sweet and sudden.

IMG_3904I could live off of hope alone
And sometimes I do, i think.To get lost in a day dream
Of someone or some place
The way it will feel, of how it could taste.
In this dream of you, I’ll hide.
Until tomorrow I think.
Until it leaves me.

And if I see it vanishing I’ll grasp it, I’ll chase it
This light I prefer to keep with me.
It’s familiar and yet each time I’m surprised
With its return, a soft knock at the door,
a sudden entrance, an unexpected greeting, an indefinite timeline.
With each sunrise and sunset I risk the end of its stay
I see it fade
It’s the part I hate.
When hopes turn to dust and there’s nothing to grasp
No light to chase
No tenant, no trace.
and I’ll resign myself to be hungry again.
with just a taste, I’ll spend my life searching
for hope’s sweet and sudden embrace.

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