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Month: July 2015

rinse off.


it’s muggy as hell- get rinsed tonight at 72 allen st. for FREE.

it’s july 29th. and i don’t know about you, but somehow i always end up with too much month at the end of my money… (i’ve literally been living off of sardines, tomatoes, and boiled eggs for the past 3 days. and obviously no friends.) the disparity created with that inevitable mid-week itch to get down dissolved when this rinsed invite arrived in my inbox yesterday.

sure, it’s a launch party for a new windows operating system. do i care about an often staunch large american corporation attempting to reposition itself as hip at the expense of providing free libations and vibrations while partnering with my favorite party group? NOPE.

join me. 72 allen st at the projective space. say “rinsed” at the door. let’s boogie.

why we travel… reason #2



this clock was made in 1410 and is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. it can be found in Prague’s Old Town Square. and if you happen upon it when the hour change, (which I recommend you arrange for that serendipitous occasion to occur), it is something truly awe-inspiring to witness all of it’s intricate parts moving in a perfectly synchronized pattern. anyone standing in the presence of such a masterpiece would likely recognize it as such, but would appreciate it even more to know that the maker never made another like it. not because he considered it his life’s best work, not because he was afraid of never making anything as brilliant again, but because, as legend has it, he was blinded with acid just after it was completed- to ensure that no other city could claim one of his clocks. such a story could make the traveler grow weary or sad, but instead consider it a responsibility. to ensure that this man was not blinded in vain. to recognize his masterpiece, to be humbled in its presence, to pay tribute to his craftsmanship and to the mindless vanity that has entombed it. this, this is why we travel.

23-26 july 2015

what you should do this weekend… instead of binging on the netflix flavour of the week.


kickstarter arcade competition
have you seen kickstarter’s new(ish) headquarters in greenpoint? because it’s totally rad. here’s a chance to check it out AND play pinball wizard. and have drinks. and corner some kickstarter employee and pitch him one of your keen business ideas.

root studios pool party
you heard of root studios? well they do all sorts of rad stuff you can learn about here. but thursday night, they’re doing a pool party and with a simple rsvp. you can dive right in. do it.

if you haven’t heard, it’s national tequila day. i absolutely will not participate in helping you find a way to take a tequila shot in this city. don’t belittle me or my creative space here. walk approximately 10 steps out your apartment door and i nearly guarantee one will be within reach.

celebrate brooklynjason isbell, prospect park
oh, you don’t like country music? fine then, this is alt-folk-pop-americana. and it’s good for your soul. and it’s free. check it out in prospect park tonight. View post


courtesy of

i’ve been thinking of, talking about, and listening to this charming little folk duo ever since i stumbled upon them late night at manhattan inn one sunday. front-woman adrianne lenker has a hauntingly sincere voice that is completely captivating as it floats among lyrics that feel melancholic, familiar, and hopeful. with buck meek’s dark and steady bass accompaniment, big thief becomes a transcendent emotional experience that hasn’t left me for weeks. View post