up for class pass and miss out on all of the amazing things that are happening this summer. the solution is…

adopt a bike commute.

bring your workout into everyday to make more time for rosé, less time for worrying about the way you’ll look in your bikini, and that tiny added bonus of the complete euphoria that inevitably comes from riding a bicycle.
here’s how to do it and look completely cycle chic, and still arrive in style, no sweat… err, with minimal sweating.
lie to me and tell me you don’t want to have this view every morning.
the backpack
although a basket is a great option, anything carried on your body needs to stay put on your back… which by no means means you need to sacrifice style. my favorites are here (for the budget biker!) or here for the biker who somehow i am always enviously following just behind.
the helmet
no matter how hard headed you may be, a helmet is vitally important… and you know that you definitely aren’t going to wear one if it doesn’t look cool. i prefer to feel the bern (along with nearly everyone in the bk bike lane) but nutcase also makes a great one, that actually has holes big enough to slip your lock into (genius.) and of course you can always go this route but let’s not get too chic ok? protection, and a hard shield that defeats stubbornness, is all you need ultimately in a helmet.
the accents

i would love to save up for a public bike but that would mean riding around on $400 taken directly out of my travel fund… instead of opting for an expensive upgrade, add some flashy enhancements to your old chariot. like this nifty and functional bell and this cupholder  that is simple, sleek, and snuggly (just like you.) and allows me to stay loyal to my favorite coffee spot and take my iced cold brew with me over the bridge.

the shades
safe and stylish, these puppies will help reduce glare and (ideally!) prevent too much wind or lovely new york trash particles to fly into your eyes. i love nectars for their light stability and their birthplace or these persols, because i can pretend like i’m steve mcqueen when i reach the top speeds. as i am wont to do.
the shoes
i often find myself wearing tennies and slipping some sandals into my pack, but opting for a solid slip-on or otherwise trendy tennis shoe (i get the odd feeling those aren’t hard to find these days…) saves you the trouble. i rely on these (which double as reflectors!) but i find myself pretending that they are actually these (no offense dudes.) but i have enough money to make them so outlandishly absurd.
the getup.
depending on the level of intensity of your commute and the relative humidity and inclination of your trip, you will either be inclined to don a breathable and semi-professional getup, or perhaps athletic gear and a change of clothes might is your only option here. i go for for bright tanks and a tight pair of yoga pants (i haven’t quite gotten to the biker shorts stage yet… i have too many friends that i’m not ready to lose.)
if your commute is flat and you somehow don’t sweat much, opt for a breathable jumpsuit. why? well because jumpsuits are the answer to everything but in terms of biking, they’re loose and usually devoid of uncomfortable snaps. and ride effortlessly from the bike lane to the boardroom to the motherfucking cocktail hour. my favorite is here, from madewell.
the basket
you have three options here- charming, rustic, industrial. and those links contain your very best options. or, be mega hip and make your own with wooden crates from dobbin st co-op and a sturdy rack added by the fine folks at b’s bikes.
the hydration solutions.
you’re gonna get hot. and sweaty. and while i never thought i would be someone who spent more than $10 on a water bottle, this puppy keeps water cold for (s)well over 24 hours. like, icey cold. and doesn’t sweat all over your stuff.
and of course, for your weekend bike adventures, never leave the house without a bota llena de rioja. (have i taught you nothing??)
the face.
ok, ok… i’m sure plenty of people will say that you don’t need makeup, you’re biking. and that’s fine. you don’t need makeup to do anything… but let me just say that when you’re wearing a hat that makes you look a bit like an alien bobblehead, let’s enhance our investments and make sure the moneymaker carries the weight. why? because. boys who bike are hott and i for one have made more than a date or two while sitting on a bike at an intersection. don’t waste this opportunity, but do simplify- all you need here is a swipe of bobbi brown concealer (with setting powder!), of course the infallible kat von D liquid hurricane-proof liner, and a generous helping (as always) of estee lauder sumptuous extreme mascara– built for speed, not comfort.
the defense against helmet hair.
when you pull that helmet off in super-slow motion, letting your long locks cascade down your back… well, they’ll be sweaty. and limp. and simply not so fresh. toss a can of living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo, which is hands down the best in the market. trust me. i haven’t washed-washed my hair in months. (kidding. but, it’s been a hell of a lot less frequent than it used to be.)
i also clip a few metal alligator clips into a tight bun so my hair stays out of my face, but keeps a bit of body to it when i arrive. in north bk, get these (and all other beauty needs) at Zoe’s Beauty, on greepoint ave.

so that’s it brooklyn. let this be the last day you make excuses.

i’ll see you out there.


bulgari omnia

scentsible monogamy | choose a perfume, mate for life

I’m not asking you about your relationship status or your weekend habits. I don’t want to hear you complain that all your friends are married and “I mean come on, what is the rush?? they’re just bored…” and I certainly don’t want to hear you bumble on about what happned on your last tinder meetup over a coffee and a bagel, ok Cupid?
but I do want to talk about monogamy, from a scentsible perspective. before you are 30, it is important to choose a mate, for life- in the form of perfume. and to be quite honest, 30 is a bit late, regardless of whether or you live in the city or the suburbs, if you’re career-oriented or family-focused, because you’ve already made your mark and left your memory and if it has been a series of different scents well… you are only as strong as those foggy scent memories are combined.
this monogamy comes with no excuses- choose one, stick to it, where it everyday. your perfume proceeds you and lingers long after you are gone. It becomes part of your clothing, your attitude, your aura, the sheets of your lover… as both the catalyst of memory recall and toward the brink of insanity for those who will never get over you.
it is fucking important.
let your dating life be messy, let your heart be vagrant. live a bit dangerously. be wild and free. this is your 20s. 30s. 40s. life. this is your life.
however, choose one perfume. ONE. only.
how to find your perfect scent mate
1. get some direction here. scent profiles are all rooted in the following categories:
  • Citrus – fresh and a tad bitter. light and aromatic. orange blossom and lemon.
  • Floral – single flower of a bouquet, think fresh, feminine, romantic. also includes playful fruity notes.
  • Oriental – seductive and warm. amber fragrances of vanilla and smoke.
  • Chypre – rich and distinguished, this scent lingers. patchouli and bergamot.
  • the perfumed court is a fantastic resource to do a bit of research.
  1. go to the perfume counter. ask for help. try to put into words what you like and don’t like. and yes, use the coffee beans. olfactory exhaustion is even worse than visionary, and we all know how blind you get wandering around the MoMA for too long.
  1. test. test in all situations. dab (don’t rub!) some on your wrists and neck in the morning, on the weekend, in the office, at the gym, on a date, with a lover. sweat, dance, pant. wear pants. don’t wear pants. test. think of this as your entire dating life in just a few weeks, choosing a different adventure every 2 days.
  1. commit and don’t look back.

you do have a one month grace period. if you must, get the relationship anulled. but not longer than that.

and i will be here basking happily with my mate and judging you.

which, of course, is bvlgari omnia crystalline. refreshing and complex, sensual but never lingering too long. fresh, familiar.

smell ya later, bk.  



what to pack: southeast asia.


I am not one of those people who hates packing. I love the excitement that comes with seeing myself in every piece of clothing I pack, and picturing it in a landscape on the other side of the world. I have no idea what I’ll see, who I’ll meet, what I feel- but here’s what I’ll look like.

…and then of course jamming my meticulously-selected pieces all into my backpack and embarking upon my next adventure… which, as of tomorrow, will be to southeast asia, for my college roommate’s wedding.

if perhaps the only thing standing in the way of you and your far-east getaway is how the hell to pack, read on, dear friends- i’ve just figured it all out for you.

stick to a theme.

all of the pieces in your pack should go together seamlessly so you can get the most out of a few essentials. my theme? far-east bohemian- florals, kimonos, fringe, all in an earthy color palette.


accessorize wisely.

jewelry should be simple and personal. Statement necklaces are bound to get squished in customs and an armful of bracelets are bound to get sweaty. When I’m traveling I like my jewelry to tell a story so they have the opportunity to be a conversation piece among fellow travelers. These, a coin necklace from prague and my secret society personalized cuff from giles and brother (a secret share only with this lovely human), plus a simple pair of onyx drops from coralia leets for a simple, elegant addition. never underestimate the power of a bold headband, like my favorites from eugenia kim.


choose pieces that work double duty.

a kimono can double as a beach coverup, or over pretty much anything to give it a romantic and ethereal appeal. for this trip, i’m bringing this one, covered in poppies and trimmed with tassels.

a crochet bikini top, alone at the beach or paired with high-waisted trousers to bring your gypsy look downtown. free people, big surprise, does it best here.

a black romper transitions easily from day to night with a simple change of shoes and accessories. try this one from, yes, that store i’m not ashamed to shop at (but might embed the link in a sneaky way).

one-pieces are your best friend- less space, more…taste? rompers, jumpsuits, playsuits- i don’t care what you call it. the three that made it into my bag are here, here, and here.


basics, basics, basics.

white, grey, black. tees, tanks, dresses.


keep makeup simple.

i’m only traveling with my go-tos-  this concealer, the heroin of mascaras, and a fearless liner.


a multipurpose crossbody

is the only bag you need. this fringy number from urban outfitters will be coming along with me, enough room for my camera, wallet, sunglasses and notebook. and a zipper for those sticky-fingered strangers who seem to frequent every destination i visit.


three pairs of shoes only.

i dare you to tell me you need more- i won’t have it. bring one for daytime exploring, one for adventurous expeditions, and one to make you feel sexy after a long day full of both of those previous activities. the ones i’ll be bringing are these flat sandals, some sturdy (and perhaps expendable, depending on the rough terrain) wedges found here, and my trusty tevas (don’t hate!) for hiking, kayaking, and anything else that comes your way.


buen viaje, amigos!

see you out there.


spring 2016 style edit: terracotta.

trends are fleeting. embrace only those seasonal styles that embrace you, that empower you, that grip you and give you a stronger sense of presence, of self affirmation, of inherent desirability. in this series i hope to show trends as they embody the women they are draped upon- in all of her captivating complexity.
as color has eternally been a vessel through which we communicate ourselves to the world and the world through ourselves, this season’s terracotta is bold, natural, transcendent. it’s a desert sunrise, it’s a hot heat. it’s an imperfectly molded vase dried in the sun. it’s footprints in georgia mud.
a woman draped in this anything-but-neutral shade is mysterious and raw. she’s earthy and ethereal. she’s familiar and obscure. she’s a burst of fire, an exotic spice. she sings into the sunrise and dances by the moonlight and whispers secrets into the dawn. and as the day ends and the dust settles you’ll see that she’s gone, leaving only a trace of herself, felt. a slow fade into the afterglow.
she is, you– in this beautiful springtime awakening when we gently shed our clothing along with our inhibitions and prepare our hearts to be warmed and our souls to be entranced with the captivating beauty that is to come.
feel grounded in this ethereal neutral as you feel your spirit to rise with the temperatures. start here, with my favorites for the season.

1 a crochet cropped tank is the answer to everything this spring. and in bold terracotta pairs perfectly over dark denim, with a mug of sangria in hand and the best of intentions actively dissipating in your mind. this one, from our hermanas at mango, $39.99. let me top you off.

2  to add a pop of color to any look, this david aubrey necklace creates a captivating layer onto any outfit. the terracotta stone and playful tassel take just enough edge off. david aubrey via shopbop, $143. let’s get a little stoned.

3  consider this your gateway drug. a sub-$20 full ensemble that allows you to embrace this addictive trend will not be your last hit. however, it will be just that. a damn big hit. terracotta chiffon tunic dress from H&M, $19.99. ain’t no one got chiff’ on you.

4  regal and italian, fancy and sexy, classic and intrepid in exactly equal parts. nothing is sexier than a high-waisted wide-leg trouser in a bold yet simple hue. these from the terracotta enthusiasts at zara, $69.90. go with the flow, everywhere.

5  this will be what i will live in this spring. a cropped, flowy jumpsuit with a daring neckline and moroccan appeal. $78 from abercombie & fitch, who has evolved exponentially since your 6th grade graphic tees. get yours so we can romp around together.

6  we’ll let this one slide. the perfect sandal for all of your spring adventures, abroad or right here in brooklyn. slip it on, all the way. i know you’ll like it. from madewell, $73.50 (on sale! quick!) and ensure your style never goes flat.

7  just because you’re feeling bold and ethereal does not mean you don’t need a carryall for… well, everything. this ALC hobo via shopbop, $795, is your answer. because even hobos need a little spice.


leather: a modern brooklyn love story.


a highly metaphorical look at seeking and keeping companionship this spring.

what is there to say about love in brooklyn? i had it once, i guess. i didn’t find it here but we brought it here, transplanted. into a pot that i think we didn’t realize had those little holes in the bottom and mostly just made a mess in our apartments every time we attempted to nourish it. it grew in awkward ways inside its pot, pFullSizeRender (3)roving to be hyper sensitive to the climate and the noise and the lack of fresh air and space. and so we let it die. which of course, we both denied. but it died and part of it stayed here and the other part has rooted itself back down south.


from that experience and countless a very small and selective handful of others, i know enough to know what to look for.

i know what love in brooklyn would feel like. it would feel like a loyal embrace, snug but never constricting. it would be a second skin, one you don’t recognize your own without. it would feel familiar yet slightly foreboding, it would feel alive, and real, resilient. with zippers and snaps to reassure you- you’re not going anywhere.

it would look new and worn-in, audacious and comfortable. and you’ll question how it could fit as you cautiously slip it on over your shoulders and around your chest and zip it up, tight. admitting that you may not ever take it off, and vowing care for it properly so it will age well.

and it would sound like leather jackets hitting the floor, two. just before dawn. a heavy and definite sound over muffled giggles and shuffled movements and mischievous decisions.

if i’ve learned anything, it’s easier to find the quintessential piece of your wardrobe- the leather jacket– than to find such a companion.. however because the only way to take one off is to put one on, i’ve picked out this season’s standouts to wrap you in a just warm enough embrace, to come along with you on all your adventures without hesitation, to make you just a bit tougher, just a bit more confident, and just a bit more seductive.

just make sure you know how to get out of it when a worthy accomplice comes along.


1 modern biker chic, from all saints. just for sinners- $540. find it here.

2 i just got over my fear of commitment. classic jacket from veda, $925. feels so good.

3 fringe benefits + french craftsmanship = a love supreme. from maje, $1095. invest in yours.

4 friend or faux? don’t ask questions. not exactly real leather biker jacket from zara, $69.90. it’s real if you believe in it.

5 my personal weapon of choice, from zara- in this i can’t stop schwinning. $199, get one let’s match.

proof that vegans can be tough, too. vegan leather jacket from free people, $198. it’s waiting for you.

7 the one you’ve been searching for, a classic style from madewell. $498, buy now keep always.


and you know- if all else fails, at least you look damn good when you’re saying no thanks, fuckface, run along.


a gift guide for lovers.

because finding love, of course, is the easy part- i’ve curated a painfully tasteful and exclusively inclusive gift guide to show your love to anyone and everyone in your heart, and where to find them in Brooklyn.
1 garance dore’s love style life.
for the creative, entrepreneurial, inspired woman who is moved by words, images, and traversing through all the noise in media to find and create something of substance. the way that garance embraces every bit of life and communicates it is enough to move anyone to seek more- in love, style, life, and everything in between. (yes, this was the valentine’s gift i bought for myself.) get. her. this. and, of course, check out for daily musings and inspirations. book found at word books, 126 franklin ave, greenpoint.
2 the novelty necklace
if you want to get personal, choose a coin from your joint travels, or one that represents her family, her heritage, or her aspirations. seen here, a czech koruna, drilled and strung by my local jeweler on manhattan ave. or if you prefer something sassy for yourself or your best friend, this unassumingly blunt NOPE heart necklace requires that you have to get just close enough to read. i’ve had many a male say sweetly, “oh, what is engraved there on your necklace?” and upon closer inspection and recognition of my smug smile, they get the message without saying a word. found at in god we trust, 70 greenpoint ave.


3 a little something sexy

you already know she’s (or you’re) a fox- stop by my favorite little lingerie shop in brooklyn that flawlessly combines seductive and sensual, tasteful and dangerous, intrepid and clandestine. and doesn’t require you to walk through a pink-polka dotted high school locker room to find what you want. i love this stunning pair for it’s sheer abhorrence to futility, just pure unadulterated aesthetic beauty. from brooklyn fox, 132 n. 5th st, williamsburg.


4 a sassy little ring holder (and something upon it)

simple, elegant, charming, these ring holders become a simple and unassuming little center of attention. slip a little something extra on it from brooklyn’s jewelry mavens at catbird, animal ring holders at burson and reynolds, 649 manhattan ave, greenpoint.


5 giles + brother railroad spike cuff
made in new york, engraveable, delivered in 2 days flat anywhere in the US. this solid brass means it’s strong, tough, unassumingly eye-catching and will only get more beautiful with age. my engraving of course stands for a secret club with my best friend (and we’ll never tell.) so choose something clandestine, unique, personal, and distinctively yours. available at giles and brother and OAK, 55 nassau ave, greenpoint.
6 tom dixon copper coffee collection.
for the coffee lover-lover, wake her up with something pretty and european. because mornings should start slow, fragrant, and with a rosy outlook. french press or percolator- make it personal with coffee from your favorite roastery. i’m enjoying cortado coffee (from good friend and coffee connoisseur schuyler cox, out of kauai), but my local recommendations include stumptown, cafe grumpy, and brooklyn roasting. percolator, french press, and other daily necessities elevated to objects of indulgent desire, visit beam brooklyn, 240 kent ave, williamsburg.

spring 2016 style edit: rose quartz.

trends are fleeting. embrace only those seasonal styles that embrace you, that empower you, that grip you and give you a stronger sense of presence, of self affirmation, of inherent desirability. in this series i hope to show trends as they embody the women they are draped upon- in all of her captivating complexity.

spring 2016 runways were unabashedly splashed with everyone’s favorite pantone color of the year, rose quartz.
this isn’t last year’s blush- rose quartz comes with an added dynamic of mysticism, a layer of mineral complexity and fractured light that inevitably makes you lost in its intentionally enigmatic beauty. it is graphic and dynamic, it is inexplicably deep, it is coated in a slightly perceptible iridescence– it’s active, it’s visceral, it’s anything but subtle.
and it’s worn by a woman who will be noticed by her palpable magnetism, known for her relentless unattainability, and remembered for the sweet and fleeting taste left thoughtlessly on your lips, long after she’s left.

to go to another event, of course.

let your spring embody la vie en rose, with my picks, here:
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spring 2016 style edit: moorish lace.


trends are fleeting. embrace only those seasonal styles that embrace you, that empower you, that grip you and give you a stronger sense of presence, of self affirmation, of inherent desirability. in this series i hope to show trends as they embody the women they are draped upon- in all of her captivating complexity.

spring 2016 runways brought us the infallible and iconic look of intricate, sheer black lace, in all forms. in this i found inspiration from the mystical moorish architecture of marrakech and barcelona, from intricate filigree patterns found in hamsa metal hangings, from arabic tapestries that interwoven in anecdotal mystery, and from fiercely feminine style of flamenco.

a woman in black lace is seeking both seduction and solitude in equal parts. she’s a woman on the prowl who won’t give anything up even upon capturing her prey.

lace exposes just enough of her secret, never divulging its entirety but never intending to cover it up. It speaks of seduction, deceit. Of a certain danger, an intriguing doorway, an inviting stare, an enchanting curiosity.

see my picks below and pair with a heavy dose of attitude, and a signature pout- á la penelope.
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brooklyn, i’m trying… to escape the winter.

i don’t really believe we were built to withstand the cold. we were created without fur covering out skin, but with legs that will move us wherever we want to go, an internal compass that tells us which way is south, and an affinity for beach-side margaritas. this is not a coincidence, this was god’s way of saying “no need to be a martyr- plan a winter escape.”
so let’s all uphold this inherent prophecy and get the hell out of here, for a long weekend or for the season. i give you my relentless, imploring blessing and the below list of travel essentials, for your winter escape. warm up, brooklyn.
1. the essential t-shirt, in black and white.
this is your canvas. slip it on as a second skin. build upon it or revel in its simplicity. let it complement your favorite scarf, your signature necklace, your sun-tanned seasonedexplorer skin. but most of all, let it be the last thing that gets in the way when you see the sun threatening to break the horizon without you witnessing it from a city’s perfect vantage point- just grab it, slip it on, and go.
my picks- truly madly deeply v-necks from urban outfitters, and these slubby signature tees from madewell.
 2. bright, signature accessories.

pack lightly but with a purpose (or with a porpoise!) (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.) (…don’t try it.) choose accessories that bring color to your basics, a background to your story, a rhythm to your song, a gravity to your presence.
i rely on bright, blanket scarves from theodora and callum, bold eugenia kim headbands, my cryptically-engraved giles and brother railroad spike cuff, and any foreign coins that can be strung on a chain and remind me of where i’ve been, what i’ve seen, and the relative futility of currency.   
3. a crochet bikini top.
why? because it doubles as an top. and there is nothing more simply beautiful. opt for handmade- check out etsy makers Jayblue from LA and SolDreamer’s, out of australia.. and, well- watch out for the big waves i suppose.