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19-21 november 2015


Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé! everywhere, worldwide.
DROP EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW AND CELEBRATE the arrival of the beaujolais nouveau!
a chance to celebrate le joi de vivre, as only the french know how. each year the beaujolais nouveau, a wine that is supposed to be drunk young (and, young we are! so drink we must.) cannot legally be sold, opened, or enjoyed until the third thursday of november. the wine signifies the end of the harvest, a changing of the seasons- a moment to celebrate the bounty of the growing season and to appreciate this beautiful transitional time of year with friends, family, and an endlessly half-full glass. to be in paris for this celebration is something truly sacred. until then, let’s celebrate wherever we are and behold our dear parisian family and raise a glass to what will be this transition- one of growing stronger, one of fighting evil with good, and recognizing that nothing will destroy our joie de vivre.
if you’re looking for a restaurant to celebrate, try le gamin on franklin in greenpoint to enjoy a 5-course prix fixe menu complete with a bottle of the baeujolais nouveau, live accordion playing, candlight and hay-covered floor. and celebrate. as the french do. 108 franklin st.

Dance Party at a Chocolate Factory, fine + raw in bushwick
sounds pretty sweet to me. head to fine + raw for a night of deep house music, inventive cocktails, disorienting visual effects and chocolate giveaways- nothing could go wrong with this combination. 8pm-midight, 288 Seigel St. ca-CAO.

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6-8 november 2015


what i’m doing this weekend… that will not involve a coat check, as it turns out.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival
wth so much bass-bumping noise in the music right now, the only place hanging on to the integrity of electronic music is… berlin. BUT, the only place who’s trying (hey!) is brooklyn. especially this weekend with the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, bringing you the best up-and-coming electronic/dubstep/house/trans djs worldwide to your favorite venues. i’ve picked a few of my favorites, below. go. dance. repeat.

CAMEO– make an appearance™ as much as possible, until dooms day (when they close at the end of the month).
friday- a TON of djs. good ones.
saturday- spank + honey dijon, will automagic + sean b.

Good Room– my favorite place to do bad things™
friday- george fitzgerald, JDH & dave p, moscoman, facets
saturday- voices from the lake, patrick russell, mike simonetti
be bad.

OUTPUT– you get out what you put in. and get in what you put out. first law of nightlife physics.™  (they should really work on their slogan.)
friday- MK, disciples, adam khan
saturday- daniel avery, matrixxman, luke hess
check it.

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