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lover, fighter, raconteur // hustler, writer, entrepreneur


brooklyn, i’m trying

to inspire the adventurous soul, to mobilize wandering feet,

to stimulate the curious mind, to ignite the restless heart.

why do we live in this city? why do we pay astronomically high prices for rent and suffer through extreme and unpredictable weather patterns and learn to simply look away from the homeless man across the platform from us, making the first avenue stop his personal bathroom?
It’s because we want more. We are the fighters, the dreamers, the believers. We crave mischief and tacos  in dangerously unbalanced proportions. we have trouble looking our colleagues in the eye at a wednesday morning meeting because we were at the box until 5am. we chase burrata recommendations around the city so passionately, trying to find the one we want to crawl onto the plate with and be softly and silently enveloped into bliss. we relentlessly consume music, in dingy, hidden warehouses that entrance us until 8am, and in the back of hidden speakeasies that somehow make it still feel like smoking indoors is legal and that we, too, are smokers, and in subway stations where boisterous buskers are the only things who can interrupt the momentum of our commute… and that includes babies in strollers.
we seek more. we fight stagnation like the plague. we crave dissatisfaction that breeds desirous exploration.
and quite frankly, we’d be bored anywhere else.
the entire world is at our fingertips in this town, all we have to do is reach for it and then grab it and hang on, tight. i will be the catalyst that puts that world within reach. i will be the answer to the call you didn’t know you made. i will be the words that hang on your lips still long after the whiskey is gone and the cabs have been hailed.
i’m a tireless explorer, a relentless creator, and an impenetrable voice that will help answer the question, without hesitation, of why we live in this city.