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Month: March 2016

31 march – 3 april 2016.


things i’m doing this weekend… that don’t include fooling my readers for any events happening friday.


Indigo Shibori Workshop, Dusty Rose Vintage, Greenpoint.

don’t dingy whites make you want to dye. ME. TOO. come learn the ancient practice of shibori dyeing with apprvl nyc this thursday at dusty rose vintage and leave with new and revamped textiles and the ability to turn any fabric into a deep indigo dream. oh also- they will have wine. bring your own clothing to breathe fresh life into and use fabrics, tools, and dyes provided. tickets HERE. 7-9pm at dusty rose, 251 greenpoint ave. wine and dye me, baby.

Ryan Hemsworth, Output, Williamsburg. 

AH, i love ryan hemsworth. if you’re not familiar with his stuff listen to this tune on repeat a few times and you’ll get what i’m saying. he’s right in the midst of this amazing electroRyan-Hemsworth-R&B-soul scene and he’s playing at output, tomorrow. somehow i got on a secret list (might have something to do with my impending celebrity… might also have something to do with every other brooklyn listerv i’m subscribed to. you choose) (don’t.) and i have 4 +1’s. come be one of them. 74 wythe ave, i’ll be at the back of the club tryin’ to call your phone. if you aren’t there. (that’s a line from the song.) (but i’ll actually do it if you leave me your number. and some love. in my comments area.)

In Memory of Michael, a live show by Atomic Funk Project, Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg.

atomic funk project brings you all of their big-band funk, soul, and bluesy groovin’ energy to play michael jackson’s off-the-wall album in its entirety, plus other funky classics! doors at 6pm, show at 8pm. tickets, $10, 61 wythe ave. I’ll bring the funk.




New Orleans Crawfish Boil, The Hall at MP Taverna, Williamsburg. 

all night. spicy creole cuisine and funky fresh lowlands bands can’t be bad. I’ll buy your ticket if you can tell me the difference between a crayfish, a crawfish, and a crawdad (leave it in the comments!) tickets here, bands start at 6 but music and crustaceans will be crackin’ all night long baby. at MP Tavern, 470 driggs ave. shell i save you a dance?


First Friday’s Nachos with El Jefe Nachoria, The Diamond, Greenpoint.

nachos cheese torched before your eyes, just after they ask for it. because they are naughty nachos that give themselves away for free. go, partake. i won’t tell anyone. nachoing begins at 730pm. beers run all day, all night. 43 franklin st. get tipsy and chipsy.


light painting is this.

Light Painting at Little Water Radio, South Street Seaport, Lower Manhattan. 

be part of the installation, just by gettin’ in the groove… and finding your reason to cross the river this weekend.  part of the Out to See festival, this performance art exhibit meets dance party meets flashlight tag all-night event will have you performance-dancing, questioning who your friends are, and dodging seizures until the wee hours. 7-midnight, 192 front st. lighten up.


24-hour Creation Loop, The Wise Guys House, Bushwick.

it’s like double-dutch but with artistic endeavors. jump in and help keep this 24-hour loop of creation alive by contributing anything from sculpting, filming, rapping, drawing, web development, car painting, live theater, zombie dancing and so, so much more. at The Wise Guys House (this is an apartment, by the way), 154 Ellery St. i will be contributing my talent for shadow puppets of past presidents’ countenances, so don’t take that one. don’t be out of the loop.

**disclaimer- the information about this event disappeared almost as quickly as i reported on it, shrowding it an added layer of april-fools-day-mystery-or-foolery. so super rad if you decide to go. report back, ok?


Live Music at Milk and Roses, Greenpoint.

this enchanting little gem in NoGreePo beckons you in with its rustic charm- antique books line the walls, a baby grand piano with a live pianist nightly, a hidden garden in the back with gnomes peeking out of the bushes, giggling and chirping just ever so perceptively. oh yeah, and their cocktails are dope. live music every friday so pop in and get lost in there, for a while.

music 8-midnight, 1110 manhattan ave.


mccarren pool party
yep, i know this image is old. but they haven’t made a new one. deal with it, it’s for aesthetic purposes. and prosthetic porpoises… which will be in the pool, of course. as will you if you keep being such a stickler about dates. must a remind you about the relativity of time?
One Night Only, McCarren Hotel, Williamsburg.

ah, brooklyn! relentlessly redeeming yourself from inflating rents with dope parties like this.

one night only, until next month! 10pm-2am, this season’s first of a summer-long partnership of rooftop pool parties at the mccarren park hotel. so what if it’s still cold. so what if it’s supposed to rain. so what if you can come up with any other excuse that you find valid- so what if you find me there? i’ll let you buy me a drink, of course. 160 N 12th st. dive in.



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leather: a modern brooklyn love story.


a highly metaphorical look at seeking and keeping companionship this spring.

what is there to say about love in brooklyn? i had it once, i guess. i didn’t find it here but we brought it here, transplanted. into a pot that i think we didn’t realize had those little holes in the bottom and mostly just made a mess in our apartments every time we attempted to nourish it. it grew in awkward ways inside its pot, pFullSizeRender (3)roving to be hyper sensitive to the climate and the noise and the lack of fresh air and space. and so we let it die. which of course, we both denied. but it died and part of it stayed here and the other part has rooted itself back down south.


from that experience and countless a very small and selective handful of others, i know enough to know what to look for.

i know what love in brooklyn would feel like. it would feel like a loyal embrace, snug but never constricting. it would be a second skin, one you don’t recognize your own without. it would feel familiar yet slightly foreboding, it would feel alive, and real, resilient. with zippers and snaps to reassure you- you’re not going anywhere.

it would look new and worn-in, audacious and comfortable. and you’ll question how it could fit as you cautiously slip it on over your shoulders and around your chest and zip it up, tight. admitting that you may not ever take it off, and vowing care for it properly so it will age well.

and it would sound like leather jackets hitting the floor, two. just before dawn. a heavy and definite sound over muffled giggles and shuffled movements and mischievous decisions.

if i’ve learned anything, it’s easier to find the quintessential piece of your wardrobe- the leather jacket– than to find such a companion.. however because the only way to take one off is to put one on, i’ve picked out this season’s standouts to wrap you in a just warm enough embrace, to come along with you on all your adventures without hesitation, to make you just a bit tougher, just a bit more confident, and just a bit more seductive.

just make sure you know how to get out of it when a worthy accomplice comes along.


1 modern biker chic, from all saints. just for sinners- $540. find it here.

2 i just got over my fear of commitment. classic jacket from veda, $925. feels so good.

3 fringe benefits + french craftsmanship = a love supreme. from maje, $1095. invest in yours.

4 friend or faux? don’t ask questions. not exactly real leather biker jacket from zara, $69.90. it’s real if you believe in it.

5 my personal weapon of choice, from zara- in this i can’t stop schwinning. $199, get one let’s match.

proof that vegans can be tough, too. vegan leather jacket from free people, $198. it’s waiting for you.

7 the one you’ve been searching for, a classic style from madewell. $498, buy now keep always.


and you know- if all else fails, at least you look damn good when you’re saying no thanks, fuckface, run along.


24-27 march 2016.


things i’m doing this weekend… THAT BETTER INVOLVE THE LAST THING ON THIS LIST OR I’LL DIE. (scroll down, quick!)  (oh then read the rest too!)


PEEP Show, World Money Gallery, Bushwick.
because peeps shouldn’t be saved for sunday, gallery space in williamsburg brings you a new type of peep show. highlighting the pervasiveness of voyeurism that already exists in our everyday lives, through social media, through dating apps, through your bedroom window- recognized and celebrated on stage all over the gallery space and through paintings, photographs, collage, and a burlesque show. the show opened march 12 and runs through this weekend, so GO. 41 montrose ave, noon-7pm means you can finally redefine your average nudey lunch break.


Spring Cleaning at Brooklyn Craft Company, Greenpoint.
when was the last time you cleaned out your closet and came out with 5 DIY projects and a limitless new set of handicraft skills? yeah that hasn’t happened. bk craft company cleans out their closet and is offering a 5-in-1 craft class thursday night. go home with mobiles, felt flowers, friendship bracelets, painted cats (both real and fake!), greeting cards, and maybe a weird combination of all of those. $55 includes instruction and supplies. PLUS cocktails! just what arts and crafts needs, a bit of danger added to it. 7-10pm, $55, 61 greenpoint ave. get handsy with me.
The Secret Loft Show in Bushwick.
pizza, laughing, bodies moving. that’s all i ask for, every thursday night. apparently our friends at Secret Loft (which what is that, a physical place rather than a clandestine notion?) heard me- check out the Secret Loft Comedy Dance Party- with PIZZA. doors open at 830, show starts at 9pm., 255 McKibbin St. and there may be free pugs?
Bologna, Negroni at Manhattan Inn, Greenpoint.
mmm, i don’t know about you, but i never have a negroni without some sort of tubular meat. (that was equally the falsest thing i’ve ever said and the worst attempt at a joke i’ve made on this blog.) anyway, why don’t you go to this show, ok? they’ll make you laugh and get you refreshingly tipsy. great comedy and cheap negronis all night, not a bologna in sight! and trust i’ll be sitting here in my shame enjoying a negroni and some vienna sausages. free, 9pm, 632 manhattan ave. you don’t think this sounds like fun?? that’s boloney!



The Wild Honey Pie presents Salt Cathedral and friends, Alphabet City.
if somehow you missed salt cathedral’s insane performance at baby’s all right two weeks ago (don’t say i didn’t give you fair warning) i highly recommend you check them out friday night featured in this week’s reason to cross the river. sponsored by bk i’m trying’s favorite music blog the wild honey pie, they play with ryan egan and corbu. tickets, $10
at berlin, 25 ave A, 8pm. i’ll be your wild honey pie any day
CHANCES WITH WOLVES, Baby’s All Right, Williamsburg.
every week i write this weekend guide. and every week, i feebly google “chances with wolves” and cross my fingers and every week i reach an events page full of hope only to see that his last event waswolf the first time i saw this insane dj duo play. not this week. it’s happening. IT’S HAPPENING. go to this party and dance your ass off because this is one of my favorite djs in the city, by far. GO. baby’s all right.146 Broadway, 10pm, for free, which is absurd. you miss every dance you don’t take.

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it is.



what is it that leads us, draws us to a place? to a person?
is it the magnetism of the soul, is it the curiosity of the mind, is it the fleeting nature of the heart.
is it a sight unseen that we crave again.
is it words unspoken that gently drip from our tongues.

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why we travel… reason #9.

during my year abroad, while my heart was constantly teetering on the edge of homesickness, it also nestled comfortably into a nomadic lifestyle. something about the discomfort and displacement energized me more than the concept of a grounded “home” ever had. to be so completely out of my element that I could no longer depend on the people and environment to bring me comfort and strength but had to find that within was invigorating and addictive.
however, that teetering was replaced with one big plunge on christmas eve of that year. my sister got engaged. I was in Prague.
when I received her text message, although I’d been traveling for 5 months, at that moment I felt the farthest from home. i was torn and confused. all of a sudden my confident decision to spend a year abroad seemed empty and selfish. My heart felt vacant. I realized in vain that life was going on without me back home. people were changing and life was happening that i wanted to be a part of it too. i was collecting stamps on my passport and anecdotes from foreigners and unbearably beautiful vistas that would be burned permanently into my mental bank, and it all felt significant. but my sister was engaged. all those miles and moments suddenly became a heavy weight and all I wanted to do was fly back across the ocean to be with her and her new fiance to celebrate.
because that was impossible, i made a decision at that moment to instead embrace and commemorate the occasion in the best way I could. i had waited years to visit Prague, because it’s part of my family’s heritage but also upon learning about the Charles Bridge from a stranger in an airport. “it’s the most romantic place on earth,” he told me as he described the tradition of kissing your lover there at sunrise, overlooking the ancient city. it was where he had proposed to his fiance, at sunrise. he showed me a picture of their silhouetted embrace just before he boarded a plane, to sweden, to visit her. i promised myself to be part of that silhouette one day, with a lover.

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17-20 march 2016.


St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time –

a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.

let’s all leave behind our winter bodies and have a fucking metamorphic st. patrick’s day and transform flawlessly into our beautiful springtime butterfly selves. you with me? (that was a rhetorical question.)


Out With the Old, In with the New, Brouwerij Lane, Greenpoint.
mmm, nothing like a good spring cleaning to make way for the plentiful bounty of the upcoming equinox. well, our friends at Brouwerij Lane want to incorporate you as an active participant in this cleaning and purging ritual. no, this isn’t a clothing swap, or even a foam-party where everyone where’s sponge shoes- they need us, citizens of brooklyn, to be the worthy receptacles for their old beer. yes, this sounds gross. but think of it as a conservationist movement, as a inebriated exit from our wintertime dark-beer cocoons, as a noble fucking cause. let’s help them help us help them. and then us again. 78 greenpoint ave, 7-10pm, rsvp and come thirsty.
Greenpint at Greenpoint Beer Co. (it’s in Greenpoint).
greenpoint- we green all year here. but tonight and tonight only, so is the beer. (nice slogan, right?) it’s a night of traditional st. patrick’s day green-tinted debauchery at Greenpoint Beer Co- don’t act like you hate it, and if you actually do hate it, move on to the next activity on the list. as for the rest of us, we will be happily pairing our food-colored beers with bright green jello shots at irene’s pub all night. and doing fucking jigs. good luck with your non-technicolor evening. 7pm-the end, 7 N 15th st, let’s get lucky.
Jazz & Drinks, House of YES! Bushwick.
this is very, very suspicious. i don’t trust anytime that House of YES claims to be having a “classy” event. the description on their website reads: a warm, romantic evening in our bar and indulge in the perfect blend of cocktails, dinner, classiness and live jazz!  who do you think you’re fooling? this is the place i go to run around like a banshee with my other banshee friends. sometimes naked. not to politely listen as the mixologist crafts me a personalized cocktail and my lover whispers sweet nothings into my ear just barely audible over the perfect syncopation of brushes-on-cymbals. come. on. however, this is a free event (with RSVP!) so let’s hedge our bets and hope at least for some rebellious cacophony. 2 wyckoff ave, 9pm to 2am. house of YES! where they don’t take no for an answer.
this does not look like a night of calm jazz.
Tosca presented by LoftOpera, an alternative space in Bushwick.
opera in alternative spaces. echoes in alternating chases. incredulous looks among alternative faces. these are all reasons to check out Puccini’s Tosca presented by LoftOpera, bringing you operatic works in… well, venues you wouldn’t expect. oh, and also there’s the fact that you’ve been meaning to elevate your weekend activities since the shame that greeted you with your alarm clock monday morning. start here. $30. 8-11pm, performances march 17, 18. 198 randolph st. you’ll like it better than pirates of penzance.


Dirty Waltz Band at Threes Brewing, Gowanus.
ah finally, the waltz is fun again! just add bad intentions to your normal menage-e-trois rhythm with the Dirty Waltz Band thursday night at Threes Brewing. who are completely charming and talented and finally bringing this seemingly antiquated (or not oft revisited) dance to our ultra-hip brewery in gowanus. 8-10pm, $10 suggested donation, 333 douglass st. i’m giving it a 3 out of 4.


Greenpoint Gallery Night! 7pm, free!
if for some reason you keep up with these weekend guides yet still haven’t spent much time wandering around greenpoint, i question your integrity. and you are probably an ex-boyfriend trying to keep up with my whereabouts and overall emotional stability. GOOD NEWS though, i’m still in love with you! this friday is your chance to embark upon greenpoint and explore until your little heart is content. it’s Greenpoint Gallery Night, and our good friends/direct competition at Greenpointers have put together this fantastic guide and there is no reason for me to do any additional work on the subject. support local artists and bartenders. and, you know, me. come and knock on my door. say hello. 7-10pm. all up in the hood.Greenpoint-Gallery-Night
2Night Show by Chez Bushwick, Center for Performance Research, Williamsburg.
Chez Bushwick, a dance studio centered on experimental dance and founded by artists presents this stirring dance performance and multimedia experience, focusing on the emotional experiences we have with others and within our own bodies via the relationships we make and leave behind. this sounds beautiful and expressive and emotionally jarring. tickets are sold out online but will be available at the door, $15, CPR at 361 manhattan ave, 730-930pm. heart left ajar.
ROOTS Cafe Poetry Series, Park Slope
there is nothing better than the warmth of shared verse among virtual strangers, especially now during our seasonal transition. come to roots cafe’s monthly poetry series and feel enlightened, rejuvenated, inspired… and perhaps a bit more grounded (that was a root pun!). contributors and observers welcome. 8-10pm, 639 fifth ave. seek, here.

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let’s be bandits.


when they come, let’s be bandits, both
hand in hand
and agree to say nothing.
let us exist then for the sunrise and deem ourselves worthy.


let our speech be looks and our eyes be felt and our arms be outstretched
because that’s how they were made,
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