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A Perfect Hair Day, Everyday | Living Proof Dry Shampoo

It’s august. and in New York that means it’s humid as hell and the heat is relentless, oppressive, and we never stop sweating. it also means long days at the beach, workouts just long enough to look good on long days at the beach, and of course, social schedules that are more packed than the L train in the morning.
with all of these seductive summertime pleasures fighting for our attention, we demand a beauty routine that helps us stay fresh and looking fly effortlessly. I’m here to let you in on a little secret.
you already know that my longest running and imprenetrably monogamous relationship is with my perfume, that i’ll stop eating before i stop buying better than sex mascara, and that nars blush in orgasm is my second favorite way to keep my cheeks flushed (i mean, come on…) however, these products make me feel and look good, but there’s only one i’ve found that has truly saved me countless hours.
I wash my hair once a week, and I haven’t had one bad hair day yet this summer. not one. how? living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo. it’s $20 and worth every penny, even on my budget. which is tight to say the least. however i will and have sacrificed anything else before I stop buying this product. i buy mine from sephora or amazon, depending on how often i find myself in manhattan… which is becoming almost never.
yes, does that mean potentially risking your hair smelling of too many lovers? just keep your tracks covered baby. you’ll be looking to good for them to care anyway.
<3 liz, with the good hair.

Get Fresh with Me | Summertime Beauty Picks

it’s hot as hell out there, and let’s just say that in brooklyn, it ain’t a dry heat. let me show you how to get fresh and do it right this season. let’s shed our traditional beauty products along with our inhibitions because that’s what warm weather is made for. strip down your skin routine to a swipe of concealer, a dusting of blush, a  few coats of heavy-hitting mascara and a sneaky bronzing mousse. i’ll show you how here, with my tried-and-true, trusty dusty, hopeful and heartful partners-in-crime. proceed with caution… i’d hate to see you cheat on those beauty products you’ve pledged lifelong allegiance to… (but i promise not to tell)
rosé won’t just be in your glass this season… these rose-based beauty finds will bring a fresh, floral, and romantic way to get your skin glowing in-between moments of love and lust.


Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist, by Herbivore
the perfect warm-weather alternative to heavy moisturizers, this coconut water, hibiscus flower, and rose water magic spray will have you feeling so fresh, you’ll have to watch your mouth, and actively try not to wink at every young hottie in your path. (or you know, don’t hold back.) i get mine from the new stand in union square, $16 (must be purchased in-store, but subscribe to their daily musings, audibly-inspiring playlists, and eye-opening news stories, daily.)


Rose Face Mask by Fresh. 
when i can’t get a facial (which is pretty much always), an at-home mask is an indulgent answer when paired with a nice rose and some natalia laforcade on the record player. this one is infused with real rose petals, so it smells like a dream and leaves you with a healthy glow and the distinct understanding that a rose by any other name, if an infused-facial-mask-form, would likely smell as sweet (but you’d never admit it). this one is from sephora – get yours now, full-size $62, travel size free if you smile real sweet (and have that VIB account… which i’m equally not proud of and also oh-so-proud of.)


Corrective Concealer by Hourglass.
you know that feeling when you find a beauty product that you know you’ll stand by for the rest of your life? this one-step concealer swept me beneath the eyes and then directly off my feet the other day when my normal bobbi brown concealer was rather fortunately out of stock. within an instant i swapped my primer + concealer + setting powder system for this sleek and powerful little warrior of a concealer. he’ll hide everything you’ve got and do it with a wink and a smile. the secret is a slightly-irridescent rose undertones that reflect light and hide darkness. which means you don’t ask questions, just comfortably trust that all your secrets are hidden. for $37 it can be yours at sephora.


NARS Blush in Orgasm.
the only time you should ever fake an orgasm is with the natural glow and facial high stimulated by this longstanding instutituion of blushes. perfect for every skin tone, light and irridescent, this is a lifelong commitment made to see you through those moments when your mouth writes checks that your body can’t cash and you kind of don’t give a shit. you deserve at least the glow that you might not (but should) be receiving daily. buy this one now from nordstrom. $30


Better than Sex Mascara, by Too Faced.
ok so it’s not better than sex… but it is the closest thing that you can purchase legally that i’ve found. this mascara is a godsend – volumizing, lengthening, thickening, dramatic. with little to no stimulation other than a reliable thrust into the ink pot. add a little primer foreplay for best results. i get mine from sephora, $23.


Pret-a-Powder, by Bumble and Bumble.
the holy grail of hair savers – it’s dry shampoo, style extendor, and volumizer all in one, and of course, bumble and bumble does it best. i keep a travel size in my bag at all times to fight flatness and grease like the plague, and for an instant confidence booster that says “yeah you know, maybe i did just have sex in the bathroom.” residue-free and relentless, it’s the other white powder you’re hiding in your bag that will keep you smiling and feeling good all night long. best purchased from the source right here. travel size $13, full size (and last you long time!) $27.


Sea Salt Soap by Swedish Dream.
this is the greatest soap i’ve ever used, no exaggeration. it has tiny, invigorating grains of salt in the soap for a sensual exfoliation with a light and clean scent that is fresh and energizing. and i can’t deny the perfection of their packaging. i get mine from The New Stand in Union Square Metro Station, $9.


Bronzing Mousse by St. Tropez
listen, let’s all just get over the stigma surrounding self-tanners. yes, there have been some massive mistakes on the market, but they are here to help us achieve that healthy, sunkissed glow that we know now is something that unfortuantely we need to avoid receiving in the natural way. the good news? they’ve evolved to create naturally beautiful products that won’t leave you looking like an oompa loompa. so free your skin from another layer of powder and toss that bronzer to the side. this mousse gives your skin a natural-looking tint. it goes on evenly and looks oh-so-natural. plus a little goes a long way, so it lasts forever. best from ulta, $18 for the traveler, which has last me an entire year (and counting!)
bulgari omnia

scentsible monogamy | choose a perfume, mate for life

I’m not asking you about your relationship status or your weekend habits. I don’t want to hear you complain that all your friends are married and “I mean come on, what is the rush?? they’re just bored…” and I certainly don’t want to hear you bumble on about what happned on your last tinder meetup over a coffee and a bagel, ok Cupid?
but I do want to talk about monogamy, from a scentsible perspective. before you are 30, it is important to choose a mate, for life- in the form of perfume. and to be quite honest, 30 is a bit late, regardless of whether or you live in the city or the suburbs, if you’re career-oriented or family-focused, because you’ve already made your mark and left your memory and if it has been a series of different scents well… you are only as strong as those foggy scent memories are combined.
this monogamy comes with no excuses- choose one, stick to it, where it everyday. your perfume proceeds you and lingers long after you are gone. It becomes part of your clothing, your attitude, your aura, the sheets of your lover… as both the catalyst of memory recall and toward the brink of insanity for those who will never get over you.
it is fucking important.
let your dating life be messy, let your heart be vagrant. live a bit dangerously. be wild and free. this is your 20s. 30s. 40s. life. this is your life.
however, choose one perfume. ONE. only.
how to find your perfect scent mate
1. get some direction here. scent profiles are all rooted in the following categories:
  • Citrus – fresh and a tad bitter. light and aromatic. orange blossom and lemon.
  • Floral – single flower of a bouquet, think fresh, feminine, romantic. also includes playful fruity notes.
  • Oriental – seductive and warm. amber fragrances of vanilla and smoke.
  • Chypre – rich and distinguished, this scent lingers. patchouli and bergamot.
  • the perfumed court is a fantastic resource to do a bit of research.
  1. go to the perfume counter. ask for help. try to put into words what you like and don’t like. and yes, use the coffee beans. olfactory exhaustion is even worse than visionary, and we all know how blind you get wandering around the MoMA for too long.
  1. test. test in all situations. dab (don’t rub!) some on your wrists and neck in the morning, on the weekend, in the office, at the gym, on a date, with a lover. sweat, dance, pant. wear pants. don’t wear pants. test. think of this as your entire dating life in just a few weeks, choosing a different adventure every 2 days.
  1. commit and don’t look back.

you do have a one month grace period. if you must, get the relationship anulled. but not longer than that.

and i will be here basking happily with my mate and judging you.

which, of course, is bvlgari omnia crystalline. refreshing and complex, sensual but never lingering too long. fresh, familiar.

smell ya later, bk.