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Month: June 2015

brooklyn, i’m trying… to find a romper with an easy escape route.


IMG_9190there’s nothing better for summer than a romper. your one-piece solution to all of summer’s social requirements.

let’s face it- summer means that beer consumption increases, inhibitions decrease, often bathroom accommodations deteriorate if not disappear completely (the alleyway seems much more approachable when not risking frostbite). overall, the desire and speed at which you would like to remove clothing is heightened as the temperature rises. this does not mean that you should shy away from the pure joy of romping the day away. what it does mean is you need to find one with an easy escape route. see below for my helpful search tips for how to select a fashionable- and reliable- pick this season.

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brooklyn, i’m trying… to look like i have a motorcycle.


I get it, Brooklyn. You’re tough. You’re tough and on the move. Never mind where your bike is. It’s just around the corner. You’ll hear it when it starts up, trust me.

I want this. I want people to hear me coming over the williamsburg bridge. I want to smell like diesel and freedom, in equal parts, all the time. I want to have grease permanently under my nails. I want this, Brooklyn.

To look like you have a motorcycle, from my understanding, you need the following:

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souls can’t shake themselves
these words, written and felt
among grass and gravestones
death and dirt.
souls, unshaken but for careless footsteps.
and one, alive. here.
breathing and waiting
for a shaking
or a shaker,
for a change of state
while it exists
above the ground,
in the open air.
floating, flying
wishing, lying
hoping to be shaken
before dying.