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Month: May 2016

26-30 may 2016


it’s a holiday weekend folks. so let’s all hunker down and strategically plan our celebrations accordingly. this isn’t the rookie leagues anymore, this is the pros and it’s your time to shine. and to drink beers. and to eat hot dogs and to make comments about how good life is, audibly and just below this post, in the comments section.

read on, i promise you won’t be able to hold back.


the nude partyThe Nude Party, Baby’s All Right, Williamsburg.
if you’re reading this that means you have effectively made it to your holiday weekend and also that for some reason, you’re interested in me being a part of it. smart move, chaps. let’s start by exposing everything at the nude party (which is nothing like it sounds but also everything like it sounds) at baby’s all right, 146 broadway. $10 here is all you need to strip down and let loose.
Ready Freddy’s? at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, Park Slope.
ah, my favorite type of brooklyn event- one that mixes so many things that would stand alone as more than sufficient entertainment until they are so intertwined you don’t remember what you’re seeing or who the performers are before you realize that somehow it’s you. you’re the whole act. for a thursday night of equivalent entertainment disorientation, head to freddy’s in park slope for a live music, immersive dance, and interactive video series. plus music by the experimental fancy space pop duo innera. tickest $5, 7-930, 627 fifth ave. dive in. or groove in. or boogie on over. just as long as you get there.
hanson mmmhop epcot
here are the hanson brothers drinking mmmhop. at epcot. so, now you’ve seen it.
30 insufferable minutes of mmmbob by multiple bands followed by Improv, Williamsburg
mmm i don’t know about this. even as a lingering hanson semi-supporter (kind of), this seems very aggressive, and a bit dangerous. 30 minutes or hanson’s mmmbob played by a rotating roster of local musicians, nonstop. nonfuckingstop. those who survive without a drink or bathroom break receive a tshirt, that you won’t even want to wear to bed. survivors will get to experience an improv jam curated by the infamous matt “i’d rather be weird than good” strickland. 8pm-midnight, 790 metropolitan ave. mmmbobbadubadopbadooowopbadoobadop.
Memoir Writing Workshop, Brooklyn Library, Williamsburg.
for a more memorable option this weekend, head to the new york writer’s workshop series on memoir writing thursday night so you can finally make progress on that [memoir] you’ve been working on, hmm? because after all, with the constant and justifiable need to live in the moment, are we spending enough time reflecting? are we living lives that are both instagrammable and memoirable? the challenge to write something that feels relevant and inspiring is ever-present, and even more so when that something is your life. so come check it out. 6-745pm free. 240 division ave.


King of Karaoke at Boulevard Tavern, Williamsburg.
so. this place closed, then reopened? and we should all sing about it. because that’s one more over on the great demons of gentrification and ghosts of sleazy landlords. so pick a song out of the big book of things you’ll regret in the morning and dont.fucking.look.back. 579 meeker ave, 10pm… until the fat phat lady sings.

kiss and tell good room

Disco Dance Party at Good Room, Greenpoint.
ah, if there’s one thing i want to do to kick off a long weekend it’s feel good about doing bad things. and the only place to do that, of course, is good room- shrouded in good intentions and people pretending to be upstanding citizens since 2013. friday night, check out this dope disco ish that involves kissing and telling and a dj named dirty dave and anything else you wouldn’t mind trying. twice. 10pm-the bad hours, 98 meserole st. tickets, $10 right here or $15 at the door. feels good.



The Amazing Brooklyn Museum Scavenger Hunt, Prospect Heights.
saturdays are about discoveries and there’s no better way to find lots of them than at a massive museum-wide scavenger hunt with your best friends, or soon-to-be-best-friends. 1-3pm, 200 eastern pkwy. let’s all find ourselves there.
IMG_4884 copy

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL. Atletico de Madrid v. Real Madrid. Milan, Italy. 

this is the only thing you need to be concerned with on saturday. the rest of this post is just fluff. thursday is planning for saturday, friday is preparing for saturday, saturday is for getting in a hearty brunch, getting tattoos (not kidding) and well- the game. and sunday is for relishing in the glory that will be the champions league championship, finally. and monday is for socking it to all of the madridistas you know. tuesday is for pretending to be a human. or something. and then wednesday you’re on your own and thursday i’ll have more stuff for you, ok? sheesh!
so here are the best places to watch. i’m not going to tell you where you’ll have to try to find me. but i’ll give you a hint- (it’s el born.)
banter bar, williamsburg.
owned by a liverpool fan who always supports atleti and also never walks alone. 132 havemeyer st.
berry park, williamsburg.
best place in the hood to watch soccer- black out curtains on the windows, big screens, rabid fans. 4 berry st.
raizes, greenpoint.
portuguese joint on mcguinness that is my sleeper spot for watching a good luck game. empanadas are dope, the super bocks are… super. 139 nassau ave.
keg and lantern, greenpoint.
usually my go-to when i had to hide to watch midday games, but this place packs a lot of spirit. plus the outdoor space has screens too. 97 nassau ave.
el born, greenpoint.
my favorite brunch spot, tapas bar, paella stronghold and gin-and-tonic go-to will also be showing the game. which they only do for the derby or el clasico when both madrid teams are in the champions league final, which seems to happen quite frequently. let’s all go and drink mahous and chant and cheer, together. 651 manhattan ave.
Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.40.41 PM
LIC Food and Flea, Long Island City, Queens.
my heart will always be with smorgasburg but damn that ish is overrun now. check out our near neighbor’s to the north’s response- the LIC food and flea, the still semi-undiscovered younger brother of smorg. all your favorite vendors, and just as many waterfront views. 11am-6pm, 5-25 46th ave, (what is it with everything in queens seeming to have a range of addresses? what?) yumyum eat em up.
lobster joint
look at that lobster’s joints.
Lobster Joint’s 5th Birthday Bash, Greenpoint.
ok all you yelpers who can’t seem to separate quality food with a constant craving for value. lobster is expensive. stop being so shellfhish with your restaurant affinity. ANYWAY. crawl on over to my favorite crustacean crushin spot in the hood for their FIVE YEAR anniversary party featuring FREE BEER from six point, until the kegs run out! plus deals all day on what they do best- lobstery things. 4-7pm, (but we will all be arriving at 5, after the game) 1073 manhattan ave. this saturday, consider the lobster (joint).

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why we travel… reason #12.

to witness sunsets on foreign lands.
familiar light bathing an unfamiliar landscape, a humble reminder of the vastness of the universe, of the purity of our existence, of the complex miracle that is life.
the close of a sunday in el parque del buen retiro, madrid, spain.
sunset is the universal changing of the guard, when sun gives way to moon. a silent vow, a vigilant promise, as if only for our watchful eyes. one rising, one setting, and us crossing the threshold. It’s a rebirth, it’s a recharging, it’s a reminder. as day fades into night and the need for acceptance and forgiveness is forgotten.  and all that’s remains is the knowledge of existence, pure and honest and hopeful.
sunset palawan
over the horizon line on palawan island in the philippines.
witnessing the sunset for the first time in madrid was the only way i was able to conceptualize the reality of my new life- that i had moved away, had quit my job, was living in a country across the ocean from everything i knew and everything i thought i wanted and now i was there. i remember laying on my back in a park on the west side of the city and feeling the grass under my body and the warmth of the sun waning slightly and for the first time understanding not only the magnitude of my decision, but finally embracing how i wanted to be and feel and live, from that moment on, indefinitely. something about that familiar reminder connected me, grounded me, and elevated me.
sunset is a universal reminder that no matter how far we travel, how foreign the culture, how unfamiliar the landscape, how disorienting the perspective,at dusk we are blanketed in a sweet and settling confidence that existence is perhaps the only comfort we need. in any land or any home or any state of mind. and with that confidence we can and must go forth.
creating bold silhouettes in nice, france.
to travel is to seek adventure, to be definedly uncomfortable. to reject the familiarities and conveniences of life and to go forth into the unknown. and we are left with afeeling that our path is uncertain but well-trodden, that time is fleeting but will be relentlessly filled. with new people and ideas, with the life we breathe into a place and in turn, that breathes new life into us.

dusk just before the call to prayer, cappadocia, turkey.
for sunsets, and all of the impenetrable familiarity they provide.
that, is why we travel.

on the coast in the algarve, portugal.

achilles heel, greenpoint.

Achilles Heel, 180 West St, Greenpoint.

it’s no surprise that i’m a bit neighborhood-obsessed. and, well, borough-dedicated. if you don’t know of Achilles Heel, it’s from the man who brought us roberta’s, marlow & sons, among other emblematic brooklyn mainstays. this bar, tucked away on charming west st. of NoGreePo, was meant to embody the feeling of sailor’s leaving the shipyard after a long day at sea. although i doubt that they demanded the craftsmanship put into the exquisitely-curated cocktail menu, you’ll be charmed. trust me.


what not to miss

cocktails, cocktails, cocktails, especially the bone diamond.

the oysters + yuzu.

the nettle meadow cheese + morels.

how not to miss it

achilles heel, 180 west st.

Monday-Friday, opens at 8pm. Saturday and Sunday, opens at noon.

happy hour, monday-friday, 5-7: $2 oysters, $5 drafts, $8 wine, $9 fernet old fashioneds.


see you out there, friends.


19-22 may 2016.


things i’m doing this weekend… that include a teepee, a topographical map of human beings, an epic search for dumplings and wine. lots and lots of wine. (read on, i can explain.)



Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse Fundraiser, Brooklyn Roasters, Dumbo.
ah, summertime in brooklyn- when free, outdoor events just pour out of the sidewalks and the borough opens it’s wide arms apologetically to you and you forget winter ever existed. embrace it, without hesitation. but if you ever wondered how it’s possible that we are able to kayak, for free, in greenpoint, dumbo, redhook, and maybe (maybe!) other spots i don’t even know about yet. here’s how- show your support at the brooklyn bridge park boathouse fundraiser event thursday and feel good about making a summer of free kayaking possible. oh yeah, and your $20 ticket gets you free drinks and a damn clean conscious for the season. event tonight at brooklyn roasting company, 25 jay st, 7-9pm.
Free Cheese at Hotbird, Crown Heights.
yeah this is exactly what it sounds like, and i’m not sure i need to elaborate here. go to hotbird. get free cheese. that’s it. if you have an issue with this event, you are dead to me. (i’m kidding, but just go.) and the good news is, you can enjoy your cheese baby-free. you know how those babies can be at these types of events… savages, all of them. 546 clinton ave, 7-9pm or until the cheese runs out. please me, cheese me.
Dru Cutler at Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery.
because music like this is good for the soul. bushwick native dru cutler‘s sound blends progressive rock has a nostalgic backbone of folk tunes rooted in harmonious storytelling and for any further description you’re just going to have to go. and then you can leave a comment and tell me how you interpreted it. he joins the Heart&Hand band at rockwood music hall which also is your reason to cross the river this weekend. his set starts at 10pm but get there early to see the rest of the 6-band lineup, before vice buys the venue. 196 allen st. get folked.



Clear Night, Pioneer Works, Red Hook.
shapeshifters, who needs em? well, the art world does. and you as an observer should. because unlike those familiar objects in your room who become monsters at the end of a long night, this performance is rather justified. kim brandt’s brainchild of dancers and movers evoke the concrete sensations of horizon lines, topographical maps, kinetically charged atmospheres, and you will somehow find your place among all of it in the very kinetically charged space of pioneer works. 8-10pm. sounds shifty.
ROOTS poetry series, ROOTS Cafe, Park Slope.
get back to your roots. because it’s the third friday of the month and that’s what we do on third fridays of the months. poetry series, contributors and observers welcome. 8-10pm, 639 fifth aveseek, here.

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12-15 may 2016.




Opera on Tap- All Fached Up! Freddy’s Back Room, Park Slope.

sick of greeting the normal frothy combination of relaxed inhibitions and compromised motor skills followed by a mean headache and a tinge of regret in the morning pouring from your tap? WELL- opera on tap is ready to give you all the effervescence and no quiescence. combining pop culture, hip hop, classic opera and a lot of damn good talent, come see what they’ve been brewing. and join them for live band karaoke at 1030, which of course is just what you want to do in the presence of a bunch of opera singer- drunkenly take the mic. 627 5th ave, 9-11pm.

CocoaDios at House of YES, Bushwick.

ok house of YES, i hear you. i do. an immersive theater experience celebrating life, death, and chocolate? where aerial dancers and audience members alike will be adorned in cacao? just when i thought i could say no to you, i once again give in to your tantalizing weekend line up. CocoaDios, opening thursday but i’ll be there friday night, tickets start at $22 and can be bought here. doors at 7, show’s at 8pm. 2 wyckoff ave, house of YES– where even no means ‘give it to me’™.


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.49.32 PM
Bayou ’n Brooklyn Festival, Red Hook.
this three-day festival highlighting louisiana culture, food, and music brings you to the little new orleans of brooklyn, red hook. buy tickets to participate in a weekend full of activities from a fiddle workshop to nightly big-band ho-downs, and more than a healthy share of crawdads. full schedule of activities and ticket sales all here, $60, at the jalopy theater, 315 columbia st.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.20.21 AM

Friday the 13th Tattoos, Abuela’s, Bushwick
mmm, it’s springtime, which means we are finally coming out of our insulated coat cocoons and showing every one of our neighbors what we’ve been hiding under there… concerned the revelation of pasty skin and  will fall short this season? liven it up with some fresh ink. that will carry with it no explanation just your wide-eyed “i dare you to fucking say something” stare. (which, i hear, is this spring’s hottest accessory). head to abuela’s in bushwick (or pretty much any other tattoo parlor in the hood)- they pick the tattoo at random, you pick the place and fork over $13 and a $7 dollar tip and leave feeling like a badass who made a bad decision. (i really don’t think there is anything wrong with that.) flash will be revealed the day of- get there early. noon-10pm, 608 myrtle ave. inks me, jinx me.

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baoburg, greenpoint.


baoburg, 614 manhattan ave, greenpoint.

sometimes it’s like the universe answers all of your desires. just as I was thinking about how much I miss all of the sweet, salty, spicy favors of Taiwan I stumble upon Baoburg, a new pork bun spot on Manhattan ave that replaced the crepe spot that replaced the vintage store that replaced the polish bakery that replaced the apartment you got grandfathered into by your “grandpappy” who was already paying too much.
this pork bun oasis is the sister restaurant of ramen yebisu in Williamsburg, so these guys are not new to delivering Brooklyn the innovative, intriguing, and enticingly-Asian flavors of the moment. baoburg’s menu is focused around steamed buns, dumplings, and noodle soups, with a few spanish- and french-inspired surprises.
the pork buns come with the slow-braised saucy pork you thought you knew, nestled at the bottom of a bowl filled with fresh julienned apple, green onion, and cilantro that all blend together harmoniously in the sweet and tangy sauce. two steamed buns let you fill these pillowy clouds of wonder to capacity and still have pork left to nibble on.
opt to wash away this pungent adventure only soon enough with an assortment of local brews, plus imports from Thailand, Laos, and Japan.
baoburg, in three words
surprising, boisterous, porky.
what not to miss
classic pork buns, truffle fries, duck breast ramen.
how not to miss it
grand opening on the 23rd. until then, just tap on the door and tell them you know me.

5-8 may 2016.



YEP, it’s cinco de mayo– and mexican or not, you should be celebrating. if you’re looking for more than just getting mexxed up on margaritas, check out these mega-rad neighborhood options…
photo from @greenpointfish’s very appetizing instagram.
Taco Tuesday Thursday at Greenpoint Fish, Greenpoint.

it seems they’re breaking all the rules over there, moving tuesday to thursday and spicing up their normal taco offerings for the occasion. on today’s menu? fluke ceviche, oyster and fish tacos, and all the micheladas you can drink. 114 nassau ave. wrap me up (in a tortilla of love).

Cinco de May Fiesta, Fonda, Park Slope
live mariachi band, tequila, chiles, margaritas. the perfect ingredients from one of the very best mexican restaurants in the city- just add you, amigo. multiple locations, but my neighborhood favorite is at 434 7th ave. ole, baby.
Cinco de Mayo Party, Brooklyn Kitchen, Williamsburg.

for a more hands-on cinco de mayo experience head to brooklyn kitchen for a cinco de mayo fiesta teaching you the skills behind our favorite mexican delights, a tortilla-making station, and free-flowing margaritas all night. class is $75, starts at 5.30pm. 100 frost st. get handsy.


Purple Train at Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg.

we lost one of the best pop starts of all time last week, and if you haven’t had a chance to properly commemorate his life (did you miss spike lee’s epic fort greene block party?), questlove is hosting an all-night dance party dedicated to the artist and his timeless tunes. $7 in advance, $10 at the door, show starts at 8. 61 wythe ave.



Five Boro Craft Beer Fest, The Well, Bushwick.

it’s nothing new to have access to some of the nation’s best craft beers in this city, but this festival features over 100 craft brews and ciders, plus some that have never been released to the public, and all of your local favorites. tickets are $85 and can be purchased here and include unlimited tastings, local bites, live music, a souvenir glass, and a nice slow and joyful slide into your weekend. 272 meserole st, all suds, no duds.


CocoaDios at House of YES, Bushwick.

ok house of YES, i hear you. i do. an immersive theater experience celebrating life, death, and chocolate? where aerial dancers and audience members alike will be adorned in cacao? just when i thought i could say no to you, i once again give in to your tantalizing weekend line up. CocoaDios, opening thursday but i’ll be there friday night, tickets start at $22 and can be bought here. doors at 7, show’s at 8pm. 2 wyckoff ave, house of YES– where even no means ‘give it to me’™.


stay to get a little higher at elevation, their monthly institution and collaboration with party group zero.

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Selamat Pagi, Greenpoint | Where to Eat

Selamat Pagi, 152 Driggs Ave, Greenpoint.
maybe it’s because i just got back from a trip in southeast asia, and maybe it’s because… well, yeah. that’s exactly why. in an area of the world where your senses explode with stunning views, brilliant colors, an palpable joy for life, the cuisine can often be overshadowed, but trust me, it could stand alone and still be damn impressive. selamat pagi in greenpoint brings all of the exotic flavors of bali to brooklyn. so until you can hop on a flight, go there. and enjoy their elaborate array of small plates and colorful flavors.
what not to miss
to drink- killer b soji cocktail
to eat- the kohlrabi carpaccio, spicy beef rendang, coconut creme brulee.
how not to miss it
152 driggs ave.
tuesday-friday, 530-11pm. saturday-sunday, 11am-11pm. closed mondays.
price range: $11-30