29 oct – 1 nov 2015

what i’m doing this weekend… that i hope all melts together into one big monster mash.

first- STOP EVERYTHING and watch this to get you in the mood for a spooky-scary good weekend

Midwest vs NYC (and i’m not talking about baseball…)
i thought the only good thing about the midwest was that it’s the inspiration behind my favorite neighborhood bar? oh, there’s more to it? come see natives of both sides defend their case. 7-9pm at word book store, 126 franklin ave. more info here, ya?
this is even more relevant given our the intensifying situation between us and kansas. #letsfuckinggomets.

colder weather doesn’t have to mean the end of outdoor(ish) films.
Rooftop Film Series at the bushwick generator- check out a variety of spooky short films and the debut of season 2 of “the returned” plus cocktails by new amsterdam vodka and ommegang brewery beers. live music at 830, event free with an rsvp. which can be found right here.

loosen up and summon some spirits because spooky yoga is happening again- this week, even spookier. more info here.


let’s face it- today will likely be spent scrambling around, trying to throw together a last-minute costume attempt. here are some brooklyn stores that can help, without having to battle the insane lines today at ricky’s:
artists + craftsman supply– for all (literally, all) of your crafting needs at insane prices. two entire floors. 761 metropolitan ave.
b.e. yarn– for the seamstress or person who knows one. all of your notions for pulling something together at the last minute. 784 manhattan ave.
workmate and contractor’s aid outlet– seriously. insane the amount of crazy stuff they have here. you will fine something amazing to put on and go out. trust me. 222 calyer st.
dusty rose vintage– vintage finds at thrist store prices. if you can’t find it here, you are destined to dress up as an uncreative, boring individual for halloween. 251 greenpoint ave.
we live in new york. which means halloween, as every single day of the year, presents a choose-your-own-adventure buffet of activities.

Zombie Jamboree
if you’re looking for more of a dark-festival type of party this weekend, check out the zombie jamboree at lot 45 in buschwick. five performances, tarot card readings, face painting, and $100 cash to the best zombie costume. friday, 8pm-4am, $15. get your spook on.

get down and be yourself before you are someone else tomorrow night at the always funky retro-soul dance party at bahche in park slope. check out and warm up for tomorrow. let loose, go wild- no one will recognize you tomorrow. 191 7th st, park slope. no cover, enough said. (but here’s more just in case.)

Dog Costume Party
puppies, costumes, fort greene
. this contest is in its 17th year and keeps getting cuter. GO and howl at the moon with a few of your non-werewolf friends.

Free Makeovers + fun at Space98
let me guess- the pièce de résistance of your costume was going to be really epic makeup and now you’ve watched so many youtube instruction videos and are losing hope, minute by buffering little minute.
fortunately space98 is going to hook you right up. head down to their williamsburg location (hint: this is an urban outfitters, wearing a not-so-clever disguise. but they have pretty dope events, and a rooftop bar.) tarot card readings, nail art, music, and free makeovers– just in time for you to slip flawlessly into your costume and spook on. DO IT.


BangOn! NYC Presents Warehouse of Horrors 2015
you knoBangOn!w what you’re getting here- world-renowned djs, over-the-top decor, 2000 of your ‘closest’ friends, and an all night rave. plus a pretty little price tag to pay for it. but when you’re in the greatest city in the world for halloween, it’s not time to hold back. get your horror fix here.

Fine and Raw- dance party in a chocolate factory
remember when the point of halloween was to get all jacked up on sugar, not alcohol and other substances? fine and raw chocolate combines the best of your halloween intentions with a sweet party in a chocolate factory. party starts at 9pm, $10 at the door. djs, cocktails, cacao. cagao!
Don’t let life disappear before you. Come as you were always dying to be.

I Love Vinyl Halloween Party
looking for something further from the all-night-house-dj and closer to some groovy tunes spinning on a real turn table? check out the I Love Vinyl Halloween Party, 325 franklin ave, at c’mon everybody.
laptop-free since 2009.

Haunted Paddles at the North Brooklyn Boat Club
leave it to our beloved boat club on the newtown creek to throw an inventive and totally badass halloween party. take a haunted canoe tour up to the waters of dutch kills (best name ever). tour guides will give you a history lesson in dracula accents while you try not to tip over into the poisonous waters. (that are of course like that year-round, but tonight seem relevant. festive even!) 437 mcguinness blvd, 7.30pm. details here, paddle on.
Halloween Ball: The Poison Big Apple
bummed that summer warmup is done? and summer in general? MOMA PS1 is still killing it, and this party is easily going to be… killer. djs, performances, costumes, art, queens. GO. MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave, 8pm, $15,

RINSED. sure hope you bought a ticket when they were $20. (have you not been listening to me??)
this. this is my favorite party group and this will be the best event on saturday night. if you haven’t been to one of their events, y

ou have a hell of a lot of catching up to do. join me saturday and i’ll bring you up to speed. get rinsed. secret location (in bushwick, announced a few hours before the event) world-renowned djs, sculpture garden, open bar 11pm-midnight, party goes until sunrise. at least.

Bernie Fest at Cameo Gallery
worth checking out, regardless of your political affiliation. standout stand-up comedians taking a stand for bernie sand. get behind him, or in front of them. and besides, beloved cameo is closing in just a few weeks 🙁   so go as often as you can.
93 North 6th St, 7pm, $8.
you’re seriously looking for something else to do sunday? aren’t you tired? watch game 5 of the world series- it will be the last, and you don’t want to miss a great new york team win a victory 29-years in the making, right here at home.
better yet, bike out to queens. do it. celebrate.

jesus what more do you want?
here and watch this again- and go to sleep or something.

where to eat this weekend
when things get spooky, seek comfort food. try cow + clover, with a menu that will make you feel right at home- if your father was a sustainable farmer and your mother was a culinary school valedictorian. dark wood, open fire, roasted meats, inventive sides. this is what you need this weekend. 291 kent ave- brunch is a good option. along with every other time of day.
where to drink this weekend
contrast the spooky party scene with a dark with cozy cocktails and semi-familiar faces not wearing masks. (there were so many masks this weekend. who the hell is it under there?? an ex-lover? the tax man? an overgrown subway rat??!) try oak + iron on franklin. civil-war era americana decor, bartenders who dodge the bullshit small-talk for real urban insight. and an affinity for making you a cocktail that you can’t argue with. 147 franklin st.

**keep this in mind, scorpios– drink specials at the grand national.
it is our month. let’s run shit.

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