22-25 october 2015

things i’m doing this weekend… that don’t involve a club promoter.

Spooky Yoga in a mansion in Bed Stuy- 375 Stuyvesant Avenue, $10 donation
i love a well-juxtaposed situation. how about group yoga in an old mansion in bed stuy? half-calming, half-terrifying- scared to close your eyes but seeking uninhibited concentration.what will you see with your third eye! what won’t you see! are you transcending to another realm or finally reaching a fully-meditative state? was that a collective OM or the moans of the dead? holy shit i don’t know! check it out and loosen up for the rest of your weekend.

Don’t Lose Your Head– $20, brooklyn brewery, 79 N 11th st.
you know you’ve thought about it- how in the hell will prepare for the zombie apocolypse. well come to this networking event with a twist to speak with other young professionals on subjects surrounding sustainable survival, all while sipping bk’s new fall brews straight from the source.
reserve your spot here.
note- trust no one, even if they have a business card. they could in fact be zombies, waiting.

there are literally so many fall food activities happening this weekend, i stopped eating on tuesday.
of last week.

Ghost Story Slumber Party, The Pit, 123 E 24th st. $5
halloween comes early at the part-slumber party part-spooky house. i love a good story, and so do hosts Harmon Leon (VICE, This American Life) and Matt Nagin (A&E, Nat Geo), bringing you this storytelling and comedy event at the pit. sleeping bag not required. be prepared for sporadic hand checks, you dirty little ghost.

Fourth Friday Funk Party
if you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself.
besides, nothing like a venue by the open waters of the gowanus canal to pierce the crisp fall air with a little funky flavor. get to it. because after all- you got soul but… you’re not a soldier.

or, Dance Yrself Clean Party at brooklyn bowl. 61 Wythe Ave. $10
a dance party inspired by the man who’s behind this, this, and this.
and one of the greatest live performances of all time, of which my favorite track is here.
just go.
(note: you must get dirty before you can properly dance yrself clean. so, figure it out.)

AND- free entry to Good Room with rsvp tonight!
good room- my favorite place to do bad things.™

Smorgasburg LIVES!
smorgasburg gets industrialized down at industry city.
there is something really amazing about sunset park- the vast open views of the sky, the sprawling, mostly empty warehouse spaces right on the water, the crystal-clear view of the lady- and after- head upstairs to the Industry City Distillery for some amazing vodka and a damn interesting chemistry lesson. reserve a spot here.

Farm to Fork Festival

Screen shot 2015-10-23 at 6.19.40 PM

ah. such a wonderful time of year to celebrate the harvest- the annual gathering and procuri

ng of all the wonder and beauty and life of summer and to put it to death in a fitful celebration.

here’s my favorite way to do it- eat it. eat your bounty.

Cheese Tasting at Eastern District
had a hard night last night? feel like having a smooth, soft, cheesy kind day? DONE- ricotta tasting. go. at my favorite little cheese haven in NoGreePo.

Same-Day Play, 367 Bedford Ave, $5
this city is so full of theater, but how often do we really appreciate it? other than the inevitable drama being a 20- or 30- or 40- naturally bestows upon us? check out same-day play, a 10-person cast tasked with writing and performing a play all in the same day. $5, will be totally worth your while.

Greenpointers Fall “Foliage and Foragers” Market!GP_Fall_Market2015_Smalltxt275px
1-7pm, free!- 67 west street, in the greenpoint loft
local merchants + artisans, food + drinks, arts + crafts. plus, tarot cards! don’t leave your aura at home.
who knew that mike’s hott honey plus sailor jerry’s rum equals a deliciously spicy buttered rum concoction? and don’t miss greenpoint brewery’s fall “flannel shirt IPA”- which, much like a flannel shirt, is rustic, warming, and common around these parts- but when you find a damn good one, it stands out like everyone waiting for brunch at five leaves right now.
drag your hungover ass out of bed and go. GO.

St. Vitus Halloween Market
from the venue that always offers up a heavy amount of screaming, they bring you a spooky halloween flea market sure to excite you. new, handmade, and vintage finds help ensure that you’ll have something to bring home this holiday season. help your apartment transition to that cozy fall vibe in style.

where to eat this weekend: Le Fanfare
from the people who brought you episrophy in nolita, comes this charming new italian spot in NoGreePo. the owner felt that greenpoint had the same cultural and artistic charm that nolita had 20 years ago, so chose to open his only other restaurant right on manhattan ave. live jazz will bring you in, fresh fish and homemade pasta will make you stay, the inventive sparkling cocktails will keep you coming back. go, before word gets out.

where to drink (and cry) this weekend: Tandem. this buschwick mainstay, known to be the first “hipster” bar in buschwick and thus sparking the gentrification of the beloved and offbeat community, will be closing its doors forever as- alas- now it’s even too expensive for them to stay. go and commiserate with all your favorite bushwick cronies while you discuss how far east you’re willing to move, if astoria is the new bushwick, if you can crash on someone’s couch for the next to days while you host an airbnb guest… don’t pay your bar tab, chain yourself to a barstool- let’s all go down with the ship.


LYM_Alone Together II

reasons to cross the river this weekend: (there are TWO.)
Alone, Together photography exhibit at the LES print shop
i love how tangible this feeling is, always, living in new york.
i once marveled at a description about how within your first year living in new york, you will cry in public and everyone will politely ignore you. we are both alone and surrounded, all the time. and that’s why we also crave those simple greetings, genuine smiles, or suggestive stares shared on the subway, sidewalk, laundromat. this exhibit showcases just that- go alone, or with someone. we’re all in this together after all. show runs through nov. 15, more info here.

last chance to check out Dan Flavin’s “Situation” at the David Zwirner Gallery
the david zwirner gallery has a reputation for curating amazingly disorienting spatial experiences within its gallery space- like this one, earlier this year. this is the last weekend to see what all the buzz is about over dan flavin’s fluourescent installation. so go, before 8pm on saturday.

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