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The (Holiday!) Weekend Guide | 22-25 December 2016

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you stickin’ around town for the holidays, homey? you think i’d leave you high and dry? nah baby you know that ain’t my style. besides, i didn’t get you anything and that’s embarrassing. here you give me your attention for a few precious minutes and all i could come up with was this lousy guide and my relentless hope for a lovely holiday weekend for you and all of my undying love and affection forever. that’s all.
i’m leaving brooklyn in your hands, so treat her right. or wrong. you know how she likes it. just promise me you’ll don all your gay apparel and be merry and won’t look back, not for a minute. go get ’em, brooklyn.


Growlers Release Party (with lots of friends!) at Knitting Factory, Williamsburg.
these guys are one of the most charming and talented bands i’ve seen in a while, and their release party is thursday night along with performances by beastie band, kate copeland, j.r. garcia and a valley son. go to this show. $10 at the door. all info here. 361 metropolitan ave. 


All I Want for Christmas is ACID, Good Room, Greenpoint.
ACID it’s also a drug. it’s also a party thursday night. choose to do one or both but do so with a friend and do it at good room tonight. it’s ok, you’re already on the naughty list, so let’s all just go out with a bang. all info here, 98 meserole st at good room- my favorite place to be naughty.


Holiday Christmas Spectacular at House of Yes, Bushwick.
you know, the thing i really have about the holidays is that there is a distinct lack of drag queens. and aerial dancers dressed as reindeer. actual dicks in actual boxes. an intergalactic interactive immersive shopping experience and a chance to sit on santa’s lap, in a dirty way, and not feel bad about it. thankfully house of yes has swooped down and answered all of my holiday gripes with the holiday christmas spectacular. this immersive theater experience promises to make any dullness in your holiday sparkle, irrepressibly. all info and tickets here, $35-50. 2 wyckoff ave at house of yes, where the naughty list was a good starting off point.™



Holiday Party (free!) at Good Room, Greenpoint.

didn’t make it to good room thursday night because someone posted her weekend guide a bit too late? well no sweat baby. go friday night. to their free holiday party. i’ll let them explain it better right here.


The Murder of Santa Claus at the Spectacle Theater, Williamsburg. 
ho ho ho, be merry, etc etc. it all can get to be a bit much, especially when you start hearing christmas songs at halloween these days and you’ve been fighting off “Santa Stop Here!” signs at duane reade trying to get to the cheep six packs since this summer it seems. here’s something refreshing. this 1940s french film (with subtitles!) mixes history with folklore, fairytale with a deep, dark mystery that keeps unfolding and refolding and stretching way way out before gripping you in its tempting embrace. so, you should go. a much better explanation (and trailer!) is here. show starts at 10pm, 124 S 3rd st at Spectacle Theater- wanna come again? that’s respectacle.™



Midnight Mass at Park Church Co-Op, Greenpoint.
first, clean yourself up. confess your sins. it’s christmas for god’s sake, what is wrong with you? head to midnight mass at park church co-op in greenpoint. it’s going to be rad because they are rad and in the raddest neighborhood and also then you can tell your mom you went. 129 russell st.


the enchanting menagerie at bergdorf and a few of it’s admirers.
then once you’ve said all your hail mary’s and sung all of the songs and asked for forgiveness, do some spirited things. because this city does christmas so so right. go see the tree. go gaze at the store windows. be joyful.



this photo is from greenpointers too. because i’m on a train and almost to richmond and running out of time but i still care about you. (is anybody reading this?)
Eat, Drink, and be Merry. in Greenpoint.
the truly lovely people at greenpointers have written you this amazing guide on where to eat and drink in greenpoint on christmas and in the spirit of giving, they aren’t mad that i’ve put it here on my blog. because they are the best. read all about it here, go eat and drink and be merry, baby.
happy christmas you lovely people.


A Very Brooklyn Gift Guide | Brooklyn, I’m trying.


a vinyl-based gift guide for everyone on your list? does it get more Brooklyn than that? no of course not. but that’s why you’re here, of course. yeah. it’s happening, right here. know your friends. choose a record. find the perfect gifts. curated right here, just for you. read on.

For the food and wine lover.

Am I wrong to assume that anyone who is a foodie and wine connoisseur is also a hispanophile? Nope. I’m not. of course. this friend is passionate and intelligent, they embrace flavors and life and love with an irrepressible vitality. gift them Spain. in all of its stunning complexity.
The Vinyl
Sketches in Spain. Miles Davis. The best dinner album and one that inspires so many scenes and flavors from the country that
Mini paella pan, paellita. from whisk, $30. They’ll hate you for this as paella will soon become their cryptonite but. do it anyway.
Bomba rice. van only be found st foragers in dumbo. And at despana. Which is on he big island.
This wine is not Spanish. But you know whatnot is? 30 years old. Find a wine either the vintage of said friends birth year or anniversary or simply one from /–, the oldest winemakers from la Rioja.
Recipe cards from whisk – Write your favorite recipes upon them. Or of course mine. Cads fro. Whisk.

For the Bicycler.

you know the type. revolvers, evolvers. freethinkers and drinkers. they’re stunning idealists and weathered enemies/opponents of gentrification. and this is exactly what they like.
The Vinyl.
Gil Scot Heron, the revolution will not be televised. which is fine because you don’t have a tv anyway. us cyclists are always revolving and evolving and now more than ever. So get them a gift that exudes hope.
Dried lavender, to bring freshness when things get stale. From the union sq farmers market, $7
How to be Parisian, Wherever You Are. aren’t we all planning an escape? It starts right here, right now. in your mind, go to Paris and let your feet and your heart intentionally follow. From word books, $
Mexican blanket. For hose who are believers in picnics and random/sudden meditation. Give the, a textile that keeps up and throws down. This from the greatest store ever, dobbin st co op. $20.
The wine bota that requires no explanation. From the original family, JB Siquenza.
Bike basket and rack, bs bikes. because you need to be able to transport all this ish.


For your hippest friend.

the vinyl
the new hotness and the oldish but relentlessly relevant institution jack garratt and lcd soundsystem. These albums are fucking everything. purchase at academy records in greenpoint.
The G magnet. This is a must. Because we can bitch and moan but we all love old gramps. Found t the transit museum.,
concert tickets. to all the cool ish. reference bowery presents and choose wisely. hint: they are all good choices. the best option.
A weatherable saddle bag. to flawlessly go from freelance gig to coffee shop to happy hour to warehouse party to after hours to late late night to brunch to bed to oblivion. best from the endless souks of agadhir (this one is made of camel hide nbd), but find yours at
Persols. when in doubt, be like Steve motherfucking McQueen. here’s where to start. next, the Ducati. Of course.
Sweetbitter, by Stephanie Danler. this book, the most beautiful description of life in New York since goodbye to all that. I sink deeply and intentionally into every painfully flawless description. get it at spoontown and sugarsluts spoonbill and sugartown. i can never quite get that name right…
Life is a dream. For the impenetrable idealist who keeps hanging on. through the eyes and words of a spaniards, life of course is a dream
Choker, from Free People. this ish is only basic if you make it basic. and you know she won’t. try one with a pendant, from free people.


The friend who’s been here the longest.

 They speak about gentrification with a humbling observance, a bitter reality, an earth shattering soul shattering debilitation. they line forever got the New York of the past (quote from sweet bitter)
The Vinyl
Bob Dylan, Paul Simon. Ah. it doesn’t get any better or any more new york than these two albums. walk out on your fire escape in tight jeans and a silly hat and know you’re still crazy after all these years. or smoke cigs and believe in the LES.
Alexis Bittar. from a jewelry designer that toes the line between edgy and intention, a stunning and bold exception. his pieces are remarkable and just so New York.
Disappearing store fronts. This stunning book, which features everyone’s apartments and makes tu feel good and sad at the same time. my spot is on page.
Chronicles of old New York. Includes city walks and tales that make you believe in and embrace the New York that was here and alive just before yours.
Ray Ban aviators. never go out of style. just like this city. and this friend of yours.




For the Gypsy Soul.

The Vinyl
mujer divina, natalia lafourcade. This woman. This album. She reinterpreted renowned folk singers , reimagined, breathed new life into. I could die within he grooves of this vinyl and my life would be so beautifully validated. Also. I bought the last available vinyl for less than $80, but trust me it’s worth it. Get yours for your favorite Gypsy soul.
an antique suitcase. functional? no of course not. beautiful and an ideal addition for the temporary nesting place of a wandering soul? you betcha. try dobbin st co-op and copper and plaid to snag one.
a mexican blanket. for warmth, for picnics, for meditation, for wrapping up in the arms of a lover you have discovered and want to continue discovering. this one is from dobbin st. co-op and no they didn’t sponsor this post i just really fucking like them k?
these beautiful compasses. engraveable on three different sides. ship in two days from istanbul. to offer a little direction when they’re seeking it.
make them a coin necklace with a coin from your travels, or from theirs, or from yours together.
a leather journal to accompany them on their adventures.
this book, by italo calvino. invisible cities. it’s a series of letters written by marco polo to kublai khan, who at the time could sense the end of his empire was approaching. marco polo sent him letters from cities he saw all over the world, in hopes that it would ignite a sense of hope, purpose, and wonder in kublai. this is the perfect gift for the gypsy soul and wandering spirit. get yours at word.
your own passport. hahaha jk it just looked good in the pic.



For the Writer.

they’re always working on the next project. and maybe sometimes you think that might be you.
The Vinyl.
leon bridges’s deep, soulful melodies have a relentlessly vintage feel that will keep their minds and hearts open as long as they keep it spinning.
polaroid note cards, a stack of for all of their correspondence needs.
a leather journal, this one happens to be from florence. that is ideal, but if not, try to get one that’s handmade right in our lovely little town. sturdy, delicate, and full of potential.
chasers of light, by tyler knott gregson. his beautiful and simple prose will leave you constantly fighting the urge to put the book down and pick up a pen while constantly craving the next word he says.
a hand-typed poem. because writers like words. pick one out that seaks to them. this one, of course, is the relentlessly simple “this is just to say” by william carlos williams.
quotable magnets. cheesy? whatever fine then don’t get them this. but i like to make sure anyone who comes into my kitchen knows that “the only people for me are the mad ones”
these beautiful compasses. engraveable on three different sides. ship in two days from istanbul. to offer a little direction when they’re seeking it.
a 35mm camera, for the slow and observant photographer. and some film too, if you can find it these days.
a sturdy hat. because writers should wear hats, lest their thoughts and words just scatter into the wind.
oh and, a natural little decorative piece to place upon their desk. antlers are my preference, but just search around dobbin st co-op or copper + plaid vintage on manhattan ave. you’ll find something perfect.

For your partner in crime.

The one you keep close because she knows too much, or maybe just enough. she’s the you you want to be and also maybe already are. you’re the same but perfect compliments. so give her these things.
the vinyl.
because the walkmen are the greatest rock band of our generation, next to the national. and this album is everything.
this vintage arrow, from dobbin st co-op, to give her some direction. and protection against intruders. of whom we are all just steps away from or voluntarily towards.
you are a badass, the book and the mentality. Jen sinceros voice presents the secret of the secret with more passion, vibrancy, and ferocity than it even knew it contained. buy one for you and one for her at word in greenpoint.
this evil eye to protect her from evil spirits and bad intentions. and, you know, to generally keep an eye on things. shown here from the grand bazaar in istanbul, get yours at union sq holiday market.
just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean she doesn’t need dope shades. these, from madewell.
a beautiful embodiment of things that we hold in high regard, love, style, life from the lovely garance dore. get this book. from powerhouse arena.
the most perfect gift, a railroad spike cuff. made in new york and engravable, from giles and brother. get- her favorite city, or you know, be part of the cool kids club. #nbo
A subway silhouette of her favorite city. Yeah. I know perfect gift. found at the union square holiday mArket.
when in doubt, candle. candle. this one embodies the warm, inviting, and necessarily invigorating nature of the season. from burson and Reynolds.
a totem. yeah. a fucking totem. why? because we are solo travelers. seeking adventure and connection in equal doses. give her something that embodies that belief. my preferred totem, this guy of course. #whyisntthatelephantalwaysthere


be merry, brooklyn. it’s what we’re here for.


10-13 december 2015


things i’m doing this weekend… other than ruining every child’s image of santa by throwing up and being distinctly un-jolly on everyone’s favorit city-wide bar crawl…

Holiday Warm-Up with the NBBC, GreenpointScreen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.59.48 PM
if you haven’t been to one of their parties, or worse, on one of their free kayak tours, you are missing out on more than potentially ingesting contaminants of the newtown creek 🙂  seriously though, the north brooklyn boat club has managed to bring so much of what i miss about virginia to a hidden corner of north greenpoint- down to earth people, kayak/canoe tours, seasonal outdoor parties with live music, outhouses that consist of a pile of sawdust and… a scoop. mmmm. home! anyway, let’s combat this oncoming cold weather and look forward to all becoming (or renewing) our memberships with the NBBC- $36 gives you free access to their canoes, kayaks, paddles, and hearts. for an entire year. head down to dirck the norseman to find out more, over beers! 7-11pm, 7 n. 15th st.

Live Jazz and Gypsy Dinner, Le Fanfare in Greenpoint
i can’t say enough about this place. amazing food, live jazz every friday, saturday, and sunday night. a burrata that will make you want to trade in all of your gold and become a traveling gypsy and a seared octopus that feels like a hug from 4 people at once. go, saturday night, and be charmed by the musical stylings of the honey bees. of whom i am a huge le fan. 8.30-11pm, 1103 manhattan ave.


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