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Thaw Out and Refresh Your Space | Brooklyn, I’m Trying.

Springtime is a sensory explosion. The colors, scents, flavors, sounds. Everything hits us at once with brunt and welcome force, breaking through winter’s cocoon. we are thawed out, we are reborn, we are alive again.

springtime is born from an outside metamorphosis, but to feel it fully, we must bring this freshness indoors. open the windows, air out your floral kimonos, turn up the record player,  dance, breathe, move, be. for the first time since the solstice.

spring cleaning comes with some unpleasant connotations (just like any cleaning truly in my book…) and we all know that a well-kept house is a sign of a misspent life. as the weather warms, let’s take the heft out of spring cleaning and let the light back in. we know our wine-drinking and love-making will increase exponentially with the rising temperatures, so let’s brush a few things under the rug while we freshen up our interiors in anticipation of a seasonal transition.

here’s how to welcome spring without spending the weekend cleaning out closets, beating rugs, and overall, doing the things that i haven’t planned out for you this weekend ūüėɬ†it’s not a spring cleaning, it’s a spring awakening, and it starts from within. invigorate your senses and read on.

see it to believe it…
sight is such an important catalyst to our understanding of the vernal changing of the guard. budding trees, the first sight of knees, no more atm fees (just go with it… creates a warm feeling, doesn’t it?) and there’s no better way to welcome these signs of the season than to bring fresh flowers into your home. my new favorite local crush is ode a la rose, a shop run by two french men who were looking to bring the art of the french bouquet to the US. while i’m usually one who steers clear of roses, these two are visionaries that have brought this seemingly stale stem back into the limelight. if you can’t make it to their shop here, their flowers are delivered in water to guarantee the freshest and happiest bunch.

open your ears…
nature offers us our best sounds of spring- birds singing, waves crashing, la vie en rose played by a romantic busker along the rue de parnasse, a beating heart close enough to be heard for the first time. but for the sounds that have been meticulously melted into vinyl (however undoubtedly inspired by the sounds of springtime), rely on an indulgent combination of mysticism, folklore and seduction. Natalia Lafourcade here reinterprets the magic-surrealist folk songs of agustin lara with some of our generation’s most prolific musicians. Paul Simon, painting a beautiful and harmonious portrait of New York life; one that has never changed in the audacious perspective of the dreamers.¬†Chet faker, layering on rich melodies and weaving them into the type of soul a girl could get lost in. and does, often and intentionally. These sounds welcome spring, in all of its mysterious and captivating complexity.

just a taste…
the warmer temperatures give me an immediate craving for rose and all wines sparkling. oh, and that’s it. complete diet change. thus if it’s a rose cava, life is complete. brighten up that rioja and add some effervescence to your life. my favorites here are the all-too drinkable and¬†photographable, les dauphins reserve, purchased from my no-frills friends at polemost on manhattan ave. or the rose cava (just ask them the name!) from dandelion wines, which i used to save for special occasions, now i just make every occasion extra special. such as breakfast on saturdays at home.

whoever smelt it…
scent is a very powerful thing, and the last thing we want to do is walk in from a warm and welcoming spring day to a musty cocoon of an apartment. while opening the windows and beating out rugs can do a lot, a little organic decor can do a lot more. fresh flowers inevitably bring a fresh scent and beauty to your space. for a more permanent installation,¬†create a hanging arrangement strictly using air-purifying plants. my favorite varities are viper’s bowstring hemp, spider plants (mostly due to my lack of a green thumb… these puppies are very self-relient), and aloe vera. freshen up your candles in springtime scents from ode a la rose, whose elaborate chambered candles unlock new scents the longer they burn and permeate your entire space (because, let’s be honest… it aint’ that big. #therentistoodamnhigh) visit burson and reynolds for ashby candles, made right in greenpoint! plus plenty of groovy compliments to your new hanging menagerie. and then, of course, inhale.

i gotta feeling…
Digging dirt from beneath yours nails from uncharted hikes. The thrill of planning a trip. The hot breath of a new lover. these are the feelings of springtime, and these feelings you must invite in, dear friend. so to do so, choose outfits that allow you to be ready for anything, but most of all, to get lost… on a trail or bike ride or mountainside somewhere. keep your passport on a holster. book a plane ticket before figuring anything else out. buy hats, for all destinations. and of course, be reckless with your love making. let the light in. it’s mating season, and they’re out there waiting for a mating.