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Month: February 2016

25-28 february 2016.




We Bee Spelling, Pete’s Candy Store, Williamsburg.
i don’t know about you but i still have some unfinished business after my 4th grade spelling bee- i got out on the word “mutton”. MUTTON. all you need to know is i assumed that was a muddy mitten… anyway, be a participant or a spectator, either way your ticket helps fight illiteracy, of children and perhaps your own. in the backroom at pete’s candy store, 730pm, $20 GA, $30 speller, all profits support Change for Kids. 361 metropolitan ave. for more info, c-l-i-c-k. (v.) a slight yet direct spasm of the finger demonstrating intention and curiosity.
Let’s Spoon Workshop, Dusty Rose Vintage, Greenpoint.
ah, the wondrous complexities of slightly concave ceramics. let’s explore them together in the cozy setting of dusty rose vintage and see what happens. ceramic spoon workshop, 730-9pm, $68 includes instruction and all the materials you’ll need. yes, you get to keep the spoon. as long as you can balance it on your nose for 30seconds prior to exiting. 251 greenpoint ave, what the fork! (forking workshop next week) (no it isn’t) (only if you want it to be).


Yoga at the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Heights.
ever admired artwork from downward dog? or happy baby? or… tree? well, you haven’t lived then. get into the artists heads and out of your own friday morning at the brooklyn museum with a community yoga class that includes museum admission. $20, 9am-11am, 200 eastern pkwy. be flexible.
The Big Glou, the Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg. big_glou
because all of this beer week is a bit discriminatory, the wythe hotel is hosting the city’s first ever natural wine fair, featuring 100 natural wine producers from all over the world discussing their processes, sharing their libations, and keeping you swirling and sipping all weekend. $45 for a weekend pass or $25 for a day, plus head up to the roof for a brooklyn v. france beer face-off. tickets here.
Classical Music + Climbing, Brooklyn Boulders, Gowanus.
hey seems like a random combination to me too, but then again so did nudity and chinese fire drills until i tried it. twice. come hear a live 15-person orchestra playing Tchaikovsky and let their discipline, expert grips, and harmonies put you in the perfect position to climb higher, reach harder, and break through boundaries on over 22,000 ft of climbing wall. 8pm-midnight, $14-29, 575 degraw st. get handsy with me.
ps threes brewing is just down the street…

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18-21 february 2016.



artists editions launch party at space 98, williamsburg.
yep, space ninety8. it’s an urban outfitters. in williamsburg. but newsflash: everything else commercial exists in williamsburg now too, and at least this “space” is being used to promote artists, showcase up-and-coming musicians, exhibit handmade goods, and give free drinks out to those in need. oh, and to sell vaguely overpriced trendy fast-fashion pieces but i’m not afraid to admit that i don’t hate it. at all. come to this the launch of their artists edition t-shirt series. and be part of the modern-version of a shop-meets-community-space and try to find me there. i’ll be the one bitching about fashion from the checkout line.
7-9pm, free. 98 N 6th st. release me.
Ra Ra Riot at rough trade, williamsburg.
 in the spirit of giving, Ra Ra Riot will be playing in the intimate back room of rough trade records, free entry for twowith the purchase of their LP. which is going to be amazing. plus, get it signed and chat with the band after the show. **leave work early** this starts at 7pm. everything you need to know here, which i hope you’re reading on the way there. 64 N. 9th st, 7pm. trust me, it’s going to be a ra-ra-… damn good time.
show and tale at branded saloon, prospect heights.
when was the last time you participated in show-and-tell when you weren’t in preschool and also didn’t risk getting arrested for it? (don’t answer that.) bring a sentimental object and talk about it, in 3 minutes or less in a non-judgement free zone among strangers and perhaps some new friends. “it’s like antiques road show meets the moth”- way, way ok in my book. (solely spectators are also welcome, but don’t sell yourself short.) 6.30-8pm, 603 vanderbilt ave. locket up.
the library after dark monthly poetry series, williamsburg.
we all know that most of the fun in the library happens after dark- so embark upon this evening of poetry and spoken word performance among books, friends, and lovers at the leonard library. this month, it’s very appropriately themed around love and sex (unless of course you got enough of that last weekend.). 8-10pm, 81 devote st, $5 donation (and your heart). sounds spine-tingling.
big thief (and other criminal-minded friend) at bowery ballroom, soho, manhattan.
one of the best and most surprising musicians i stumbled across last year, just down the street at manhattan inn- and now look at them! the magic that this folk-soul duo produces is impossible to comprehend. read more and check out part of their performance in greenpoint, then– also showcasing eleanor friedberger and icewater– only $16. 8pm, 6 delancey st.


working rhythms, reverse art space, greenpoint.
an art installation that invites viewers to manipulate sculpture and LED lights to create and interact with rhythm, tones, and beats and engage with artist devin curry’s original compositions and dive into his otherwise impenetrably creative psyche. it’s immersive art, baby. get in there.  let’s make some music. 28 frost st, free, 7-9pm at reverse art space. put it in reverse.
ROOTS Cafe Poetry Series, park slope
there is nothing better than the warmth of shared verse among virtual strangers. come to roots cafe’s monthly poetry series and feel enlightened, rejuvenated, inspired… and perhaps a bit more grounded (that was a root pun!) contributors and observers welcome. 8-10pm, 639 fifth ave. seek, here.
Flight Fight- Maine vs. New York, park slope.
i’m entirely confused as to why this is even a competition, but i’ll sure as hell entertain it. come and sample some of the finest beers from maine and new york, in addition to respective crustacean offerings and likely heated debate in diverse and progressively more slurred accents. $35, 7-930pm, luke’s lobster- 237 5th ave. let’s take what’s ours.

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sweet and sudden.


IMG_3904I could live off of hope alone
And sometimes I do, i think.To get lost in a day dream
Of someone or some place
The way it will feel, of how it could taste.
In this dream of you, I’ll hide.
Until tomorrow I think.
Until it leaves me.

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to be an explorer of the world.


Brooklyn, I’m trying… to inspire the adventurous soul, to mobilize wandering feet, to stimulate the curious mind, to ignite the restless heart. to move you, quite simply. and to help you maintain your mindset as an explorer right where you are, which is often during those times between arrivals and departures.

when you travel, all of your aspirations feel like they are right at your fingertips. your sense of self is so tangible that you reach a certain clarity about what direction your feet and your life are moving, of chances to take and turns to make, of what your talents are and how to use them.
you are confident, you are worldly, you are curious, you are inspired.
it’s a feeling that overcomes us when we travel but often can be painfully fleeting as soon as the plane touches down, dropping us back into the mundaneness of familiarity. to find that inspiration no matter where you are, and harness that energy to carry it with you everyday can be an active decision as intentional as packing a suitcase. below you will find your very loose and subjective packing list- get to it.

start moving.

literally, just move. the difference between an explorer and a non-explorer is one simple step. one is accepting the world exactly as it’s presented to them, day in and day out. the other is constantly seeking. recognize that we are not meant for mundanity. you, in particular- you are not meant for repetition, for mundaneness, for mediocrity. recognize the power of movement, whether it’s an overseas flight or simply a walk down the street. stagnation is the enemy here, and fighting off that beast is as simply as getting up and going.

free up some mental space.

tap into the energy you are to tuned into when traveling- which is, of course, not waiting for you to land at the airport, but is always there floating around in your mind. you just need to find a way to harness it. however, this is impossible to do with a mind crowded with nonsense. when you travel you seem to have so much more mental space and time- you aren’t filling every moment with noise and influence that is being fed to you, you’re seeking. you’re expecting, you’re allowing yourself to be surprised and inspired. free up that mental space by taking a quick inventory of what you are voluntarily filling your head with during the day, and gauging the effect it has on your spirit. now visualize yourself even taking half of that time and putting it towards things that do give you energy and inspiration. try intentionally devoting time to those things and i guarantee you won’t look back.

find some mantras.

hang them on your mirror, behind your desk, tattoo them onto your arm. repeat them to yourself. talk about them with passion. but above all, find a few that work for you and believe in them.
here are some that swim around in my head most days.
there is not enough time for hating yourself. too many things to make. go.
from the limitlessly wise and creative mind of miss tavi gevinson. who seems to have an endless supply of creative energy. tap into it here, and repeat that mantra to yourself if you ever dare to be tempted to settle into a comfortably numb state of self-doubt.
partido a partido.
words repeated so often by one of the greatest soccer coaches in history, diego “el cholo” simeone. this is often his answer during press conferences, when asked either if the momentum of winning is getting to his players’ heads, if pressure is mounting after a series of losses, is the noise in the very competitive landscape of spanish soccer inhibiting their capacity to play- partido a partido, game by game. force yourself to take a deep breath and be patient. concentrate on one challenge at a time. visualizing a goal as one large untouchable vision in the distance renders you, the achiever, immobile. partido a partido. is how you win fucking championships and become one of the greatest football clubs in the history of mankind. and how you become the self you are in the stands of the calderon along the manzanares in madrid.
chance favors those who are prepared.
do not fool yourself into thinking success is just going to drop in on you. there is no replacement for hard work- however, tapping into your own self-confidence and working to create, seeking inspiration, intentionally moving, and being open to the beautiful energy around you- often creates fortuitous happenings that can only be explained because you believed they would, because you were searching for them, and yes- because you were working to begin with. take simply the first step. recognize that inspiring creativity is a muscle- and as soon as you start using it, it will get stronger. and it won’t be so hard the next time. so just simply start. right now.

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11-14 february 2016.

what i’m doing this weekend, other than looking for love in all the wrong places and instead finding a damn good time. come with me! details below (but keep a fair distance, k? don’t want you ruining my game.)


Brooklyn Cocktail History, brooklyn heights.
if you haven’t noticed, not coincidentally, brooklyn bartenders here tend to drip with the perfectly-curated aesthetic of the inside of the bars where they craft cocktails. the suspendered sex magnets at maison premier? the bubbly and brawny tour guides at brooklyn brewery? the mid-western hotties at lake street? willie nelson’s naughty minions at skinny dennis? and that hot girl who fell out of the prohibition era and behind the bar oak and iron? anyway. all of brooklyn’s finest craft cocktail makers, if my theory serves correctly (and by its very nature it fucking serves), will be at the brooklynbk cocktail historical society on thursday. get yourself a drink, a date, and plenty of historical facts to woo your new lover. 7-830pm, $12, 128 pierrepoint st. make mine a double.
First Comes Love, comedy show at the bell house, gowanus
whether you’re looking for a fling, or a date, or a lover this weekend- i almost guarantee you’ll be happy finding a good laugh. said to be one of the funniest comedy shows in the city, inebriated actors act out adult film scripts from craigslist, live on stage. (seriously, go see it.) tickets $8 in advance, $10 at the door.
8-10pm, 149 7th st. let’s get it on.


Just Friends at Brooklyn Boulders, boerum hill.
here’s a bold choice. looking for something that really rocks this friday? want to get a grip on your life? did someone leave you hanging recently? or do you want to get just a little bit high without being too messed up to meet people? do harnesses sound fun but not full on S&M? are you worried that i’m not going to stop with the puns? is it deterring you from the rest of this weekend guide? THIS is a climbing and socializing event at brooklyn boulders that looks absolutely dope. live music, wine, chocolate, friends, things to climb. $22 for non-members, and free for members (that means loads of limber hotties.) 575 degraw st, 6pm-midnight, bold move.
Get Dolled Up at Arrojo Salon, williamsburg.
chance favors those who are prepared– one of my favorite quotes and one that totally rings true for that hottie you about to meet this weekend. head over to arrojo salon in williamsburg friday night to get dollllled up- blowouts, braids, and makeup touch-ups. 11 broadway, 6-8pm. get glam feel good. and then get out there.
Dance Yrself Clean at Brooklyn Bowl, williamsburg.
dance yourself clean, or dirty, or into a new state of confusion where hygiene is relative and lcd sound system isn’t headlining coachella and daft puCapturenk is fucking playing at my house, my house. (let’s all go to this event. and dance. to music inspired by the greatest band of all time.) 61 wythe ave, 11.30pm, $12. ’cause we’re north american.
It’s Friday and I’m Not in Love at Littlefield, williamsburg.
ok ok so the only thing more overdone than valentine’s day is hating on valentine’s day. and that’s what this event is all about- but let’s embrace the dark side and groove out to depeche mode all night, wearing all black (really, they’ll give you points on your monochromatic creativity), and partake in whatever dark little surprises they have promised.10pm-3am, $5 advance, $8 at the door. black is my heart.(kind of, not really.)

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why we travel… reason #8.

to seek, find, lose, and rediscover love. in all of its captivating complexity.
because stagnation is so definitively isolating, we move, we travel, we seek love- in a city or person that will deeply connect to our souls, immediately and relentlessly. and to find this is something unique and unshakable. you hold on to those moments where your heart is warmed, your soul is illuminated, so much so that you can only put your hand to your chest so it absorbs the energy and keeps it from nearly bursting. those moments, that inexorable magnetism of the soul, the insatiable curiosity of the mind, the often fleeting nature of the heart- that connect us deeply, if often momentarily, to a kindness in a person, the exactness of a place, a sight unseen that we will always crave again. it’s those moments that that move us so viscerally that we know our hearts and bodies will never leave.
but as explorers we are, travel on we must. and to leave, to experience this melancholy of departure is a pain that is all too familiar to lovers and travelers- sharing one last look, one last touch, a few final words that will inevitably seem to fall short. the beautiful tragedy of goodbye. be it to a person or a place, a moment or an opportunity. and the only tangible thing left in your hand and your heart is the inevitable uncertainty as to when you will feel that next- what road you will be on that it will hurt so badly again to have one last look, one last inhale, one last goodbye. and the hopeful certainty of returning is often the only thing often that keeps our feet moving forward.
and to finally return, to that city or those arms, after being apart for an indefinite amount of space and time. a boarding pass in your hand, a once-familiar destination in your heart, you’re filled with the desire to embrace the experience still containing that same wide-eyed curiosity, exploring every enticing curve and stubbly imperfection of a cobblestoned street or lovePhoto (1)r’s skin. and you can’t help but desire to relive the love you had- to walk down the same streets, hand in hand. to witness sunsets from such great heights, to taste food, to sip wine, to gaze endlessly at intangible vistas or into familiar eyes longing to dive in or to sit and absorb the view from afar, with your heart and your mind only slightly ajar. while retaining a deep, impenetrable connection that is transcendent, always, of a moment or a distance.
and even months later, to get a roll of film developed and realize that you know every angle that lies steps beyond the narrow view of what the shutter captured, or just how a pair of shoulders feel beneath a t-shirt now draped in black and white emulsion. and equally with a melancholic longing and a satisfying warmth in your heart, you know that no part of it will ever leave you.
and that, is why we travel. to seek, find, and rediscover love. to lose ourselves and find each other in the process, in the ebb and flow of insatiable exploration. to leave a part of our hearts in each place, knowing that it has also gained so much, that it can only move on stronger than before. and that finally our heartbeats will populate and empower so many city streets, so many strangers’ chests, so many nights and days and moments and lives that our own will exist to seek cadence beyond our humble chests.
for love. is why we travel.

a gift guide for lovers.

because finding love, of course, is the easy part- i’ve curated a painfully tasteful and exclusively inclusive gift guide to show your love to anyone and everyone in your heart, and where to find them in Brooklyn.
1 garance dore’s love style life.
for the creative, entrepreneurial, inspired woman who is moved by words, images, and traversing through all the noise in media to find and create something of substance. the way that garance embraces every bit of life and communicates it is enough to move anyone to seek more- in love, style, life, and everything in between. (yes, this was the valentine’s gift i bought for myself.) get. her. this. and, of course, check out for daily musings and inspirations. book found at word books, 126 franklin ave, greenpoint.
2 the novelty necklace
if you want to get personal, choose a coin from your joint travels, or one that represents her family, her heritage, or her aspirations. seen here, a czech koruna, drilled and strung by my local jeweler on manhattan ave. or if you prefer something sassy for yourself or your best friend, this unassumingly blunt NOPE heart necklace requires that you have to get just close enough to read. i’ve had many a male say sweetly, “oh, what is engraved there on your necklace?” and upon closer inspection and recognition of my smug smile, they get the message without saying a word. found at in god we trust, 70 greenpoint ave.


3 a little something sexy

you already know she’s (or you’re) a fox- stop by my favorite little lingerie shop in brooklyn that flawlessly combines seductive and sensual, tasteful and dangerous, intrepid and clandestine. and doesn’t require you to walk through a pink-polka dotted high school locker room to find what you want. i love this stunning pair for it’s sheer abhorrence to futility, just pure unadulterated aesthetic beauty. from brooklyn fox, 132 n. 5th st, williamsburg.


4 a sassy little ring holder (and something upon it)

simple, elegant, charming, these ring holders become a simple and unassuming little center of attention. slip a little something extra on it from brooklyn’s jewelry mavens at catbird, animal ring holders at burson and reynolds, 649 manhattan ave, greenpoint.


5 giles + brother railroad spike cuff
made in new york, engraveable, delivered in 2 days flat anywhere in the US. this solid brass means it’s strong, tough, unassumingly eye-catching and will only get more beautiful with age. my engraving of course stands for a secret club with my best friend (and we’ll never tell.) so choose something clandestine, unique, personal, and distinctively yours. available at giles and brother and OAK, 55 nassau ave, greenpoint.
6 tom dixon copper coffee collection.
for the coffee lover-lover, wake her up with something pretty and european. because mornings should start slow, fragrant, and with a rosy outlook. french press or percolator- make it personal with coffee from your favorite roastery. i’m enjoying cortado coffee (from good friend and coffee connoisseur schuyler cox, out of kauai), but my local recommendations include stumptown, cafe grumpy, and brooklyn roasting. percolator, french press, and other daily necessities elevated to objects of indulgent desire, visit beam brooklyn, 240 kent ave, williamsburg.

4-7 february 2016.

things i’m doing this weekend… that include but are not limited to pre-spending my entire tax return. here’s how i’ll be doing it… and not looking back, once.


Aphrodisiac Indulgence at Brooklyn Oenology, williamsburg.

if you didn’t bring it here, you can likely find it here. love, that is. by way of shamelessly ingesting aphrodisiacs. sure, it’s about compatibility but it’s also about the science and tried-and-true practice of the ancient god of Dionysus- and trust me, he rarely slept alone. let’s not reinvent the wheel here, folks. just open your mouth and your heart. $40 gets you a light dissertation on the science behind these puppies by Slow Food NYC, plus a flight of 4 tastings of sparkling wine and a dozen oysters. 209 wythe ave, 7pm. tickets, here. down the hatch baby.

Threes Brewing 1 Year Anniversary Party, boerum hill.
there is nothing better than the recent and constant influx of new american breweries popping up. especially in urban areas. brooklyn has plenty of fine ones to boast but head over to threes brewing to celebrate their one year anniversary. arrive early to taste some upcoming releases, stay for the favorites. and pay nothing all night. 333 douglass st, 5-10pm let’s all leave work early, eh? two’s a company, threes a motherfucking brewery. let’s go.Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.48.15 AM
i heart vinyl at the panther room, williamsburg.
scratch all of your well-intentioned thursday plans and head to the panther room to get a little wild. favorite party group and dedicated vinyl spinners (as the name suggests) bring you the best party you’re going to find to start off your weekend with bad intentions. as always, laptop free, and no cover. 74 wythe ave, at the panther room at output. starts at 10pm and goes until your conscious catches up to you. spin.


Night at the Museum, PS1, long island city.

it’s just like summer warm-up, just inside. and in the winter. but that still means it’s doper than anything else you’ll find happening friday night (unless of course you only consult brooklyn im trying for your weekend plans). exhilarting exhibits, interactive installations, Quebecois-inflected cuisine (yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like), liberating libations, a huge dome set up outside will feature multiple djs all night. plus the entire museum will be open to wandering and imagining you’re on the set of night at the museum from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e frankweiler. $12 in advance, party 8-midnight. it might be sold out already.

Free Nacho Fridays at the diamond, greenpoint.

or for a cheaper and equally inspirational experience, head to free nacho first fridays at the diamond, sponsored by el jefe’s nachoria! 4 varieties every friday- which means that’s just enough hands to eat all of them at once with your significant other. or, yourself at super-human speed. 43 franklin st, 730-11pm.  get some.

Lunar New Year at good room- my favorite place to do bad things™
anytime there’s no cover at good room. GO. this time it’s a celebration one year in the mAnChoiFlyerv3aking, a chance to abscond all of those mindless resolutions you made two months ago and choose all new ones, with the moon as your guide. all of your favorite lunar characters will be making an appearance on the dance floor (i’m not kidding), plus immersive decor, world-class djs spinning all night, free beer until midnight, and no cover with rsvp. if you can come up with one good excuse not to go to this, i will be immensely impressed. and sad for you. while i drink my free tiger beer and dance with a bunch of humans sharing one massive tiger costume. RSVP right here, right now. 98 meserole st, 10pm-4am. let’s all start fresh.
YEAH! an indie dance party at The Grand Victory, williamsburg.
if you believe in lcd soundsystem and anyone they were inspired by and have inspired entering your ears and consequently moving your feet, go to this indie dance party at grand victory to hear dj’s sponsored by You Don’t Have 2 Settle spinning tunes by bands like future islands, tame impala, hot chip, RAC, phoenix, tanlines, LCD, and basically anything else in your coolest friend’s vinyl collection.
free, 11pm, 245 grand st. get to groovin’.
Wilco (will love you baby) at the Kings Theatre, flatbush.
instead of telling you to go to this show, i’m going to leave you with three of my favorite wilco lines-
i am an american aquarian drinker
the ashtray says you were up all night
and if i ever was myself, i wasn’t that night
this is one of the greatest indie rock bands of our time. go see them, friday or saturday (or both) nights, at brooklyn’s most iconic theater. get your tickets, here. and fall in love with the drummer (i’m still doing it.) 1027 flatbush ave, 8pm.
City of God screening at Videology, williamsburg.

if you’d prefer to chill and watch a movie friday, still get out of your house  by seeing what has been deemed the best foreign film of our time. City of God screening at videology. check out the trailer but really you should just go. this film will move you. and you will be moving, not scrolling through your netflix feed. 7-930, free. 308 bedford ave. get enlightened.

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