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Month: November 2015

ashore, just.


I want none of this and all of it.
My affection and attention wanes and waxes with the moon,
the tides arrive on my shores steady and strong and recede just as fast.
I’d dive in if I wanted to. I know how it feels, I’ve done it before,
often and intentionally.
I’ve waited, I’ve waded, I’ve swam.
I’ve been tossed around and spit out and washed ashore gasping and weak.

So I think for now I’ll stay here,
toeing the line between submersion and aversion.
Accepting the assumed innocence
but knowing that I could change it all with one simple step.

At night I’ll return to this same spot,
slightly ashamed and wholly curious as the waves gently kiss my toes.
Telling no one, lest of all myself.
I’ll let my eyes wander over every fractured sliver of moonlight,
and I’ll shatter and dance just the same.
Silvery destruction, fluid light.
I’ll be here all night, and never at all.

why we travel… reason #6.


IMG_2299 copy for paris.

i hate the feeling that some people will never see paris- it is truly unthinkable. paris is so indescribably beautiful; there are no sufficient words- not for the homeless man on the corner smiling as he plays “la vie en rose” on a cracked accordion. not for the harmonious way you are greeted as you enter even the most crowded boulangerie. not for the residual beatnik vibe and underground speakeasy-style cafes of montmarte. not for the contagious, jubilant celebration that is beaujolais day. not for the inside-out architecture of the centre pompidou, a museum that so boldly keeps all its treasure hidden discreetly inside of a surly exterior. not for the eiffel tower, that greets you so surprisingly every time you turn a corner, sturdy and vigilant over the winding streets. not for the way the light slowly and boldly illuminates the city as you look out from the top of the arc de triomf. there are simply no words that even begin to invoke the feeling that is to be in paris.

and so for this, as chaos and tragedy unfolded last friday night, there were no words. just the instinctive reaction of your hand grasping your chest as your heart shatters beneath it.

there is no way to know how we are supposed to think about senseless acts of violence. there is no way to make sense of terror. there is no way to tell our minds and our hearts to feel about paris, about beirut, about peshawar, about sandy hook, about aurora, about virginia tech, about 9/11. about columbine. there is only the knowledge that we must grieve and that we will be strong enough to move forward.

just as the lights illuminate the streets every evening, slowly, as if asking permission. so will our hope grow, hesitant at first, then steadfast and strong.

paris 335 copywhen your sanctuary is destroyed, you do not build a bigger wall. when your heart is broken, you cannot lock the door. when your sense of trust is taken from you, you must not vow to never give it again. the only hope we have is found in the purity of humankind- and the most beautiful way to experience that is to travel. let us not watch from afar, from the false security of our homes, let us not hear the news and wonder what it’s like as blue light reflects onto the blank stares of our faces. let us not close our doors and our minds and our hearts. let us not stay put, out of fear and racism and ignorance. let us show our support by continuing on. let us strengthen our fortress by crossing borders. let us renew our belief in the good of humanity by communicating beyond barriers with the languages of humility, of laughter, of a kind expression and human touch. let us be stronger than this because we are stronger. and so as we weep today and continue to grieve, let us realize how delicate this balance is and how limitless and powerful human connection can be.

let no one disrupt the beauty that is our home, our freedom to move, our ability to exist- to fight is to refuse to be stagnant out of fear.

so grieve. and cry. and heal, together.

in the absolutely poignant words of ms nikki giovanni-
we are strong enough to stand tall tearlessly. we are brave enough to bend to cry. and sad enough to know- we must laugh again.

let us not succumb to this. let us not be afraid. let us travel on, for paris. for the beauty that is to be discovered there, for the tragic disruption they have suffered, for the need for us all to show solidarite, pour Paris.

and that is why we travel.

19-21 november 2015


Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé! everywhere, worldwide.
DROP EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW AND CELEBRATE the arrival of the beaujolais nouveau!
a chance to celebrate le joi de vivre, as only the french know how. each year the beaujolais nouveau, a wine that is supposed to be drunk young (and, young we are! so drink we must.) cannot legally be sold, opened, or enjoyed until the third thursday of november. the wine signifies the end of the harvest, a changing of the seasons- a moment to celebrate the bounty of the growing season and to appreciate this beautiful transitional time of year with friends, family, and an endlessly half-full glass. to be in paris for this celebration is something truly sacred. until then, let’s celebrate wherever we are and behold our dear parisian family and raise a glass to what will be this transition- one of growing stronger, one of fighting evil with good, and recognizing that nothing will destroy our joie de vivre.
if you’re looking for a restaurant to celebrate, try le gamin on franklin in greenpoint to enjoy a 5-course prix fixe menu complete with a bottle of the baeujolais nouveau, live accordion playing, candlight and hay-covered floor. and celebrate. as the french do. 108 franklin st.

Dance Party at a Chocolate Factory, fine + raw in bushwick
sounds pretty sweet to me. head to fine + raw for a night of deep house music, inventive cocktails, disorienting visual effects and chocolate giveaways- nothing could go wrong with this combination. 8pm-midight, 288 Seigel St. ca-CAO.

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13-15 november 2015.


Friday the 13th Tattoos, multiple locations but i like Abuela’s in Bushwick
holiday season is coming up and that means it’s a great time to show up at home with some fresh, spontaneous ink to let sneak out from under your sleeve and make your parents gasp as you reach out to grab the gravy boat. head to Abuela’s for their friday the 13th tattoo special- they pick the tattoo at random, you pick the place and fork over $13 and a $7 dollar tip and leave feeling like a badass who made a bad decision. (i really don’t think there is anything wrong with that.) noon-11.55pm, 608 myrtle ave, $20 and your best judgement. get inked.

La Paella del Otono, my house in greenpoint. or your house in your ‘hood.
it’s my birthday guys. and it’s also finally starting to feel like fall so that means- well, a whole bunch of things, but especially that it’s paella-making time. celebrating the seasons should start by sharing spanish cuisine with your nearest and dearest. host a paella party, using my tried-and-true guide to paella party hosting here. don’t be intimidated- just keep your glass full of rioja and have a damn good toast prepared, and your guests won’t be able to tell the sofrito from the socarrat.

FIXED 11th Anniversary Party, Good Room.
paella is a huge culinary undertaking, especially when there are a lot of hungry people involved, and it’s your birthday so you would also like to impress people and boost your own self-confidence. it’s almost literally a recipe for disaster… SO. salvage the night. plan a killer after-party like this one, at the good room- my favorite place to do bad things™. (are you sick of that yet? yeah? i don’t care.) 8pm to 5am, $10. be bad.

Holographic Chameleon opening party and DJ set- description below under the word “saturday”.

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6-8 november 2015


what i’m doing this weekend… that will not involve a coat check, as it turns out.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival
wth so much bass-bumping noise in the music right now, the only place hanging on to the integrity of electronic music is… berlin. BUT, the only place who’s trying (hey!) is brooklyn. especially this weekend with the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, bringing you the best up-and-coming electronic/dubstep/house/trans djs worldwide to your favorite venues. i’ve picked a few of my favorites, below. go. dance. repeat.

CAMEO– make an appearance™ as much as possible, until dooms day (when they close at the end of the month).
friday- a TON of djs. good ones.
saturday- spank + honey dijon, will automagic + sean b.

Good Room– my favorite place to do bad things™
friday- george fitzgerald, JDH & dave p, moscoman, facets
saturday- voices from the lake, patrick russell, mike simonetti
be bad.

OUTPUT– you get out what you put in. and get in what you put out. first law of nightlife physics.™  (they should really work on their slogan.)
friday- MK, disciples, adam khan
saturday- daniel avery, matrixxman, luke hess
check it.

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for your love, I was a passenger. I was invited in, full of uncertainty and excitement. I checked my bag, I chose the seat that seemed practical yet would offer the best views- chances to see my familiar world from above, quiet and whole and tangible. and breathtaking. I relinquished my sense of control to see how high you’d take me. I breathed deep through my nerves and trusted you as we took off, the feeling both familiar and new. and when we settled at a sensible altitude I relaxed, I melted into my seat, I forgot all my fears. I was no longer a passenger but a part of this journey. and there was turbulence, of course- rough patches that made me question why I came, that made me grip my seat and close my eyes tight and believe in my blind trust for you and try to remember the advice I’d received in the beginning- how to react if everything came crashing down. but then my relief would swoop in as we straightened out, with just a few residual bumps I could ignore, I could breathe through.

and with his comfort I was surprised with the announcement- that we had begun our initial descent.
I’m simply not ready to get off.