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Month: August 2017

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The (Labor Day!) Weekend Guide | 31-3 September 2017

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you’ve come a long way, baby. been laborin’ hard all summer, workin’ on that tan, practicing those moves, moving those hips, loosening those lips, sinking those ships and dancing til dawn and making love and drinking rose all the hours in between. and now you can finally collect the fruits of your labor on this magical 4-day weekend filled with music and magic, backyard barbecues and rooftop ragers, long beach days with obnoxiously large inflatables, and nudity.

yep. gonna be that kind of weekend. so strip down, turn on, tune in, drop out and explode.

(further instructions below…)




north brooklyn farmsSunset Beer Garden at North Brooklyn Farm in Williamsburg.

ugh, well, thanks north brooklyn farm for depressing me with that reminder that thursday will mark the last day and consequent sunset of august. makes me want to drown my sorrows with kcbc beers and seasonal wines and the most famous skyline in the world, backlight and illuminated while me and all of my friends and lovers hold hands and dance well into the moonrise. ah, you know, maybe life ain’t so bad after all. come commiserate with me at the sunset beer garden pop-up at north brooklyn farms. it’s all happening from 5-10pm. free entry, picnics welcome. all info here. 320 kent ave at north bk farms, where it’s goin’ down (the sun, that is) at the pop-up.


broken spoon pop up at the diamond

Broken Spoon Pop-Up Dinner at the Diamond in Greenpoint. 
sometimes i feel like my entire life is just one big search for pork buns. and then, sometimes i don’t. regardless i get really fucking happy when i find them, and especially when they roll their little pillowy buns of joy right into the backyard of my favorite spot in brooklyn, and inevitably pair themselves up with a perfect beer and each finds its way into my hands and then straight down the hatch. (this is getting weird.) (i’m drinking rose). YEP, the diamond’s weekly pop-up dinner welcomes good friend roos from broken spoon and all of the pork buns your greasy little hands can grab and all the beers your saturated little liver can handle. eat em up, drink em up, beat em up (at shuffleboard) then meet me in the gondola where we will share pork buns and secrets. #porkbunsandsecrets  43 franklin st. 


pizza wine movie night at rooftop reds
Rooftop Movie Night: Back to the Future at Rooftop Reds in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 
be present thursday night atop new york’s only rooftop winery with a glass in hand, slice in the other, and christopher lloyd screaming alongside you. rooftop reds is back at it with wine-pizza-movie night, this month featuring back to the future. come and relax in the hammocks, or barefoot in the astroturf, or just play cornhole or dirty balls or grab ass during the film to piss people off. it’s labor day weekend baby. you earned this, so take it however you want to take it. tickets $30 and include 2 slices of pizza and a glass of wine, plus the film. available here299 sands st.
fish brew and bbq in prospect park
Fish, Brew and BBQ in Prospect Park
there’s nothing better than some good fishing, be it a clothing line or a casted line, sitting on the dock and drinking beers with your mates and talking about the one that got away. (what was her name again?) it’s the perfect way to slowly welcome you to your long weekend. go to the prospect park fish, brew, bbq in prospect park. fishing lessons available for all you city slickers, plus poles and bait. live music, drinks, food. life is motherfucking good. all info here.
 underground soundsystem under the archway
Live at the Archway: Underground Soundsystem, in DUMBO. 
the very word underground makes folks in brooklyn come a-runnin’. underground dance party? bury me baby. underground sex club? my pants are already down. underground dinner society? tease me, please me, feed me. this thursday underground soundsystem plays under the archway of the manhattan bridge. their sound is engaging, aggressive, and guaranteed to make you move. it’s free, 6-9pm. more info here, under the archway of the manhattan bridge in DUMBO. live at the archway – the only way to get over it is to get under it.™
ice cream party at mofad
Ice Cream Party at the Museum of Food and Drink, Williamsburg. 
i don’t really believe that ice cream has a season or particularly needs a reason. so let’s not pretend like ice cream will lose its sweetness once the temperature drops, or that we’ll miss that obnoxious mister softee music (heLLOO?!) let’s just realize that we’re all screaming for it, all the time, and there’s no place better to do it than at the MoFaD ice cream party this thursday night. author stella parks will be talking about her new book and the evolution of ice cream in america. go, get some free treats, beers from bk brewery and scream your motherfucking head off. do it. we’ll all do it. because it’s ice cream. all info here62 bayard st. 


Taco or Beer Challenge at the Well in Bushwick.

people like to judge those who over indulge in tacotuesday, and tacwednesday, and thacothursday and… ok well you know. and they also love to hate on those of us who like to enjoy a beer, or 5, most days. but unfortunately the sickening stigma surrounding abortions runs much much deeper. in our current political environment, we are quickly losing access to this vital right and thus the voice and movement from those opposed is getting stronger. come and #revelwithacause by over indulging in tacos and beer and support access to abortions at the taco and beer challenge at the well this friday. proceeds go to the New York Abortion Access Fund. all info here, 7-10pm, 272 meserole at the well. be like timmy, fall into the well.™


le fanfare, greenpoint

Live Music, Dinner, and Seductive Cocktails at Le Fanfare in NoGreePo. 

come get yourself a fancy little cocktail made from my fancy little hands at the fanciest spot in NoGreePo, le fanfare. live music 830-1030 and burrata so fresh you’ll want to smack it. but you won’t, of course. read my ridiculously enthusiastic review here (disclaimer: this was written before i started working there. now it’s even better than it was then.) then come. 1103 manhattan ave.


Motion Studies, Tmboy and Olmsburgh at C’mon Everybody in Williamsburg.

weird disco. even in a city as wildly dynamic as new york, how often is our nightlife routine completely shaken up, if not in a cocktail shaker? ok well maybe every time you go to house of yes but with that one exception, it’s not often. make that change this friday night with … he performs at … and his sound has been described as one that “matches tribal-flavored fills and a yearning, wordless vocal melody with a synthetic four-on-the-floor pulse that pumps liquid-mercury synths” thank you, idolator. trust me, go to this show. lose your mind. it’s the weekend. tickets $8/10 available here325 franklin ave at c’mon everybody, where it’s better than comin’ on nobody. (that was gross) (don’t care)



every body party at north brooklyn farmsEvery Body Party at North Brooklyn Farms, Williamsburg.

food, drinks, music, dancing, sunsets along the east river and boozy fucking popsicles. i really don’t need to say anything else. be there, at north brooklyn farms, for their fifth and final every body party. get your body there. then fill it with frozen booze and dance all night. tickets, $10 available here.  320 kent ave.

Makossa Cookout at Our Wicked Lady in Bushwick. 

summer is ending. and that fucking sucks. but what doesn’t suck is that we can still pack in as much rooftop parties and cookouts we can until the air turns crisp. head to our wicked lady saturday evening for their end of summer makossa cookout. food, drinks, those really amazing frozen cocktails they make, dancing, and love. free before 4pm, $5 after. other info here. 4pm-late. 153 morgan ave. 


the diamond greenpoint
COME TO DIAMOND, I’m working!
yep. taking back my saturday post, at least this week. come by the best little bar in brooklyn. have an expertly poured beer from my hands, or wine or cider. play shuffleboard, chill in the backyard, make out in the shift starts at 8 and goes ’til late. 43 franklin st. 



union hall reopening celebration

Union Hall Reopening Celebration with DJ Bengey, Park Slope. 
for as many nights as we burned the house down on the dance floor at union hall, it suffered a real fire 4 months ago and finally reopened two weeks ago. dj bengey holds down his residence saturday nights on the 1’s and 2’s and also is reportedly the on-call fireman, just in case. let’s all rally around this beloved park slope institution and help them make up for that lost time by dancing our asses off and spending our monies at the bar. bengey starts at 11.30 and won’t stop until you stop. more info here702 union st. 



Taxidermy and Etymology Class with Brooklyn Taxidermy in Greenpoint. 
i have an agreement with my cat. just before he breathes his last breath, he promised to whisper in my ear “it’s time” and i wil go get the hemlock and then we will both go together. morbid? whatever. anyway, what i’m saying is, taxidermy isn’t for me because the only creature i want perched forever by my side in a glassy state of permanent pouncing is my little bearcat. and i will not live to see that happen. but if YOU would like to have some permanently mid-pouncing glassy-eyed animal hanging out with you for all eternity, learn how here at Brooklyn Taxidermy. 2-6pm, more info here681 morgan ave. 

the heartland passage tour
The Heartland Passage Tour : Documentary Screening and Barge Party in Red Hook. 
let’s face it – most of the barges in this town are overrun with douchies with croakies drinking tecates and bitching about absolutely everything. what is it with bros and floating bars? i just don’t get it. however, this party will be definitively void of that crowd, but very present with inspiration, libations, and good vibrations. come to new york’s only screening of Boom and Bust : America’s Journey on the Erie Canal, a documentary about the erie canal, on a barge in a waterway that is just as influential to us. listen to some live folk music. celebrate summertime. $15 tickets and info here. 8-11pm, 290 conover st.



Virginia Tech vs WVU. 

virginia tech plays west virginia university at 730pm. this legendary rivalry competes on the eipic stage of fedex field and your girl will be watching at barley on manhattan ave in greenpoint and she’d love for you to be there, wearing orange and marroon and shaking your keys and cheering on the country’s best football team. that is including all nfl teams, fyi. because fuck the nfl.



Labor Day Extravaganza at House of Yes, Bushwick. 

no one does and end-of-summer party like house of yes. actually no one does any kind of party during any season or consequent ending of wuch like house of yes. because it’s the best venue in brooklyn and it’s where you want to be this monday. wear your americana gear and be ready to dance for 12 hours straight. 2pm-2am. tickets and info here. 2 wyckoff ave at house of yes, where they put the sensual in consensual.™



your only #reasontocrosstheriverthisweekend is this dope waterfront beach cookout party at la marina in manhattan.  tickets somehow range from $15-400, so choose your own adventure, booze your own adventure, reap the fruits of all of your labor and make love to a stranger. because as the temperature cools, so will our summertime flings. go out with a bang. tickets and info here, see you there 😉  348 dyckman st.


the weekend guide brooklyn i'm trying

The Weekend Guide | 24-27 August 2017

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I see you, brooklyn… with your tanned skin and summertime grin and that cool confidence, spreading yourself so thin to just enough people not to get caught. daaaaamn, you bad.
I know what you’ve been doing this summer. well yeah because I’m your unofficial social coordinator but also because I’ve been doing that too. we all have. it’s summertime in brooklyn and no one can get enough.
this sweet summertime and all of its irrepressible mischief is slipping away. which blows. but you know what’s good? we’ve still got a few weekends left, and we have each other. and even as seasons change, we won’t. not us. not ever.
stay with me, because I’ve made plans. your weekend guide awaits and will fill in all of these lines with colors and life and music and magic and soul, baby. and trust me when I say it will look so so good on you.
face it, there’s not much time left. so let’s go.


barba italian pop up at the diamond greenpoint
Barba Italian Pop-Up Dinner at the Diamond in Greenpoint.
please repeat after me, out loud: mama mia! that’s a one a spicy meat-a-ball-a!  i’m serious man, do it. trust me it feels so good rolling off your lips… just like what will be rolling back into them tonight, at the diamond. it’s their weekly international-pop up dinner, and this week they welcome BarBa, bringing their down-home italian cooking right into your favorite neighborhood bar. you know what pairs best with meatballs? diamond dave’s perfectly-curated menu of draft beers. dinner starts at 7pm, info here, now get there, have a ball, then #meetmeinthegondola.
where to watch the solar eclipse in brooklyn
Solar Eclipse and New Moon Workshop at Daya Yoga Studio in Bushwick. 
So the eclipse is over and we are all left with goofy glasses that we had to kill a few people for and are also said to expire in three years (wtf) and won’t be needed again for 28 years, and the stories of all of our experiences viewing the eclipse on monday are all “no, I mean, yeah, it was cool! It was. It was…cool.” So now what do we do? Well, all of that crazy cosmic energy hasn’t left us, so follow my guide here of ways to ride the cosmic wave, and then head to this workshop at Daya Yoga Studio on how to harness the energy from the solar eclipse and new moon. all info here, 8-10pm. 360 jefferson st. 


Ritual Talk, the Roofers’ Union and the RFA at Friends + Lovers in Bushwick. 
Looking to adopt a different strategy, a fresh approach, a new ritual for your Thursday night? the best way to do it is through live music and a fantastic venue with all of your best friends and newfound lovers. psychedelic indie rock band ritual talk plays tonight.spark your curiosity here by reading our good friend Ollie Willem’s exclusive interview with the band herethen see them live joined by their friends the roofers’ union and the rfa. the show starts at 8pm. all info here641 classon ave.



dreamy dance party by BoC at cape house bushwickDreamy Dance Party by BoC at Cape House in Bushwick. 
ah, you know what sounds like a sweet summertime dream? a dope dance party with all of your favorite people at a charming clam shack on a little party peninsula in bushwick with a huge terrace, an unpretentious downstairs dance hall, and exceptional tequila shots. yeah, that sounds like a fucking dream. and it’s one that you can make a reality this friday night at cape house. come to their dreamy dance party by Black on Canvas and featuring Yusuf Siddiquee, Mayve, Looms, and Bottler. it all starts at 8pm, but between you and me, the tequila starts flowing when they open at noon and often (too often) doesn’t stop until you do. all info here, 2 knickerbocker ave at cape house. where you don’t need a cape to be fly


late night breakfast at videology with my cousin vinnyLate Night Breakfast at Viedology with My Cousin Vinny, Williamsburg.
“Sure, Sure, I’ve heard of grits. I’ve just never actually…seen a grit before.” Vinny Gambini
admittedly, i love juxtaposing new yorkers with southerners and giving each a heavy helping of exaggeration when doing so. that is why my cousin vinny is one of the funniest films ever mad if you’re a southerner living in new york. come to videology friday night and watch the film with a bowl of slow-cooked grits and “realize that grits exist and should be a breakfast staple for every New Yorker. And as any good southerner knows, they’re best enjoyed with lots of butter and late at night after you’ve had a few drinks.” words put oh-so-perfectly on videology’s event announcement. show starts at 9.15pm. tickets and info here, $16. 308 bedford ave. 


dance yourself clean at music hall of williamsburg
Dance Yrself Clean at Music Hall of Williamsburg.
dance yourself clean, or dirty, or into a new state of confusion where hygiene is relative and being north american scum is something we revel in and daft punk is fucking playing at my house, my house. yeah, it’s a dance party where all the tunes are of the same funky fresh feeling of lcd soundsystem – think chvrches, miike snow, empire of the sun, RAC, blood orange, etc etc etc. (let’s all go to this event. and dance. to music inspired by the greatest band of all time.) 10pm, tickets $12, available here66 n 6th st. don’t let that address scare you. (but also don’t let it not scare you.)



MoMA PS1 summer warm up

PS1 Summer Warm-Up, Long Island City.
This LIC summertime party institution also has a permanent residency on my weekend guide, from now through labor day. so i recommend checking the schedule and either choosing based on the tunes or your own availability (this is not a “oh i have a few hours, i’ll check it out” kind of affair. it will take all of your saturday and at least 3/4 of the mental space of your sunday. and it will all be worth it.) tickets here. i’m already heatin’ up.
oh and don’t forget to check out the tent of secrets, located in the back of the arboretum in the sculpture garden.
this is the tent of secrets.

afropunk fest brooklyn

Afropunk Fest at Commodore Barry Park on Flushing Ave in Brooklyn.


jazz age lawn party nyc

The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island. 

Ah isn’t every weekend in Brooklyn kind of a choose-your-own-adventure experience? we’ll never it been more apparent than this Saturday and Sunday, where you can choose your own adventure, destination, experience and surroundings. both aftopunk fest and the jazz age lawn party at commodore barry park and governors island, respectably. get down with dope beats and a funky fresh Brooklyn music fest that has been called he most multicultural festival in the world, or a 1920s-inspired, costumes (basically) required, flashy and flappery lawn party complete with finger sandwiches and muted trumpets and trumpled mutants (that part was a joke. but paints a funny picture, doesn’t it?) and class class class. choose your own adventure here for afropunk fest and here for jazzy agey and lawny things. both are happening Saturday and Sunday. see you, you funky fancy son of a bitch. at one place or the other.


 rinsed coke yacht
RINSED’s Annual Coke Yacht Boat Party, The Hudson River.
listen, don’t shoot the messenger. or, you know, pass judgement on the messenger’s extracurricular activities because of an event she’s reporting about. yes, i know what this event is called but that by no way means that there will be any illicit activities happening on said boat nor will i be aware of have anything to say on the subject otherwise. but what i (and you now) know is that rinsed throws the dopest underground parties in the city, and nothing is more underground than those that are floating on water. in a boat. with your friends and rad djs and an afterparty at a shitty club on the west side that we will all commandeer and sail that ship way way way way way into the sunrise. tickets, here, but they are going insanely fast i hear. so get yours and let’s set sail, baby.




Photo + Zine Swap at Bushwick Community Darkroom, which is in Bushwick. 

the BCD is one of those gems that reminds me why we live in brooklyn. created by artists for artists, it gives us a place to develop, create, and display photos as well as builds a community for everyone behind the lens and those who appreciate this wonderful art form. Saturday they’re having a photo + zine swap, so bring your craft and be ready to swap and support and swig sixpoint brews while doing it. 4-8pm, all info here110 troutman st. 



metropolis with live score at film noir greenpoint

Metropolis with Live Score at Film Noir in Greenpoint.

ah the darkness. something that we desire of an evening, of entertainment of an experience out of something let’s go there. to the dark side. in the form of a charming little 35-seat theater in the heart of greenpoint. if you haven’t been yet, saturday night is the night when reel orchestrette will bring a live score to the infamous film metrololis read more here and get your tickets and find me there, in the shadows baby. 9.30-11.30pm, 122 meserole st.


grand street restaurant weekGrand Street Restaurant Week, Williamsburg.

it is the LAST day of grand street restaurant week and that means that you have 14 grand ways to get rid of that hangover. make a reservation (quick!) and then settle in to a nice long sunday meal on one of brooklyn’s most charming streets and feel like all of your sins have been forgiven. all info here.



westlight at the william vale

Where to Eat | Westlight, at the William Vale

North Williamsburg has become a place for tourists. It’s the meat packing of Brooklyn, I cringed overhearing someone say, but then have found myself saying too many times. so where do we find ourselves among the noise? We don’t hide from it, we need to find a way to embrace it. to get above it. to be part of it because if not, well… I guess we all move to Maspeth.
And the best way to get above it? From 22 stories up, where you’ll see all the chaos below in its best light. at Westlight, Chef Andrew Carmellini’s loungey love child atop the William Vale hotel.
let’s face it, we’re all seeking a heightened dining experience, whether it’s so local it’s from the farm you’re seated within, a secret supper club that encourages guests to strip down to fully appreciate the raw and vulnerable dishes being served, or a multi-sensory adventure that allows you to touch, smell, hear, and taste while completely blindfolded… Westlight brings you an equally heightened experience while avoiding gimmicks and staying grounded and true to what’s best about food in New York, even while being way way above it. The cuisine is inspired by street food, which makes me wonder what streets Andrew Carmellini has been eatin’ on, because these tapas-like plates have been reinvented with a fresh, edgy flavor combinations with a relentlessly seasonal appeal. it’s made for sharing, so go with friends, stay through sunset, pair with cocktails and experience the best thing to come up in North Williamsburg.
When the elevator door opens on the 22nd floor, it feels nearly like being transported in time. the interior of Westlight brings a nostalgic feeling of old New York cocktail bars. With a distinct art deco inspiration, you feel like you should be smoking and listening to some jazz-age seductress on a fuzzy microphone and making lustful promises and dangerous business deals in equal proportions. Outside, the stunning skyline views and uncompromised look into the heart and soul of Brooklyn create the ambience from the glass-walled terrace. Free binoculars allow you to finally see into the clear glass apartments of all the fancies who have moved into your ‘hood. oh and of course, Westlight offers absolutely impeccable views of the sunset, nightly.


what not to miss.

the dolores royale, which is how my night started and i think perhaps led to a bit of the demise. it was dangerous and smokey but felt like a conversation with a good friend. bright, familiar, and you wanted it to never end.
admittedly and unabashedly i had a few glasses of rose and a few (or mose) glasses of the cave. both were refreshing, crisp, and paired perfectly with sunset and absolutely everything we had. because should sharing foods be paired with bubbly, happy wines? yes, of course they should. and you can’t go wrong here.


tequila-cured salmon
this was my favorite dish out of the 4, and not just because i recognized immediately that tequila is of course the cure for everything so i was sure it does salmon oh-so-right. every single bite of this dish was perfectly balanced, avocado and caviar and raw salmon. it made me not want to share although, i’m never one to forget my manners. i painfully took my turns while yearning for more.
shrimp cocktail dumplings
Now I’m not a fan of shrimp cocktail. I find it tacky and painfully uninventive and I hate how people in the south react to it. “Oh, and they had shrimp cocktail!” as if to offer some vindication for mary-jo’s shameless stock-the-bar the backyard cookout. These rubbery little crustaceans all sit there, socializing smugly around a proverbial pool of glorified ketchup. ugh. However, the shrimp cocktail dumplings put skrimps in their proper place; folded into delicate bite sized dumplings and spiced to perfection and dipped into a fine little soy ginger sauce. They were a delight.


westlight at the william vale

seasonal ceviche
a new addition to the menu, this dish was light and fresh and perfectly mixed with locally seasonal vegetables. and it reminded me inevitably how great it is to be surrounded by water and by so so many coastal areas with absolutely impeccable seafood.
 westlight at the william vale

how not to miss it

Westlight is located at 111 N. 12th st. 22nd floor.
Sun-Wed 4pm-midnight
Thurs-Sat 4pm-2am
Happy Hours – all of them.


the last bite 

the westlight paints northern williamsburg in its best light, showing that the best way to combat gentrification is to be above it. elevate your dining experience and realize that change should be embraced and with food and views this sweet, it’s oh-so-easy to embrace it.


westlight at the william vale


where to watch the solar eclipse in brooklyn

How to Ride the Cosmic Wave of Monday’s Solar Eclipse


The solar eclipse is happening Monday and I know I’m not alone in saying that their has been a lot of crazy cosmic energy flying around leading up to it. It all culminates tomorrow so let’s harness that energy and ride this cosmic wave. I’ll show you how.

Trust me, you don’t want to be left in the dark.


Play the fucking lottery.

The likelihood of your own personal existence occurring in North America during the only total solar eclipse to occur in totality over the united states is really fucking small. and the chances of winning the lottery in New York are… so if my math is correct (if it isn’t, fuck off) then we all have a 22% better chance at winning the lottery on the eclipse. The jackpot if currently 650 MILLION DOLLARS. Get a ticket. Now.

Make big decisions on love, lust and success. 

All those things you’ve been hesitant to act upon? The opportunities you keep wishing you would take? That mega hottie looking at you right now but you’re too busy reading this fantastic blog post? Now’s the time. Dip your toe in or more. Take some risks, no matter how crazy or dangerous they seem. The results are almost guaranteed to be explosive and the good news is that if you fuck up, you can just blame it on the eclipse. “Hey sorry I didn’t know what I was doing. got swept up in that lunar pull baby.”


Wear your undies inside out.

everyone knows that turning your undies inside out makes things happen. this is a practice I’ve been partaking in since snow days meant a day off school instead of just an inconvenient commute. (god bless virginia) so if there’s any way to hone in the energy of this universal happening, this just might be the way. and also maybe you haven’t done laundry in like a really really really long time, so this is a nice temporary fix for that problem too. just don’t make it a habit, ok? You’ll use up the magic.



Open your mind, your heart, your soul to this energy. I’ve got some guided meditations here to get you started but then go it alone. breathe in, breathe out. enlighten yourself.


Head to the ocean.
to really feel that lunar pull, to get lost in that cosmic sway, to be eternal, head to the coast. bring your guilt and shame and regret and feel it all wash off of you. make a promise to yourself and the sea to be stronger. let the salt of your tears be diluted and rinsed by the ocean until you can’t tell if you’re crying. Let the blood pumping through your veins seek cadence with the waves until you don’t feel like you’re bleeding. Let the breath that fills and escapes your lungs find rhythm in the tides so it takes your breath away again and again and again with eternal certainty. then take off your swim suit and be free little mermaid.
Wear heirlooms. 
You know, those little soul keepers we keep around to feel grounded and guided by our lost family and ancestors. This eclipse blurs the lines between universes and helps our soul transcend beyond mortality. Take advantage of that. Invite them in. Wear your heirlooms.


Watch it with all of your favorite people, just in case the world ends.

I mean, you never know. Check out one of the spots that our good friends at Gothamist have listed (so I didn’t have to) and get yourself a little bevvy and drink until the sun comes… out?

And I guess don’t look at it. 

Ok listen. I kind of have this little theory that we actually can look at the eclipse. This is just something that scientists are saying to scare us so that they can view the eclipse all by themselves. They want to take it all in without our non-sciency eyes watching and oooh-ing and aweing because they are scientists and spend most of their time in a lab with petri dishes and they want this magic all to themselves. And, obviously, there’s in cahoots with everyone manufacturing those ridiculous glasses. So, hey, scientists. I might just look. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m on to you.

(i’m on to you.)


for other conspiracy theories, check out this amazing piece in the atlantic. I feel you man.



The Weekend Guide | 17-20 August 2017

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as the sun sets upon our fair city, it brings with it new chances to get down with your bad self, to relentlessly seek mischief, to indulge in beers and rooftops in dangerously unbalanced proportions, to be alive and free.

all of the magic of summertime for your consumption, below. get out there, brooklyn.



el jefe's nachoria at the diamond brooklyn

El Jefe’s Nachoria Pop-Up at the Diamond, Greenpoint. 
it’s thursday and that means everyone’s favorite bar in greenpoint (so not biased) will be hosting another international pop-up dinner. this week they welcome back the boss, el jefe’s nachoria who will be making those naughty little flame-torched nachos right before your eyes. an expanded selection means even more chances to find a perfect pairing with diamond dave’s carefully curated drafts. my current fave is the ICONYC hallapeno saison. crisp and spicy, just like summertime. (and you). info here, dinner starts at 7pm, beers flow until 2. 43 franklin st.  oh yeah and also, I WILL BE POURING BEERS. come say hi, have sips, eat nachos.


burmese food fest rangoon noodle lab
Burmese Food Fest at Idlewild Bar in Bushwick.
do you know anything abotu burmese food? neither do i. the best way to find out is to head to idlewild bar tonight and indulge in all of the spicy, noodly, warm magic that rangoon noodle lab has to offer. starts at 5pm, all info here. 24 st nicholas ave. please me, burmese me baby. #pleasemeburmeseme


arancine making class at archestratus
Arancine Making Class at Archestratus in Greenpoint.
i live one block from the delightful archestratus books and that means most saturdaysi’m led like a gazelle to the watering hole to sip beers and enjoy fresh handmade arancine. owner paige lipari brings it all even closer to home with her arancine ball making class this thursday. learn the magic from the hands of a sicilian and learn to master this lovely delicacy yourself. tickets, $75 available here. 630-830pm, 160 huron st. 


wine pizza movie night at rooftop reds
Wine, Pizza, Movie Night at Rooftop Reds Featuring Jurassic Park, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 
let outdoor film season never ever leave us. as it nears extinction, let’s take in as much as we can, accompanied by a little wine and pizza on a rooftop in the navy yard this thursday. rooftop reds film night presents jurassic park and featuring il porto pizza and of course, wines from new york’s only rooftop winery. stunning sunsets included. tickets available here, 7-11pm. 299 sands st, bldg 275.



DJs and Donuts at Lazy Ibis in Crown Heights.  
if you can’t make it to the philippines, the land of 10,000 islands and endless discovery, have at least a taste of the magic with manila social. this friday they are having a donuts and djs party at lazy ibis in crown heights. because the best way to work off those donut calories is to move those hips to dope beats. new flavors will be dropped and the beats will be droppin and the donuts poppin from 7-11pm. all info here. 663 franklin ave. djs and donuts will spin you right round baby right round.


fools in the garden party
Fools in the Garden at A/D/O in Greenpoint. 
ok guys i’m still a little bitter that our beloved bazaar was bombarded by bmw, but trying to reject gentrification is like standing in front of the ocean with your arms out (#steveives), so we might as well embrace neighborhood changes or we’re all fools. here’s your chance, friday at a/d/o, the design space that took over that decrepitly charming warehouse space and made it into something else. they’re inviting us into their sculpture garden for $1 oysters and drinks and groovy tunes. all info here. 5-9pm, 29 norman ave.



MoFaD Nights in Williamsburg. 
let’s face it, the likeliness of you ordering some drunk dumplings friday night is pretty high, so cut to the chase and go have some bites and drinks at the museum of food and drink’s Chow exhibit. admission includes 2 drinks and some bites and all of the love and knowledge of chinese food in america that you can stomach. 6-8pm, $25 tickets and info right here. 62 bayard st.


feeling gloomy at cape house
Feeling Gloomy, a sad dance party at Cape House in Bushwick.
there is a certain audacity and hoodrat-esque rebellion to brooklyn cynicism, especially that contrary to what it seems we are told we should enjoy and indulge in. some people want to pile into crowded clubs that are blasting pop tunes overlayed with some over tempo house beats and they like it. but you know, maybe we don’t want to do that shit, waiting 15 minutes for a watered down gin and tonic just to have a recent wharton grad spill corona on our chucks. for a club scene of a completely different tune, head to cape house this saturday. they host their monthly indie/brit-pop party feeling gloomy, a “melancholy rager” of sad songs you want to dance to. think – the cure, the smiths, joy division, and all your other favourites (<—— british spelling there) that bring a spring to your step and a tear to your eye. $6 gets you in, 11pm-4am. all info here, 2 knickerbocker ave.


House of Love: Garden of Eden Sensual Party featuring Jonas Rathsman at House of Yes in Bushwick. 

sometimes it’s best just to use their words:  On this eve we return to our Eden. Our inner origin of virginal perfection and heavenly pleasures. Take a bite. The original sin fills your flesh in a night of elegance and ecstasy. Nurture your nature with depraved desires, banish your inhibitions and give in to your most personal pleasures. Return to Eden and taste the knowledge of your own unknown… costumes are mandatory, as is participation. dress in fetish chic which is of course always open to your own interpretation. come, explore. there will be edible aphrodisiacs, bondage and blindfolds, secret rooms, sexual performances to ignite your pleasure, a boudoir photo room and plenty of champagne and real pain, if that’s your thing. tickets are $20, party is from 10pm-4am. all info here2 wyckoff ave at house of yes, where they put the sensual in consensual.™


Motorcycle Rock and Roll Block Party at The Lot in Greenpoint.
what do you do with a sliver of a triangle lot in the middle of an intersection? well, you do a lot with a little i suppose. the lot radio shows us how pretty much every day, and friday they’re having a good old fashioned motorcycle and rock and roll block party. let’s celebrate what is still good about america while drinking beers and being with each other. 2pm-midnight, reserved parking for pre ’83 bikes. all info here, it’s at meserole ave and moultrie st.


Dope BBQ at the Knockdown Center, Maspeth, Queens.
summertime was made for barbecues and beers and friends and djs and dancing in the sunshine until it becomes the moonlight and all of our best intentions turn to mischief. TGP is back in NYC to throw the dopest barbecue of summertime. $20 tickets and all info here, 2-10pm. 52-19 flushing ave.



SO MUCH MORE to come! please stay tuned for the rest of your weekend plans. they will arrive tomorrow afternoon.
jay rinsky of little cinema

Profile of a Hustler | Jay Rinsky of Little Cinema

as creatives and residents in this sprawling metropolis, it’s easy to get so engulfed in your own project that you hardly come up for air. but we need to remember that on this island, we are not islands. which is of course is why we live here. we suffer through relentless winters and astronomically high rent prices and, you know, the rat thing… and this is why we do it. in this city we are surrounded by creators, dreamers, thinkers, mover, shakers, hustlers. you can practically breathe in the creative energy as soon as you walk out of your cramped 5-floor walk-up.
jay rinsky is at the pulse of all of the creativity, inspiration, and talent that paints the perfect picture of artistic collaboration in new york. i was reminded of the beauty that comes from this vital practice as i sat in the dining car of an amtrak train, heading east. i had set up a phone interview with jay and he had been almost suspiciously nonchalant about the time. the past 3 days had taken him from alaska to seattle and back to new york. “call me whenever, no need to worry about time,” he said. even this stressed me out. what?? giving him a ring from the train, i fully expected him not to answer. “hey liz! sure i can talk now…”
the next 45 minutes unfolded into the most inspiring and entertaining interview i’ve ever conducted.
jay rinsky is a modern renaissance man for a generation of hustlers. he’s the founder and creator of little cinema, an immersive cinematic experience that combines film, theater, live music, and audience interaction to bring a film off of the screen and make it into a living, breathing thing. familiar stories explode with life and give the audience, and the performers and creators involved a completely new perspective and feeling about what can often be a one-dimensional art form.
jay’s entire life seems to exist within the combustible ether of spontaneity, something that was palpable as soon as he answered the phone. “you were just in alaska?” “yes. i was on a 2-week artist residency on a 100-year old tug boat with a crew of 6 other artists, none of whom had any experience with boats. i made us all life aquatic costumes using materials i kind of patched together from amazon. we were out there for 8 days, and part of the project was a one-shot documentary film shot with a super 8 camera, which means there’s one scene, one shoot, no edits. once it develops, that’s your story. we had no idea what the film would be about and were filming as we were going through glaciers, and ended up running into a giant iceberg. so we parked next to it and chipped ice off of the iceberg and made cocktails from it and that’s what the film ended up being about, finding ice to make the perfect cocktail.”
and this was my introduction to jay rinsky. as i barreled up the east coast on an amtrak train, i was taken on a journey through his creative psyche and could barely hold on.
my conversation with Jay is below. keep reading.
yep. this is the 100-year old tug boat.
Brooklyn, I’m Trying what is your artistic background?
Jay Rinsky i’m mixed bag of many things. I was born in new york, grew up in israel and spent most adulthood in austrailia. I’ve been back in new york for three and a half years as a video dj and artist. i use old dj turntables to mix both sound and picture and apply dj techniques to videos, and little cinema is the culmination of these two creations through movies. through my work i’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a 40-piece orchestra, i’ve performed at the israeli opera with an orchestra where we custom built a huge video screen. on my own video shows, i create a fusion of a dance party and video party, so it all combines film and other content into video art that stands on its own two feet.
BiT how was little cinema born?
JR i was working on a project that was very tedious in the editing room. it got me a bit lonely, and made me want to collaborate with other artists. i noticed that there’s not much going on in terms of live action and screen and interaction bw two, doesn’t make sense. i knew that my skill set could lend itself to a dialogue with other artists and performers to meet and use.
BiT how did you take this from idea into an actual performance?
JR I took a chance and pitched this idea briefly to House of Yes before they opened up. The first show was a collaboration with Anya and Kae, who are the founders and performers at House of Yes. They brought together whole other elements that i wasn’t experienced in before, including theater and circus and costume and put it all together in front of screen. I was in charge of that mixing in and looping video live, and thus somehow Little Cinema was born in that way, by accident.
BiT what was it like to see that first show come to life?
JR The first show was a tribute to david bowie, and we performed it the day after he died. we put it all together in 24 hours.
BiT it seems that the shows gain energy from this spontaneous creativity.
JR they do! we approach the whole thing with the goal of keeping artistic integrity present and personally having fun. the ground rules include fearless creativity, try something new every show, incorporate anyone who wants to be involved in this project, and to create and perform shows relentlessly. our first year we produced a new show almost every week, sometimes multiple, 33 unique show in about 18 months. this project has grown and developed to 1-2 performances that combine live action and interaction that is happening every 5 minutes and taking place in all forms; multi-sensory experience of sight, smell and sound; performers, projector screens, anything we can do or get or hands on.
BiT what challenges have you faced along the way?
JR (laughing) every single show is a challenge because we have no idea how it’s going to work. i always feel like i’m in over my head because inevitably, art of this kind with this set of rules creates problems. we’re trying something new every show which becomes difficult. as we progress, we still need to invent new things and that becomes challenging. what would be something we haven’t done before? we incorporated a live bingo game into our last show, which the audience didn’t expect. another huge challenge is logistics as the shows end up having 40 or more people involved in them, and it’s all produced and put together between friday and the tuesday of the show, and communicating to so many people as a little operation is hard. i’m at the heart of everything, constantly trying to fuse everything and everybody together. it’s a challenge but also that creative energy is what makes it feel like magic.
BiT so all of this basically unfolds live on the night of the show?
JR yep. during the performance, our communication becomes a different challenge because it relies a lot on improv. the artists are encouraged to bring their own creative touch to things. we never know exactly what will happen. even just a lighting standpoint, it’s important to somehow have everything punch at the right time. we never have a rehearsal so it all unfolds live on stage, and we just have to have a lot of trust that it will go well. there’s a lot of stress because the whole thing gets tightly compressed until the day of the show. for at least half of the shows, we are often writing the ending as the performance is starting. we have no idea what’s going to happen.
BiT was there ever a moment that you realized holy shit this is actually happening?
JR this whole project is collaborative and it’s an exercise in a creative democracy. i collaborate with other co-directors on the conceptual bigger level and make sure i bring in talent who are encouraged to self-direct their acts. in the beginning, i had no theater background at all so i was still observing and learning about circus, theater, lighting, stage management. i am so engrossed in the show during the performance that i don’t get to experience it until 1-2 days after when i get to look at the footage. i get to look at the other artists’ works and that i don’t get to see the night of the show and i always think, “wow, you completely nailed that there. i didn’t even know that happens!” all these things wasn’t aware of, it’s so fascinating to see how well it works on the screen. those moments is when i realize how amazing it is, what we’ve created. every time when i come back home and see this amazing aerial piece happening in front of screen and i think, this is the best cinema ever! (laughing)  where else is this happening?
BiT how do you choose performances?
JR the films i choose are usually a combination of things. for the big lebowski, it felt seasonally appropriate and we knew it would be fun and a little crazy. i always get inspiration and suggestions from whom i’m creatively collaborating with, and i always wants some variety to keep things fresh. we’ll do a fun one, then dark one, then a documentary, then a comedy. we try to keep the curation very eclectic and diverse. and i always want to have a personal connection to the film so that passion is reflected in the performance.
BiT any surprises for the upcoming showing of The Dude Immersive that you want to share with Brooklyn, I’m Trying readers?
JR well you know, I don’t want to give anything away. guests will have action happening in all parts of the room, on stage and beyond stage, above their heads. they will be sprayed and hit by certain things, but in a pleasant way. you’ll see various metaphors come to life, like a drag queen representing a room that gets tied together. there will be a drinking game folded in, and lots of metaphors with objects brought in as people, pysch dreams interpreted by aerial performances, a lot of trapping and changing. about every 5 minutes the audience will get hit with something different, so just as they sink into thinking, “hey, i’m watching a movie,” something else entirely will happen.
BiT i seriously cannot wait to see what happens. can you tell me what’s next for Little Cinema?
JR I don’t have an idea yet for the next project, but for now I’m looking to plan out and curate a season and to establish a Little Cinema membership. I’d like to see the project grow up a bit in that sense. this whole project is very personal, as it is created and runs on people wanting to create and giving them a platform to do so. my goal is to keep it that way, both from the collaborator’s and from audience’s points of view. looking at our history, there’s several hundred people that have seen 5 or more shows, and we want to keep them coming back. in a way it doesn’t make much sense that we put so much work into one-off performances, but that’s what makes sense to us. we keep trying to keep magic alive and crazy and wild and ever-changing for as long as we can.


BiT …anything else you want to add about The Dude Immersive?
JR yeah. you can enter into a raffle for your chance to watch the show from a bathtub.


as much as i wanted to press him on this… will this person in the nude? what is the bathtub filled with? and where is said tub, on stage? however, i could tell by the reluctant divulgence of this statement that jay was actually doing me a favor by keeping this magic and mystery hidden until i see the show tuesday night. we hung up the phone around the time that the skyline came into view and that pure unadulterated love for this city and its inhabitants filled my soul once again.
  little cinema

“we often are writing the ending as the performance is starting. we have no idea what’s going to happen.”

by assembling so many talented individuals and giving them a platform to perform and create, the story and performance of little cinema unfolds in a masterful explosion of sound, lights, movement, words, music and pure kinetic energy that is felt by the audience and stays with them way after the curtain is drawn.
in this way, little cinema feels much like a metaphor for the life that jay has created. work hard and dream harder and contribute every fiber of your being to a project, and where there are gaps, surround yourself with people who are the best and believe the most in their craft. let life unfold in a harmonious cacophony, a tenacious performance to which the ending has not yet been written. and if i can tell you one thing, there will be plenty of twists in the plot of the life and work of jay rinsky, and the next scene is far from being written.
immerse yourself in the genius of his creation at little cinema. performances tonight and tomorrow are sold out, but follow Brooklyn, I’m Trying on Instagram to immerse yourself from afar, and check back with your social coordinator (i. e. yours truly) for their next performance, more info and ticket sales and all that jazz are here on their website and absorb all of the magic you can by following little cinema on instagram.
little cinema
brooklyn im trying weekend guide

The Weekend Guide | 10-13 August 2017

in CULTURE, weekend guide
hey there brooklyn. somehow it’s the second weekend of august so it’s time to reflect. what have we done with our summer? how have we spent our days? who have we loved? what have we learned? does the shade of our skin reflect our victories or defeats and just how many hot dogs have we consumed?
these are the best days, brooklyn. the ones that we know are so sweet and fleeting. so let’s embrace the summer as tight as our lovers and shed our clothing along with our inhibitions (i know, i always say that… but i like it. and so do you.) just jump in and don’t look back, because there’s nothing back there for us anyway. not anymore.
your weekend guide is waiting in the deep end. dive in.




live at the archway brasil summerfest
Live at the Archway: Brasil SummerFest in Dumbo.
nothing gets my heart beating and my hips moving faster than things from Brazil- cachaça, diego costa, the pronunciation of “besos” with a sh sound and of course, samba. all of this magic (minus diego costa) will be getting down with us under the archway Thursday night. live music, interactive art installations, food, dranks, and all of the funk you can handle on a thursday. come, dance, celebrate, inebriate. info here. 6-9pm, this event is freeunder the manhattan bridge archway in dumbo.
Comal SFC Pop-UpDinner at The Diamond, Greenpoint.
ah, the constantly evolving, multi-faceted brilliance of the diamond. thursday it enters into the realm of exotic small plate supper club because why the fuck not. seriously. why not. they’ll be grilling out carnitas, fish tacos, and quesadillas to go oh-so-well with that rotating tap of beers you’ve never heard of… and you feel like you drink a lot of microbrews. i love the diamond. and it loves you, and if you’re reading this then you at least tolerate me so we’re just a big love ring. comal SFC will be grilling out from 6pm- they run out. feast your eyes first here and swallow all of your excuses and come early and hungry and then #meetmeinthegondola where we will share carnitas and secrets. 43 franklin st. #carnitasandsecrets



crule summer party at the bell house

Cruel Summer- 80s Dance Party at the Bell House, Gowanus.
the only thing cruel about summer is when it leaves us. so don’t let it leave us. go and revel in everything it’s about, 80s style- so make sure you donnasummer outfit. it’s being brought to you by the shiny happy people at the skint. $10 at the door, $5 in advance with promo code “summertime” exclusively for BiT readers. get your tickets here then be there, with bells on, at the bell house149 7th st. at the bell house, i’ll be there with bells on (and almost nothing else)™

sex toy orgasm pop up nyc
The World’s First Orgasm Pop-Up is happening in Manhattan. 
this is the best #reasontocrosstheriver yet. does anyone else feel like we’re in the midst of a feminine sexual revolution and is anyone else acting accordingly? …anyone? well if you’re not, let me give you a reason to get out there and get you some, without relying on a man, because it’s summertime and you should have all the men and all the fun yet take your pleasure very seriously. so give yourself a break and break it off before you make bad decisions Friday night. it’s an orgasm pop-up, so cum test out top-end sex toys from hotoctopuss. sign up for a time slot by emailing, then slip in and… ok you know where this is going. then make your bad decisions with a clear clitoris heart. 10am-6pm.



Babeland Summer BBQ in Boerum Hill.

I don’t know about you but barbecues always make me think about my sex life. something about balancing pulled pork on a dixie plate makes me think dirty, desirous thoughts and it seems i’m not alone. babeland on bergen st is hosting a barbecue with sex tips and plenty of opportunities to find a last-minute summertime fling this friday. hot dogs, cold beer, and steamy sex talk, plus a chance to win $200 worth of adult toys for all you naughty girls and boys. the event is free, 7pm, 462 bergen st.


house of yes cirque noir
Cirque Noir at House of Yes, Bushwick.
let’s face it, circuses and clowns are fucking creepy. let’s somehow embrace it and step into the dark side with house of yes thisFridayy and Saturday night. cirque noir mixes an arial performance with film noir. burlesque and an immersive experience with bearded ladies and brooklyn bearded men, snake charmers and charming snakes…explore the depths of your imagination and slip into the shadows that will have you saying yes. yes. yes. yes. all info here, tickets $25. 2 wyckoff ave. at house of yes, where they put the sensual in consensual.


Tap + Cork Festival in BedStuy. 

don’t stuy in bed and tap that cork, head out to the brooklyn tap and cork festival this saturday. i feel no need to really explain this any further – it’s beer and wine, it’s in bed stuy, it’s everything you want your saturday to be and you can get your $35 tickets right here, right now baby. 2-8pm, 1368 fulton st. 


Beach Lovers Photo Show at the Picture Farm Gallery in Williamsburg. 
everything is exposed in new york, but we tend to let it all go at the beaches where we shed our clothes along with our inhibitions and throw caution into the winds and our bodies into the waves and, consequently, each other. someone has been capturing those rather intimate moments on film over the years, photographer erica reade has been snapping lovers at coney island and the rockaways on film. the opening is this friday from 7-10pm  find yourself there and then try to find yourself, you know… there. captured. 338 wythe ave.


Fancy Feast: Maim that Tune Burlesque Show in Coney Island.
is it just me or is everything happening this weekend quite sexual in nature? no point in breaking the theme now… there is nothing more vulnerable than stripping on stage in front of a bunch of strangers, and to expose everything you need to get into the mood, feel sexy and confident. saturday night expert burlesque performers will be adding an extra challenge by stripping down to their least favorite songs. maim that tune will have you cringing along with these bold performers as they expose more than just their ears to your scrutiny. the show is from 10pm-midnight and tickets are $15. all info here1208 surf ave.


dusty rose vintage
 Dusty Rose Vintage Sidewalk Sale in Greenpoint.
if you’ve participated in a lot of the events listed on my blog this weekend, you just may need to hide for a bit. you’ve gotten into some trouble, had a hell of a lot of fun but you’ll need to keep a low profile and also, i don’t know, shower. first head to the dusty rose vintage sidewalk sale and get some new old threads. find something funky to feel good about while you continue to shudder rather shamelessly in all of your sinful memories from the weekend. it goes from noon-5pm, 251 greenpoint ave.
 outsiders far rockaway bike rideThe Outsiders Far Rockaway Ride with Get Up and Ride Brooklyn.
 there is absolutely nothing more satisfying that you can do this summer than kicking your ass and biking to the beach and jumping into the ocean and then drinking beers in the sand with your friends and getting hot and then jumping in again and then getting hot and heavy and then jumping in again and then biking back home. i’m serious, there isn’t. and to do it with all of your closest friends, some perhaps that you haven’t met yet? well baby that’s pure magic. join Get Up and Ride Brooklyn on their Outsiders bike ride to far rockaway this sunday. meet at 11am at 330 s 3rd st. it will be a smooth rolling ride and a perfect beach day. info here, it’s free. just like you.




Ride Your City | Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


The bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world.” 

– Susan B. Anthony, US women’s rights activist

time: 45-60 min, depending on how long you chill in the park.
distance: 5 miles, round trip
comfort: 9 – your only challenge here will be not drinking too much.
beauty: on a scale from canarsie to dumbo, this route and destination is a 7.
points of interest: 18 noted, endless to discover 🙂
greenpoint brooklyn
This neighborhood isn’t only the best in the borough (no bias of course) but it’s almost painfully bikeable. The northernmost hood in the county of kings, it has stunning views of the river and skyline, plenty of options to satisfy that thirst any hunger you work up, and plenty of wide open green space. named for being a seeming oasis of farmland that stuck out in the east river, this point of green, lush, farmland was soon sold and built upon and somehow attracted primarily polish immigrants, who settled in and opened up shop. a lot of them. now as the neighborhood is inevitably transitioning from primarily polish to primarily artists and musicians to mostly hipsters and now, god help us as the yuppies have started to sign leases and buy condos.
let’s embrace this oasis of a borough in the best way we know how, before gentrification gets out of hand. read my biking guide to greenpoint below, and let’s ride.
mccarren park. this meandering border between greenpoint and Williamsburg is like three parks in one. To the east, plenty of open grass for lounging and people watching, and three available baseball fields. beside that, tennis courts and basketball courts that also function as greenpoint’s outdoor cinema and outdoor concert venue. To the west, a full football field surrounded by a rubber track made for runners and ball catchers. Stop in. Post up, lay down. Thirsty? Pop into turkeys nest. This infamous wine bar sells to go margaritas in styrofoam cups the lids and straws that signs say are NOT to go. But that’s all they are for.
Along the greenpoint corner of the park is Spritzenhaus, a german-style beer garden with a distinctly brooklyn edge. go in and say hi to John. Get a marty robbins. Don’t ask questions, just get it.
Proceed down Guernsey st, greenpoint’s most photographed st. This tree canopy is best in summertime, but it’s gnarly limbs are also intriguing in winter.
Stop at greenpoint glass and snap a pic. This is the best way to react to polish people’s affinity for shine outside of the house… because i’m sure you will begin to realize, they love to chrome out there stoops.
Hop back on Guernsey and follow it until the street turns into Franklin St. Hang a right. Welcome to greenpoint’s much cooler and less touristy equivalent of Bedford Ave. stop in at….
Walk the west for unique vintage threads – 150 franklin st.
Shayz for the hood’s most flattering photo booth – 130 franklin st.
Broken land for a frozen drink that won’t suck – 105 franklin st.
Threes brewing for beers and live music – 113 franklin st.
Ramona for fancy cocktails, especially if this bike tour is with a lover. it’s romantic as fuck in there. – 113 franklin st. (yeah no idea why these addresses are the same. they are in fact different locales.)
Oak and iron for the best little bar in greenpoint – 147 franklin st.
Moonlight mile for bourbon and a free juke box. – 200 franklin st.
take a slight detour up dupont street ad pop in to eastern district on manhattan ave for meats and cheeses, then back down to franklin for wine and she wolf bakery bread at dandelion wine. head south down franklin and take a right on greenpoint ave and head down to the waterfront for one of the best picnic spots in transmitter park while enjoying one of the best views of the skyline that you can find.
take a left on west st and continue down to the end. pop in to achilles heel for a cocktail and some uninhibited neighborhood charm. Continue to the end of the road and hang in the northernmost point in Brooklyn. snap a pic of the chrysler building perfectly in its perfect little brick frame.
le fanfare, greenpoint
head back down manhattan ave and stop in le fanfare for a cocktail made by yours truly and the best burrata in brooklyn.

continue down and pay a visit st. anthony’s cathedral to cool off and ask for forgiveness for those sins you can’t seem to outrun, or outbike. spend some time admiring greenpoint’s most iconic church.

pop in to sunshine laundromat and head all the way to the back, where a secret washing machine door leads you to the mecca of pinball collections. and, of course, a bar. drink. play. win.
continue down manhattan ave and hang a left at nassau ave. if it’s between 4 and 6pm mon-fri, do yourself a favor and get a few dollar oysters at greenpoint fish and lobster. cross over mcguinness to discover the distinctly more polish side of greenpoint. bike through mcgolrickpark, admire the french-inspiredarchitecture, and pay homage to the statue that honors the 150 greenpoint residents who fought in WWI. stop in to little dokebi, the hipster offspring of dokebi in williamsburg, for some korean tacos and … cocktails. end your journey at the best bar in the world, goldie’s on nassau. get a motrin and toss free goldfish into each other’s mouths then i suggest you walk your bikes home.
brooklyn im trying summertime play list

Some Like It Hot | A Summertime Playlist


all of the best vibes of summertime, in a playlist. heat up, cool down, shake those hips, sink those ships to the musings of LCD, bleachers, mondo cozmo, francis and the lights, shakey graves.

come on, just press play baby. you know you want to.

The Weekend Guide | 3-6 August 2017

in CULTURE, weekend guide

this just might save your life. or, at least your weekend. it’s hot as hell out there, brooklyn, but all i see is sunshine and opportunity and i’m bringing it all to you, weekly, to help keep you afloat. this weekend will have you take you through a multi-sensory food adventure with strangers while blindfolded, strapping back on those roller skates and jitterbugging around in your leisure suit, going on an artistic stoop crawl in bed stuy, and having secret cocktails at a secret festival with a few hundred of your closest friends. i’ve dropped you a line or two (or let’s be honest, about 1204 lines… i’m long-winded) but come on,  dive in before this ship (and the summertime) set sail.

and also because i’m almost running out of flotation device puns.




madhi indian pop up dinner at the diamond greenpoint

Thursday Night International Pop-Up Dinners Present: Madhi Food, at The Diamond, Greenpoint.

the diamond in greenpoint feels like your coolest friend’s house. that one that always has a bunch of amazing beers you’ve never heard of in the fridge and always has their doors open and a big backyard that you can chill in all day, every day. with an antique gondola in it… this week’s international pop-up dinner welcomes madhi food and promises an exotic menu of mexican delicacies that will pair oh-so-perfectly with the beers they have on draft. take a peek out of all the magic that is madhi food’s instagram and then tell me you aren’t hungry. and curious. dinner starts at 7pm, all info here. and no, you don’t have to be mad high to be part of it… (but it would be a lot cooler if you were) #meetmeinthegondola  43 franklin st.




lust and taste at mofad

Lust, Brains, and Taste at the Museum of Food and Drink, Williamsburg. 
because it seems now that dating decisions are decided by impulsive reactions based on 5 photos followed by the very few nerve endings in our fingertip as it swipes right, the Museum of Food and Drink is offering us a refreshing and edgy alternative to anything in our “normal” dating lives. because when it comes to finding a lover or at least a summer fling, we should be using all of our senses. thursday’s event welcomes will be hosted by comedian chris duffy, and participants are invited to smell, taste, hear, and touch their way to understand how our senses drive our desires. and i’d recommend asking to keep the blindfold, if you know what i mean. $30 tickets available here. 630-830pm, 62 bayard st. 


SoFar Sounds Secret Rooftop Show in Greenpoint.
sofar sounds, a music movement dedicated to bringing the sound back to shows and throwing pop-up concerts in unorthodox settings all over the world, will be bringing the magic to an intimate venue in greenpoint friday night. it’s apparently “date night” so bring whoever you felt up at the MoFaD event above. sign up for tickets here. shows feature 3-4 dynamic artists and they are all byob, so bring a beverage along with the funk. (which of course, you don’t leave home without, right?) 8-11pm, location will be off the greenpoint ave stop. #sofarsogood



mangalitsa by mosefund at ICE first friday

Mangalitsa by Mosefund at ICE First Fridays in the Financial District, Manhattan. 
your #reasontocrosstheriverthisweekend will offer you a cure to whatever you got baby. a meat cure. i first discovered mangalitsa at this event at … and couldn’t believe what i was tasting. i lived in spain for god’s sake, nothing on this side of the ocean should even compare with the amazing jamon i was eating daily there. but damn was i wrong. mangalitsa knows the pure seduction in meat and salt in their charcuterie as well as how to make magic out of everything else they touch. feast your eyes here. they’ll be featured at this week’s ICE first friday’s, a food series that brings together experts in their craft to wine and dine you and show you how and why they do what they do. it’s only $30 so get tickets quick here. 6-8pm, 225 liberty st. 


roller wave at house of yes

Roller Wave at House of Yes, Bushwick.

disco ain’t dead baby, it’s alive in all of us. set it free friday night at house of yes’s roller wave skate party. from the funky-fresh people of Studio50, it will be a magical evening of roll bouncing, boozing, and boogying. **disco looks required for entry, to get in your getup to get down. tickets, $10 available here. 2 wyckoff ave at house of yes,

mew at music hall of williamsburg
Mew plays Music Hall of Williamsburg. 
some nights you just want to go see a damn good rock show. let friday night be one of those nights. danish trio Mew takes over the stage at music hall of williamsburg to debut their newest and most inventive album yet. their music is equal parts hopeful and menacing with a uniquely melodic balance that will keep you wanting more. plus, mew is my cat’s favorite band. i just asked him and he confirmed it. (mewww) tickets, $25 available here. doors at 8, show at 9pm. 66 n 6th st. 



5th Annual Stoop Art Crawl in Bed Stuy
bed stuy brings the museum outdoors this weekend with their 5th annual stoop art crawl. local stoops and storefronts become galleries and art spaces featuring 20+ artists and performers. it’s happening saturday and sunday, all info here. don’t stuy in bed, come to bed-stuy!


Brokelyn Beach Club in Coney Island.
if you haven’t been to the beach yet this summer, i’m not sure what you’ve been doing. however that’s beside the point. head to this beach party no matter how tan your skin is and how many grains of sand are in your bed at this point. from the snarky, seductive folks at brokelyn they will bring the art walls of coney island alive and into the interactive realm with unlimited food and booze, djs all day, and murals you can help color in, plus, you know… the beach. tickets, $50 available here.


Kairos Market at the Brooklyn Art Library.
kairos market celebrates the makers of our wondrous and boundless town in the best way possible. their markets feel like a festival-market-gallery-party all fell into a cocktail shaker together and poured out into a perfectly balanced and brilliantly colorful drink just for you. showcasing over 15 artists in the bk library, there will be free wine and music and love. all info here.


bushwick community darkroom presents alvin w hall jr
Alvin W. Hall, Jr: Chromes, an Exhibition at the Bushwick Community Darkroom.
the BCD opens its doors saturday and gives you a peek into the past through the intimate photographs of alvin w. hall jr. part of a group of soldiers taught how to take and develop photographs by the US government during WWII, hall’s photos show a unique look at life in the 60s and 70s. the exhibition was curated by cameron baylock, hall’s grandson, who discovered his grandpa’s vast collection after he died in the spring of this year. the experience will be personal and raw and candid and beautiful so get off instagram and go to this event. opening reception 6-9pm, the exhibition runs through sept. 3rd. all info here110 troutman st. 
Celebrate National Oyster Day at Camperdown Elm in Prospect Park.
show my review and also my oyster guide.
saturday is national oyster day apparently, and while i never need an excuse to slurp down these seductive bivalves, i’ll take one. especially when they’ll be available for $1 each at one of my favorite new restaurants in brooklyn. read my review of camperdown elm and then plan to be there saturday between 5 and 630 for $1 oysters, and stay for their amazing dinner menu. and trust me, save room (somehow) for dessert.
and check out my brooklyn oyster happy hour guide to slurp your way through the borough on saturday.

union hall reopening celebration

Union Hall Reopening Celebration with DJ Bengey, Park Slope. 
for as many nights as we burned the house down on the dance floor at union hall, it suffered a real fire 4 months ago and finally reopened two weeks ago. dj bengey holds down his residence saturday nights on the 1’s and 2’s and also is reportedly the on-call fireman, just in case. let’s all rally around this beloved park slope institution and help them make up for that lost time by dancing our asses off and spending our monies at the bar. bengey starts at 11.30 and won’t stop until you stop. more info here702 union st. 



secret summer festival nyc
photo captured and created by @cocoandco
Secret Summer Festival in Long Island City.
farm-to-table is something i like to get down with, but farm-to-glass sounds so so much better. head to the secret summer festival sunday, the city’s only cocktail festival. this event also brings together food, music, fashion, performances, and a hell of a lot of craftily concocted cocktails. tickets are pricey but this event is going to be dope so find some more monies. all info here, it goes down from 4-10pm.