23-26 july 2015

what you should do this weekend… instead of binging on the netflix flavour of the week.


kickstarter arcade competition
have you seen kickstarter’s new(ish) headquarters in greenpoint? because it’s totally rad. here’s a chance to check it out AND play pinball wizard. and have drinks. and corner some kickstarter employee and pitch him one of your keen business ideas.

root studios pool party
you heard of root studios? well they do all sorts of rad stuff you can learn about here. but thursday night, they’re doing a pool party and with a simple rsvp. you can dive right in. do it.

if you haven’t heard, it’s national tequila day. i absolutely will not participate in helping you find a way to take a tequila shot in this city. don’t belittle me or my creative space here. walk approximately 10 steps out your apartment door and i nearly guarantee one will be within reach.

celebrate brooklynjason isbell, prospect park
oh, you don’t like country music? fine then, this is alt-folk-pop-americana. and it’s good for your soul. and it’s free. check it out in prospect park tonight.

are you kidding me?? this is the greatest thing i’ve ever seen. ever. the only option here obviously is to arrive at 6.15am. the only way to arrive at 6.15am anywhere on a saturday is to stay out all night. the only way to do that is to go to some reliable north brooklyn haunt and party until 6. do it. grab a baconeggandcheese and wait in line with your shamu float.

bingo brunch at the grand national– yes, yes, and yes. you do not have to be 65 to enjoy bingo. you do not have to be hungry to enjoy brunch. you do not have to be grand or even from the US to go to the grand national. so go here and partake, with no permission. and win big.

sylvan esso free in prospect park. magic, pure magic. get excited before the show by watching their tiny desk concert, below.

sex tips! you can use them. your partner can use them. everyone can use them. and let’s be honest, we can all use some whiskey. this event combines all of those things– what happens later, well, is left to the imaginations of all those in attendance.

i will not be yogable on sunday. i never am on sundays. you, however, might be! if so, check out free outdoor yoga in prospect park. and be prepared to accept a high-five from me next time we run into each other.

if all you can do is eat and attempt to do a variation of a hula dance sunday because your hips are still loose from the weekend, look no further than the the aloha bbq in fort greene. eat. groove. chill.

sleep. after all of this, consider sleep.

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