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Month: September 2016

the weekend guide | 29-2 october 2016.

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Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

…and then let me see if I can’t turn things around for them?

this quote of course is inscribed on that proud little lady in the right side of this photo I captured, but all the rest of the content is taken straight from the lady sitting behind her little laptop. or perched upon her bicycle, exploring the city in search of a better weekend for us all. I too have been called somewhat of a beacon of hope, a statuesque stronghold, the greatest gift france ever gave to america.

i will let you decide what, if any, of those things are true.

in the mean time, embark on a good honest weekend. i’ll be here, constantly vigilant.
AHOY, brooklyn. (ahoy.)



so if you haven’t been to the new bazaar then this image makes no sense to you but if you have well then… i’m sure we are well acquainted by now.
Lagunitas Brewing presents a dope free show at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Greenpoint. 
from the people who put the “pub” in public radio, who make the best IPA in this nation budding with hoppy competition, and the “lagunita” in the little lake of peepee you tend to make after having too much beer, lagunitas brewery comes to the brooklyn night bazaar thursday with a free event. why? because since the bazaar was moved out of its space, shows can only be free when (kind-hearted) sponsors who also sell dope shit come along to help out. unlike that other “sponsor” who did the opposite of helping out. so let’s all go and have beers and see self defense family, jesus piece, pawns, and glory. 7pm, all info here. 150 greenpoint ave at the night bazaar.



Swatch Party at Good Room, Greenpoint.
but i mean if it’s a party at good room, i’ll do what i have to do. come to this. i know nothing more about it, but it’s thursday and friday and well… i’ll be swatching our for you. 98 meserole ave. at good room – where you don’t have to be bad to get in but… nothing feels better.™




Tainted Love, 80s Dance Party at the Bell House, Gowanus.
this tainted love you give… it’s so, so much better than no love at all. let’s go move it and shake it at the bell house for 980s dance night, the cure for well… thursday nights with no love at all. event is free, 10pm until the love runs out. or the taints come out. either way, i ain’t gonna be caught with my pants down. info here149 7th st at the bell house – you rang?™




Bob Moses at Terminal 5, in that rather shitty area of manhattan. 
two reasons to go to this show – 1. bob moses is dope as shit and his music toes that stunningly listenable line between r&b and electronic, soulful beats and laid with languid harmonies. 2. imma be there homey. and this chick too. tickets. here. show starts at … if for some reason you still ahve doubt, well nevermind then don’t go. but if you want to listen and get pumped up before the show here. at terminal 5- where every beginning feels like the end.



60 Shots for 60 Shorts Power Hour at Creek and Cave, Long Island City.
i don’t know about you, but i never want to do a power hour again. i mean really – there are so many more inventive ways to get fucked up than chugging shots of beers and ending up bloated and burpy and completely sauced at some frat party. we’ve all grown up and maybe, the concept of the power hour also has. (also, this isn’t to be confused with the hour of power… of course). party boys chris donahue and … compiled 1-minute shorts by 60 comedians for your viewing and drinking pleasure… and between each act you have to take a shot of beer. or you know, just laugh and sip. and be called a fucking weenie. tickets and info here, $5. show and beer drinking begin at 10pm. 10-93 jackson ave, at creek + cave.



Dave Chapelle’s Block Party “Screening” (but actually it’s another party) in Fort Greene Park.
OUTDOOR MOVIES AREN’T DEAD. they’re just chilled out a bit.
let this be a lesson, to all of us. just like spike lee and dave chappelle, and bill murray’s appearances, when you make something big of your life, come back and have unannounced amazing parties in brooklyn. dave chapelle did this in clinton hill, the area where he grew up, back in 2004 and invited tons of awesome pals. see the documentary film about the night and the man himself right in the ‘hood where it all went down (and sorry, but doesn’t it seem like this is just going to become another “random” block party?? YEP. i’m not missing it this time and neither should you.) here’s how not to miss it. 645-845pm, fort greene park, myrtle ave and st. edwards st.



Glass Animals at Music Hall of Williamsburg.
is sold out both nights.
just wanted to dig that knife a little bit more, that’s all.
let’s commiserate right next door at one of my favorite spots in williamsburg, cubana social70 N 6th st. live music, killer mojitos, and some of the best empanadas in town. #glassanimalswho #jkstillfuckinghurts #bad



Richard Avedon, Moving Image, Exhibit at the Cadillac House, SoHo.
if you aren’t familiar with richard avedon’s unbelievable life’s work of stunning photography, then just trust me- you want to go to this exhibit. besides it’s your only reason to cross the river this weekend. avedon’s portraiture is unnerving and monumental. he would photograph celebrities for hours on end, having them sit or stand and vaguely pose until their exhaustion and annoyance took over and finally that moment where the humanity leaked through the facade and SNAP. there it would be. oh and also- he was easily the authority of fashion photography for his 60-year career. see some of his stuff here and then head QUICK to the final night of his exhibit at the cadillac house, 330 hudson st. 10am-7pm. info and such here.



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Avila Kitchen, Greenpoint | Where to Eat

I moved into a building on Manhattan ave in greenpoint six years ago, the space below my apartment was occupied by a furrier. he would sit outside in a folding lawn chair wearing a full indian head dress and discriminatorily peddle his pelts for astronomical prices. it was evident that more so than the quality of the goods, it was his pride mostly that called for the up-charge. I heard that the last few months of his lease (or his life?) he was paying his rent in furs. which makes me think that at least for one month, i should offer my cat as payment. (one alive in the bush is worth two on the hanger, as they say!) the manhattan furrier was the last business with integrity that i saw occupy this space. although his furs were pricey and fairly outdated, and his shop seemingly ridden with local pests that inevitably come with a shop piled high with dust and old animal hides and a relatively unattentive owner. he had something in him that despite the lack of business entering and exiting his shop with a new coat, you understood why his business lasted so long, why he was able to open his doors every (or most!) days. he had that relentless new york drive that translates into success. it wasn’t cheap or easy or necessarily sensible but it also wasn’t dubai’s famous candies or the laser hair removal place across the street. it was honest and it was good and it was what he knew and thus what he did.



and it was the last honest business i saw inhabit this space.

the furrier’s shop was eventually cleaned out and rennovated (sheeeesh.) and a few places have been in and back out again. even passing  every day i hardly noticed them. and then, finally one day, i something stood out. i road my bike past as a family worked to renovate the former Vietnamese sandwich shop and make it their own.

and when finally the A+ Lollipop sign was taken down, it’s replacement shown brightly announcing the opening of Avila,
brooklyn’s new home for arepas y comida venezolano and as I learned, that was only the tip of the mountain. (as they say?)
brothers allan and frambel (a name that combines the first part of both his father and mothers names… why don’t we do that here? i’d be rostee. which is SO dope.) wanted to open a business in new york, and venezuelan food is undeniably what they do best. they chose greenpoint for the same reason i did- the neighborhood seemed fresh and diverse, the energy young and creative. and with a little bit of a bold competitive edge, they placed their shop on Manhattan ave, a street where they recognized the challenge of this location, with so many standout bars and restaurants. and theirs now stands out among them.

this is simply because their idea, along with their flavor, stands out. More than a restaurant,  it’s also the only gallery space dedicated to venezuelan artists. the day i popped in they were hosting  an event for directors and artists from the venezuelan film festival, in its 3rd year in new york. the walls were adorned with the work of Alberto reira, a series he did inspired by the new york subway. just stepping inside this space fills you with a rich pride for their country and also alive with neighborhood charm.

They host parties and events, gallery openings, discussions, mostly centered around the Venezuelan community, which is so vitally important given the current turmoil their country is in. they wanted to serve the Venezuelan community here while serving our community Venezuelan food. their passion and drive is palpable, and I haven’t even gotten to the arepas yet.

These are the house specialty, all family recipes, all made in house. The bread, ground and mixed and folded and grilled to perfection and filled with meats and veggies and beans and cheese and egg and…

todo como tu quieres.
In a neighborhood that seemingly has everything,  in reality this is what greenpoint needed. we have been spoiled by newcomers cherry point and Baoburg. we have relied on and been relentlessly charmed by new classics sauvage and amami sushi and relied so many times on neighborhood mainstays five leaves and calexico. (all of those places are within 2 blocks of my house. goddamn i love greenpoint) but to have a quick in-and-out spot that serves honest fresh food and provides a incomparable glimpse into a land and a culture and a people so beautiful and pure, that is doing good and making good and folding it all up con cuidado in a handmade corn pillow is just the warm embrace we were searching for. and so let’s embrace it.


what not to miss

the pabellon or the llanera, all day, everyday. and the americana for breakfast.
they don’t serve alcohol, but if you live upstairs they’ll often slip you a cup of Venezuelan run con lima with a wink.

how not to miss it

685 manhattan ave.

10am-10pm errrryday (but monday!)

arep-ah! i hardly knew her!


the weekend guide | 22-25 september 2016

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on (sex, drugs and) rock and roll, baby. and what shall we do now with this fortress we have so meticulously created? we will go forth and we will do all of the things.


on (sex, drugs and) rock and roll, baby. and what shall we do now with this fortress we have so meticulously created? we will go forth and we will do all of the things.

if only you had a fearless leader, a guide, a sherpa, a rafiki…of sorts. well you do. right here. minus that rudimentary “i’ll just hold up this closed umbrella and they’ll follow me” and that weird cane thing and the… sherpiness.

i have this odd feeling you’re going to come along anyway…

(and i really hate being wrong.)



Live at the Archway presents Ava Luna, Dumbo.
The Brooklyn bridge bets loves to steal thunder but what’s it got hiding underneath, oh well a whole world of discovery my friends. The man bridge has that perfect frame for that perfect building but the OG bridge has live (and life!) at the archway. The series is winding down so GO thursday night to see ava luna, a band described by the new yorker (#ultimatemusicsource) as “equal parts brain and soul, pairing tricked-out synth work with motown-inspired dance grooves.” and the new york times as “pulsating from one energy to another, suggesting art project and ritual”  mmm doesn’t that sound motherfucking charming? show is free, and views are too! brews and bites available for a small fee and a smile. all info here, 6pm, under the brooklyn bridge homey.



you know you already have this outfit, brooklyn.
Dirty Dancing End of Summer Party, South 4th St. Cafe and Bar, Williamsburg.
part of me wishes i could contain my excitement about this event in order to protect my tough and edgy (right??) blog persona but you know what? fuck it. this is the greatest movie of all time, and we’re going to end the summer like we do every year with the end of summer dirty dancing not a sing along end of summer party at south 4th st bar and cafe. it’s a screening of the film along with borscht belt comedy, mambo lessons, and all of the surprises you’ve ever dreamed of. all you have to do it bring a watermelon and head right this swayze to S 4th st bar and cafe, 90 S 4th st. 7-11pm. $20, tickets and all info here. come, have the time of your life.
It’s Throwback Thursday at House of Yes, Bushwick.
throwback to dem dirty days, but this time Lisa Frank’s work is just real life. cuz that’s what ghe house of yes does. bring your angel kittens and psychadelic fruits and whatever the hell is happening here and dance and live and forget about Friday because your life is always Friday at the house of yes- where lisa frank grew up.™  2 wyckoff ave, 10pm-2am, all info here.
house of yes, 2 wyckoff, 10pm-2am


Gathering of the Gear at Red Note Studios, Ridgewood, Queens.
gard what a great idear! that ukulele you never quite learned to play? or the set of bongo drums from your stoner days that well… were only a gateway leisure activity? the guitar you got to get the girl then after you got her she got goin? well well well. guys! bring it all to the gathering of the gear! a free marketplace to swap/sell/buy musical gear, or drink brews and talk about the good old days. there will be an open studio to test gear or just to let loose and jam. baby. it’s 7-9pm at red note studios, 1001 irving ave #7. at red note – just as slutty as the scarlet letter.



photo by gabi porter because well… they closed this event to the public. and they think that i’m the public! that is so dumb.
21 Greenpoint Grand Opening, on Greenpoint Ave, in Greenpoint.  
i have no choice but to firmly believe the name of this “newspot is ironic. why? because it’s owned by bill murray’s son. and we are all better than this. especially you, homer. go this weekend to the grand opening to the public, where you might still be able to pick up the residual scent of the man himself. have tequila and any of the dishes from their really dope menu. it’s at (you guessed it!) 21 greenpoint ave. i’ll be there, you’ll be there, bill won’t be but what’s the difference once we’re 5-tequila shots deep? (that was a rhetorical question you ass)


wine riot 2016

Wine Riot at the 69th Regiment Armoty in Midtown (gag), Manhattan.
guys, guys. this is your reason to cross the river this weekend and never has it been any better. why? because i want to have some wine with you. specifically, lots of it. and i want you to cause some trouble. definitively, a riot’s worth. and i want to be the reason for it.yeah you know where this is going… come see yours truly at wine riot, pouring wines and taking names. and emails. and Instagram followers. shamelessly. but for realz I’ll treat you right. i pour friday and drink saturday and want to see you the whole time in between. tickets, $65, get em while they hott. 68 lexington ave at the 69th Regiment Armory, everyone comes here!™


john coltrane's birthday
John Coltrane’s Birthday Celebration at Littlefield, Gowanus.
i’ve been some kinda blue since coltrane played his last note, so let’s all feel blue together at littlefield. friday night brings a birthday celebration that could ony be worthy of the man himself. musical interpretations from all of his best works plaed by all of brooklyn’s most talented musicians. 8-10pm, $20/$25. all info here622 degraw st.


great big bacon picnic
The Great Big Bacon Picnic, Bushwick.
“just when i thought they were cool”
ok, so the pfizer building. it’s dope. hops growin’ on top (hops on top, hop on pop!), exclusive dinner clubs, other ish. and well, this. let’s all jump on that bacon train. i don’t not like bacon- i quite enjoy it. but no part of me could ever like it for $99. however, if this is what you are seeking, this will be the best place for it. tickets and all info here630 flushing ave. 


Princess at Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg. 
yep, an all-girl prince-approved cover band at brooklyn bowl featuring snl great maya rudolph. lets go to this and not let the elevator bring us down. because the prince wouldn’t want us to. doors at 6pm, show’s at 8pm. all info here. 61 wythe ave. and we’re going streaking after too, bring your green hat raspberry beret.


badass photo by Jamie Santamour.
badass photo by Jamie Santamour.
LoftOpera presents Cosi Fan Tutte in Bushwick.
high rents and demand lead us all to live grandiose lives in bite sized spaces. let’s celebrate it, eh? loftoperatakes the opera out of the opera house and into our spaces. found and rudimentary, listen to the acoustics reverberating off of exposed ceilings and unfinished walls and let the passion pour out as sanctimoniously as the drunken fights or love you make with your lover within those same proverbial walls. loftopera presents mozart’s cosi fan tutte saturday night. tickets $30 here. 101 varick ave.. i bet you’ll like it better than pirates of penzance.


The 90th Annual Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy, Manhattan.
when the empire state building lights up to announce a festival, you listen. and the like a moth to a flame you migrate towards said festival with a frenzied need for meatballs and zeppolis and other round italian delicacies, including this guy. it’s san gennaro, folks! it kicks off thursday night and lasts until 11pm on the 25th so um… stop eating now. it’s in little italy, and your full schedule of events is here.


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greenpoint, brooklyn

the weekend guide | 15-18 september 2016

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this is not a dress rehearsal. this is what we have been preparing for. this is why we write those rent checks every month. this is why we stay up late working on the things we care about long after our “work day” ends. this is why we can justify a beer-and-shot deal pretty much any time.

it’s because we live in brooklyn.

so greenpoint right now.
so greenpoint right now.

and bill murray is bartending friday and saturday night in greenpoint.

[drops the mic. flips desk. cancels payment on godaddy domain. grabs cat and steps out onto the fire escape and salutes the night with a tear in her eye and deep gratitude to live in this finnicky metropolis]

ok, i’m done. now let’s all go get tequila shots.


spins at babys all right

Vinyl Happy Hour at Baby’s All Right, Williamsburg.
the hardest thing about being a vinyl collector is not bragging about it. but we need a space for that, we all do, so we stop losing friends. this is that place. the vinyl happy hour at baby’s all right thursday night brings vinyl me please and mermaid ave together to sponsor an event spinning ’round right, all night(ish). live performance by trapo and joy again at 630, followed by dj’s spinnin’ rare finds and live recordings and anything that will move those grooves from the record to your step. come and talk about vinyl and listen to vinyl and listen to talk about vinyl and have drinks. 5-930, free with rsvp here146 broadway, at baby’s all right. all right, baby?


BEAT fest at the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Heights.
rising brooklyn artists, performers, musicians, creators, movers + shakers. go to it. 7-10pm,  free. lots more info here!



The Head and the Heart at Rough Trade, Williamsburg.
oh, you didn’t get tickets? well neither did i. and if you did get tickets, fuck you. i want to go. i really would like to go. so. please take me with you. rough trade – how about some free PR on my burgeoning blog here? the head and the heart – you want a feature in all of the playlists i make for the rest of my life? a gleaming album review full of ridiculously complex descriptions about how much i dig your tunes? well. let me get in there. 7pm, 64 N 9th st at rough trade, where you always get a smooth deal, despite what their name suggests.



The 90th Annual Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy, Manhattan.
when the empire state building lights up to announce a festival, you listen. and the like a moth to a flame you migrate towards said festival with a frenzied need for meatballs and zeppolis and other round italian delicacies, including this guy. it’s san gennaro, folks! it kicks off thursday night and lasts until 11pm on the 25th so um… stop eating now. it’s in little italy, and your full schedule of events is here.


it doesn't look like pauline likes what is happening.
it doesn’t look like pauline likes what is happening.
Pauline at the Beach at Videology, Williamsburg.
for everyone that is really fucking sick of being asked what tv show you binged watch this weekend. or last night. or whenever it is that these people are binge watching these things instead of living their lives… the art of cinema is still something to behold, and something that can evolve in the modern sense while not leaving indie artists in the dust. MUBI, a new streaming indie film service, helps connect independent films with the people who love them. launch party friday at videology showing pauline at the beach. 9-1035. $10, tickets and all info here. 308 bedford ave at videology.




guys. guys. listen up. i think we all need to take a minute and think about why we are here. why are we here? existing on this earth? living in brooklyn? reading little blogs that someone’s little hands and little heart pours our every single day of every single week? for what reason do our hearts beat and our lungs breath and our hands rest in another’s hands while we walk with intention while intentionally meandering toward some beautifully uncharted and sentient destination where there is no rent and no windy days in february and time is fucking relevant?

it’s because moments happen that will throw all of this into a tailspin and have us thirsty while drinking and begging for more and excuse me sir i will tell you when i’ve had enough. and that time is not today. no no, it isn’t even this weekend. because
release the puppies, it’s time to roll.
this is it. and it’s happening, of course, at his son’s bar, the former riverstyx (that we have all been mourning for this long, languid 2 weeks) which is now (i hope ironically) 21 greenpoint. this isn’t fucking practice anymore people. it’s time. (it’s time.)



Freshmen Orientation by Rinsed, [secret location] 
rinsed. the party group that i’ve followed into old sheds and (unintentionally) through a roof in bushwick, on boat parties that ended with passengers taking some dips in the east river and through blizzards that required burrowing through snowy tunnels until i saw that gleaming beacon of the neon umbrella light. and now, they have a home. which i hope is some rowdy and un-inspected combination of all of the above. see it first friday night at their freshmen orientation. come back to school. 11pm-7pm, open bar the first hour. tickets $20 can be found here along with everything else. if you’ve ever been to one of their parties, you should already have your school supplies list. location announced before the event because they are dope like that. just don’t forget- you have to get dirty before you can be fully rinsed.



virginia is for lovers. and fighters. and raconteurs.
virginia is for lovers. and fighters. and raconteurs.
Car Seat Headrest and Lucy Dacus at Bowery Ball Room. in Manhattan.
there are 4 reasons to cross the river this weekend. i know, i don’t know what’s happening. is brooklyn losing its charm? am i losing my edge. NO, no. none of those things are happening. it’s just that all of a sudden manhattan realizes that it needs to actually try to be hip and relevant to get us over there. and i’ll admit, it must have a pretty on point PR rep… who’s based in brooklyn.
car seat headrest. aptly named because he recorded his first album from the back of his parents car at the age of 15, and has continuously been producing some of the most progressive sounds in music since. and lucy dacus. this past year’s critical darling from my home city (what upppp), you cannot not be charmed by her transcendental voice and edgy-smart lyrics. they play a double set THURSDAY and FRIDAY night at bowery ball room, 6 delancey st.doors at 8, show’s at 9. tickets, here. will have to be scalped because they are sold out. or, of course, wear va is for lovers gear and drop my name. who knows, could work.



UMMM. the bazaar is back. for good. forever. go to it every night, because we all know how fleeting love can be. show schedule and everything else is here. text me on the way, we can meet. 150 greenpoint ave.


MOON MEAL at Archestratus Books in Greenpoint.
the harvest moon deserves to be recognized, respected, revered. so to do so give thanks for all of the beautiful bounty the seasonal equinox has provided. bask in the moonlight and under the stars and in the kitchen or at archestratus books for a meal from the harvest- chef All Ellis of Apothecary Kitchen will be serving a seasonally relevant meal to heal and refresh the body and senses. let’s eat and laugh and dance and sing and feel blessed.
oh yeah and this ish is girls only. fuck off boys.
tickets here, starts at 7pm.


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pinkerton wine bar, williamsburg.

as a self-proclaimed authority on absolutely everything happening in my neighborhood, with full confidence i planned out a weekend activities when my sister and her husband came up to visit last weekend. the night before their arrival she texted me – “our airbnb is right beside a wine bar that has $1 oysters everyday!!” with a link to pinkerton wine bar.
my sister is a bit of an oyster connoisseur, having just nabbed a national award for making virginia’s thriving oyster culture more sustainable and explorable with the virginia oyster trail. and she loves wine. this should have been on my list of things to do, this should have been on my radar! these bargain bivalves should have been sliding down my throat chased with a sip of chablis long before i received that text. i was ashamed and intrigued – how the hell did i miss this??
it’s because that is the very nature of pinkerton. cozy and unassuming. intimate and unpretentious. a tribute to the culture and local identity here instead of a steady scream of it’s presence. and an admittance that despite our waning disposable income, we still like to feel fancy.
and for that, pinkerton is where to drink this weekend. or this week. or every week of every month, whether it has an R in it or not. the dollar oysters and simple small plates are delightful and make the perfect compliment to the wine list, which itself is well-curated and extensive. my pick was easy with the presence of a sparkling rosé cava from catalunya on the menu, a place i can’t deny (in so many ways) i’m kind of a big fan of.
the atmosphere is cozy with un-ironic antique decor, semi-creepy oil paintings from someone’s family and stained glass lighting fixtures. original tile flooring and an unlucky bucky bust on the wall. order from the bar, take a seat inside or out. meet a friend here you haven’t seen in a while as the vibe feels both familiar and new at the same time. hold someone’s hand across the table, say nothing or everything. breathe in, sip, and settle. you’ll be here for a while.
just as we were, last saturday afternoon. where again, as nearly every day, i was reminded that there is still so so much to discover about this charming town we call brooklyn. that even if you spend countless hours every single week researching every event, every opening, every happy hour that pops up, there are still things to learn. so thank you pinkerton, for reminding me humbly, of this. and for the fantastic fucking oysters.

what not to miss

the sparkling rose cava. and of course any time they have chablis because… well, i love a good chablis. plus all of the oysters, and a few cheeses for good measure.


how not to miss it

well, first of all don’t blink. because you will miss it. or just bike to 263 N 6th st.
5pm-1am m-th
5pm-2am f
1pm-2am sa
1pm-1am su
happy hour every day until 8pm
and $1 oysters all day, every day.

save me some chablis, and a cozy little spot beside you.


elevation house of yes

the weekend guide | 8-11 september 2016

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early fall in new york. is that what’s happening right now? this thing that everyone swoons over and writes songs about and gets all doughy-eyed speaking of in their smart sweaters and suede booties?

well maybe you are one of those people who smears pumpkin spice salve on your skin and bears fall with a grin, seemingly oblivious to the monster that’s sharpening it’s teeth just on the other side of this whirlwind. or maybe the monster is all you can see, that cold, harsh, unforgiving monster that settles in for way, way too long.

wherever you fall on this spectrum, my friends, i’m here to make it all pleasant as fuck. my desire for you to embrace this city is seasonless baby, so come with me.



you know you already have this outfit, brooklyn.
Dirty Dancing End of Summer Bash at Our Wicked Lady, Bushwick.
part of me wishes i could contain my excitement about this event in order to protect my tough and edgy (right??) blog persona but you know what? fuck it. this is the greatest movie of all time, and we’re going to end the summer like we do every year with the end of summer dirty dancing party at our wicked lady in bushwick.
there will be “i carried a watermelon” martinis. there will be dirty dancing trivia, which i will kick all of your asses about.
and it will all be on a rooftop.
you will have the time of your life.
party starts at 8pm… and where can i find all of this? right this swayze. 
153 morgan ave. come.
Big Cheesy Pop-Up at Budin, Greenpoint.
things are always popping up at budin. because they have a built in pop-up space. spontaneous it may not be but bubbly and shamelessly effervescent it always, always is. this one, from our favorite brooklynites to stop the world and melt with- the blue light speak cheesy. thursday night, get $1 off your beer with the purchase of a grilled cheese. and yes, all beers pair perfectly with grilled cheeses this good. event is free, 3pm-10pm, 114 greenpoint aveplease me tease me cheese me.




Brooklyn Bazaar Returns with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Greenpoint.
don’t you ever wish that there was a free event on friday and saturday nights that let you and your friends wander around a mecca of charming artisan goods, live tattoo walk-ups, old school razor shaves, indoor food trucks, all the drinks you could ever desire, and live music… all for free? and don’t you wish that event wasn’t taken from us because of some corporate monster and banished to the rockaways (which was still way dope)? but then THE PRODIGAL SON RETURNED and was bigger and better than ever and there were also hidden bars and restaurants inside and clap your hands say yeah was going to be there for the opening?
ALL OF THOSE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. the brooklyn bazaar is back, babyyyyyy. if you didn’t get enough information from the paragraph above it’s because i’m way too excited and i know you’re capable of clicking and reading about it all here. friday and saturday night (and every saturday after that, until BMW tries to take us again!!) at the new place, 150 greenpoint ave. see you there folks.


of montreal
i dare you to look at this image and tell me this concert won’t be entertaining…
Of Montreal presented by the Wild Honey Pie at Webster Hall, in the East Village.
the wild honey pie brings together the funky-fresh sounds of of montreal with the reformed-folk musings of ruby the rabbitfoot to webster hall friday night. the wild honey pie is the local authority of new fresh jams so follow them. and attend their events. friday night, especially, because it’s the only reason you have to cross the river this weekend. tickets $22, found here. rsvp here to feel special. doors at –, show’s at 7pm. 125 E 11th st. because nothing says sweet and dangerous like the wild honey pie.


both free and “free”. as in naked.
The Free Tempest at the Music Pagoda in Prospect Park.
it’s shakespeare, stripped down and vulnerable. without letting anything fall through the cracks. there will be love, their will be lust, their will be betrayal, all peppered with some laughter here and there and basically the same scenarios that unfold when you find yourself naked on a friday night with your friends. it’s shakespeare’s the tempest, performed in prospect park with an all-female cast in the nude. oh yeah, and it’s free. because something this liberating should be. runs thursday through saturday, each night a 530pm. all info here. at the music pagoda. afterwards we’re all going streaking. bring your green three-cornered hat.


emergency vaudeville big sky works
Emergency Vaudeville at Big Sky Works, Williamsburg.

if fema was more like vaudeville, then well… shit would be cooler. and not any less efficient. the proof is in the pudding or, performances. friday night at big sky works, a benefit for louisiana with circus, comedy, magic, music, and everything you wish came along with that warm and wonderful feeling you get from charitable giving. friday’s happening welcomes Tanya Gagne, Pinkie Special, Nelson Lugo, Hilary Chaplain, plus you and all your friends. tickets are available here for $20, which 100% of goes to together baton rouge. party starts at 9pm. 29 wythe ave, at big sky works… a big sky working to help those who suffered from that other big sky.


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Ride Your City | Red Hook, Brooklyn.


The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man.
Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish.
Only the bicycle remains pure in heart.
– Iris Murdoch

time: 35-45 min
distance: 15 miles, round trip
comfort: 8! no huge inclines, and most is right along the river.
beauty: on a scale of canarsie to dumbo, this route and destination is an 8
points of interest: 10 noted, endless to discover 🙂
i have been guilty of spreading the rumor that redhook derived it’s name from the bloody industrial hooks where the mafia used to hang victims before plunging their lifeless bodies into the river. so what? so i heard that somewhere and i kind of liked the way it sounded and the looks on peoples faces when i told them. besides, the more weenies we can convince not to visit red hook, or anywhere else in brooklyn for that matter, the better. #weeniefreeisfinebyme
as it turns out, anticlimactically enough, it was named Red Hook not colored by bloodied corpses, but because of an abundance of minerals in the soil. reddish ones. and apparently neighboring bay ridge was formerly Yellow Hook for the color of it’s soil, which had a very evident yellow tint somehow. the neighborhood rebranded itself after an outbreak of yellow fever in the 1840s which i would argue it kind of invited in…
however, let’s not get bogged down in nomenclature folks. red hook is one of my favorite bloody neighborhoods in brooklyn and is more than worthy of being honored with the first in my semi-monthly series of ride your city.
pioneer works, photo by @puma4487
this path will take you passed east river state park, the brooklyn navy yard, through dumbo and brooklyn bridge park, and past the floating soccer fields and public grilling/picnic area. and i fyou can resist all of that, you will make it to the lovely van brunt st, the main artery of red hook and the destination for thie #rideyourcity adventure.
wherever you start in brooklyn, head east to kent ave and bike along the river. however, you should really start in greenpoint. at my house. with me, and my schwinn, and a full bota of wine. (this link will help you navigate!)
you’ll have “arrived” in red hook when you enter van brunt street, the canal st of redhook, that actually bears more than a few similarities with new orleans. your stops and (i’ll try to keep them) brief descriptions are below, plus use this (slightly buggy) interactive map i’ve made!!. visit these sites in any order, choose your own adventure, and have an awesome fucking time. use hashtag #rideyourcityredhook
i’m still learning to use this map widget… so for now, just zoom way way in. it’s all there i promise!!


pioneer works
charming exhibit and artist workspace in an old iron factory, this massive rustic space features rotating exhibits, inspiring discussions, and edgy performances, plus weekly events and farmers markets in the back garden.
159 pioneer st


brooklyn crab

built to replicate the iconic crab houses in maryland, this place has endless decks, bushels of crabs, buckets of beer, and relentless sunsets every single night. except instead of having the chesapeake bay or historic baltimore (euphemism!) as a backdrop, you get that magical and proud point where the east river meets the hudson and lady liberty reminds you that this city (and country!) is so fucking dope. oh and there is putt putt. yep.
24 reed st

brooklyn ice house
quite simply the greatest dive bar in brooklyn and i do not hand out that title lightly. board games that have been hanigng around being played since the 80s, and bartenders that… well, pretty much appear to have been doing the same. and neither has lost its charm.
318 van brunt st
fort defiance
amazing cocktails and perfectly curated small plates in an aggressively non-pretentious environment. they take pride in their deviled eggs, and i take pride in anyone who takes pride in their deviled eggs.
365 van brunt st.
the lobster pound

if you haven’t had enough shellfish, this no-frills lobster joint offers the best and most affordable lobster dinner in town. huge bonus if you’re a sports (especially patriots) fan- they project games on a big screen in the back and game days are respectfully energetic but non-douchey.
284 van brunt st.

widow jane distillery + cacao prieto

cacao factory + whiskey distillery? plus coordinated tastings of each? yep. whiskey made in the style of traditional tennessee bourbon. nibs on nibs of cacao. gogao!
214 Conover St.


Foxy & Winston

paper, textile goods, and housewares shop from british designer that is guaranteed to have on hand the next perfect gift you need. walk in, be nearly disorientingly charmed.
392 van brunt st.



surprisingly savory sweets in a charming little nook of a bakeshop. try: everything.
359 van brunt

paddle high-fives are still cool in red hook.
red hook boaters
free kayaking at this alcove at the base of the east river with relentless views of manhattan, brooklyn, and the lady.
the pier at coffey and van brunt streets


hometown bar-b-que

meats so tender they’ll make even the toughest new yorker fall apart. this is the best carolina style barbecue i’ve had north of the mason dixon line, and it just feels good to be in this place. go. eat.
454 van brunt st.


red hook winery  

a winery on the pier in the east river looking out onto our shining metropolis and everything beyond. tours, tastings, events, sunsets – all of these things are available to you here. go, my friends. and partake.
175 Van Dyke St


but that day is NOT today, red hook. do you hear me?!
see you out there, homies.


the weekend guide | 1-5 sept 2016

in CULTURE, weekend guide

we work hard in this city, and that’s the beauty and downfall of new york- no one is here because they just ‘ended up here’. we’re here because we have something to believe in, to fight for, to work towards. and well, we’ve come a long way, baby. and it’s about time that someone recognized it. this labor day weekend, let’s reap the fruit of our labors. let’s weep for the labors that we’ve had to put in just for our fruits to blossom. and then die. before we could even retrieve them. let’s experience everything that this city has to offer beyond the confines of our cubicles! let’s close our laptops and leave our to-do lists undone and not even put up an out of office and let’s never look back brooklyn.

(are you picturing me on a soapbox in front of the statue of liberty holding a bottle of champagne with a slight tear in my eye?)

(oh… well, are you doing that now?)

ok you unimaginitive little beasts- lighten up and read on.

and let’s fucking get to work.


Thursday Supper at the Farm on Kent, Williamsburg. 
sure, maybe it feels to early to celebrate the apple harvest, but it seems that our dear corporate companions did not hesitatated to stuff mini crunch bars and plastic jackolanterns and pumpkin spice everything down our throats just after easter. SO, let’s gently start our fall harvest celebrations with something beautiful and wholesome and pure. thursday night brings us a cider dinner at the beautiful north brooklyn farms. dine outside with pre-fall bounty from the garden and cider pairings from aaron burr cidery. **ATTN** these dinners are sold out for the next few months, so go to this one tonight, 7-1030pm. tickets, here – $100 gets you an unbelievable meal, cider pairings, and one of the few unobstructed views we still have of the east river. 320 kent ave. QUICK GO GO GO. cider?!?! i ‘ardly knew ‘er!

New York Salsa Congress, all over the city, all weekend.
with all of the club-bumping we lose ourselves into each weekend, celebrate instead this stunning form of artistic expression. this weekend is the annual new york salsa congress, featuring free lessons, showcasing some of the greatest salsa dancers from all over the world, hours of open dancing with live bands and each night offering an after party that starts at 3am. nothing is more captivating or seductive than salsa dancing, and i guarantee it will heat up in a much better way than the panther room at output. events schedule, tickets, and a bunch of other stuff to get you pumped found here.
Archestratus Blue Plate Special, Greenpoint.
this week’s sicilian family dinner at archestratus was, at press time (and maybe until you arrive!) TBD- which means that you are going to have to go on the faith that everything is magic inside of archestratus and family-style dinners in nogreepo are always a good idea and paige knows what she’s doing. (that’s a pretty good bet) 7-10pm – full plates and homemade bread, alcoholic bevvies for sale. 160 huron st.


Black Rock Brooklyn at House of Yes, Bushwick.
are you sick of all of the mystical and dustily epic burning man images from all of your friends this past week? i’ll be honest, i’m not. but, i can’t keep from imagining myself in some rainbow-bright-meets-the-rocketeer-meets-the-rockettes-esque costume zooming around on my bicycle-turned-batmobile-turned-aladins-magic-carpet. lets turn all of those pure imagination-fueled images into reality and burn it down together at the house of yes friday night. it’s a burn event for all of us who could’t make it. there will be costumes and playa bikes and more black lights and wild decor than ever and also all of those things you think you could expect at burning man itself. but then we all go home at the end of the night, or to an after hours party… up to you. free before 11pm, or tickets $15, here. 2 wykoff ave. at the house of yes- where they don’t take no for an answer.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.09.58 AM
Grand Opening, Greenpoint Fish + Lobster, Long Island City.
for all of the wonder and fishy enjoyment and oyster tacos and raw bar delights that greenpoint fish co has been bringing to us for the past 3 years, it’s time we shared a bit of love with our neighbors to the north. greenpoint fish + lobster opens a long island city outpost that promises to offer more seating, some grab and go options for you laborers, plus all the best specials and taco tuesday with a gansett deals you know and love. grand opening is friday. go celebrate, then go back. so i can have my motherfucking spot back at the greenpoint location. (hey! just kidding! come sit with me!) 5-43 48th Ave at Vernon Blvd.


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.02.28 PM
The Last Fireworks of the Season at Coney Island.
the worst things about summer ending? the sidewalk simply doesn’t replace the boardwalk. getting a hot dog from a hot dog stand feels desperate, not noble, and not as easy to blame sudden loud noises on fireworks with a hopeful smile. (man that got depressing fast) well let’s get our last fill this friday at coney island. sun, sand, fireworks, hot dogs, bearded ladies and bearded men! roller coasters! baseball! skeeball! skeezy balls! come onnnn! last fireworks show of the season starts at 930pm, at W 10th st at coney island. all other events and cool things, here.



Mets vs Nationals at Citifield, Flushing, Queens.
come meet the mets, and me! at the mets game. i’ll be signing autographs and giving you exclusive weekend events access, plus plenty of BiT schwag up in row 528! come on down! and then up! game starts at 705pm. helmet nachos start at 706pm. at citifiled, tickets, here. take me out to the ballll game! or wherever… just as long as you take me out.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.15.31 AM
Rule of III Pop-Up at Duke’s Annex, Greenpoint.
that little room of requirement attached to duke’s liquour box (which is  room of requirement in and of itself) opens its magical doors again friday night and keeps them open, all september long, for “rule of III” a pop-up assemply of handmade fasions, beauty, and wellness experiences by local brooklyn creative collective. come by and be inspired, be transformed… then get a little bit of whiskey and get friskey. opening is friday, 12-9pm. 170 franklin st.


el jefe
First Friday’s with El Jefe’s Nachoria at The Diamond, Brooklyn.
nachos cheese torched before your eyes, just after they ask for it. because they are naughty nachos that give themselves away for free. go, partake. i won’t tell anyone. nachoing begins at 730pm. beers run all day, all night. 43 franklin st. get tipsy and chipsy. then maybe a little lipsy. (just not in poughkeepsie.)

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